Little ‘Bridgefords’ Ch. 01

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Some time ago, I published three collections of stories set in an English village called Bridgeford. Rather than republish the collections, I thought I’d choose the scenes I really liked. I hope you agree.

It was as much a tradition in Bridgeford as everywhere else in the world that a groom should not see his bride on the day of their wedding until she walked down the aisle. So, as the best man, Matthew was asked to make sure Stephanie the bride had everything she needed. He was only too happy to help out. Not just because she would be the future wife of his best friend, but because Stephanie was his sister and they had been fucking each other since they were teenagers.

As Stephanie grew up, her boyfriends would come and go. Some serious, some not so much, but she never let any them get in the way of what she and Matthew had. It was deeper than sex. The connection transcended any romantic attachment she had ever had, or any relationship of Matthew’s.

On Saturday morning Stephanie walked down the stairs of the family home, her long blonde hair artfully arranged in a chignon, her beautiful face perfectly made up, her bridal gown showing off her full, heavy breasts and voluptuous figure. Her parents and brother were sitting in the living room, her father and Matthew in morning suits and her mother in a red velvet sheath dress, watching as she came down.

“How do I look?” she asked nervously.

Her father spoke up first. “Stunning. Simply stunning,” he said, an emotional catch in his voice.

Stephanie smiled then looked at her brother. “Well?” her voice trembled. “Do you think I look beautiful?”

Matthew said nothing. He walked over to his sister and stood directly in front of her then took her face in his hands and leaned in, kissing her deeply. She responded, kissing him back and sliding her arms loosely around his waist.

“They’re at it again,” their mother said with a laugh, elbowing her husband in his side. They watched their son and daughter until their father interrupted them, saying they were going to be late if they didn’t stop.

A few minutes later the family were in the car, heading for the church. Matthew sat in the back with his sister, her head resting on his shoulder. “Nervous?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“Yes,” Stephanie said in a small voice. “But I do love him. And I know I want this.”

Matthew smiled. “Good. Because he’s a great guy and he’s going to be a good husband to you. Otherwise I’ll break his legs.” Stephanie giggled and slapped her brother’s chest.

“He’s only half the lover you are though,” she said. “He’s great, but I’m never going to give this up.” She settled her hand over the length of her brother’s cock lying along his thigh. The touch made the organ thicken and lengthen immediately.

“And I’m not giving these up,” Matthew said, pushing the top of her wedding dress down, exposing her heavy breasts. He cupped them in his hands, stroking his sister’s nipples with his thumbs, making her moan while she caressed his cock through his suit pants.

“We only have about ten minutes until we reach the church,” their father said from the driver’s seat, looking back in the mirror. “So if you two are going to do anything you best do it now.”

Matthew smiled at his sister and gave her a wink. She smiled back, then quickly unzipped him and pulled out his heavy prick, the tip already oozing oily precum.

Her brother moved Stephanie’s veil out of the way as she lowered her head into his lap. He felt her lips kiss the head of his quivering cock then slowly open, taking him into her mouth. She curled her fingers round the base of his shaft, stroking up and down as her head began to bob.

“That feels so fucking good,” Matthew moaned. Stephanie moaned back, twirling her tongue around her brother’s glans before sinking it deep into her throat.

Matthew looked up at the front seat. His father was still driving, glancing back at him and his sister in the mirror. His mother had turned around in her seat, openly watching them both. She had a smile on her face as she watched her daughter blowing her son, an expression of happiness and pride. She had always understood the love between the two of them because she had enjoyed family loving herself before she married and still slept with her father whenever he visited. Her husband accepted that and loved to watch the siblings suck and fuck each other as much as his wife did who was sitting now with her dress pulled up to her waist, her fingers paddling in her bare cunt, taking pleasure in her children’s love for one another.

Matthew kept his hand on his sister’s back as she sucked his cock. Her drool ran down his shaft and her hands stroked his full balls while she sucked hard on the head. No-one sucked his big cock better than his sister, undoubtedly because he taught her how to do it.

It seemed like only moments passed before their father spoke again. “Only another mile to the church. Wrap it up, you two.”

“Fuck. I’m going to come,” Didim Escort Matthew said, trying to lift his sister’s mouth off his prick but Stephanie kept sucking until she lifted her mouth from the cock filling her mouth, looked at her brother and said, “Come down my throat. I want every drop.”

“Sis -” Matthew said, almost trying to convince her otherwise but obviously loving the idea.

“I want my first kiss as a married woman to be with the taste of my brother’s cum still in my mouth,” Stephanie said and she let out a little mewl of pleasure as she wrapped her lips back round her brother’s erect prick.

“Oh fuck!” Matthew groaned as hot sperm shot up the length of his cock and spurted down his sister’s throat. She kept her lips wrapped tightly round the head, using one hand to stroke up and down her brother’s shaft, the other cupping and massaging his balls. She coaxed out more thick creamy cum than even Matthew thought he had and, as she said she would, Stephanie swallowed every spurt that flooded her mouth. Matthew finally stopped climaxing within sight of the assembled guests waiting for the bride to arrive.

Brother and sister quickly put themselves back together, ensuring they looked presentable. Matthew’s cock was slow to soften but he managed to grapple the big organ back into his pants. Their mother, who had made herself climax while she watched them, adjusted her dress and checked her makeup was still perfect. Matthew quickly helped Stephanie lift her heavy breasts back into the bodice of her wedding dress just as their father pulled up in front of the church. The Reverend Chris Grey was waiting for them, a big smile on his face. Matthew guessed the vicar knew exactly what had just happened.

Stephanie looked at her brother. “Thank you,” she whispered and blushed prettily as she whispered, “I love you.”

Matthew hugged her and purred in her ear, “I love you too, Sis, and I always will.” After a moment he pulled back from the hug and smiled at her. “Come on, let’s go get you married.”

* * *

Marjorie Westwood, who had a very good soprano voice much prized by the church choir and the local amateur operatic society, was standing in her kitchen wiping down the work surfaces as she sang along to ‘I Know That My Redeemer Liveth’ from Handel’s ‘Messiah’ on her radio. As she wiped vigorously she smiled to herself, taking great pleasure in the way her heavy breasts, barely restrained by the cream silk robe she was wearing, jiggled and bounced with her every movement. She loved the way the soft material stimulated her nipples and she loved even more the delicious feeling of excited anticipation that made her pussy, barely covered by the hem of the robe, so juicily wet she knew the slightest touch of her fingers pushed inside the opening or over her clit would make her climax. She wanted to come, she desperately to come, but she was not allowed to and that made her even more excited.

Today was the third Saturday in the month, it was almost 10:30 and Marjorie, 41-years-old, still radiantly beautiful with a curvaceous body she kept in trim with Pilates and yoga, wiped her brow with the back of her hand covered in the bright yellow rubber glove and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 10:28 and the Vicar, the Reverend Chris Grey, was always on time.

Marjorie stripped off the gloves, quickly swilled her hands and applied a rose-scented hand lotion she made herself and then went to wait by the front door. As she did so, she tightened the belt of her robe so her breasts were forced together, knowing just how much the vicar loved to see her cavernous cleavage when he leaned down to kiss her hello.

The chimes rang out and Marjorie opened the door. She was not worried someone neighbors might see her greeting the vicar almost naked because the house faced away from the adjoining road.

“Marjorie, darling,” the tall, handsome man standing in front of her said as he stepped inside, leaning down to kiss her cheek as he always did and cupping her breasts in his big hands. “Hello girls,” he said, moving his face down to kiss the upper slopes of first one breast then the other, his fingers seeking her nipples and squeezing them gently. Marjorie could not help it, she was so aroused she whimpered softly, her whole body trembling with arousal as she climaxed.

The vicar raised his head, his eyes meeting Marjorie’s. “You are a bad girl, aren’t you?” he said in a soft voice.

Embarrassed, blushing, Marjorie nodded her head. “I’m sorry, Vicar,” she said. “I tried, really I did.”

“I know,” Chris said, smiling at her indulgently. “Come along now. You know what to do, darling.”

Marjorie turned and led the way through to the living room, knowing Chris was watching the cheeks of her voluptuous barely-covered bottom jiggle as she walked. She did it deliberately, of course, knowing it would turn him on and aware his penis would already be fully erect beneath the thick woolen trousers he habitually wore.

Barely Didim Escort Bayan able to breathe from the intensity of her sexual arousal, Marjorie’s eyes met Chris’s as she untied her robe. She pulled it open to expose her breasts, rising and falling as she fought to control her anticipation. She loved what the vicar was about to do to her and spent every waking moment looking forward to their time together. She sat down on the smaller of the two couches in the room and leaned back, reaching down to slide her hands behind her knees so she could lift her legs into the air, spreading them wide.

In this position the glistening pink lips of her cunt were fully exposed to Chris Grey’s hungry gaze, the inner lining rippling with her arousal, her clit fiery red and swollen. Beneath the gaping opening the tiny muscle of her anus, wet with the cream from her orgasm, winked in invitation. Chris Grey reached down and closed his hand over the bulge of his huge cock through his pants, caressing it with his fingers and open palm. He licked his lips and Marjorie’s heart fluttered.

Chris smiled and then walked round behind the couch. Marjorie looked up at him as he leaned over her, reaching his hands down so he could use the middle fingers of each hand to prize open the lips of her cunt even further. Gently, he stroked the pad of one finger over the taut bud of Marjorie’s clit making her moan softly and pulled her legs back further, lifting her cunt and asshole to give him better access to her twin openings.

For long moments Chris masturbated and explored Marjorie, two fingers plunging deep into her cunt, two more easing past the tight muscle of her slippery asshole and up into her rectum. Marjorie moaned softly in ecstasy, enjoying exposing herself to the vicar and the expert way he brought her ever closer toward orgasm. When he withdrew the finger that had been buried in her bottom and presented it to her lips she opened her mouth and suckled it eagerly, her tastebuds flooded with the taste and her nose filled with the fragrance of her back passage.

The second Chris slid his fingers from the oval of her lips Marjorie begged, “Please, Chris, let me come…?”

“Marjorie, you know better than that,” he said and moved back, withdrawing his hands. It was a signal and Marjorie lowered her legs, standing up and moving to where she had set out a footstool in readiness. She knelt on the stool, settled her head on the arm of the couch and looked back over her shoulder at her raised bottom, waiting as Chris took off his tweed jacket and reached across to the small table on which stood a wine glass filled with clear liquid and an object made of silver. The glass was filled with baby oil and the object was an antique speculum with a handle like a pair of pliers that flowed at right angles into a large bulb, split down the middle, a long slender screw protruding from the side of the handle.

Chris picked up the speculum and dipped it into the wineglass, coating the bulb with the oil. Then he lifted it over the furrow of Marjorie’s buttocks and allowed a trickle of the liquid to drip onto her anus. Marjorie purred softly when she felt the slippery oil slide into the relaxed opening. Chris repeated the operation twice more and then he placed the bulb against the muscle of her anal sphincter and pushed, gently but firmly, so it entered her rectum. Marjorie moaned, longing for Chris to stroke her clit at the same time as he pushed inch after inch of the bulb along her rectal walls.

When the speculum was fully inserted, Marjorie felt a slight stretching that grew more intense as Chris turned the screw which pushed the two halves of the bulb apart and forced her anal opening to widen. She always expected it to hurt but Chris took his time, waiting for her to relax and breathe deeply, her huge breasts, hanging down, swaying and wobbling as she quivered and shook from the intense sensations radiating out from her back passage.

When the opening was dilated to almost the full extent of the separated jaws of the bulb, which Marjorie knew to be at least two inches, Chris stopped and reached for the wineglass. He poured the oil, slowly and carefully, down into the gaping opening to Marjorie’s rectum, a slippery coolness that made her cry out at the intense sensation as more and more of the liquid flowed into her asshole. At last she felt the oil overflow her sphincter down over the lips of her cunt and she knew Chris would stop pouring.

The stretching eased as Chris rewound the screw until Marjorie felt the jaws of the bulb had come together and he withdrew it slowly, laying it back on the table. She knew he must be eager for the next stage because he usually made her suck the speculum clean just as he had done with his fingers. But he did not and she braced herself as she heard the rasp of a zip and the next second she felt the heavenly sensation of Chris’s cock sink full-length into her pussy in one smooth stroke, all the way inside until his balls slapped against Escort Didim her sticky cuntlips. Marjorie’s whole body spasmed in long-delayed ecstasy and she climaxed, crying out with the intensity of the pleasure that surged through her body.

His cock still deeply buried, she felt Chris ride out her orgasm. Then he slid his prick from the gooey depths of her cunt and moved back slightly, reaching down to position the bulging tip against the opening of her asshole. Marjorie knew full well this was what Chris Grey wanted when he visited, what she waited all month for, what she would have given anything to enjoy more frequently but knew she never could because the vicar was married with a devoted wife whom he loved. But she also knew Chris Grey adored sodomizing her as much as she adored him doing it and the moment had finally arrived.

Infinitely slowly, savoring the sensation of sinking his prick into the oil-filled depths of Marjorie’s rectum, the vicar entered her body once more, this time stretching her anus even more than the speculum as first his glans, then the long, long shaft of his cock slid deep into her back passage until the head was buried in her bowels. Marjorie was overwhelmed by the sensation of having her asshole filled to capacity while Chris leaned over her body as he sank every last inch of his long thick prick inside her body while he filled his hands to overflowing with her breasts, kneading their soft weight to heighten her arousal. She cried out loud with the intensely pleasurable sensation and climaxed once again, thrusting her hips back against the vicar’s sodomizing prick to envelop its length up to the balls in her receptive bowels.

Marjorie knew some women could not take a real deep, hard assfuck but she could. She needed to feel Chris’s balls slapping against her gushing cunthole, to have her rectum filled to capacity with eleven inches of pistoning prick, to feel him again and again bury the head of his cock deep in her bowels, to hear the loud, highly-erotic squishing noise as the vicar’s huge cock slid back and forth in her asshole. The sensation was so incredible, so overpoweringly erotic, she felt as if her whole body was focused on the walls of her plundered asshole. Nothing else mattered to her than being fucked in the ass by this wonderful man, not even her own exquisite pleasure, and she knew it was only a matter of seconds before he filled her back passage with his thick, creamy cum.

The vicar’s loud groans made Marjorie grateful she lived some way from her nearest neighbor because no-one hearing that sound would have the slightest doubt Marjorie was being fucked to within an inch of her life. It was the sound of a man experiencing the ultimate ecstasy, of pouring his cum into her body in hot gushes, and she answered it with a scream of passion every bit as loud as an overwhelming orgasm burst deep in her body, leaving her quivering and shaking, still impaled on the vicar’s sodomizing prick.

The ritual she shared with Chris was almost over. He would withdraw his cock and present it to her mouth; she would delight in sucking him clean and then reach back to dip her fingers between her plump buttcheeks until she made contact with her gaping, cum-oozing asshole. Refusing to let the vicar’s precious sperm go to waste, Marjorie scooped up and fed herself the massive load that Chris had just pumped into her back passage which was now leaking out of her gaping anus, recovering more and more of his abundant ejaculate from her ass and bringing it to her mouth, licking each helping of the creamy treat from her fingers with obvious delight.

When she had finished Chris helped Marjorie to her feet and they dressed, sneaking amorous glances at each other and then sharing a pot of tea and slices of chocolate cake sitting at the kitchen table. They discussed the Anthems to be sung for the upcoming Sunday services and then, the vicar fully dressed once more and Marjorie wearing her cream silk robe in preparation for taking a long hot bath to soothe her plundered asshole, said goodbye to each other at the front door, Marjorie’s heart heavy because it would be so long before the vicar’s next visit. Nothing in her life had prepared her for loving a man she could not have and, for her, there was as much emotional pain as pleasure in the experience they shared together on the third Saturday of every month.

* * *

“Come on, sleepyhead. You told Dad you were going to clean the car before you both go out fishing this afternoon.”

“Oh Muuum,” Alfie Baker said, turning over onto his back which made the bedclothes fall off his naked teenage body so his erect cock was on display, jutting up from the thick black curls covering his balls. Just 19, Alfie was the pride of the County Football Team and there was talk of a scout for a major league football club coming down to watch him play and assess whether he had what it took to succeed as a professional.

“Don’t you ‘Oh Muuum’ me,” Jenny Baker said with a laugh, imitating the whine Alfie put in his voice when he wanted her to take pity on him. She knew only too well what he wanted and it was beyond her power to resist giving it to him. “Alright then, but then you get up, into the shower and make sure the car is gleaming by 12.30. Deal?”

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