Living With Libby Ch. 01

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Part one; Learning to Share

My teenage and early twenties had seen my overloaded sex hormones go wild. I was a randy sod who wanked as often as I could, fucked when I had the chance and was always game for anything. On holiday with some friends to Ibiza, I was the one who shagged most nights, I was the one who let a transvestite suck me off in front of my mates and, for a few Euros bet from my mates, I shagged the same transvestite up the arse the following night in a back alley behind the bar with them watching and goading me on. So there’s no need to tell me what it’s like to be horny all the time.

I met Libby at a University dance when I was 19 and she was 20. She was a stunning girl about medium height, fairish blonde hair to her shoulders, blue eyes that twinkled when she laughed and the most beautiful bum I had seen since the transvestite! She had a habit of sweeping her hair back off her face when she spoke her voice was an articulate, English Rose type with a Middle England accent. Libby looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. What was really great about her is that “butter DID melt in her mouth.”

My friend Richard said that he had heard she didn’t put herself about but the guys she HAD been with had been knackered in a week with her constant demand for sex.

“Are you sure we talking about the same girl Rick,” I asked him?

“Ask Steve over there,” he said.

I did and what Steve told me got my cock hard. She would fuck anywhere, she would take it anywhere and would do whatever was required to have sex as and when she wanted it. I was hooked.

Two more pints of lager and I was in her group talking. We were both had a great deal in common (apart from the possibility of our sex interests). She loved watching reality television, she loved food and also loved to party. While we chatted I discovered she was not attached (and hadn’t been since Steve four weeks prior). I asked if I could walk her home and she batted her pretty blue eyes and said, “how chivalrous!”

I walked her for about 2 miles to her flat and when we got there she said her flatmates would be in and kissed me very demurely on the cheek. I asked if I could see her again and she flicked back her hair and said we could. A date was fixed to have a pizza the following night and then go back to my place for a few beers. I was beginning to wonder if Steve was exaggerating.

Well Sunday came around and I collected her, as gentlemen do. We walked to the pizza place in town. The pizzas were great and I had a few beers, while she polished off a full bottle of white wine on her own. As we talked, she absent-mindedly ran her foot up and down my leg which I found very sexy. Afterwards we walked the one mile to my place. My one flatmate was out (at pain of death) and I took her in opened some more wine.

“Any porn,” she said?

“Sorry,” I gulped?

“You heard,” she said. “Porn really gets me going.”

I mumbled in the affirmative and wondered off to find a DVD from my flatmate Leo’s collection. I returned to find she had gone. Just as I was panicking I heard her voice from the bathroom telling me she was freshening up. I dived into the small toilet and did the same quickly so that I was sitting provocatively on the sofa when she came back.

“Put it on then,” she said.

I did. We sat alongside each other for about 15 minutes without a word being spoken and until the black guy started to push his big cock into the screaming slut. Her hand wandered across and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

“Not quite as big as his,” she said, “but it’ll have to do.”

She reached across and started to kiss me like an escaped wild animal. She was completely in control, ripping my shirt off, unclipping my jeans and pulling them down dragging my best briefs with them. I lay completely exposed with a 7 inch uncut cock arching into the air, in front of this fully clothed girl. She knelt in front of me and started to lick my cock. She took the entire length into her mouth until she gagged then licked back up again. She licked my balls and right down between my legs (thank goodness I had quickly freshened up). Suddenly she stood and started to strip. Firstly her top came off leaving her in her bra. Her 38″ breasts were firm and upright. Her jeans were peeled off next, and I was invited to unclip her bra. As I did, my finger found her panty front and I pulled it aside to slip it inside her. She was wet, very wet. Soon she was as naked as I was.

She swivelled me around on the couch with my head hanging backwards over the edge and my feet sticking up the back where my head should be, lowered herself onto my face. Her wide slit and ample clitoris presented itself to me and my tongue went into automatic slurping and licking mode while she cursed and swore, “lick my cunt, finger my arse, I want your big cock inside me and your cum on my face!”

I wasn’t used to such outspoken women but by God it turned me on. She dragged me around with my feet at the bottom and my head at the top of the couch and sixty-nined taking my cock once more into her mouth. I had to stop her or I was going to explode. “Ok cunt, fuck me,” she said!

I didn’t need a second telling and ripped open one of Leo’s handily placed condoms. The background sounds of the white girl gaziantep escortlar and the now, group of black men grunting from the television only helped to heighten my excitement and we lay on the floor. She placed a cushion under her back and opened her legs. My cock didn’t even need guided. I lay on her and was inside in one plunge. She took me without even a gasp and as I fucked her I gripped and sucked each tit in return, and placed my free hand between her legs to feel my cock slurping in and out. The copious juices were trickling on to my finger and I had the urge to use them to finger her hole. This was something I had never done with a girl (you don’t count transvestites in this). It slid in and she loved it, grinding up into my cock and down into my finger. Her orgasm when it came, was noisier than I can ever recall. She virtually screamed the house down while I plunged myself to my own orgasm. The sperm bubbled in my balls and came up the full length of my cock like an express train. It was almost painful as it erupted out of the narrow slit at the top and I spurted squirt after another. I figured I must have spurted about ten jets of cum into the condom. As I pulled out, she peeled the condom from me and held it up, looking at the sac of cum them lowered the closed end into her mouth, sucking on the warmth. She took it out and asked me to do the same. I wasn’t too keen (having just filled the thing and my cock was depleting rapidly) but went along with it. It was a strange sensation, rolling and sharing a bag of your own cum with someone. She suddenly took it from me and tipped it on to her breasts and rubbed it in as the bulk flowed down over her body. At the time it did little for me, but the memory gave me wank fodder for a few nights afterwards.

She dried herself on a towel (one of Leo’s I noted, which made me smirk). She looked at me and said, “You are a good looking sex pot Matt. I love your slim body, your muscular arms, your cute cock and most of all, your reddish blonde hair.” I blushed as she added, “and your freckles. You’re just like a little boy and I love little boys.”

I wasn’t freckled everywhere just arms and shoulders and was quite self conscious but it was unusual for a woman to be talking to me this way. Normally I had to do the complimenting. It dawned on me after she said it that Steve was quite a small thin guy for his age and looked about 16, even though he was the same age as me. She obviously liked to be in charge. Though I was normally a dominant person and used to chasing girls rather than being chased, I decided at that moment to take a passive role and see where it led.

I won’t do a blow my blow account of the next 6 months but we became an item. My God could she shag. Within the six months I had shagged her in a field, up and alley, up her arse, she had dildoed me (a brand new experience) and she took great delight in shagging in her bedroom when others were her flat. This, I figured, was some desire to have group sex or be watched but wasn’t sure. The thought lay dormant in my mind anyway.

One evening after a few drinks, when we were mellow and we had had what she would call, “easy sex,” in that I had fingered and licked her to orgasm and she had given me a blow job, I asked her if she had every thought of expanding her sexual prowess to include other girls or guys. She almost snapped my head off, “I don’t like competition,” she said, “I want what’s going, all for myself.”

I dropped the subject but that little seed of her performing in front of strangers, or even better, our friends, or even better still, having sex with them all, nagged away and I managed to cum twice more that night in the privacy of my own flat. I started to have weird daydreams of the transvestite fucking her while I fucked him or her sucking him off while I fucked her up the arse. What started as a little fantasy began to gnaw away in my mind and when I was on the net chatting in the sex chat rooms would share the fantasy with many guys who felt the same. Older guys, particularly, offered to come and break her in for me but I knew it was a waste of time.

From time to time I brought it up but she just kept asking if she wasn’t enough for me. That was the point, she was enough for me but I wanted others to enjoy her voracious appetite too. I wanted to see just how much of a slut she could be if she really got going. Well it was a tiny little incident that started her seeing my way.

We went to Glastonbury. It was a wild weekend which made me feel a little old. I like my home comforts and sleeping in a damp field in a damp tent just to see some nondescript pop groups, some aged rockers and a sprinkling of interesting artists over half a mile away on stage, didn’t really appeal but for Libby’s sake I threw myself enthusiastically into it. The incident in question happened while Steve Harley was rocking away on stage. The light was dim and Libby suddenly snuggled up to me. She took my hand and squeezed it. I looked at her and she had a funny look on her face. When I questioned it, she took my hand and slowly directed it behind her. As I got to her buttock, I was shocked to feel a hard cock pressing against her behind. I glanced at the young lad who was standing behind her and he was seemingly totally engrossed in the music, with an exposed, stiff six inch dick pressing and rubbing into Libby’s clothed backside. Libby opened my fingers and gripped them around his cock and the young guy started to hump me (I presume he thought that Libby was the one holding him). He shot a wad of cum over Libby’s tight shorts and my hands. I quickly brought my hand away and carefully showed it to Libby with the thick cum dribbling over my fingers. She took my hand and licked the cum off in front of me. When I turned around, the lad had drifted away. Libby just smiled and carried on watching the concert with a damp patch on her shorts and a trickle of boy cum on the corner of her mouth. I was as stiff as I could ever have been!

When we managed to get back to our tent that night she talked as I fucked her. “Did you like his little hard dicky in your hand, Rick,” she asked? “Did you smell his cum all over you and want to lick it? Would you like to see the little boy stick his little cock in me and fill me, Rick?”

I was pounding her as she spoke and grunting a “yes” at the right moment. I was heading for a massive orgasm but she actually beat me to it and clamped her thighs around my cock in a way she had never done before, and slowed the pace to milk me to orgasm as she came herself, as noisily as ever. I had never cum like this before.

When I came I desperately needed to piss so pulled on some shorts and pulled back the tent flap to applause from the group in the next tent. Only then did I realise that the light inside the tent had given everyone around us a silhouetted show of our sex. When I slid sheepishly back in and told Libby all she said was, “At least we were good and I’ll bet they were jealous they couldn’t join us.”

Libby was changing!

The subject of the young lad’s hard cock fuelled our sex for a further week with various mental excursions into what else we could have done with him and it took another pop group on another evening for the next phase to happen. I can’t even remember the name of the band but they were only locally famous. The club was small and it was a standing event while we watched the band on stage. The average age was probably around 18-20 so we felt quite old, but Libby knew someone who was the brother of the drummer or something like that. They were actually quite good, however and I was getting into it. Libby held my hand tightly during the packed performance and about half way through their act, she guided my hand down to her short skirt and pushed it gently upwards. I was horrified to find she had no panties on. When I looked she smiled and said, “I’m prepared if it happens again!”

As she rocked to the music, I could see her pushing backwards into a young lad who was crammed behind us. He was with a couple of mates and his interest in the group was definitely dwindling as Libby continued to softly rock her buttocks against his crotch. I stood slightly away and forward not wishing to put him off and from my position I could watch the action out of the side of my eye. His hand wandered down and ever so gently pressed against her right thigh. She pushed back so that he was forced to steady himself by also pushing his left hand on her other thigh. The guy had a clear and obvious erection but one of his mates noticed he was holding her and winked at him. He smiled back and was egged on to actually grip her thighs and start to push his stiff bulge into her back. I saw his hand slip down to her skirt line. She slid her hand back and gripped his bulge. His friend saw, then looked at me. I smiled and winked across to him so he relaxed. When I looked back, the young guy with Libby, had slid his hand up her skirt and I presume from the look on his face, had found her wet, exposed cunt. He gripped his mate’s left hand and pushed it up too. The mate reached his goal more quickly and looked equally surprised. They both took up position either side of her and I moved aside to ease them in. One had his left hand up her skirt and under her legs from the rear and the other had his right hand up the front. Both were obviously fingering her. My cock was painfully hard. I don’t think the guys realised we were together because the one who started it looked and saw me watching, he then stood back and took my hand across so that I could cop a feel too. Libby twigged what was happening, and turned to all three of us.

“You guys fancy some fun at my place afterwards,” she said, treating me like a stranger. My cock was aching. The two 18 year olds looked like hungry wolves. The first one said, “Who with?”

Libby responded with, “You two horny hunks and this guy too if he’s man enough.”

“All together,” the young guy said incredulously?

“Can you manage,” Libby mocked.

He looked at his pal and then at me and said, “I’m game if they are.”

We all nodded.

Within 5 minutes of the show’s end we were hailing a cab. Libby took complete control and treated us all equally. She turned to the first guy she had rubbed up and asked his name. “Bobby,” was the reply.

Bobby was a thin creature with short cropped dark hair. He looked to be about 5 feet 9 inches tall and was wearing hipster jeans with his Calvin Klein blue band visible above the waist. He showed little in the way of bulge but his short white v-neck t-shirt allowed me to see a small tattoo on his forearm with “Mel” spelt there. I figured “Mel” had long gone but I felt sure the regret of immortalising her on his forearm would last a little longer.

Libby was asking the second guy his name and he responded with “Sean.” Now he was a little more mature looking. He was less boyish than his pal with some muscle, dark hair again but freckles on his face and arms and I presumed his shoulders. Obviously his dark hair was dark red though not immediately noticeable. He looked as though he did a bit of working out and had strong thighs. Though he was wearing light cotton chino-type trousers, their loose fit still showed some promise down his left leg.

She continued the charade, asking me about myself. I was obviously the more mature at three years older than the others and a lot classier looking too. I was surprised to find both checking out my bulge and then looking away nervously when they saw me smile back. My erection was painful and very obvious and my heart was thumping so loudly I felt sure they could hear it in the back of the cab. I suddenly realised that I was going to see two young studs naked and erect. I was also going to see them fuck my girlfriend and possibly cum on or in her and my impatience was becoming unbearable.

At the flat, Libby took to the ensuite shower room and “told” the boys to shower then help themselves to a beer from the fridge. We were all showered and waiting by the time she floated through in a flimsy transparent gown which showed the shadow of her pubic hair through the fabric. I realised there was evidence of a male presence everywhere but she was quicker than me. “My boyfriend’s away for the week and I’m really horny without him,” she lied.

She looked at me and said, “You can strip down to your pants first and we’ll watch.” The guys looked pleased that neither of them had to start. I was really excited about stripping in front of them.

Within thirty seconds I was standing in my white Calvin Kleins with their bright red band and an obscene cock sticking straight out threatening the fabric strength. Libby knelt in front of me and released my cock. She swallowed, first the head and then most of the length and she sucked up and down, cupping my balls as she went. The guys were rubbing their fronts.

“Now you guys,” she said.

Both were struggling out of pants almost immediately. She pulled my shorts down and off and as I looked the two lads stood there. Sean had plain blue cotton boxers and Bobby revealed his blue version of my hipster boxers. Both showed promise. She beckoned them over to stand, one either side of me. Libby firstly pulled down Sean’s shorts. This well built young guy was quite hairy with a dirty blonde mass coming from his balls all the way up to his chest. His cock sprung out and looked to be a thick, uncut 6 incher. So far I was the better endowed. Libby then revealed Bobby. Even his pal Sean looked twice. This skinny little kid who looked to be two years underage rather than 18, was sporting a good 8 inch uncut cock. Better still, it was thick and curved slightly to the left. At this point as Libby continued to suck me and these two horny teenagers stood dripping pre-cum, I realised at that moment, these male organs were actually about to penetrate my girlfriend. Their teen cocks were going to stick straight into her and I was going to actually witness it! My heart was pumping with excitement and I wanted the anticipation to last. The fact that they had no idea she was my girlfriend made it all the more exciting.

I slid to one side to allow her to take both cocks, one on each hand, and I stood behind her, my steel hard cock pressing into her bum cheeks. She bent and gently sucked Sean’s hairy cock, then moved over to stretch her mouth over Bobby’s large cock. She exhaled a little “wow” as she did so. The guys were now really hot and Libby was pushed over to the bed. Bobby looked so young and skinny on top of her. I thought my cock was going to cum just watching. He lay flat on top and started to kiss her tits. The nipples were hard and she was groaning. Sean managed to squeeze between hers and Bobby’s legs to gain access to her wet cunt and he started to lick her. I leaned forward for a better look and watched as his young tongue darted around her clitoris. Her legs were splayed wide open and her cunt looked like a gaping gash between her legs. Sean’s tongue was driven almost as far as it would go. Bobby had swung around and was now at her head facing down her body. His heavy cock rested all the way down her face and she pushed her lips upwards to lick the head. I was happy just to watch but realised I had to participate. These guys looked as though threesomes were their norm as they moved around keeping to opposite ends of Libby. She slurped at Bobby’s big cock, having to hold it down with her hands as she did so. I moved to the side and bent to kiss her and as I approached, she parted her lips to kiss but pulled Bobby’s cock to my mouth as I reached her. I jumped back slightly at my contact with a leaking male member, but she just started slurping again until I came down and took the head in my mouth. The two of us took a side of his cock each and licked and sucked in turn. Bobby looked down and his eyes widened when he saw a guy’s lips wrapped around his cock head. I think he was going to say something but Libby pre-empted and quickly sucked it back into her mouth.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32