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Big Tits

This is a story of my neighbor Lisa a 27 year old 5’3″ blonde with beautiful blue eyes, I’m 28 years old 5’2″ long red hair also with blue eyes, we bounded from the day I moved in when she offered me help with my boxes. We work-out together twice a week, went out on Saturdays bar hoping and dancing, It felt wonderful to have a friend to hang out with after moving to the Chicago to take my dream job.

I had a long week at work and really needed a night out with Lisa on Rush Street drinking and dancing. I did some cleaning I neglected all week, went grocery shopping, returning home around five. After putting the groceries away and eating a light dinner it was time to take a bath. I ran the water adding my favorite bubble bath, lit some candles, removing my cloths. I stopped to look in the mirror my perky breast eyes roaming over my flat stomach to my little red patch which was in need of a trim. My thoughts turned to sex I hadn’t hooked up in six months and was hoping I would find a hook up tonight.

I laid in the tub laying my head back and shutting my eyes Lisa’s image showering at the gym soaping her beautiful body popped into my head. I considered myself straight being raised in the bible belt with all the usual hang ups but often visualized Lisa, when masturbating, longing to touch her, kiss her. Not that I would act on my feelings, just fantasy, but Lisa always got my motor running at play time. My hand fond my clit rubbing my other hand poking two fingers into my pussy. My mind dreaming of Lisa had I pleasured myself. Lifting my legs up to give better access toes curling, moaning, my orgasm building wave after wave of pleasure hitting me my whole body shaking uncontrollably. That out of the way I shaved my legs and around my pussy leaving a cute little v of red pubes. I got out of the tube and dried my body did my hair and went to dress. Selecting a tight black mini skirt pink tank top and my fuck me heels I was ready just before Lisa knocked.

“Hey Cheryle ready to party” she said smiling.

“Been thinking about going out with you all day.”

I left out fantasizing about her naked body as I masturbated in the tube earlier out. We walk down london escorts Rush Street holding hands something we always did on the busy city streets. The bar was already packed music bouncing of the walls dance floor full. We made our way to the bar and ordered long islands after finish our second drink we head to the dance floor. So crowed we were pushed together dancing our bodies touching stumbling she grabbed my hips to steady me I kissed her to say thank you. She kissed me back sliding her tongue past my lips soft wet are tongues dancing in each others mouths. We dance for hours bodies grinding together. Finally heading to the bathroom we clasped hands making our way through the crowed bar.

We stood in line waiting our turns still holding hands which just seemed so normal and comfortable with her. Finally a stall opened she pulled me in with her I went first finishing I stood. When she hiked her skirt dropping her panties to go after I had finished I just starred at her beautiful bald pussy I want to taste her.

“Like what you see”

I looked away blushing embarrassed, she reached out and caressed my hand as she stood kissing my neck softly. Her mouth moved to mine we kissed her tongue intertwined with mine. I was so turn on, what was I doing, it felt so good natural I tingled all over I wanted more.

I felt slight pressure on my shoulders pushing me down I knew this maneuver men used it often when they wanted me to go down on them. OMG, I had never tasted another girls pussy but I felt myself drifting down to my knees, what was I doing, kneeling down on the dirty bathroom stall floor. How did I get here on my knees, wanting to taste Lisa’s cunt. Something primal took me over, I need to taste her, I wanted to make Lisa cum, I dove in licking and sucking on her clit, spreading her lips, I heard her moaning. My hand slipped to her ass which I probed with one finger then two, my mouth still devouring her pussy, Lisa moaned in pleasure, grabbing my head with both hands grinding her pussy into my face. She was so wet which encouraged me any thoughts of were I was drifted away all I want was to give her an orgasm. Fingering her ass, tongue london escort deep inside her, rubbing Lisa’s swollen clit. Her groans grew louder she started bucking her hips, Lisa squealed in delight, holding my head firmly in place wave after wave shook her body, her pussy squirting juices all over my face.

She stroked my long red hair, I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes, her pussy juices covering my face, she was smiling at me, I felt wonderful. Lisa helped me to my feel, we embraced, kissing ever so softly. She whisper “let’s get out of here” I kissed her one last time deeply. Lisa pulled up her panties and adjusted her skirt, I tried to fixed my face has best I could, ready we held hands. Opening the stall door to applause we exited the crowed bathroom has fast has we could through the crowded bar and out into the cool night air. We walked briskly back to our apartment building, holding hands, what a great feeling, I can hardly describe how wonderful, ecstatic words can not do justice of how it fell to discover my love for Lisa pussy.

Lisa and I arrived at our apartment building skipping through the lobby still hand in hand waiting for the elevator I stared in her beautiful beautiful blue eyes. The elevator doors opened, rushing in, we embraced, Lisa nibbled my ear sending shivers to all the right places. The ride was to short I could of stayed in that moment forever, sighing, I moved to my door. Fumbling with my keys I unlocked the door, walking in, Lisa following close behind. The room filled with passion and sexual tension, I wanted her, I didn’t understand my feelings I had tasted pussy and wanted more.

She reached out stroking my face tenderly her hands moving slowly down over my body pausing at my breast a moan escaping my lips. She removed my shirt, embracing again, we kissed as she released my bra exposing my perky breast and delicate nipples. She broke our kiss, I sighed, has her head lowered taking my hard nipple in her mouth. I felt ecstatic, has she sucked on my breast biting my nipple as my skirt dropped to the floor, how did that happen, her hand finding it’s way inside my panties. Through my red pubes to my wetness, rubbing london escort agency gently, my body responding to her touch. Her finger slid inside me easily first one then two pushing deep inside me. Fingering me my wetness grew my hips moving to meet her thrust in and out. I was lost in the feeling as she lowered to her knees kissing her way down my flat stomach pulling down my panties in the process. I shivered at the first lick from her tongue my hands gripping the sides of her head entangled in her blonde hair.

Finding my clit Lisa licked sucked her finger back inside me I never felt so worshipped so wonderful pleasure building. She wanted my orgasm and I wanted to give it to her I was moaning and panting hips grinding into her. She spun me around in one quick motion my hands found the wall to brace myself Lisa dove back in licking me from behind her nose tickling my asshole. She slowly brought her tongue to flick my brown star it felt wonderful, no-one had ever licked my ass before, I was shaking has her fingers entered my pussy again, in and out she fucked my pussy, as she probe my backside with her tongue.

I was out of control the sounds escaping my lips were unrecognizable I never felt this way before. Lisa had me on the verge of orgasm I was never so wet juices sliding down my thigh. I thrusted my ass back into her face her tongue plunged deeply in my ass her finger banging my cunt wave and waves of pleasure hit my body. I shook uncontrollably, a wonderful orgasm, she stayed in place until I became still, rising slowly, she kissed my neck which made me shiver softy whispering in my ear “Let’s take a sower,” taking my hand leading me to the bathroom.

The hot water gleaming off Lisa’s body our hands washing each other exploring every inch what a magical night. The morning sun peeking through the curtains has Lisa stirred opening those beautiful eyes meeting mine she smiled “Good Morning Cheryle” I leaned down kissing her softly.

“Good morning Lisa,”

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“Great, you were wonderful last night.”

We laid there snuggling on that cold Chicago morning, she felt wonderful and warm, I hope we stay here all day making love. My life had changed forever, I knew pleasure I never knew existed before, I want to explore more with Lisa. I wanted to push my limits with my new lover, I become a lesbian slut, my parents would be so disappointed…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32