Lockdown with Benefits

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Most of the people I know during the Covid lockdowns either got depressed, drank a lot, and gained weight, or they used their extra time at home to work out and get fit. Both my lover Tarantina and I were of the latter persuasion, which led to an unexpected and insatiably horny benefit.

TT has always had a gorgeous ass, and all that lockdown exercise had made it slimmer, more rounded, more taught, and even more delicious than it has ever been. I don’t get to see her that often – we’re lovers, not a couple – and every time I see her, in fact every time I think about her – that shapely bum was more in my thoughts than ever.

My ideal was to see her standing ahead of me, in a tight pair of jeans, with her newly-toned peaches looking perfect, and for me to slip up behind her, press my already-stiff crotch up against her crack, reach around and put my hands down the front of her jeans to her almost-shaved pussy, and for her to turn around to me, brunette hair flowing, and say, like she really, really, meant it, ‘I want you to fuck my ass’

She knows how much fantasies like that turn me on, so she always dresses to show her ass off. She knows I can’t wait to get her clothes off and stick my tongue in both her pussy and her crack. Ass play has become a regular part of our sex repertoire. One of our favourite ways to fuck is from behind, with my cock in her cunt and my well-lubed thumb in the tight hole. It gets us both off in a big way. And occasionally she lets me replace the thumb with my cock…

But that also gives me a problem. Because the lockdown benefit of such a desirable ass just makes me want it all the time. TT is a great lover and she knows what makes me happy, but I don’t think she enjoys anal that much, certainly not as much as I do. It turns her on to be dirty, and to make me so horny, but if I could find a way for her to aliağa escort enjoy it as much as I do, then maybe one day she might really, really want it, just like in my fantasy.

The answer, I thought, might be more preparation, and more clit stimulation. TT had a vibrator, she told me, hidden somewhere at home. When we next fixed one of our regular meetings at a hotel, I suggested she bring it along.

We met for coffee as we normally do, then, again as usual, cast aside whatever other plans we’d made for the day to get to our hotel room and rip each others’ clothes off.

I’d just finished giving her nipples a long session of hard tweaking and biting and was proceeding to take off her panties to reveal that gorgeous pussy with its postage-stamp of dark hair, when all of a sudden she sat up.

‘Do you want the vibrator? It’s in my bag.’

I could tell this had lit up her imagination. She’d probably had some fantasies of her own the last few days about what I was planning to do with it. I passed her bag and out came a little velvet purse. She opened it and handed me a svelte blue device – very modern looking – with a contoured shaft and a clit bumper at the top.

‘Twist it,’ she said.

A twisted the shaft and it gave a smooth pulsating sensation, which could be increased with further twisting. I could see why she liked it.

I pushed her back on the bed and told her to relax, then spread her legs and started kissing her pussy. Long strokes of my tongue, fast ones, round and round her clit, and then sucking it, which always sent her wild. I stopped short of making her cum and went back to long strokes, then slipped a finger in her pussy.

She moaned with pleasure and knowing she was occupied, my free hand reached out for the vibrator, and then for the lube. I lubed it up, and aliağa escort bayan took my finger from her pussy. I was hoping she would think the vibrator was ging to replace it, but instead, I pushed it up against her arse. One more quirt of lube, and then I pressed it in.

I’d guessed she’d tried this at home so I wasn’t too concerned, but she was certainly surprised. She gave a little squeal of delight, though, so I pushed it in further and then sucked on her clit some more.

Anal for us was always something we did at the end after plenty of pussy-fucking, usually as a way of getting me to an explosive orgasm. Today I wanted it to be the first way, not the last way, and for her to cum too.

So when she said, ‘Fuck me now,’ I was going to interpret it how I wanted.

I rolled her onto her side and got behind her. I lubed up my cock – which had grown so hard I thought it might be a danger to itself – then rested it behind the vibrator. The pulsing felt fantastic, I could see why women liked these things – then slowly I pulled it from her ass.

I gave it a quick wipe and a squirt with antibacterial ger – another Covid benefit – and laid it behind me. I put even more lube on her opening, then I lined up my cock with her arse and pushed forward.

It was easier to get in than ever before, but even so she reached behind to slow me down. Letting her take the lead on depth, I slowly, slowly, inched my way inside.

Images of her gorgeous arse flooded my mind. In jeans. In tight skirts. In a bikini. In her underwear. Naked. Bent over. That thing I desired so much, and here I was, inside it, fucking it. I began slowly sliding back and forth, feeling it tight and slippery around my cock. I could cum in seconds, but I was desperate to hang on and enjoy it more.

I reached for the vibrator, escort aliağa turned it on medium and slid it between her legs, pressing it to her clit. TT let out a low rolling moan of pleasure, then grabbed my hand and increased the pressure.

I started fucking harder. It was getting like a real fuck now, instead of the tentative thrusts I’d done in the past, and TT seemed to be liking it, pushing back with her hips.

Before long she’d taken the vibrator from me and was doing it herself. Knowing I had free hands, she said, ‘squeeze my nipples’.

In TT land, that meant really hard. I reached forward and grabbed both and we went at it like that for what seemed like ages – how we both didn’t cum on the spot I’ll ever know. She was getting stimulation everywhere – her tits, her clit, her vagina, and especially her ass with my wide cock pulling almost all way out, then going deep, deeper than I’d ever gone before.

I noticed her back starting to turn red, and I knew what that meant: a freight train of ecstasy was heading for orgasm central. I took it as a sign for myself to let go too – I’d been edging myself, holding myself on the brink of cumming – slowing down and speeding up to maintain the perfect ‘almost ready to cum’ feeling.

My cock erupted, just as TT tensed, so hard so tight, that I had to thrust as hard as I could just to finish myself. And then we stayed there, frozen in time, two people with wild electricity flowing between them. I couldn’t actually believe it, I’d never before achieved simultaneous orgasm with an ass-fuck. But boy was it worth the wait. I have no idea how many people in the hotel must have heard us screaming…

We didn’t speak for a while afterward, just held each other in a state of mutual bliss.

Later that day, after we’d gone our separate ways to our ‘regular’ lives, I discovered an encrypted message from TT on my phone. It was an anal sex fantasy she’d written for me. The crazy thing was, she’d sent it before we’d met that day. She had the same thing in mind after all. The details were different, but the end was the same.

Maybe my other fantasy might not be so far away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32