Lonely No More

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“Hey there pretty kitty.”

“Jim! I haven’t talked to you in ages…I was beginning to think you didn’t care anymore.”

“Aw, baby, you know better than that. I just wanted to see how long I could hold out.”

“The fact that you held out this long is rather discouraging.”

He laughed on the other end. “I’m sorry hon, I know it’s been awhile, truth is work has been eating me alive…figures I’d be either doing absolutely nothing, or be so busy I don’t even have time for my girl. I do, however, have a surprise for you now.”


Jim chuckled into the phone. “Well, now that this project is over, I’ve got a week off…and I decided to spend it in Florida with my baby. I just landed in Palm Beach an hour ago, and I’m on my way to my hotel.”

My heart missed a beat. “You…you’re here?” I nearly choked on my own tongue in the effort to keep from squealing. “When do I get to see you?”

“Soon, baby. Very very soon.”


I sat in the restaurant, impatiently drumming my fingers on the table, my drink untouched, my stomach clenched with nervousness and excitement. I was so unprepared for this. I wasn’t expecting to see him for at least another month. No matter how close we got, it was always nerve-wracking waiting to see him…

“Is this seat taken?”

“I – um – actually, it…” I looked up. “Jim!” I jumped out of my chair and threw my arms around Jim’s neck. He put a hand in my hair, the other on the small of my back, and pressed his lips to mine, his kiss taking my breath away, as it always does. “I missed you, master,” I whispered in his ear.

“I missed you too, kitty.” I looked up into Jim’s eyes, his beautiful green eyes that always made me swoon, and as he smiled down at me I felt my entire body smiling back at him. I stroked his cheek gently and kissed him again, feeling the touch of his lips, his wonderful kisses that make me absolutely melt.

We sat down and ordered some food; there was eating, there was small talk, but most of all there was sexual tension, hanging in the air like a fog, thick enough to cut with a knife. Between the gratitude we both had for the opportunity to see each other, and our need to absolutely ravish one another, it was a wonder that the emotion at that table hadn’t become literally visible. I laughed to myself at the thought of a big red and purple swirling cloud of emotion in the middle of the restaurant.

It had been quite awhile, for the both of us, and we each looked ready to consume the other, with all the lustful looks that passed between us. He put a piece of bread in my mouth, I’d let the tip of his finger slip between my lips, careful not to bite, wanting to please him and stay out of trouble. I’d reach over to wipe a bit of food from his mouth, and lean a little further than necessary, to let him glimpse down my shirt; and he looked, every time.

Finally Jim leaned in to whisper in my ear. “You’re acting like a filthy little slut. You must be absolutely desperate for cock.” He growled and bit me on the neck as I let out a little gasp, and he guided my hand to the crotch of his pants so I could feel his erection. “You are desperate for my cock, aren’t you, you whore?” His tone had gone from the loving boyfriend to the demanding Master, and I knew better than to respond as anything but the loyal slave I am.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, squirming in my seat and squeezing his hard cock under my hand.

“Well, then, I have just the thing for needy little whores like you.” Jim reached in his pocket, removing something and pressing it into my palm as he removed my hand from his erection. I glanced down at what he had given me, and my face immediately heated. In my hand was a small purple rubber butterfly, the kind that look ever so innocuous, but have little vibrators inside, and elastic leg straps to attach them. I looked into my Master’s face, nervous and wondering what he had in store for me, though I’d be lying to say I didn’t have some idea.

“I want you to put this on for me.” He paused, his voice lowering as he continued. “Now, the question is, should I be kind and let you go to the restroom to put this on, or should I be the harsh master and make you take your panties off here at the table, and see how discreet you can be about sliding this on.” He laughed quietly as he watched me squirm, and I looked imploringly into his eyes, hoping he’d let me off easy – he was usually a kind Master, but he occasionally found amusement in forcing me out of my comfort zone.

“I think I want you to do it here, baby.” My face colored immediately. “Take off your panties, and give them to me.” My eyes darted around the room, terrified someone was watching, or worse, had overheard. But not even in my state of paranoia could I see anyone who was paying the slightest attention to us.

Agonizingly slowly, I reached up the skirt of my new red dress, hooking my thumb into the waistline of my panties, and lifting myself off the seat just enough to slide them off, pushing them to my knees and letting gravity do the rest. Catching them on one ankle, I pulled my panties the rest of the way off, letting out a sigh of relief as I passed them off to Jim, though I wasn’t Starzbet out of the woods yet. Getting the butterfly on would be tougher. I scooted back in my chair, reaching down and feigning to fix my shoe as I slipped the elastic straps over my feet. With what I thought was a movement of unusual grace – for me, anyway – I hooked a finger into the strap and pulled it up over my legs as I sat back up. My face reddened again as I considered the amount of adjusting in my seat it was going to take to get this thing on the rest of the way, and how much I’d already been moving around and attracting attention already. I succeeded, though, in getting the vibe comfortably settled over my clit, very much flustered and blushing for the effort.

“Good job, baby,” Jim whispered in my ear, as his hand slid into his pocket. “And now for the fun part.”

The vibrator started to buzz, and it was all I could do not to jump in my seat. For all its small size, the little guy was powerful, and I clutched the edge of my seat as it vibrated on my clit.

Jim laughed quietly to himself. “So it works.” I looked at him and bit my lower lip, my legs squeezing themselves together, both to keep me from squirming in my seat and to press that wonderful device tighter against my swollen clit. “Does my baby like?”

I nodded, and Jim’s face darkened. He turned the vibrator off and lifted my chin to look up into his eyes. “What was that?”

“Yes, sir,” I responded, embarrassed.

“That’s better. Just because we’re out in public doesn’t mean you’re allowed to break the rules. You know better than that, baby.”

“I know. I’m sorry, sir.”

“It’s okay, love, just don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t, sir.”

“Good.” He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, and we went back to eating. I reached out to take a sip of my wine, and Jim turned the vibe back on. Feeling spiteful, I forced myself to stay still, and drank my wine quietly, looking into Jim’s eyes with an expression of “yes, and..?” withholding my desperate need to moan or gasp or cry out with pleasure.

“Let’s try this again: does my baby like?”

“Yes…sir,” I forced out, my speech faculties rapidly disintegrating as he inched me toward my first orgasm of the night. I bit my lip and my breath stopped, all my focus shifting to the burning pleasure in my clit.

“Is my baby going to come for me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You know you’ve gotta ask, first.”

“Can I come, sir, please?” I whispered, feeling that if he didn’t give me permission soon I’d come without it, and terrified that I’d have to face the repercussions of that later.

“Aww, my poor baby needs to come. You’ll have to beg better than that if you want it.”

“Please, master, please let me come, I need to now, pleeease…” I melted in my chair with my need.

Jim leaned in, very close, and whispered in my ear, “No.”

He clicked off the vibe, and I nearly cried.


When we got to the hotel room, I stood somewhat awkwardly, suddenly nervous, as Jim put his keys down on the table. As if sensing my apprehension, Jim ensured that the door was locked, then came up behind me and put his arms around my waist.

“You okay kitty?”

I squeezed his hand. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

He kissed my neck gently, and nibbled my earlobe, making me gasp sharply and grab his hand. “Good. Now you were a good kitty and brought your collar, right?”

“Of course, sir.”

“Wonderful,” he breathed. “Now, I’m going to go to the bathroom. When I come back I want you to have your clothes off, and I want you to be kneeling by the bed so I can put your collar on you, ok?”

I nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl. Oh, and by the way, leave the vibrator.” He kissed me on the cheek and disappeared into the bathroom.

I peeled my clothes off, and unzipped my purse to produce my collar, when all of a sudden the butterfly between my legs came to life. My knees almost buckled with the unexpected pleasure. I took a moment to savor it, pressing the vibe harder against my clit and letting out a low moan. Almost purring, I pulled my collar from my purse, and went to kneel by the bed. My collar resting on my thighs, I leaned my head against the bed and relished the sweet pleasure my Master was giving me.

He took a good ten minutes in the bathroom, leaving me to twitch and moan alone in the bedroom, until I screamed out, “Master, please! I need to come!”

With a laugh, Jim stepped out of the bathroom. “What’s that? Does my sweet slavegirl need to come for me?”

“Yes sir,” I moaned, my breath coming in gasps, my clit screaming for release.

“Take my hand,” Jim instructed, “and come for me, pretty girl.”

With a cry, I grasped Jim’s hand and let myself come, my body shaking as I cried out for god and my Master, finally collapsing into mellow pleasure. Jim clicked off the vibrator, and I whispered, “Thank you, sir. Thank you for letting me come for you.”

Jim smiled down at me, and kissed me on the forehead. “Thank you, baby. Your orgasms are wonderful gifts. Now tilt your head up so I can put your collar on.”

I obeyed, and Jim buckled the collar tightly around my neck, and Starzbet Giriş produced a short lead from the nightstand behind him to clip to the collar. Tugging it gently, he smiled. “That’s my sweet little captive kitty.” He ran a hand across my cheek. “Would my sweet little captive kitty like to suck her Master’s cock?”

My mouth watered and I looked up at him eagerly. “Yes, Master.”

“That’s a good little slave.” He pulled me up to my feet. “Undress me, then get back down on your knees.”

I obeyed, pulling his tshirt off over his head, dying to kiss him, to touch his chest and kiss his shoulders, but he held me back. I unbuckled his belt, pulling off his pants and boxers, then knelt in front of him again, his thick, erect cock on level with my mouth. My lips parted and I looked up at my Master hungrily, imploringly.

“Now don’t take it in your mouth till it’s time. You’ll wait permission like a good slave.” Slowly he ran the head of his cock over my lips, and my tongue darted out, quickly, to wet my lips and get just a taste of him as he teased me. He stroked it back across my cheek, the other way, then pulled my lead, his other hand on the back of my neck, and pushed my head against his cock; my mouth opened and I took it into my mouth, moaning with the taste and feel of him. My mouth stretched around his thickness as he pushed himself all the way into my throat. I moaned around his cock as he fucked my face, fighting the urge to gag with all my might, because I didn’t want to take that hard dick out of my mouth. Finally I had to either slow down or gag, so I pulled my head away briefly, gasping for air and sucking just the head of his cock back into my mouth, savoring it as I let myself breathe. I wrapped my lips back around his huge shaft; my tongue ran along the length of him, as my lips stroked the skin, up and down, as my head bobbed. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned, “my kitty is a good little cocksucker.” I got into a rhythm, devouring his cock passionately and fighting the urge to touch my pussy, knowing I couldn’t do so without his permission.

“Get up, baby,” he instructed, “I have a treat for you. And some new rules I’d like to go over.”

I stood before him, waiting anxiously. He kissed me gently on the lips, then stepped back.

“You see, kittylove, you’re a wonderfully obedient girl, but your posture could use work. I want my slave to look like the prize she is, and to present herself to her master properly. When you’re kneeling, I want your knees spread just a bit apart, just enough to be able to touch your pussy if I tell you to, and I want your hands in your lap.” As he spoke, he walked around me, looking over my naked body. “And when you’re standing, I want your back straight, hands behind your back and feet a foot apart so I can reach your whore pussy if I choose. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied, assuming the posture he’d described.

“Good girl. Now, for being such an obedient girl, I’ll give you your treat.” He stepped up behind me, hands on my shoulders, and whispered in my ear, “should I show it to you, or just blindfold you right away?”

“I’d like to be able to see, sir,” I responded timidly. Master knew I loved to see whatever he was doing to me, whether he was just running his hands over my body, or if he’d found a new and terrifying implement of punishment. Blindfolds drove me mad; as sensual as it was, I wanted to know what was being done to me, pleasant or otherwise.

“Hmm, well, I suppose I can let you see for a little while, but I warn you, you will be blindfolded before the night is out.”

I hung my head. “Yes, sir.”

From the nightstand Jim produced a pair of black patent leather wrist cuffs, and a length of soft rope. “We’ll start with these. Hold out your hands.” I obeyed and he attached one cuff to each of my wrists after slinging the length of rope over his shoulder. “Lie down on the bed. Facedown.” Quietly, I climbed into the big four-poster hotel bed, lying as he’d told me to. He took my hands, and attached one wrist to each of the posts on the headboard with rope that he’d had the foresight to attach to the bedposts. The cuffs were wide enough to give very little range of motion in my wrists, though he’d not attached them tightly enough to let me worry about losing circulation to my hands. My ankles he pushed together, wrapping my legs in rope from the knees down, leaving my legs entirely useless; I could bend my knees, but could in no other way move them. Master ran his fingers up the back of my thigh, stroking my ass tenderly. “My baby has such a wonderful ass. So good for squeezing, and for admiring…and for spanking,” he accentuated this last with a sharp smack on my ass, making me gasp. “Oh, yes, very good for spanking. And you love it, don’t you baby?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yeah, I bet you do, filthy little whore like you. You are a filthy little whore, aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Say it.”

“I’m a filthy little whore, sir,” I responded; it always stung when he made me do that. Which I’m sure is why he loved to do it. To see me humbled and admitting that I was no more than a whore hoping to earn the privilege of his attention.

Striding Starzbet Güncel Giriş up to the head of the bed, he put one knee up on the bed, and pressed the head of his cock to my lips. I took it in hungrily, sucking him desperately, knowing that pleasing him was the one release that I could have – at least until he decided otherwise. Gripping the back of my head, he forced his cock deep into my throat, then took it away and pulled on a pair of jeans slung on the chair nearby. Coming back to the bed, he leaned over me.

“Kiss me, baby.” I leaned up as best I could and kissed him, gently, on the mouth. “Now tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Master.”

He smiled. “Good, baby. ‘Cause those are gonna be the last words out of your mouth for awhile.” He pulled from the nightstand a half mask, made of black leather, that he slipped on and laced up tightly, covering me from my neck to just under my nose. “Can you breathe, baby?” I nodded. “Good, good.” He leaned down and kissed my cheek, and whispered gently and intimately in my ear that he would never hurt me, and what I needed to do if I needed to stop him, since I couldn’t use a safe word. I smiled from behind the mask and nuzzled his face in affirmation. “I love you, my beautiful slave,” he whispered.

Standing straight, Master looked over my bound and naked body. “What to do with this helpless little kitty. So many fun things to do with her, I just can’t decide…as much as I’d like to, I can’t just immediately fuck your brains out. That would spoil the fun. Hmm…” Master ran his hand over my back, and slapped me on the ass. “Ooh. That feels nice. I should spank you. Kitty need a good spanking?”

I nodded, and Jim smacked my face, lightly. “What was that?”

“Yes, sir,” I attempted to say, but all that came out was a muffled mumbling sound. He smacked my face again.

“Keep trying.”

“Yes, sir,” I articulated the best I could, but the second attempt wasn’t much better than the first.

With an almost vindictive grin, he stroked my face. “Aww, that’s right, my poor kitty can’t speak. Well, I guess I just won’t have to worry about asking what you want. I’ll just take from you. And trust me, I will take everything you have to give.” He spoke slowly, drawing out the word ‘everything,’ as I lay there looking up into his eyes, searching them to see how much he meant to hurt me, wishing I could read him, but coming up with nothing. I watched him as he eyed my body, drew back his hand, and struck my ass, full force. I gasped and pulled at the bonds on my wrists. Master chuckled and looked down at me. “That’s what I like to see.” Again he smacked my ass, and again, until he drew a muffled cry of pain from me. Smiling, he stroked my ass. “There we go, all nice and warmed up. Now for the real fun. Would you like to know what I’m going to do next, kitty? I’m going to show you every single thing I brought along with me, whether it’s for pleasure or for pain, so you won’t be touched with anything completely unexpected. Once I show them to you, though, you’re going to be blindfolded. And I will use what I want, when I want, until I’m done with you.” He turned to open up a duffel bag he’d left near the bed, then stopped and turned back around. “One more thing. You do understand, that without the ability to speak, you won’t be able to ask for permission to come?” My eyebrows raised with the realization, and a slow grin spread across Master’s face.

Master turned back to the duffel bag, pulling items out one by one: a long black riding crop with a narrow leather tip, which he stroked across my thigh before setting it at the foot of the bed; a black leather slapper with a studded handle; a black patent leather paddle; a red feather attached to a long black plastic handle, a cat toy I’d seen him use before with his real kitten; and last but not least, a black leather flogger, one of the most dangerous-looking ones I’d ever seen. The very last item he presented for my review was a small bottle of lubricant, which he placed on the nightstand. He watched me follow the bottle of lube with my eyes, and he smiled. “Yes, baby, don’t worry, I have every intention of fucking my good little slave before the night is out.” I smiled at him, and he stroked my cheek, then slapped it lightly. “Now, to business,” and, pulling a blindfold from the nightstand, he left me in darkness. The first thing I felt was the brush of smooth leather across my back, the slapper I assumed; he stroked it along my spine, and down over my ass, and between my thighs. Turning it around so I felt the cold metal studs of the handle, he pressed the slapper between my thighs, pushing it up against my pussy, pressing the vibe against my clit, just enough to remind me it was there, and it was on the list of his weapons to use on me at his discretion. Pulling away, he left me isolated for a moment; my mind raced, I got nervous, and almost started to get fidgety in my fear that he’d left me, when I felt a stinging slap across my thigh, from the opposite side of where he’d been standing previously. I gasped in surprise and twitched under the strike; he struck again, across my ass, working his way up and down between my ass and my thighs, spreading out the pain so I’d never know where to expect it and so he wouldn’t wear out one area too much. I could never accuse my Master of not being smart, or creative. He struck me only hard enough to sting a bit, knowing how much I loved the warm sensation that was left behind after that kind of treatment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32