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He stood in his bedroom on the second floor, hidden behind the mirrored glass, watching them swim in his pool, knowing they couldn’t see him watching. It was a delicious sight, the mother and her two daughters from next door, their lean bodies lithely gliding through the water with their skimpy bathing suits and dark tans.

He watched the oldest girl get out of the pool and dry off, followed by her mom. They slipped on their sandals and disappeared through the gate to their own house on the other side of the 8 foot high privacy fence and the hedges.

He held his breath, waiting to see if the eighteen year old little sister would follow suit. She stared after them for a moment, then resumed swimming, diving under the water. He watched her surface, her shoulder length brown hair glistening and dripping, a smile playing on her delicate lips.

When she reached the edge of the pool, she started to climb the ladder, pausing for a moment to reach behind and adjust the bottom of her suit. Even from where he stood, with his erect cock straining against the material of his pants, he could see the water beading up in dots on her well-oiled skin, the nipples of her small pert breasts hard underneath the thin material.

She walked towards the house, moving out of sight and a moment later he heard the doorbell ring. He smiled, pulling his shirt down over his pants, hoping his hard-on wasn’t too obvious, and went down the stairs to open the door.

She was shivering a bit in the shade of the house, her arms folded across her tight bare stomach, pushing up her firm young breasts.

“Hi,” she said a little shyly. “I was wondering if I could borrow a towel. I forgot mine at home and was hoping I wouldn’t have to run home to get it.”

“Oh, no problem at all,” he said genuinely, looking down Pendik Escort into her beautiful brown puppy dog eyes. “Come on in.”

She stepped inside and he shut the door, then walked down the hallway to the linen closet to get her a towel. He turned around to find her right behind him. She shrugged a little and grinned. “I thought I’d follow you, I hope you don’t mind. I’m very cold.”

He smiled back and opened the towel for her to step inside. She turned around so he could drape it over her shoulders, reaching around her shivering slender body to wrap it tightly around her. He was very aware of just how close they were standing, and felt himself growing hard again.

He started to pull his hands back when he felt her soft hands on them, holding them there. There was a silence in the room as they just stood there, and then she gently leaned her body back against his, pulling his hands around her more firmly. He closed his eyes momentarily, barely daring to breathe, leaning his head forward to lean ever so slightly on hers.

She slid one of her hands out from under his and reached up, untying the strap of her bikini top, letting the strings fall down under the towel. A moment later he felt her reaching behind her to untie it at the back, and he felt it fall to the floor, brushing his bare toes as it landed.

He tentatively leaned down to kiss the back of her neck, and she let out her breath in a tiny gasp and pressed herself against him, taking his hand and sliding it under the towel to her bare breast. He felt the hard nipple under his fingers, and gently squeezed it between his fingers, feeling the small round sweetness of her in the palm of his hand.

She turned around and looked up at him with those large deep brown eyes, a little flush in her cheeks, and whispered, Kurtköy Escort “I hope you don’t mind…but I’ve always felt really attracted to you. I know you probably think I’m too young, but I just want to be with you, just once.”

He slid his hands under the towel to her waist, and leaned down to kiss her long and deep, as she slid her hands up to his shoulders and then to the back of his neck, pulling him close and sliding her tongue into his mouth. The towel fell to the floor and he pulled back a bit to have a good long look at her.

She glanced away, biting her lip, and then looked back, smiling as he gently touched her nipples. He fell to his knees to softly lick them and she ran her fingers through his hair, whimpering quietly. He ran his tongue up her chest, up her neck and chin and back to her lips again, sliding his hands around her tiny waist, feeling the small of her back.

Her mouth was warm and eager, her lips parting easily, her tongue exploring his mouth. He lifted her up, feeling her wrap her legs around him, and carried her to the living room, where he set her down in front of the couch. Gently he pulled the damp bikini bottom down, exposing the dark patch of her soft hair, the tender pink lips in a V between her shapely thighs.

He quivered as ran a finger back up the inside of her leg, finally touching her pussy, which was still cool from the wet fabric. She put one foot up on the couch and he parted her lips and slid a finger between, feeling sticky hotness. He throbbed and ached beneath his pants, hard as a rock.

He sat on the couch, and undid his pants, exposing his long, smooth cock, watching her face as he did. She smiled and her eyes lit up at the sight, and her one hand unconsciously slid between her legs, slowly rubbing. He beckoned Tuzla escort for her to come and she did, placing one knee on either side of him and straddling him.

She leaned down again to kiss him, eyes open, looking deep into his and he placed both of his hands over her small, vibrant breasts. Slowly she lowered herself until the head of him was pressed against her opening. He could feel her juices on the tip of his cock, felt the tightness of her wet pussy, inviting him in.

He moved his hips towards her as she pressed down and he gasped as he slid inside an incredibly tight, velvety tunnel. She moaned and sucked on his bottom lip as he pushed deep inside her, her hands clutching his shoulders.

His hands slid to her hips, to help her as she slowly lifted herself up and down, her tits bouncing in front of him. He leaned his head forward, sticking out his tongue to lick the erect nipples as they moved to the rhythm of the pumping.

She arched her back and closed her eyes as she moved faster, and he felt himself building, climbing towards his climax as he watched her face twist with the pleasure, heard the sweet sounds escaping her beautiful lips. He thrust harder to match the quickening of her movements, looked down to watch himself slide in and out, his cock glistening with her juices.

He took the thumb of one hand and rubbed her clit, and she cried out and started riding him furiously, breasts bouncing wildly, fingernails digging into his skin. He gasped and moaned, unable to hold back any longer, wanting to fill this young sweet thing with his hot cum. They pumped fast and hard, their voices mingling, hearts pounding, hands gripping each other hard, sliding deep and wet, building, climbing until neither one could stand it any longer.

She cried out one last time and pushed herself down hard on him, the walls of her innocent pussy grabbing at him, and he gasped and throbbed, shooting his load deep inside her in an explosive rush. She collapsed on top of him and he held her close, arms wrapped around her as their bodies cooled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32