Little Lost Puppy Pt. 02

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The doorbell rang.

Alex didn’t know who it was, but he was worried whoever it was would be less than perfectly understanding about the situation he now found himself in.

“Go hide in the bedroom,” whispered Alex.

The puppygirl barked loudly and bounded off in that direction. Alex waited until she was gone and went to answer the door.

It was just a courier. Alex tried not to sigh with relief.

“Hi,” said the courier. “I have a package here for,” she checked the address label just to be sure, “a ‘Master’. Would that be you?”

“It’s for this address?” asked Alex.

“Yessir,” replied the courier.

“That must be me then,” said Alex.

“If you could just sign here, Mr. Master,” said the courier, and Alex signed for the package.

He closed the door behind him and started looking the package over. Sure enough it was addressed to ‘Master’.

*She couldn’t possibly have had this sent here,* thought Alex. *It couldn’t possibly have been her.*

The puppygirl came running back out of the bedroom barking. She parked herself at Alex’s feet, sat up in a begging position, and began to pant.

Alex looked at her suspiciously for a moment then tore open the package.

Inside was a pile of shiny white material. Latex? Alex pulled it from the box and it rolled out into a feminine-cut bodysuit. It definitely looked like it would fit the puppygirl.

Meanwhile the puppygirl was bouncing in the begging position, barking excitedly.

Alex stared at the suit.

*When? How?*

The puppygirl rolled over onto her back and lifted her legs expectantly.

“You want me to put the suit on you don’t you?”


“Did you have this sent here?”

She just cocked her head to the side in puzzlement, like she did every time he asked her a real question.

Alright, so this gorgeous babe wanted Alex to help manhandle her naked body into a latex catsuit. He had no particular objection to any of this.

Alex had never done anything like this but he figured you started with the feet. The only opening was at the neck so he rolled the suit up as best he could and started working both of the puppygirl’s legs into the legs of the catsuit.

As he slid it up her legs and over her waist he noticed two things. First and most obvious was that a waggy dog-like tail was attached to the butt, right where the tailbone ended. The second was that there was a zipper that went from her crotch to her anus, which if unzipped would allow for her sanitary needs to be taken care of.

Not to mention any other needs they might help facilitate being taken care of.

Alex Starzbet continued to roll the suit up her body. He pulled her arms inside the suit’s arms. At the ends were little integrated thumbless mittens that would render the puppygirl’s hands no more useful than a dog’s paw.

Once her arms were inside the rest of the suit basically snapped into place, clinging to her every curve and so tight against her flat tummy that her belly button was visible.

That just left the hood. The puppygirl rolled over and ‘sat up’ into a dog’s sitting position. Alex knelt down to her level so he could position the hood.

As soon as he was in reach the puppygirl licked him once on the nose.

Alex pulled the hood over her face. It had holes for her eyes, nostrils and mouth. Two floppy ears extended from the sides inside which her hair was hidden. The tip of the nose was colored black.

The puppygirl nuzzled the package and there was a clinking noise from within. Alex peered in and saw that he had overlooked a thick black leather dog’s collar with a set of tags on it.

“Bubbles” read the first tag.

“Bubbles? Is that your name?” asked Alex.

Bubbles barked happily.

“Good to know,” said Alex. He looked at the other tag.

“If found please return to,” followed by his address.

Alex once again regarded the puppygirl suspiciously. She stretched her neck as best she could, indicating she wanted him to attach the collar.

“You’re lucky you’re so cute,” said Alex, as he wrapped the collar around her neck and fastened it.

She wiggled her butt and that got the attached tail wagging violently.

Alex stood up and looked her over. She was dressed from head to toe in shiny white latex that hugged every contour of her body like a second skin. Her head was covered with a weird dog-mask like hood that somehow did nothing to diminish the cuteness of her face. and her hands were balled up in front of her, useless. An extremely waggy tail extended up from her butt.

With the collar in place the whole thing looked seamless.

None of this was the kind of thing Alex would have said he was into but there was something undeniably erotic about this weird girl in her weird dog suit. They had just made love less than a half hour ago and already he was itching for another round.

As though she could read his mind Bubbles started to nuzzle his crotch through his pants. Alex already had a chubby and this contact caused him to become fully aroused.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Alex pulled down his pants and took out his erection. Bubbles barked happily and took Starzbet Giriş the entire thing in her mouth in one smooth motion.

She made a brief retching noise, then pulled the shaft halfway out and began working it back and forth with unexpected speed. Her mouth was so smooth and wet, and she kept her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as she worked it in and out.

The pleasure was so intense and sudden. Alex wanted to hold out longer but he couldn’t help himself. He quickly came into her mouth.

Bubbles held her mouth open, Alex’s cum still visible on her tongue, and sat backwards into a begging position. She looked up at him expectantly.

“Swallow,” Alex guessed, slipping his dick back in his pants.

Bubbles did so and then barked happily.

Alex decided he could get used to this. He was really falling for this girl. “Bubbles”. He wished he knew more about her. He didn’t even know her real name. If she left right now she’d be walking right out of his life possibly forever.

Well there was no point in worrying overmuch about that now. Presumably when she’d had her fill of her fantasy she’d finally have a conversation with him like a person. And if she decided not to there was nothing he could do about it. It wasn’t up to him.

For the moment he would just enjoy the situation that had fallen into his lap. He would probably never have an experience like this again. He wouldn’t ruin it by overthinking.

Alex sat down on the couch and patted the cushion beside him the way he would to invite a dog up. Bubbles understood the gesture and jumped onto the couch beside him. She immediately laid down with her head in his lap.

Alex put on a movie that neither paid much attention to. He petted Bubbles’ latex coated head and back, and she rubbed her cheek into his lap.

After the movie Alex made them both macaroni and cheese for lunch, which Bubbles ate on the floor. To minimize mess Alex put hers in a bowl rather than on a plate. She wiggled her butt so her tail would wag while she ate.

After lunch Bubbles pawed at the door leading to the backyard.

“You shouldn’t go outside, someone might- ooooooh,” said Alex.

He unzipped the zipper over her crotch and let her outside to do her business. She returned soon after and he cleaned her up and zipped her back up.

“I have to give it to you: no one can challenge your commitment to a role.”

Bubbles looked up at him and smiled like she had no idea what he was saying.

Alex found an old hacky sack of his, and he and Bubbles used it to play fetch. Alex figured she’d enjoy it but he had Starzbet Güncel Giriş no idea how much. Every time he threw the hacky sack she charged after it with undimmed enthusiasm. She was just as happy with the game after the 100th throw as she was for the first.

Alex realized he’d be here all day if he let Bubbles decide when the game was over, so he put the hacky sack away after a few hours. He came back in the living room and sat down on the couch. Bubbles jumped up to sit with him.

“Hey you,” he said to the puppygirl.

“Bark,” she replied.

Bubbles climbed on top of Alex, eliciting an “oof” from him. She positioned her ass over his crotch and started grinding it into his dick. Once she felt it harden under her she immediately shot her ass in the air, presenting it to her Master.

Unfortunately the position she was in meant this presentation caused her ass to smoosh into his face.

“Message received,” said Alex, through laughter.

Bubbles barked happily. She pressed her ass back against his face and grinded it a little.

Alex stood back up and lifted Bubbles up with both hands, she wasn’t too heavy for him to carry around even in this awkward posture, and placed her on the ground. He undid her zipper.

Bubbles began to wiggle her ass enticingly. This caused her tail to wag. She panted and looked behind her back at him expectantly.

Alex pulled down his pants, positioned himself behind her, and guided his cock into her wet and waiting pussy. As soon as she felt him inside her Bubbles started fucking herself on his cock, not waiting for any movement from Alex.

Alex reached over and grabbed Bubbles’ breasts, one in each hand, and began to fondle them gently as they fucked. As he did so Bubbles let out a little involuntary squeak of happiness from the back of her throat.

Before too long Bubbles started grinding herself on his cock faster and faster. She was obviously getting close. Alex picked up the pace to try and help her get there, matching her movements with his own. The two found between themselves an unspoken rhythm as they communicated with one another entirely through the movement of their bodies.

Bubbles whimpered, breathing heavily. Alex could feel himself getting close.

Bubbles barked and Alex moaned as the two came simultaneously.

For dinner Alex made chicken, rice, and green beans. Bubbles took all hers together in a big pile in a bowl. When she was finished her face was covered in small grains of rice which Alex cleaned off with a tea towel.

After dinner they snuggled on the couch and watched television until they both started to get tired. Alex got up and headed for bed with Bubbles close behind him.

She slept snuggled up to him on the bed, but over the covers rather than under them.

Alex was awakened the next morning by Bubbles standing over him on all fours, enthusiastically licking his face.

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