Lips to Lips

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Pressing lips to lips. Soft at first, almost reluctant, unsure. As this new sensation registers as enjoyable, you move in closer, our silky soft lips moving in unison. My hands come up to run through your hair and caress your face. My tongue surprises you by subtly sweeping over your lips, another sensation to savour. Our kissing becomes more passionate bordering on aggressive, a deep hunger for each other driving our desires. Our tongues connect in an electrical moment and brush over each other softly, smoothly in an intricate dance as our lips press together and come apart, teasing each other but at the same time longing for each other’s presence. My hands drop down to your waist and pull you even closer to me, our bodies connected as one as our passions grow with every breath, every heartbeat, every touch. Pushing you back effortlessly, I pin you against the wall, the burning desire of my kisses not ceasing for a moment.

My hands travel down your luscious body, entwining my fingers in your own, bringing your arms up to kiss your delicate wrists. The momentary tenderness throws you, so when i move in to kiss you once again, harder than before, a small gasp escapes your lips. This small noise fires my lust for you and I’m unable to prevent myself sinking my teeth into your soft silky lips, replying with my own animal growl. Letting your hands drop, my own move to slide the straps of your dress from your shoulders.

With your shoulders bare, I move in to bite them in tender abandon, sending bolts of pleasure through you, leaving red marks where my mouth has been. You throw your head back and expose your delicate white throat, my teeth eagerly sinking into your soft flesh, the sensation making you shudder. My hands roam around your back, locating the zip of your dress and undoing it in one fluid motion. samsun escort The sleek fabric slides down your body, revealing your nude form, soft and curvy and trembling with unspent desire for me. Slowly, seductively, my strong hands glide over your breasts, grazing your pale pink nipples, sending small waves of pleasure thru your sexually charged body. Weighing them in my hands i marvel at their softness, at the effect my touch has on your body. Sucking slowly and firmly on your nipples they stiffen and deepen in colour. Already i can detect the scent of your desire in the air as my hand comes up between your legs and into contact with the intense heat radiating from your excited sex.

I catch your gaze and smile; my own bright blue eyes sparkle and shine, a look of mischief that is reflected in the quick smile I flash before dropping to my knees in front of you. My hands trail down your body, fingertips circling your navel, my thumbs lightly stroking the line of your hip bone, a natural guide that leads me further down to your secret treasure. My left hand comes up under your thigh, urging you to lift your leg. You comply without protest, draping your right leg over my shoulder. Your back pressed against the wall to steady yourself, adjusting your balance to this new position.

What a sight I am fortunate enough to be witness to as you expose yourself to me!! Such a neat and delectable young pussy you have!! A light dusting of pubic hair crowns the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Your puffy outer labia already glistening with your juices, already reveal swollen pink inner lips. And at the apex, a shining pink pearl. Pausing for a moment I let a soft breeze play over your sensitive flesh, the cooling sensation at odds with the heat radiating. This will be a pleasure like no other. siirt escort Leaning in, I begin to plant kisses over your tender thighs, lightly flicking my tongue over the soft skin, enjoying the musky scent of your womanhood. My left hand comes up the back of your leg, gliding smoothly up to the tight firm buttock. I can’t help squeezing just a little harder than I should, letting my nails sink in a little, causing an unconscious thrusting of your hips in my direction- what better sign to proceed could I ask for?

My hand rests on your mons, on the soft patch of pubic hair, my thumb seeking the thin hood covering your magic button. Pulling up gently, your small swollen clit pops out of its hood, now exposed I waste no time lashing it firmly with my tongue. The sudden stimulation is incredible, the gear change makes you gasp and leaves your body trembling as I continue my assault. My tongue flicks over your fleshy outer lips, gathering them between my lips and nibbling gently, first one, then the other, savouring the taste of your honey. My tongue delves deeper into your folds, my fingers working in unison to reveal all to me, massaging lips now a deep red as they swell with excitement. Your pussy floods a continuing stream of its sweet cream, a natural lubricant which aids my fingers as they slowly slide into you, penetrating your inner core. The twin sensations of my fingers massaging inside you and my tongue dancing over your clit sends you to a whole new level of pleasure, enough to illicit groans and a few choice invectives that only serve to spur me on further.

I’m like a man possessed, tonguing your pussy with such fervor as you have never experienced. Feeling your body respond, hearing your cries of pleasure, inspire me to double my efforts. My fingers slide easily between your sinop escort slick lips, your hungry pussy drawing them in deeply, enabling me to reach every inch of your hot wet canal. Pulling your skin tight draws the hood back and further exposes your clitoris, now fully distended, a thousands nerve endings all coming together in a space barely a quarter inch across, the sensations are almost too much for you alone to bear. Taking the magic pearl between my lips, I suck long and slow, rolling your clit between my lips, lashing it with my tongue. I can feel your body tremble, your fingers grabbing at my hair to steady yourself. The pain causes me to wince a little even as I am forced to take more of your weight as your left leg buckles a little. But you don’t notice the minor pain you have caused me, lost in the sensations washing over you like a tidal wave. Your sweet pussy is leaking copiously; it is all I can do to catch the dew before it falls to the floor. Time to rack it up a notch!

You can feel a digit probing your your other hole. Your juices provide plenty of lubrication; my assault on your clit never lets up, so much so that you barely notice my single finger slowly working its way past your tighter anal ring. It seems your body is eager for anything that provides you with more, a little pressure is all it takes before my finger slides in easily, fitting snugly in your ass. With two working your pussy and now this third in your rear, it doesn’t take long for the orgasm that been building inside you to explode. I sense it coming, your body tenses, the hand in my hair grips harder, the breathe in your throat catches and your throbbing pussy clamps down hard on my fingers. Your deep groaning fills the air and your body is racked with a powerful orgasm that starts deep inside your pussy and radiates outward. You can feel it in your toes, your whole body shakes and trembles and your pussy gushes an incredible amount of thick cum that I eagerly lap up, my tongue continuing a dance on your cit, drawing the orgasm out until you collapse in my arms, weak and exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32