London Adventures 01

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“Dude, can’t we just open a bottle of Glenfiddich and chill at your place?” I asked my best friend as I slumped on his couch and kicked my shoes off. He continues to totally ignore me and sorts out an Uber taxi to take us to one of the sports bar in London.

Having driven to London from Exeter, a good four hour drive, I am absolutely knackered but Rob is having none of it.

“Dan, you’ve got to go out and check out some chicks, man. I’m getting a bit worried you don’t like pussies anymore,” he comments and dodges the shoe I’ve thrown at him.

Having experienced first-hand how fast these damn taxies get around London I have no choice other than to put my shoes back on and follow him out of his flat.

On the way out I stop in front of the mirror and make sure the classic quiff hairstyle still looks decent enough for the night out. Having celebrated my 30th birthday, I tell myself I need to maintain my muscular frame and the respectable weight of 75kg as much as possible. Years of playing rugby and supporting the All Blacks, it’s no surprise I’m wearing another All Blacks T-shirt tonight.

Before hitting the first club we decide to down a couple of pints in the pub around the corner, which is always a good idea in Central London, as the alcohol prices in the sports bars can be atrocious on a Saturday night.

Over a few beers we rue over the fact we haven’t had a proper night out in a year. As usual Rob blames me for deciding to leave London for the SouthWest while I show him pictures of the South West Coastal path that I recently trekked.

I hit the restroom and realise what a different world London is compared to the rest of the country. The cubicles are full of shiny tiles and literally the size of a small studio flat. I suppress a laugh when I think to myself the cubicles look a lot cleaner than my apartment.

Feeling the buzz we walk across to the sports bar and surprisingly the bouncers let us in without too much of a hassle. Once in we realise why, as the place is literally dead and a chap, well into his forties, is killing the dance floor with his moon walks.

I glare at Rob, who gives me a shrug and orders two Glenfiddich doubles on the rocks. I try not to laugh as the young bartender glares at him as she has no clue what he wants. In the end he has to point out the green bottle before we finally get our drinks.

“Let’s have a couple of drinks here and head back home man,” I yell at him while I look around at the disappointing crowd. He agrees and throws a couple of hopeful glances at the bartender who chooses to ignore him.

Just when I’ve had enough of the place, I hear a high pitch female voice behind me saying “Not another All Blacks supporter,”. I turn back to see an Indian looking girl standing next to me with what looked like her English boyfriend.

“well, you do realise we are the world champions and have the best players in the world at the moment, right?” I smirk at her as I respond.

“Well I think the Wallabies are the best. We were just unlucky during the last World Cup,” she almost looks angry as she pretends to punch my arm. I look at her “boyfriend” with a questioning look and he just grins at me and gives me a thumbs up. I think to myself either they are just friends or they are looking for a third wheel to join them later on.

Either way the night just got better so I grin at them both and continue the age old banter of which southern hemisphere rugby team plays better rugby. Over a few shots of Jagerbombs I find out she’s from Brisbane and just visiting her friends in London.

She looks to be in her mid-twenties, slightly chubby and with long straight black hair. A closer inspection of her face makes me realise how well she’s used eye-shadow and mascara to compliment the natural spark she has in her dark brown eyes. The blusher used on her cheeks does little to hide her dimple every time she smiles; and her luscious lips are covered with red lipstick that seems to go one shade lighter with every sip she takes from her glass.

She’s got a black summer dress that does little to hide her ample bosom and I’m slightly disappointed to see her wearing black tights, which does a really good job of covering her legs. I smile to myself as I realise her high heels makes her look taller than what she probably actually is.

While her friend continues to get shit-faced I drag her to the dance floor with me. The six Jagerbombs she chugged down within the half hour since we met clearly seems to be working as she looks a lot more relaxed and the fake hostile tone she had towards me is all but disappeared.

“I love this song,” she screams as the DJ plays Meghan Trainor’s new hit.

“I have to agree with Meghan” I tease her as the lines ” boys they like a little more booty to hold at night’ comes on.

She playfully punches my midriff as we both burst out laughing.

“I’m Dan by the way,” I yell in her ear as I realise the evening could get Sivas Escort very interesting if I play my cards properly.

“I’m Anita,” she gives me, what has to be her trademark smile as her eyes check me out from head to toe. Almost as if deciding something she runs her left hand around my abs as her right hand feels my left bicep.

“Well you are bloody cute for an All Blacks supporter Dan,” I think that’s what she said as she grabs my arms and pulls me closer to her.

“Umm you are cute too,” I mutter awkwardly, ruing the fact I’m so off my game. Luckily she either ignores my mumble or didn’t hear it, as she pulls me in for a kiss. That escalated quickly, I think to myself as I grab hold of her neck and kiss her back.

“Ooh you really do know how to kiss,” she smiles as she slips a tongue in. I secretly thank my ex-girlfriend, whose refusal to let me into her pants meant all we did for a good few months was just play tonsil hockey.

I hold the back of her head as I gently kiss her plump lips. I slowly let my tongue touch her lips as I do my best to get rid of the last remaining lipstick on her lips. The hint of vanilla I taste on her lips tells me she’s got taste when it comes to choosing lipsticks. She moans and parts her lips as my lips and tongue tease her mercilessly.

Ignoring the few giggles I get from a couple of girls next to us, I bring my right hand slightly higher and place it closer to her left breast to test the water. As encouragement she kisses me harder. We continue to dance and kiss until the song ends. I look around to see suddenly the club looks a lot more lively and crowded.

“Would you like another drink?” I yell in her ears as the crowd around us goes wild with the D.J playing the new Bieber song. Her eyes light up and she nods happily as I drag her through the dance floor to the bar. She holds on to me tight and pushes her left boob onto my arm.

I get another round of Jagerbomb as we go to the back of the club where the couches are. I sit down and place her on my lap. She giggles and gives me a quick kiss. Having her on my lap results in my cock being fully erect and it starts pushing against her left ass cheek. I know she can feel it as she smiles to herself and moves slightly and slowly starts rubbing her thighs on my cock.

I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation before I try to pull her in for another kiss. She giggles and pulls away, I look at her in surprise. She cheekily smiles at me and picks up one of the Jagerbombs and takes a healthy swig. Without swallowing she kisses me and shares a bit of her drink with me. I moan into her mouth as our tongues enjoy the taste of alcohol and each other. She does this a few more times until the drinks are empty and I am about to blow my nuts in my pants.

“I’ve got to take you home now,” I whisper in her ear.

“Why wait until home?” she smiles sexily and whispers back to me.

I look around and see a lot of couples sitting down around us either chatting or snogging. As much as I like the idea of voyeurism, I did not fancy one of the bouncers throwing me out. I did however remember the large cubicles in the toilets in the Weatherspoon’s pub around the corner, where I had my first drinks with Rob.

“You want to do something really crazy?” I ask her. She looks around us and gives me a questioning look trying to figure out what I had in mind.

As a response I shake my head and whisper “Not here, but come with me.” I push her off my lap and grab her hand. By now she’s either pretty tipsy or really is an adventurous type as she holds on to my hand without hesitation as I make my way out of the bar. I try hard to make eye contact with Rob on the way out but he seems to be getting pretty cosy with an oriental girl. Realising he is not going to miss me much I head out with my playmate.

Finally out of the loud bar I awkwardly wonder if I should make any small talk as I make my way to the pub. Anita however is not bothered about the silence between us. With a dreamy smile on her face she puts an arm around my waist and walks with me. We get into the pub and I look around to make sure no one’s noticing us as I quickly take her upstairs where the restrooms are based.

She suddenly bursts in to a fit of giggles as she realises what I have in mind. Throwing caution to the wind I open the men’s restroom and drag her in. As luck would have it none of the urinals are in use and out of the three cubicles only one is occupied. I quickly drag her to the cubicle in the corner and lock the door behind us.

The open air before and the danger of getting caught had both effected my hard-on negatively. However to see her smile at me sexily as I pull her in to my arms makes my cock spring back to its full length.

She lifts her head up and moans as I kiss her neck and inhale her perfume. My hands are all over her back pulling her as close as humanely possible. She grinds her hips into me and rubs her stomach Sivas Escort Bayan on my hard cock. I lower my hands and grab her ass cheeks over her dress. She moans loudly, searching for my lips and kissing me hard when she finds it, as my hands continue to knead her ass cheeks. Her moans gets louder and louder as I play with her ass while we kiss.

With the amount of tongue she uses and the way she reacts every time I move my hands around her bottom I realise I’ve hit jackpot as she seems to love ass play. Oh by the way, did I mention I’m a big ass man?

I lift her dress up from behind and push my hands inside her tights. I could feel a thong resisting feebly as I moved my hands around her naked ass. Her hands are not idle either as she has her hands inside my T-shirt and is moving against my muscular back.

I push her onto the hard wall of the cubicle and I kneel down and lift her dress up. I kiss the skin I see just above the tights. I use my teeth on the front and with my hands on each side of her hips I bring her tights and the wet black thong down all the way to her ankles.

She stifles a moan as I spread her legs and kiss her right inner thigh. I use my tongue and lick a trace from her inner thigh all the way up to her sweet smelling pussy. I want to badly taste her sex but I realise this position is rather awkward for both of us. I help her take both her heels off and remove her tights completely. I stand up and unzip her dress from behind and pull it over her head. She enthusiastically helps me take my T-shirt off. She quickly unbuckles my jeans and I kick my shoes off and pull them off. We chuck everything in the corner along with her discarded tights. This leaves her with only her black strapless bra and me with my boxers.

I pull the toilet lid down and lift her left leg up and place it on top of the toilet lid. Now her legs are nicely spread as I kneel down again and kiss her cute looking Brazilian strip. She steadies herself by holding on to the back of my head as I move south and slowly lick her pussy lips. I ignore her clit and concentrate on her pussy lips instead. Her oozing sex is leaking juice as I lap at it hungrily. My hands move from the hips back to those ample ass cheeks of hers. I tilt my neck as much as possible and push my tongue inside her pussy. The musky smell and the tangy taste makes me ignore the awkward position my neck is in as I try my best to lick her dry as my hands hold on to her ass.

However, after a while I just can’t ignore the neck ache anymore so I drag myself up. She tugs me closer and without any hesitation kisses me and tastes herself on my lips. I pull back and turn her around. I unhook her bra and grab her large boobs from behind. She turns her head to the side and moans sexily. I bend her down and get her right knee on top of the toilet seat this time. I run my tongue from the back all the way to the end of her spinal cord. I kneel down again and kiss her ass cheeks. I run my tongue around her ass crack as she stifles another moan. With bated breath I spread her ass cheeks to find her puckering hole winking at me. The muskier smell is stronger probably due to all the dancing we were doing before at the bar. Her asshole is a lot darker than the rest of her body and is virtually hairless. With the cheeks well spread I bring my nose close to her asshole and inhale deeply. We both moan simultaneously as I look at the most intimate part of her body. She pushes herself back on to me almost challenging me to do something naughty. I dully oblige and stick my tongue out. My tongue gently touches her pucker hole and she nearly loses balance. I tighten my hands on her ass cheeks to steady her as I give it a proper lick. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the smell and taste of a pussy, but nothing comes close to the muskier smell and taste of a ladies’ asshole.

I harden my tongue and do my best to push pass those tight ass muscles into her asshole. I’m so excited about what I’m doing I lose the grip on her butt cheeks. She suddenly turns around and uses her right hand to pull her ass cheeks apart giving me better access, so I happily continue the art of analingus.

I could continue licking this beautiful girl’s asshole until sunrise but I’m also aware the pub might close soon, so I make the painful decision of moving my face out of her ass and stand up. She turns around and sits on the toilet head, pulling my boxers down. I quickly take them off and throw them onto the large stack of our discarded clothes. Finally free, my cock is oozing with pre-cum as it stands tall and proud. With her sitting down, her face is exactly where it should be as she looks up and smiles in approval as she grabs my cock for the first time. I close my eyes and groan as her small hands uses my cock to pull me close to her.

I can’t wait for her to take me in her mouth and as if she’s reading my mind she opens her cute mouth and licks the top of my cock. She clearly must have Escort Sivas liked the taste of pre-cum as she pulls my foreskin down and licks my cock like a lollypop. I close my eyes and try to memorise every small detail of this beautiful Indian girl sucking my cock in a men’s lavatory.

After making sure all of my pre-cum is sucked dry, she opens her mouth wider and tries to deep-throat me. I hold her by her silky straight hair and start fucking her mouth slowly. She responds like a champ and grabs hold of my ass as she takes nearly six inches of my cock inside. I can hear her gagging so I ease my hold on her head but she is having none of it as she tilts her head slightly and takes me deeper again until my pubic hair is touching her nose.

I realise another five more seconds of this and I’ll be ejaculating in her mouth so I pull back and lift her up. I give her a quick kiss and briefly think about the condom in my wallet before deciding to take the risk and turn her around and bend her over. She brings her right leg back on the toilet seat as she waits eagerly for the inevitable. I grab my well lubricated cock and bring it closer to her pussy slit. We both groan in excitement and relief as my cock spreads apart her pussy lips and enters her. I grab her ample hips and push all seven inches in. I let her get used to my length and girth as I gently move myself back and forth while I hold on to her hips. Once she starts pushing back, I increase the pace of my drilling.

Wanting to do more, I lean down and grab her boobs from behind. I start to piston inside her as my hands massage her voluptuous bosom. She grabs my hands and squeezes them hard as I continue to increase the tempo of our fucking. She lets go of my hands and starts stimulating her clit as I really start ramming into her. Her moans get louder and louder and I know I need to do something or someone may end up calling the police, so with no other choice I pull out of her. She groans in frustration as I move away from her and grab some of our clothes. She looks really confused until she sees me spreading them on the ground before I push her on to the floor. She smiles and rests on her back, slightly squealing as part of her naked skin touches the cold tiles. I quickly get between her legs and lick her slit to make sure she’s wet before moving up and sliding my erect cock back inside her puffed up pussy. She brings her legs up and locks them behind me as I start sliding it deeper again. I muffle her moans by kissing her hard as I start ramming her again.

Her legs start to restrict my movements so I break her scissor lock and grab her right leg, pulling it up as high as possible. This way I go deeper into her pussy as I move in. She uses her hand to hold her right leg as I am nearly on a push up position fucking her. With her high pitch moans I can feel she’s close and I know I am too, but there is one more position I have in mind, so with reluctance I pull out again and drag myself up. By now she is so cock-drunk she is literally willing to do anything I ask her to.

I push her naked body onto the hard wall of the cubicle and lift one of her legs as I enter her again in a stand up position. She holds on for her dear life by putting her arms around my neck as I start fucking her mercilessly. Her pussy is so wet every time I push in I hear a wet plop over our moans. I take my left hand from her back and insert my middle finger in to her mouth. She sucks on it as if it was a mini cock as I continue fucking her. I know I am close, so I pull my middle finger out of her mouth and gently push it inside her asshole without breaking the stride. She opens her mouth to scream, so I shut her up by kissing her hard. With all three holes occupied she goes mental and nearly draws blood on my back. I respond by pushing my middle finger fully inside her asshole as I reach my peak.

I let go of her leg and hold her ass as I start nearing the point of no return. We both scream in to each other’s mouths as we cum together. I flood her pussy with waves after waves of cum as she rolls her eyes backwards and almost passes out. We both are drenched with sweat and our hearts are going at record speeds. When I come back to my senses I realise we must have been quite loud at the last bit and who knew how many horny men outside heard us. I could feel her heart going at a good 100 miles an hour as I pull out gently and give her a quick kiss. She is still holding onto my neck as her legs are quite unsteady and she still has a dazed look. I hold her tight and sit her down on to the loo head as I steady myself.

We shyly smile at each other as I hand her dress and tights back to her. We dress ourselves in silence and I open up the door slightly to see if we have an audience. I wait as she sits on the toilet and covers her pussy with toilet paper before pulling her thong and tights back on. Luckily the last bell for the drinks hasn’t rung yet so the mad rush to the loo before heading home hasn’t started yet. I grab her hand and we quickly run out of the men’s washroom.

With both our heads down we make our way out of the pub and come outside into the fresh London air. We kiss again and she asks for my phone. I unlock my phone and give it to her as she jolts her number down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32