Living with an Exhibitionist Ch. 08

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I thought my roommate Terry’s curiosity about my friend Will had been fleeting, but a few days later, he brought it up again, probably not coincidentally while we were working out.

“So your friend Will’s a pretty serious lifter, huh?”

“He was. I don’t think his wife lets him have the time or the room to do much with it now.”

“Wow, he must miss it. I’d go crazy if I couldn’t train. What do you do with all that energy? I’d probably get in fights or some shit.”

“Yeah, I got the feeling he was kind of frustrated. We hardly see him anymore, so he was pissed when he got out and I wasn’t there.”

“Tell him your man keeps you busy at home, too!” He teased me, wiggling his dick in my direction. Yes, of course he was naked.

I blushed at that. I wasn’t sure how to describe what was happening between Terry and me, but as the physical stuff between us had escalated, he sounded almost possessive sometimes when he talked about our friendship.

“You ever see him naked?” he asked a few minutes later.

“Not in a long time, but now that you mention it, it’s funny. When we were younger he was kinda the Naked Guy of our group, kind of like somebody else I know,” I gave him a playful shove. “He would always find Beylerbeyi Escort an excuse to strip down, and didn’t really care who saw.”

“I’m sure you hated every minute of it, too,” he grinned wickedly. “Man after my own heart, though, you’re right about that part. He must be suffering, with that chick. Doesn’t sound like she lets him get away with much. Just like mine.”

“Probably not… but he doesn’t have a bachelor pad to escape to.”

“Poor guy.”

Later when we were eating, out of the blue he said, “So why don’t you tell that dude to come over sometime and see your new place?”

I swallowed. I hadn’t invited anybody over since I moved in, in part because I wasn’t sure how Terry would be dressed when I got there, but also because I enjoyed our alone time, especially since he had given me increasing free rein to play with his body. Could I trust him to behave in front of Will?

“I could do that, but I bet he says no or cancels. His girl keeps him on a short leash, so he always has an excuse.”

“I bet I can get him to say yes.” He had a sly look.

“You?? How?”

He pointed at my phone, while reaching for his. “We’re not Facebook friends yet. Add me as a Beylerbeyi Escort Bayan friend.” I did so kind of hesitantly, wondering what he was up to.

Handing me his phone and gesturing me back into the living room, he threw on the skimpy shorts I had pulled off him earlier and slid in place on the bench under it, knocking out a few reps, then adding more weight. I knew-because it was my job to log such things- that it was close to his max for incline presses. He added more plates, putting him over the top, and instructed me to set up his phone on the little tripod, with the bench in view, and turn on the video.

“Okay, hit the button, then get over here and spot me.”

I did as I was told, and kept my hands ready as he huffed out three reps at his new max.

Breathing hard, he nodded in satisfaction at the video.

“So what’s that for?”

“Gonna post it and tag you. Your buddy will see it and take the bait, guaranteed.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I know how his mind works. I am around guys like him all the time. Hell, I’M a guy like him. I also bet he’s a little bit jealous of me already, and will be more so when he sees this.”

“Jealous?! Why? He Escort Beylerbeyi doesn’t even know you!”

“No, but he knows you, and he knows somebody has got your attention, maybe attention you used to give him.”

That gave me a start. Did Will know I had kind of a thing for him? And was it that obvious that Terry picked up on it without even seeing us together?

“He’s straight, Terry, I don’t think he pays that much attention to what I’m doing.”

“Bullshit” he fake-coughed. “We know who our fans are. He might not be as open about it as I am, but the admiration still feels good. And you’re not as subtle as you think!” He teased me.

I cringed inside. Had Terry figured me out before we even talked about it? Trying to get the subject off me, I asked, “So you think he’s gonna see that and do what?”

“He’ll find a way to casually ask you about me, maybe say something about missing workouts… then you drop the invite… ‘you should come lift with us sometime’ or whatever. He’ll be all over it. And I bet I can get him bareass in this room within an hour of coming in the door.”

“You’re crazy. He won’t strip down if there’s no girls here.”

“You want to bet, or not?” He had a cocky expression and was play-punching at me.

As much as I doubted Will would fall for whatever Terry was plotting, the possibility of seeing them both naked was pretty appealing. “What are we betting?”

“If you win and he doesn’t do it, I’ll cover the whole rent for next month.”

“And if you win?”

“If I win, you suck my cock.”

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