Lisa’s Tasty Dinner

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We arranged to meet in secret at The Royal Hotel. I’m waiting eager up towards the back, at a table. Luckily it’s not too busy tonight. You arrive right on time and damn you look hot in that dress, just like i knew you would. I can’t keep my eyes off you and very soon I’m standing to attention. You cross the room and I pull out your chair, it’s positioned so no one can see the chair. I slide the table cloth over a little for more privacy.

You order the Caesar salad I order the beef and guinness. I’m amazed its better then i could of ever imagined just like you. Your enjoying your salad when my hand slips under the table and right between your legs. You look at me but I’m acting like nothing’s happening while my fingers work in under your underwear and gently stroke your sweet spot. You’re having trouble eating.

Here comes our desert. profiteroles. Just one plate between us. I use my hand that smells of you to feed you a roll. My god you just sucked my fingers clean. I wonder what else will you suck. You feed me a roll to and my tongue flicks over your fingers. You shudder just a little. You excuse yourself from the table, when you come back you sit down then lean over and whisper in my ear that you have taken your underwear off.

My hand slips under the table again to find your legs apart and your open and wet. My fingers slide in you and wiggle a little. You grab the table and bite your bottom lip. Damn I need you bad. Time for us to leave.

We turn left out the door and walk down to the alley. Its dark tonight. Woohoo. I push you up the alley a bit then up against the wall and kiss you hard. My rock hard dick is pressed against you. You reach down and squeeze it through my pants. I unzip and push you down. Now I slap your face with my hard meat. Then rub it over your lips.

You suck it all the way in. My god its good. I grab your head and fuck your mouth. then I hear a noise, there’s a guy standing beside us!!

I stand you up and spin you around. You don’t really know what I’m doing. Until I grab your hips with one hand and push you over with the other. Now your face Kadıköy Escort is near the strangers dick. I lift your skirt just a little and position myself at your wet spot. You push back and engulf all of me. the stranger looks questioningly at me and u nod my approval, he releases his prick and pokes your face with it.

You engulf his prick in your warm wet mouth. I’m pumping you hard while you’re making hot mmmm noises around his cock. Damn he just blew in your mouth.

OMG you swallowed. I gotta get some of that. I pull out n push you down on your knees and fuck your mouth. I cum soon you feel my cock swell in your mouth. All my juice is in your mouth and you swallow. My god its good. I stand you up and straighten your dress before anyone else comes.

Now let’s go somewhere private. We go back in side and get a room. I ask for one with a large bath tub. On the way up I get two bottles of champagne. We get to the elevator and as soon as the door closes I grab you and kiss you hard, till we reach our floor.

When the door to our room shuts you peel your hot little dress off. I love those large D cup breasts. I direct you to the bath tub. You bend over to turn the taps on, I brush my fingers over your tunnel and go get some glasses.

When I get back your already in the tub. I pour two glasses and pass you on,. before i grab mine and get in to. I put your legs up in my lap and move my leg so that my big toe is rubbing against your pleasure centre. We just lay back looking at each other sipping our drinks, while my toe gets to know you better. OMG I got it inside you. God that’s hot, but not as hot as the look on your face and the moans. O god the moans.

I put my glass down and position myself on top of you. My dick slips and it feels soo good. As I thrust the water overflows. We don’t care it feels to good. after I make you orgasm again. I say let’s try out the bed. We get out of the bath and I dry you off. You just hang the towel on my hard dick.

I watch your butt sway as you walk to the bed then crawl on. I hurriedly towel off and approach you from Kadıköy Escort Bayan behind but just as I reach out to grab you. You pull away and say we got another bottle to drink.

I say not unless you use the empty as a dildo and put on a little show. You reach for the bottle and drink the last little bit while stroking yourself. Now to my surprise and pleasure the bottle goes between your legs. You spread your lips and take the bottle in. I watch as you start to quiver and orgasm again.

I open the next bottle and pour you a glass. I remove the bottle from you and position myself between your legs. You smell do good. I pour a few drops of champagne on your pussy and chase it with my tongue. I make sure I get it all off and lick you clean. Just as I’m about done you pour a little more on your pussy I lap it up, so yummy mixed with your juices. I lift your legs and tongue fuck you till you scream and grab my head in a huge orgasm.

After your orgasm subsides a little I push your legs apart and kiss my way up to you big yummy breasts. When I get there I stop and put a finger in your drink, to get a little to rub on your nipples. I proceed to lick and suck your boobs clean, I suck as much into my mouth as I can. So yummy. Then I move a little further up and kiss your neck and chin then your delicious lips.

You grab me and put your tongue in my mouth. To my surprise your legs wrap around me. You squeeze your leg and pull me down on to you. You twist your hips and now I’m suddenly wrapped up inside you. So warm. I thrust my dick slides in,

You pull with your legs and I’m all the way in. As we kiss I gently slide in and out. You’re getting impatient you grab me and roll so now you’re on top. I feel my dick bottom out inside you.

hmmm u hot kinky fucker You moan as you pull me deeper in your wet cunt. Moaning louder as you put your head back and tits out as you ride your big hard cock feeling in it go deeper as you bounce on me. I grab both your tits and pull you down on to me hard as I thrust into you.

Hmmm you gasp and moan as I trust up and you Escort Kadıköy keep bouncing loving my cock deep in you. Hmmm u fuck so good. Orgasm on me you hot slut, I want to feel you cum I moan.

I slap your butt a couple times as your riding me.

Hmmm spank my naughty slutty cheating ass you groan. You fuck me harder and harder then freeze and cum all over my hot cock squeezing it hard. I say I’m going to cum deep in you soon and you will be going home with my cum leaking out of you. do you like that slut?

Breathlessly you pant, fuck yes fill my cunt up I wanna be full of cum in all my hot lil holes.

I moan and say either suck me or get ready for a huge hot load. Fill me up baby i want it deep in me. hmmm. I wud luv to feel full in all my holes to you mange groan.

God yes ride me mmmm. My cock swells I growl and pull you down as I explode in you. I hold you on top of me till I pump everything into you. You feel me squirting deep in your pussy as you moan and squeeze my cock getting everything last drop.

When you get off me I grab your hand and say you’re not going anywhere there’s some cum on me for you to lick clean. You move down to my cock slowly licking all around it tasting our juices mix. I grab your hair and push you down on to my cock as I start to harden again.

I smile and move you around till we are spooning. I grab your tits and rub my dick over your leaking pussy. Once I’m covered in ours juices again I move just a little to put my throbbing head against your ring. I push slowly and feel you relax and allow me in. Slowly I push further and further in. Now I’m all the way in. I start to pump slowly, as I pull on your tits. I tell you to hold my nuts as I fuck you sexy arse.

As I get more and more excited I move so I’m on top and straddling you. You thrust your arse up to meet my thrust. I thrust harder and harder. I put my hand on the back of your head and push your face down onto the bed as I fuck your arse hard. Hold my nuts you slut I want you to feel them as I cum in you, I say. Ooo yeah slut feel me cuuummmmm. I blow inside your hot butt. Now you my got cum in all holes.

After you catch your breath I ask if you’re going to fuck your husband with my cum in you. You smile kiss me and leave.


This is written with the purpose of providing a lady with a romantic, erotic sext type of story.

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