Living with an Exhibitionist Ch. 10

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I was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs by the time Tuesday night came. Terry was amused by my second-guessing and what-iffing, which was amplified when I saw that the two of them had Facebook-friended each other the day after the party and-I assumed-were talking about what as going to happen without including me.

Terry came into my room after work and stood in his usual undress-me position.

“Wait, you’re gonna be naked when he gets here??”

“Sure. He told me he was always bare-ass in his apartment before his girl moved in and was jealous that I still do it.”

“You told him you’re naked in front of me? You said you’d be naked when he’s here?”

“I didn’t spell it out like that, but he probably put that together. I didn’t say I get naked and hide in my room. He knows I lift like that, and he saw from the pictures where the weights are.”

I tried to get my head around that. “I still feel like you should wait til he’s here and make sure he’s comfortable with it.”

“Dude, the only reason nudity is a big deal is because people make it that way. I’m not gonna ask his permission to be naked in my own place, because that makes it seem like it’s a weird or shameful thing. I’ll tell you what: if he acts uncomfortable or says something about it, I’ll suit up, but I talked to him for a long time. It didn’t seem like it would phase him. I think half the reason he’s coming is because he’s jealous of the freedom I have and he doesn’t.”

I wasn’t convinced, but it didn’t matter, because he wasn’t going to change his mind. And of course, he was right. He answered the door naked like it was the most normal thing in the world, and Will laughed and teased him about it but moved right on to admiring the gym setup that took up most of the living area. He laughed again in amazement when Terry accepted the dinner delivery without covering up and said, “Gotta hand it to ya, dude, you’ve got balls!”

We had dinner that way, the conversation comfortable and relaxed, and the subject didn’t come up again until Terry suggested we lift weights, since Will had been eyeing the equipment all night.

“I didn’t bring any shit…” The big dude said disappointedly. I could tell he was genuinely itching to get under the weight.

“That doesn’t matter, you can lift bareass just like me,” Terry Beylikdüzü escort offered.

“Say what now?” Will grinned.

“You said yourself, you used to do it and missed the freedom. Our casa, su casa. if you miss it so much, come do it over here.”

Will looked from Terry to me and back. “Does he strip down, too?”

“Nope, the studs are for his enjoyment, house rules!” Terry decreed, confirming what Will may have suspected about me, but in a way that suggested it better not be a problem.

The bigger dude thought about all that for a minute.

“Fuck it,” He stood up and started tugging his gear off. Terry looked at me triumphantly, but I was ready for him. It was 8:17 and Will had arrived at five after 7, technically well over an hour ago. I pointed at my watch and shook my head. He grinned and gave me the finger. We both knew I was going to suck his cock at some point, even if it wasn’t tonight.

I had seen Will naked plenty of times, but not in a few years. He still looked good, but was definitely softer than I remembered since he wasn’t training regularly. I knew this was going to be a he-man contest between the two of them and any pretense of me taking a turn quickly got forgotten because they were using more weight than I could handle. I did my own thing with dumbbells and enjoyed the show.

Will caught me checking him out a few times if I wasn’t quick enough at averting my gaze. Things were a little different between us now. Terry had pretty much said this show was for my benefit, and that didn’t change his mind. Eventually I stopped trying to hide my admiration.

They were both “swole” as Terry called it and getting sweaty. I got towels and kept their water cups full in between my own sets, and daringly gave my roommate a cursory wipedown while Will took a set. “Legs too” Terry told me, nudging me downwards. I complied, trying to ignore his cock which was hanging long and thick. I did his butt, too, sneaking a little goose through the towel since he was teasing me in front of his friend.

“My turn,” Will told me as he finished up, and I did the same for him. I had obviously never been eye-to-eye with his meat before. He caught me looking at it and raised his eyebrows a little. I wasn’t taking this to the next level myself. Unlike Terry, he was a married guy Beylikdüzü escort with a kid. I didn’t feel any particular allegiance to Terry’s distant girlfriend whom I never met. Will was different. If something was going to happen between us, he was going to have to start it.

The moment passed and I stood up, busying myself with another set of curls. I could feel my cock swollen against the jock I had the forethought to wear, knowing my self-control was going to be tested tonight.

Will and Terry were discussing squats and who could go deeper. Of course it led to a contest. Typical guys, of course, they wanted to one-up each other. We had a tailor’s tape that I used to record Terry’s muscle growth, but it was hard to stay in position at the bottom of the rep long enough to measure.

“Get down so you’re at eye level,” Terry told me, gesturing at the bench. I started to lie on my stomach and he corrected me. “No, on your back, then look back.”

This put my upside-down face near where they would stand in the rack, their back to me. “Now you can see if we pass your eye level,” he explained. I glanced at Will, his expression was unreadable.

He got back under the weight, shuffled back a bit, and started another set, which of course put his spread ass in direct proximity to my face. Will sat on his haunches, watching this. There could be no doubt in his mind what my role in Terry’s exhibitionism was at this point. The question was what he thought about it.

I would know soon enough, because he took his turn and got even closer to me than Terry did, maybe because of his longer legs. At the bottom of each rep, I got a worm’s-eye view of his slightly furry crack and puckered asshole.

Terry watched this intently, his cock swelling a little, but didn’t say anything. He took his turn again and got closer still, his familiar smooth crack and tight button hole maybe an inch from my face .

“You aren’t careful, the judge is going to get a faceful of your ass,” Will told him, his own dick also a little bigger than it was before.

“Hazards of the job,” Terry grinned. Having been teased enough, I impulsively extended my tongue and gave him a quick lick on the next rep.

“Damn,” Will said. “I saw that.”

“I felt it!” Terry huffed, coming down on my tongue a few more times before Escort Beylikdüzü racking the weight. He turned to face me, his cock now standing away from his body.

“You like licking his ass?” Will asked me pointedly.

“I like making him feel good,” I sat up, my face as red from embarrassment as hanging upside-down like that.

“What else do you do for him?” my friend wanted to know. I couldn’t tell if he was disgusted, curious, or both. His dick was neither hard nor soft, like he wasn’t sure himself how he felt about all this.

“A little of everything, I guess. I give him rubdowns with oil after he showers and stuff.”

“Do you make him cum?” he watched me intently.

“I have,” I admitted. “I jerked him off a few times.”

“Never sucked him?”

“No… not yet.” Terry smirked at that, his cock all the way up now.

“But you’re going to?”

I was dying. “Probably,” I said quietly.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know. This all just started happening. “

“He’s the first guy you were into like this?”

“Well… no… but he’s always parading around naked.”

“You used to see me naked a lot, did you like it?”

Oh, Jesus. I felt like I was on the witness stand. There was no turning back now. I just nodded.

“How come you never acted on it?”

“Because you always had girlfriends, and … nobody knew about me.”

He chuckled. “You really believe that?”

I shrugged miserably. I probably didn’t want to know.

“Well I feel like you two lured me here for some reason. I’m not sure what you wanted to happen, but you definitely got me thinking. I’m kinda flattered that you were sweating me that way for so long, but a little disappointed because we could have been having fun all that time. Every time a girl left me high and dry, you could have helped me out and we both would have been happy instead of beating off alone. And now you got yourself your own stud, so you don’t need me anymore.”

“And you have a wife,” I told him sharply, then “But I still need you… and I still think you’re hot.”

“Well, here’s what I’m thinking. You’re right, I have a wife, and a kid. And right now my wife is more worried about the kid’s happiness than mine. You have a … I dunno; do you call each other boyfriends?”

“No, we’re buddies,” Terry put in hurriedly. “I got a girl, too.”

“Whatever, you act like boyfriends,” Will told him. “But anyway, you were mine first, so in my head the first cock you should suck is mine.”

I looked at Terry. Had he just been out-alpha’d.

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