Lock the Door Ch. 01

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I opened the door and walked into the darkened motel room. Closing it behind me, I heard; “Lock the door.” Twisting the lock, I focused my eyes on the man on the bed. The drapes were partially opened, the light fell on his posterior only.

But that was fine and that was why I was here. In our brief flurry of e-mails we had agreed that I was going to fuck him up the ass. That was why he was kneeling naked on the bed, his legs spread and his ass pushed backwards. This was a pump and dump.

I could feel my erection growing as I walked over behind him. He looked hot, all spread out in the fuck position. The sunlight highlighted his furry crevice and hanging balls brightly, letting me view his most intimate parts in detail. The open drapes made for a nice effect as I reached a hand out to fondle one muscular cheek.

He moaned softly as I squeezed his firm cheek and pulled it open further. I could see his asshole clearly, pink in the middle of his brown ring, glistening with lubricant. His lube-coated asshole hairs were sticking to his cheeks letting me see his wrinkled hole.

Despite the lubrication, his hole looked closed and tight; I didn’t think he had taken a cock in it yet tonight. If he wasn’t already lubricated, I would have had to spend some time rimming him, his fuck-hole looked so sexy.

I whispered, “What a beautiful little hole. You are so hot baby; I can’t wait to fuck this sweet little pussy.”

He giggled and said, “This pussy is all yours stud. Use it however you want. Just give me a good hard fucking.” Then he added, “Cum in my cunt or pull the rubber off and cum down my throat…shoot it on me if you want… I want just want you to have a great cum!”

I began undoing my belt while saying, “I’m going to open you up and then drive you through this bed. You are going to be one well-fucked little girl when I am done with you!”

He giggled again as I stripped off my pants and underwear and then he began chanting, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my Belek travesti cunt.”

I walked up beside him and ordered, “Suck my cock.”

He obediently turned his head and inhaled my semi-erect meat.

I gasped at the warmth of his suckling mouth as he took me most of the way in. He sucked me hard, pulling the skin back and forth in a delightful fashion.

I shoved forward as he gobbled and he gagged on my length. Pulling my cock from his mouth, I apologized, but he just said, “Its okay. Go ahead and ram it in. Both of my holes are here for your pleasure.”

Moving in front of him I said, “Then take it, bitch! I’m going to fuck your mouth before I fuck that sweet looking cunt of yours.”

He moaned and gagged more as he took me almost to the root.

I held his head and thrust repeatedly deep into his mouth. He gagged each time, his eyes watered, but he never slacked off on the suction, he was like a warm, wet vacuum cleaner.

After a couple of dozen hard deep thrusts I suddenly pulled my now fully erect cock out of his mouth with a pop. Reaching over, I picked up a pre-lubed condom and opened it. With my cock right in front of his eyes, I rolled it on and showed him my sheathed tool while saying, “Time to fuck you.”

He stared at my cock a moment then looked up at me and said, “I’m ready, put that in me.”

Walking behind him again, I knelt between his spread legs, and, after gazing at his opening, I pressed my cock against his tunnel. With just a slight push, my cockhead entered him. Then, holding his hip with one hand and my cock with the other, I shoved forward, sliding about half of my meat inside him.

He squealed and I felt his ass muscles clamp down on me. I knew I hurt him, but didn’t care. I doubted that he cared either. I pulled back an inch, and, holding both hips, I buried my entire rod up his back passage. He bucked hard and screamed again. Had I not been holding his hips, he would have pulled away. As it was, Kemer travesti I stayed fully inside of him as he struggled and spasmed.

Still holding him firmly in place, I began taking full-length strokes in and out of his pussy. I watched his ass lips wrap around my cock as I plunged repeatedly into his warm depths.

After some stroking, he began to get into it, and started holding his hole in place so I could get maximum stroke action. Soon he was pushing back, jamming his asshole onto my cock. He was hot and tight and slippery and so willing to be fucked, damn that man-pussy felt good!

Pulling back some, I slapped one ass cheek; he yelped as I grabbed his hip and bottomed out again. On the next back stroke I slapped his other cheek even harder. His head jerked upward and he moaned while I plunged back into him. I repeated my actions on his cheeks and in his asshole a couple more times, until his butt was bright red and felt hot.

Then, holding him by both hips, I began to pump him even harder. I fucked him like that for a couple of minutes, his ass cheeks slapping as my hips repeatedly hit them. Then I began pushing him forward each time that I slid into him. Soon his chest was pressed against the bed and his legs slipped down and backwards. I collapsed on top of him without changing my rhythm but now allowing my weight to rest on his frame.

He continued to hump his ass up to meet me as I continued to pound it hard and fast. My hands held onto his shoulders, my ankles locked around his, he held his asshole up for me, and I had perfect leverage to just fuck away at him. I could hear both of us grunting and moaning as we coupled.

On a whim I held still after jamming my cock fully inside of him and pulled us both over onto our sides. I immediately began thrusting again as we landed. He adjusted his leg and his asshole to accommodate our new fuck position. It was a turn-on to feel him move his asshole to better service the need of my cock.

Pulling Travesti him back against my chest, I slid my hands around both sides of his body to find his hardened nipples. He moaned a quiet “Yes.” as my fingers began pulling and twisting them.

I slid one hand down to hold his maleness and found him fully erect. He was hard because of how I was fucking his pussy! What a turn-on to feel his arousal at having my cock inside him!!

All too soon, I felt my climax building. Grabbing his hips with both hands I pounded his cunt over and over.

And then it hit me, a wave of pleasure as I rammed my cock home again. I gasped as the first spurt of sperm pumped through my cock and into his opened hole. It was quickly followed by three more hard spasms, each shaking me to my core.

I kept my cock in him all the way, my hips jammed against his spread ass, my hands pulling him onto me while I recovered for a couple minutes. We were both panting from our efforts and just lay there, joined.

After a bit, I could feel my cock softening inside of him and relaxed my grip on his hips. He whispered, “What a great pounding you gave me. It felt wonderful.”

Squeezing his hip gently this time I replied, “You are a great fuck, your pussy feels like velvet; tight, hot, slippery velvet. I really came hard inside you.”

He giggled as my dick slipped partly out, and then said,” I glad you didn’t just pull out, I like feeling you in me while you recover.”

“After the treatment your asshole gave me, I am too tired to move.” I replied. We both giggled and our movement caused the rest of my cock to slide out.

As I got up to dress, he rolled onto his stomach and sighed contentedly while opening his legs. I could see his asshole, still open from our session and asked him if I could take a couple cell phone pictures. He said, “Sure lover, how do you want me?” Looking at his spread cheeks and now-gaping asshole, I replied, “Just like that for a start! You look so hot!”

Then I got him to reach back to spread himself for me and finally had him kneel on his hands and knees for a couple more pictures.

After promising to send him copies, I headed towards the door. As I opened it I heard, “Lock the door.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32