Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 07

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Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who sits in the bleachers of a large college gymnasium. She had traveled out-of-town for a wrestling meet. It’s Friday evening and Ling sits among wrestling fans holding her binoculars. She wears a mini-dress and a blouse with her black hair hanging loose.

She says, “I want someone new.”

She watches Lyle (19 yrs.) who stands at 5’9″ and weighs 157 lbs. He has a boyish face with short black hair. His natural cut muscles run from the head to the toes. He’s a competitive and angry wrestler. He wins his match by pinning his opponent quickly. His hand unstraps and quickly yanks off his head-gear. He throws it onto the floor and walks in a circle breathing hard. Lyle throws his fist through the air and screams in triumph. His hand is raised as the winner who doesn’t shake his opponent’s hand.

Ling notices that Lyle stops to look directly at the bleachers. She searches the audience with those binoculars and sees a blonde sitting on the lap of another guy. Ling looks back at Lyle who jerks around angrily and heads toward the locker-room.

Lyle strips off his wrestling suit and throws it into his locker. He walks over naked to wait in line for the weight machine. His coach steps up behind him and wipes down Lyle’s body with a towel.

He Sinop Escort says, “Sorry coach, I’ll find my opponent and shake his hand.”

“Good, but you need to break up with your girl-friends more often. You pinned your opponent fast” says Coach with a chuckle.

Lyle responds, “Did you see that bitch? Sitting on his lap to piss me off.”

Coach answers, “Yeah, just don’t let your anger hurt someone on the mat.”

“Alright coach, I hear you” says Lyle who steps on the weight machine and raises his hands into the air.

15 minutes later. Lyle sits in the bleachers among his friends. They all watch the heavy-weight divisions on the mat. He keeps looking across at his ex-girlfriend sitting on some guys lap. Suddenly, Ling sits next to him and he notices her.

She asks, “Are you Lyle?”

“Yeah, that’s me” he answers.

She hands over her business card, “My hotel room number is on the back. Let’s forget about your ex-girlfriend.”

Ling leans over and kisses him on the cheek. She stands up and walks away…

Late Friday night inside Ling’s Hotel room. The big screen TV is the only thing turned on inside the room. It plays ESPN car racing and the volume is barely heard.

There is body movement next to the wall and near the door. Lyle is leaning Sinop Escort Bayan over with his hands placed on the wall. His jeans and boxer shorts are pulled down around his ankles. His college t-shirt hangs loosely above his clenched butt-cheeks. His head looks down with his mouth dropped open in pleasure.

He groans, “My… Fucking… God!”

Ling is naked and kneels in front of him. Her right hand grips his thin and stiff 9-inch cock. Her lips cover his cock-tip with her tongue circling it real hard. That drives him crazy.

“Ohhh… Fucking… Goddd!” he says.

She lifts her mouth off and strokes his shaft. She says, “Forget about her baby. Okay?”

He moans, “Fuckkk… Oh-Kay… I will!”

She whispers, “Fuck that bitch.”

Her mouth covers his cock-tip and then slowly goes half-way down his shaft. She holds it there.

Lyle closes his eyes and lifts up his head. He groans more, “Fuck that… B-Bitch!”

10 minutes later. The lights are all turned on. The TV still plays ESPN car racing. Lyle’s clothes and shoes are piled next to the bed.

Ling and Lyle are both naked on top of the bed which shakes pretty hard. She is laying on her stomach with the hair falling over her face. Both of her hands grip the sheets with her legs spread open. Escort Sinop He is on top of her with his hands placed on the bed. His eyes look down at her jiggling butt-cheeks. His cock pushes into her pussy with powerful thrusts.

Lyle is angry at his ex-girlfriend and grunts, “Fuck.. That.. Bitch.. Fuck.. Her!!”

She responds, “Unnh..Unnhh..Uh-Unh..Unnnh.!”

He tries to push all the way inside with each thrust. His 6-pack abs clench tightly while he keeps watching her buttocks.

“Bitch.. Cheated.. That.. Bitch.. Cheated.!” he continues to grunt.

His stiff cock is a hot-rod built up with anger.

She says, “Unnhh..Lyle..Ly-Lyle..Unnnh..Unhh!”

He keeps his thrusts steady and powerful. He lifts up his head and closes his eyes.

“God.. I-I.. Hate.. That.. Bitch!!” he yells.

She replies, “Take..It..Unnh..Out..Unnh-On..Me!!”

Lyle opens his eyes and looks down at his cock sliding in and out. He screams, “Cumming!!”

He pushes in as far as he can and stops. His explosion is angry, “Biiiiiitch.! Biiitch!!”

Everything stops and then Lyle pulls out his cock. His eyes keep looking down at her butt-cheeks.

He asks in a whisper, “You okay Ling?”

She answers through her heavy breathing, “Yeah… I’m okay.”

“I’m sorry. She fucking hurt me” he says.

He leans down and kisses her back. She replies, “I understand. We have all night to forget about her.”

“Okay” he whispers while pushing off of her who climbs from the bed. He staggers to the bathroom.

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