Lizzie Pt. 06

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I gradually awakened, slowly remembering where I was. Looking through bleary eyes, I recognized the dark orange walls of my brother Ray’s room. My head was resting on a warm, gently moving pillow that I then identified as my sleeping brother’s chest. I smiled sleepily and nuzzled my face against his chest, breathing in the scent of him, including the faintest trace of the smell of his cum. I froze as I began to remember our illicit activities just a few hours ago. After a surprising discovery, some awkward revelations, and some vulnerable conversation, we’d ended up making out just before he came in my mouth as I nakedly ground myself to orgasm against his hip.

I felt a brief bolt of panic as I started to try and rationalize our actions. His dick never entered my mouth, it was just close to it as Ray masturbated himself to orgasm. Which I’d requested that he do. As I did the same. My stomach twisted and my cheeks burned with shame.

But… this was Ray. We loved each other. I took another long inhale through my nose, and his scent comforted me and melted some of the shame away. My inner turmoil must have been radiating from me. Ray lifted his arm from around my shoulder and lightly brushed some of my hair from the side of my face as he whispered “good morning, Lizzie” in a consoling tone. I smiled and pressed my face into his chest, reassured.

“Good morning” I mumbled into his chest. I took another deep breath and then pulled away from him enough to raise my head and look in Ray’s eyes. He had messy hair, sleepy eyes, and a half-smile that betrayed nervousness mixed with affection.

“So…” he said as his smile faltered a bit, letting a cloud of uncertainty and awkwardness hang in the air.

I thought for a few moments, contemplating our new situation (with the devilish little sister in me enjoying his unease).

“I still love you, Ray” I replied softly. My brother grasped me and hugged me tight as he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good,” he said “I was just so worried that maybe-“

“Hey!” I interrupted. “You’re always supposed to say it back, you know.” I said teasingly.

Ray squeezed me tighter and whispered “I love you too, Lizzie.”

At these words, a warmth bloomed in my belly and spread up to my chest… and downward to between my legs. I snuggled against my brother and drew my hand on his chest down to his belly. My sleepy brain was still a little hazy and mixing my current situation with memories of waking up next to my boyfriend in the dorms, leading me to almost reflexively reach down and check for ‘morning wood.’ After a few seconds of contemplation, as my warming loins overrode my concerns, I did just that, reaching my hand down to gently grasp his hard cock through his sweatpants. Ray inhaled sharply and his hips jerked as I squeezed him.

“Lizzie, I…” my brother breathed. He stopped attempting to speak as I began slowly pulling the fabric up and down over his cock. This was technically a step further than we had gone last night, but somehow felt more innocent than grinding my naked body against his. Ray’s breathing quickened along with the speed of my stroking. I grinned, feeling his cock throb in my hand, even through his sweatpants.

“I’m going to…” Ray started to warn me, just as we heard the familiar sound of our mother stomping down the hallway. We immediately pulled away from each other, rolling to each side of the bed and curling into positions as if we were still sleeping. Moments later Ray’s door flew open and our mother began loudly directing us to “get our damn lazy butts out of bed.” She began reciting lists of chores for us to do to get ready for the funeral this afternoon. I was in the middle of a feigned yawn when something caught my attention.

“Wait, what?” I interrupted her. “What about Patty?”

“One of Patty’s cats got sick and she’s leaving early,” my mother said, exasperated at having to repeat herself. “You get your room back tonight.”

“Ah… good.” I replied, forcing a smile on my face as my heart sank. Yesterday I had been looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, but now it seemed a cold and lonely place compared to wrapping myself around Ray. But maybe it would be good to be alone and take a breath here. I hadn’t had time to process what we’d done last night (or what I’d been doing just a minute ago), and I sensed a lot of conflicting thoughts beginning to bubble up in my mind. I made out and exchanged orgasms with my brother. And did that count as cheating on my very first boyfriend? My stomach twisted again as my mother wrapped up her tirade and strode back down the hallway.

As our mother left the room, I turned to look at Ray. He had a similar fake smile on his face, but his eyes showed disappointment and longing as he gazed back at me. He opened his mouth to speak, but I wanted time to think before talking about everything… or anything. I quickly moved across the bed and gave him a kiss on his open mouth and then bounced off the bed, almanbahis grabbed my backpack and darted out of the room.


I awoke slowly, to a variety of sensations. First, feeling the pressure and sway of a hard, throbbing erection. I became aware I was naked, from the sensation of cool air on my skin – all of it… except for warm, heavy pressure on my left hand. And a greater heat on my left hand fingers, along with… moisture? My eyes creaked open and I looked to my left.

Jackie was naked and facedown, her head down by my feet. Her knees were bent and her feet dangled above her bare butt, gyrating as she ground her crotch against my fingers. I gazed at the sight with sleepy confusion and rapidly growing arousal. The responsible side of me grew alarmed at this violation of Lizzie’s no-touching rule, and I felt the impulse to object. But Jackie appeared to be close to finishing and I was hesitant to interrupt. Her breathing was increasingly ragged and her hips were moving more forcefully, her muscles clenching under her tan, glowing skin. Jackie’s ass squeezed at the bottom of every grind against my hand, and dimples formed on the side of each cheek with each thrust.

Feeling guilty, but not wanting to stop Jackie so close to climax, I decided to hurry things along. I wiggled my fingers and pushed them harder against her pussy. I watched a light film of sweat break out on her back as her toes curled and her body clenched. Jackie yelped and twitched and moaned as I felt her pussy pulsate against my fingers. Her back arched, shoulders quivering, she grunted, then whimpered, then panted until finally she collapsed, her right foot falling against my left shoulder, dangerously close to my mouth. My responsible side was faltering, but I successfully resisted the urge to lick her toes. After another minute, she gathered herself up and turned to look at me.

Jackie smiled at me guiltily. I smiled back but a little disapprovingly. I opened my mouth to speak but she cut me off.

“I’m sorry,” she began, “that was kinda wrong, but I woke up in the mood to… well, to do something wrong.” Jackie blushed and grimaced and looked down at the bed.

“Lizzie said-” I started.

“I know, I know…” Jackie interrupted, with genuine remorse in her eyes. Maybe girls had ‘post-nut clarity’ too. “…I’m sorry,” she repeated. Her eyes were wide and full of guilt and I felt the impulse to console her.

“I… it’s… no harm done, I guess.” I said. Jackie smiled in relief and moved closer to me.

“I can… return the favor,” Jackie offered, reaching a hand toward my hard cock.

“No,” I said, holding up a hand that was still wet from her pussy. “You really shouldn’t.” Jackie looked chastised and said she was sorry again.

“Don’t worry about it,” I reassured her. “I can take care of myself. You can watch, of course.” Jackie’s eyes brightened and moved to lay at my side. But instead of being content to watch, she shifted closer and moved her head close to mine. I thought she was about to kiss me and I started to protest again. But instead she moved her mouth to my ear and began to whisper throatily to me.

“Take that cock in your hand and close your eyes,” Jackie breathed. A little taken aback, I complied, using my wet left hand. Feeling Jackie’s fresh pussy juice on my cock, I felt a twinge of guilt, but started stroking anyway.

“Can you imagine that’s Lizzie’s hand on your cock?” Jackie whispered. “Stroking your hard cock while she plays with herself? Or maybe that’s her mouth. Licking and sucking at you as she fingers herself.” Jackie’s breath in my ear and the things she was saying were incredibly arousing, and my cock throbbed within my grip. I kept stroking as Jackie continued whispering.

“Or is Lizzie ready to fuck you… lowering her tight pussy on your cock as she squeals and moans in your ear. Pulling you inside her, ready for you to fill her up with your hot cum.” I was on the urge of coming already, marveling at the powerful urges I was feeling. I was clearly imagining Lizzie, riding my hard cock as it throbbed inside her. While another darker part of me wanted to grab Jackie, roll her on her back and thrust myself inside her. These twin visions swirled in my head as my hips lifted, a moan escaped my lips, and I began to orgasm. My stomach and thighs clenched as my mind melted as I felt jets of cum hit my neck and chest, and I heard Jackie gasp in pleasure.

After a few moments I opened my eyes and saw Jackie grinning at me, a glob of my cum sliding down her cheek. I was amused by this, but feeling guilt at the echo of the urge (still flickering in the back of my mind), to roll on top of Jackie and fuck her deeply. The urge seemed natural and understandable, but still troubling. Lizzie needed to get back to me, soon!

We lay together for a few minutes as we recovered from our exertions, each contemplating the ramifications of the last few minutes. Soon, Jackie resumed her almanbahis giriş regular bubbly personality and we began to clean ourselves up. There remained a hint of nervousness in her eyes, and her voice grew quiet when she asked “Let me know if you guys want to get together and talk after Lizzie gets back tonight, okay?” I nodded and smiled at her, feeling a little worried myself. But I was still counting the minutes until Lizzie was back in my arms.


Saturday was another long, loud blur of activity, punctuated by the still solemnity of the funeral service. The quiet seemed deafening in contrast to the volume of the morning’s preparations at the house, and gave my mind too much time to dwell on the time in bed with Ray. Surely I hadn’t ruined things with my brother… right? He told me he still loved me, but that was before I grabbed his cock. I still loved him. There was just a new… element of that love that we had expressed last night.

Such activities between siblings weren’t common, but they weren’t exactly rare either, were they? Not if movies about shipwrecked teens and shows about dragon‐wielding royalty and jokes about Alabama families were any indication. It seemed a lot like masturbation. Few people talked about it, fewer still admitted to doing it, but (as I’d recently discovered), a lot of people did it. Regularly. Ray and I weren’t freaks or monsters, were we? A bright church wasn’t an ideal place for such contemplation. Part of me wanted to stride over to Ray and kiss him in front of everyone, but mostly I wanted to crawl into a corner and bury my head in shame.

I stole a glance at my brother, staring ahead with no expression on his face, but a slight furrow on his brow. He was probably having all the same thoughts. I lowered my head and nearly sobbed. What does Ray think of me? And God, what will my loving boyfriend think. My heart lurched as I pictured his face and the memory of his touch flooded my mind. My stomach twisted with dueling feelings of longing and apprehension. What about Jackie? Should I… could I keep this from either of them? How would they react?

Large photos on easels surrounded the casket at the front of the church. One was a group photo of our whole extended family from a reunion earlier this summer. I looked at my face in the shot, a far more innocent girl from just a few months ago and I almost chuckled, imagining what that girl would think if I could go back and tell her about the next few months of her life. Lewd acts in the dorms with multiple people, followed up with getting naked with your brother and tasting his cum..

His delicious cum, the dark voice in the back of my mind reminded me. I groaned inwardly. Not you, I thought. You’re making this more difficult.

Am I? You’re the one in torment. All over feeling amazing things with people who love you.

This gave me pause. Maybe…

No maybe about it. Have you hurt anyone?

No. But…

Have you been happier than you’ve ever been?

I… yes, but‐

Are you helping bring joy… actual, physical, shuddering joy to people you care about?

I blushed as I recalled the slick heat of a throbbing cock in my hand, the explosions of pleasure ignited by fingers and tongues, the sounds of the people I loved crying out in ecstasy, and the… yes, delicious taste of cum on my tongue. I felt my pussy moisten as my nipples hardened inside my starched dress. I looked at my face in the photo again.

Pity that girl, the dark voice advised, revel in the joys you have discovered. Don’t hurt anyone, and… do everything else.

I stole another glance at my brother and found he was looking at me. The corner of his mouth twitched as he gave me a quick wink, and warmth bloomed in my belly again. I looked away as my eyes narrowed in determination. My innocence was falling away and there was no sense in miserably mourning it. … I looked around for a clock and wondered if I would have time to make my brother cum again before I caught my bus back to the dorms tomorrow.


I lay in my bed, sulking. Last night, my sister had lain next to me and gotten me to admit to the arousal she’d inspired in me over the years of snuggling together in front of the TV. Soon we were kissing and getting naked and bringing ourselves to orgasm while pressed against each other. Lizzie even grabbed my cock this morning and almost made me cum in my pants before our mother interrupted us. But then she’d left, and I hadn’t had a moment alone with her since.

After the funeral, the house was as loud and crazy as it had been all morning. Family members were bustling around, cooking dinner and packing and constantly shouting across the house to each other. Mom had put us both to work assisting her and all the visiting relatives, and I’d barely had the chance to rush to the bathroom to pee in between chores.

That had been difficult as well, not being able to pee with the erection I had, caused by the sight almanbahis yeni giriş of my sister who had changed into shorts and a tank-top upon returning home. Luckily I was well-experienced in resolving such issues, and quickly stroked myself off to a shuddering orgasm, shooting hot ropes of cum into the toilet bowl before finally chasing it with an afternoon’s worth of urine.

Lizzie and I exchanged some tender looks across the boisterous dinner table, but after dessert she retreated to her room and I was hesitant to intrude. I didn’t think she was mad at me, but maybe embarrassed or just needing time to herself. I watched some football on TV with some of our uncles for awhile and then said my goodnights and went to my room.

I lay in bed thinking (as I had all day) about Lizzie. I tried not to replay our adventures in bed in my mind for the millionth time, and tried instead to think about what things would be like between us going forward. Lizzie had inspired arousal in me for a long time, and I’d pleasured myself to the thought of her a few times, feeling guilty afterwards (but only mildly). But this appeared to be an entirely new situation for Lizzie.

She’d admitted to a lot of things last night in bed, but not to secretly lusting after me. Getting a boyfriend at college seemed to have awakened a few things in her. Snuggling with her boyfriend in the dorms had led to sexual activity with him, so I guess her experiences with him had then led to changing how she snuggled with me back here at home.

Responsibly, I was concerned for how our recent experiences would affect the relationship between Lizzie and I, as well as her relationship with her new boyfriend. Amorously, I yearned to sneak down to her room and get naked with her again. But our Mom and several relatives were still cackling in the kitchen, and would see me pass through the hallway. So I lay frustrated in my bed, thinking of Lizzie and staring at the bulge in the bedspread over my sister-inspired erection.

I was startled by a soft knock at the door, which then opened to reveal Lizzie’s smiling face.

“Good night, Ray!” she said a little loudly, probably for the benefit of our family within earshot. Fuck, I should’ve thought of that. Lizzie was always smarter than me. Then Lizzie ducked into my room and shut the door partway and sat on the edge of my bed. She was wearing a large fluffy bathrobe that covered more of her body than I would have liked, but the dark green color set off her sparkling eyes. I was happy to see that Lizzie seemed cheerful, not embarrassed or remorseful as I’d feared.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you all day,” Lizzie whispered quickly, “I really wanted to.”

“Me too,” I whispered back, “I had… you really…” I stammered, “I’m glad you came home,” I finished. Lizzie beamed at me, eyes gleaming a little seductively.

“I’m glad too,” Lizzie said. She glanced at the bulge in my bedspread and smiled a little wider. “Again, huh?”

Confused, I stared at her until she leaned closer and whispered “I could smell you in the bathroom. I think you missed one of your squirts.”

I felt myself blush and admitted “well, that’s what happens when I think about you all day, I guess.”

Lizzie’s eyes sparkled a little more fiercely as withdrew something from the pocket of her robe.

“This is what happens when I think about you all day,” she purred softly as she pressed a pair of bunched up light blue panties into my hand, heavy and wet in the center. Lizzie leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss before standing up and heading to the door.

“Sleep tight, doofus!” Lizzie said loudly.

“Good night, nerd!” I shouted back, hearing the laughter of our family in the kitchen as Lizzie closed my door. I had my shirt off and was stroking my cock before I heard Lizzie’s door click shut at the end of the hallway. I held her panties to my face with my other hand and inhaled her utterly intoxicating scent as I had my first orgasm of the evening, my hips thrusting as my balls emptied over my chest and belly. I came twice more that night before falling asleep, Lizzie’s panties carefully hidden away as my last bit of intimate contact with her.

Until Christmas break, anyway. I started counting the days.


Back on the bus, a large breakfast in my belly (and a night of little sleep) had me feeling drowsy even as a torrent of thoughts swirled in my head. Things appeared to be just fine with Ray, and I even had time to dart into his room and give him a kiss before breakfast. This time we had a long, tongue-swirling kiss that made my belly tingle, as opposed to the quick peck I left him with last night after giving him my wet panties.

Last night I’d lain in my bed and fingered myself slowly and luxuriantly (then fiercely and frantically) as I let the memories of Ray’s skin and scent and taste flow through my mind. I did this a few times, with the object of my desire just a few yards down the hall, probably doing the same thing. I’m glad I wasn’t a “squirter” as Jackie had once told me about, as my bedsheets would be sopping wet this morning. Anyway, Ray had beamed at me all through breakfast and as he waved me goodbye at the bus stop. So yeah, things seemed fine on that front.

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