Lisa , I Are Reunited Ch. 02

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After our last sex session, Lisa was exhausted. She started to fall asleep laying on top of me. I rolled her on her back, and wiped off our mixed cum that had dripped out of her. She said that she wanted to take a bit of a nap before I let her know what the rest of the weekend was about. There was only one condition for me to let her sleep, and that was she had to be in a state of continual stimulation. With that I laid her down on the bed and got down between her legs. I could see her lips were shimmering with our juices from before. I gave her a quick lick to get a taste of her. For some reason, today she tasted better than ever…maybe it was because of the pure passion of it all. After I finished teasing her some more, I slowly pushed the tip of her vibrator between her lips. She was so wet and stretched out from before that it slid in with almost no resistance. I knew that I had to find some way to hold it in there, so I pulled her thong back on. The thong held the vibrator deep inside her. I could see the wet spot forming around her panties already. I knew this was going to be great. I left the vibrator off for now, knowing that it will be more of a tease later. Then I replaced the gag and blindfold. I saw how much these two turned her on before, and my goal is to get her as hot as possible before I give her any relief. The last thing I did was to retie her hands to the bedposts. I didn’t want her to cheat if I had my back turned.

She was so tired and relaxed from before that even with all of the things I did she still fell asleep right away. I sat at my computer trying to come up with plans for the rest of the night. I put on some music to keep me entertained while I was thinking. Just then my friend Kari sent me an instant message. She wanted to borrow one of my DVD’s for the night. I saw this and my eyes lit up. I knew this was going to be my best chance to live every man’s fantasy, two women at once.

To give you some background information, I have known Kari for years now, and I have always been attracted to her. She is an absolutely stunning woman. She has long black hair that flow over the top of her 36D breasts. She had long legs that could do anything. She always had guys drooling as she walked by.

She told me that she needed to run some errands but would stop by on her way back to her place. With that, we ended our conversation…. Let the countdown begin.

I turned back to look at Lisa. I saw she was sound asleep, with the vibrator still right where I left it. Just looking at her curvaceous body was enough to wake my cock from its slumber. I sat in my chair thinking of the ways this night could end. It may have been conceited of me, but none of the scenarios ended without a threesome.

I sat in my chair slowly stroking my hardening cock and began to think about how I was going to approach the rest of the night. I knew that Lisa liked to watch lesbian porn when she was masturbating without me. Despite that, she always said that she was too shy to ever fool around with another woman. I knew that given the opportunity she would not be able to pass it up, especially when the opportunity was Kari.

I walked over to Lisa and gently caressed her body as she slept. I made sure not to wake her, as I knew she needed her rest. I also knew how I was going to wake her up, and if all worked out she would thank me for it tomorrow. I reached my hand down her panties and twisted the knob on the base of the vibrator to the lowest possible setting. Surprisingly, Lisa barely stirred. The only thing that happened was a slight moan escaping the gag. I saw that I could afford to turn up the vibrator a bit and I reached down her panties again to kick it up a notch. She still kept on sleeping. I pulled her panties away from her body to see my handiwork. I could see her vibrator was soaking wet, and so was the bed around her. Even though she wasn’t waking up, she certainly was enjoying what I was doing. My hands began to rub her breasts gently. Her skin is so soft and warm that I could stay like this forever. I could see her nipples are becoming rock hard, another sign that she was enjoying this; yet, she still was sleeping soundly. I give each nipple a gentle lick, causing her entire body to twitch. I sat back and just looked down at her body and how it was reacting to everything. I thought to myself that she must be having one hell of a dream.

I moved away from the bed, my task was accomplished. I was reassured that I was able to hear the vibrator buzzing across the room. There was only one piece of the puzzle left. I looked at the clock but was disappointed to find that Kari wouldn’t be here for another 45 minutes. I had to find something to do to occupy myself in that time. It was then I realized that I was still stroking my dick. I started to think about the rest of the night and realized that I needed to get a release before Kari showed up, otherwise I would only last a minute or two.

Sitting there, I really didn’t want to finish myself off alone. I looked at the bed and thought, şişli escort what better way to wake her up than by having me inside her. I gently positioned myself between her legs and slowly pulled her thong off. The vibrator was still buzzing away. I guess it’s a good thing I got a waterproof one. With the thong removed, her pussy muscles were finally able to contract and push the vibrator out. I picked it up off the bed and turned it off. By now, my cock was throbbing. I placed the head at the opening of her pussy and slowly rubbed up and down, accentuating the clit. Finally I could take it no more and I pushed the head inside. Once it was in, her body clamped down around me as she was hit with a monster orgasm. This time, she finally woke up. I felt her legs try to pull me in close as I thrust to meet her. I reached up and took the blindfold off. I looked deeply into her eyes and saw the pure lust she had for me at this moment. I took a quick glance at the clock to make sure I had enough time to finish what I had started. Looking back down at her, I decided it was time that I heard how she felt. With a quick motion of my hand I removed the gag. As soon as it cleared her lips she pulled me close into a deep kiss. She was trying to make up for all the lost kissing time the gag caused.

I had to push her mouth away from mine so that I could tell her what else I was going to do. “Lisa, you are in for a night of fantasy. Everything you ever dreamed of is going to come true. It starts now.”

I thought about the best way to finish off my orgasm. While I was still thrusting I figured it out. I can feel Lisa tightening the muscles in her pussy around my cock. She had definitely been practicing that, as I was able to feel it much more than usual. I made a note to myself to ask her to share with me how she worked those out. Again, my gaze fell upon her eyes. I could see that she had yet another massive orgasm building deep within her. Just as she was about to finally climax I pulled out of her pussy. The look in her eyes told me everything. She was yearning for a release.

I moved myself up her body so that I was resting on her chest. My cock was wet from her juices. I slipped it between her breasts, pressing them together with my hands. I love it when she lets me titi-fuck her. Her breasts are absolutely perfect for it. As I thrust between them Lisa leans her head forward. She is able to extend her tongue enough to get a taste of my head. As I near my orgasm I pick up the tempo. Lisa doesn’t stop her licking of my head every chance she gets. As I am on the verge of cumming I sit up and take my cock into my hand. I slide down her body just enough as I shoot the first load all the way up to her face. The next globs of cum landed on her breasts. With her hands still tied there was no way for her wipe the cum off and I didn’t plan on doing it.

I stood up next to the bed and placed my cock near her head. She knew what I wanted and quickly brought it into her mouth. She licked every last drop of cum from around my head before she buried my softening cock in her throat. As good as it feels, I still manage to pull my cock from her lips and I stand up to survey my work. She is coated in our cum. There isn’t a dry spot anywhere around her on the bed. I look at the clock again to see that Kari was supposed to show up any minute. I quickly replaced the gag and blindfold. Then I put the vibrator back into her pussy, once again holding it in place with the thong. This time though, I turned up the vibrations high enough to drive her nuts without letting her cum. I looked at her and saw my lover covered in my cum from her waist up. It was the sexiest sight I had ever seen.

I heard a light knock at the door. I looked down to Lisa one more time to verify she didn’t hear. I silently walked to the door and opened it. I slipped into the hallway and told Kari to be as quiet as possible, as Lisa was sleeping. I opened the door and led Kari into the room. When she turned the corner to see my bed she stopped dead in her tracks and her mouth dropped open. She saw what I always loved to wake up to, Lisa naked on the bed. She heard the quiet buzz of the vibrator buried in her pussy. I knew that Kari was a little curious in exploring her bisexual side. When I looked to her I saw the slightest smirk on her face. She knew what I had in store for Lisa and she loved it.

I looked at her and saw her nipples poking through her tight tee shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. This is even better than I thought. I took her hand in mine and pulled her close to me. We had never fooled around in the past, but there was always a sexual tension there. Our lips met in a soft kiss, unlike any I had ever felt before. I loved to kiss Lisa but with Kari it was different. Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be with her that made it more passionate. Our tongues mingled with each other, exploring the uncharted waters we were heading into. We were shaken from our lustful embrace by the sound of Lisa moaning through the gag. I went over mecdiyeköy escort to her and saw that she was getting dangerously close to cumming. I lowered the vibrations to a more manageable level. Lisa tried to thrash about in protest, but I just lowered it further. She knew that I would turn it down further if she protested so her thrashing finally stopped. I leaned up and kissed her on the cheek. I moved to her ear and told her to relax and be ready, as I was going to fulfill her greatest fantasy tonight. She let out a little squeal of delight as she had an idea as to what I had in store. She would never expect what I had planned.

I turned back to Kari to return my attention to her. I was amazed to see that she had already taken her top and pants off. She stood there looking at me wearing nothing but her thong. I was right; she hadn’t been wearing a bra today. She had a devilish smile on her face. I stood there looking at her for a minute, as this was the first time I got the chance to see what I had longed to see for so many years. She walked seductively towards me and dropped to her knees at my feet. She reached up and unbuttoned my pants. With one quick motion, she had my pants and boxers at my ankles. My cock immediately sprang to attention. I was afraid that it would poke her in the eye.

Kari’s eyes lit up when she saw my dick. I knew she had heard rumors about me, but now she was going to know first hand what I can do for a woman. She reached up and grasped my cock with her right hand. She slowly traced her fingers around the base, finding where each one of my veins led to. I may be only 6 inches long, but I make up for it in girth. Kari was barely able to wrap her hands around it. During this entire time her eyes never left my cock. As her fingers explored it, she studied every inch of it. I didn’t notice at first, but she had her left hand gently caressing my balls.

Her hands slowly stroked the length of my cock. Her grip tightened around my shaft, drawing out a trickle of precum. Kari saw this and leaned forward to get her first taste of me. Her tongue lapped at the tip, making sure to get every drop. She then let her tongue explore where her fingers had just been. I kept standing there as she licked up and down my cock like it was a popsicle. After she had coated every inch of my dick in her spit she brought her crimson red lips to my tip.

At first she only let in the head of my cock. That is when the magic started. She created a good seal around my shaft and sucked on it. The near vaccum in her mouth caused my dick to swell. She expertly maneuvered her tongue while keeping the pressure on my dick. She let the pressure go as she opened her mouth wide. Slowly my rod slid deeper into her mouth till her nose was in my pubes. She just held it there. I felt like I was staring in porno flick. This was a new feeling to me; Lisa was never able to take me all the way. She would always gag on it two-thirds of the way down. Kari’s head began to bob up and down on my shaft. Each time she would take it all the way down and then pull it almost completely out of her mouth, only to suck it back in again. I have never been deep throated with such energy and enthusiasm. It must have been a while since she last had a dick, she was a fiend for my hard cock. She reached up with a free hand and began to stroke my shaft in time with her mouth. This feeling was too much for me and I almost lost it. I held onto her head to keep her from draining my balls. I didn’t want to finish yet.

I motioned for her to be as quiet as possible and to follow me. Lisa was still being held close to orgasm on the bed with the vibrator in her. I walked up next to her and grazed her exposed breast. She jumped at the sudden sensation. She squirmed around trying to find me again, to continue the feeling. I had yet another plan in mind. I bent down to Kari and told her what I wanted her to do. She agreed readily and took my cock back into her mouth. She was trying to make me cum as fast as possible, so that she would be able to get a taste of it. When I was close I pulled her mouth off of me but this time she didn’t stop jacking me off. I aimed my cock at Lisa’s chest and Kari stroked me off to an amazing orgasm. I wish I could have blown my load in her mouth, but I had other ideas. Instead I shot thick ropes of jizz onto her breasts.

I looked at Lisa laying there covered in my cum, on the verge of orgasm and a smile spread across my face. It was time for Lisa to find out what was really going on. I whispered into Kari’s ear, for her to lick my cum off of her breasts. I had never done this and I knew that it would shock the hell out of Lisa. When Kari started to lick along the edge of Lisa’s nipple she tried to sit up, but the restraints held firm. I could tell that she didn’t know what to think of this. I looked down at her gagged and blindfolded face and saw that my cum was still coating her face. I motioned for Kari to stop licking as I leaned in and took a taste of what I had left on her. I was surprised at how salty it tasted. I decided that it was time for me to show her what was really happening. I knelt straddling her body, with my softening dick by her face. I removed the gag, and laid my cock against her lips. She licked off the little bit of cum that was still on the head.

She leaned her head up towards me and began to speak. “What was that all about? Why did you get yourself off? You aren’t supposed to do that. And what was with you licking the cum off of me? Huh? Are you going to answer me?”

I leaned close to her and whispered simply in her ear, “It wasn’t all me.”

Her mouth just dropped open. She knew what I had done. I had made one of her most closely guarded fantasies come true. I stood up and got off the bed. I guided Kari into a kneeling position over Lisa’s face. Her pussy was only a few inches from Lisa’s mouth, so close that she must have smelled it. I reached between Kari’s legs and removed the blindfold. Her eyes opened so wide when she saw a dripping wet pussy hanging over her.

When Kari saw the smile grow on Lisa’s face she sat her cunt down against Lisa’s face. That should give her a hint as to what she wanted. Lisa tentatively stuck out her tongue and brushed up against Kari’s lips. I reached down and spread Kari’s pussy lips open, making it easier for Lisa to explore.

Her tongue began to move around Kari’s pussy. She flitted it about Kari’s clit, making her shake a bit. This was the first time with another woman for both of them. Lisa was still acting very hesitantly with her tongue. I needed to fix this right away.

I moved my face close to Lisa’s ear and said to her “Just picture me going down on you. Do you remember the things I do for you?” She nodded as far as Kari’s pussy would allow. “Just do that. It will blow her mind.”

Lisa looked back up at the pussy grinding on her face. She moved forward with renewed vigor.

Kari sat down deeper onto Lisa’s face, pushing her tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go. Lisa’s nose is buried in Kari’s ass as she grinds it harder. I stand there in awe as my girlfriend is getting face fucked by one of my oldest friends. I can’t believe that she is actually doing it and judging by the amount of moisture on her pussy lips, she is really enjoying it. I can tell that Kari is starting to get close now, as she is fucking Lisa faster. She is reaching down and rubbing Lisa’s nipples which is making Lisa work that much harder.

I don’t want Lisa to be left out so I get down to the end of the bed and start to lick her clit. I try to mimick the same movements of the tongue that she is doing to Kari. All that teasing from earlier is paying off as I can tell that she is close. I probe my tongue deep into her pussy, not caring that she is still filled with my cum from earlier in the night. The taste wasn’t as strong as when I licked it off of her tit, but that is probably because of all of her juices. This is one of the kinkiest things I’ve ever done. I never ate her out after we had sex, she would always clean up before I went down on her.

I looked up to see that Kari is grinding her crotch against Lisa’s face and Lisa is doing the exact same thing to me. I can feel in Lisa’s pussy that she is getting close to cumming and by the urgency of Kari’s thrusts she is too. I hear a loud moan from Kari as she starts to cum. I look up to see her squirt some liquid all over Lisa’s face and tits. I can’t believe that she is a squirter too, this girl is amazing.

After watching that show, I return to Lisa’s pussy with more energy than ever. I am determined to get her to cum like she has never cum before. I start to rub a finger over her puckered asshole, massaging the outside. My tongue is assaulting her clit. She starts grinding against my face harder and harder before she stops. She pushes as hard as the restraints will allow to get my tongue as deep as I can into her. I feel her pussy contracting around my tongue, trying to pull it deeper inside as she cums. Suddenly I feel my face starting to get wet. I look down and see that she is squirting too. This is a dream come true. She falls back to the bed. She is exhausted but her pussy is still twitching around my tongue. She jumps a bit every time I touch her clit.

I get off of the bed and Kari lies down next to Lisa. She looks deep in her eyes and says “I am glad you were my first time. I have been dreaming of that since you two started dating. It was perfect.”

Lisa could only moan a bit in reply. I give her a kiss on the lips and can still taste Kari’s juices on her still. “Lisa, I think I will untie you now.” And with that I reach up and remove the scarves from her wrists. She just curls up into the fetal position and Kari moves to spoon with her.

I get onto the bed on the other side and get in the same position behind Kari. My hard cock nestles itself into the crack of her ass. Kari turns around and plants a deep kiss on me. “I will take care of that later, I promise.” And with that she turned back to Lisa and held her tight. They were soon fast asleep. I lay there, holding these two beautiful babes in my arms knowing that I am the luckiest guy on Earth. Now what am I going to do to top this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32