Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 10

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On the drive home both Linda and Mark were quiet each lost in their own thoughts. Linda was reflecting on her first sexual experiences with people aside from Mark. She was thinking back to the demure and sexually coy young woman that she used to be. She wondered what that girl would have thought of her experiences over the last weekend. She had found it exhilarating beyond belief to feel the untamed desire of her John and the security guards. Thinking about it made her cunt warm and moist again. She only knew that she loved being overwhelmed by male lust and feeling hard cock opening her up as she yielded to a hot ravishment. She felt like she was tapping into a deep seated desire to provoke and submit to the stormy passions of men maddened by desire for her. She still felt intensely loyal to Mark but had enjoyed the variety and freshness of the weekends encounters. The thought occurred to her that she was utterly drunk on cock. She really was embracing her inner slut. She was positively exulting in slutty impulses and compulsions. Mark was permanently in high spirits and their relationship felt stronger than ever. Yet her experience yesterday evening and the feeling of 4 different cocks and bodies grinding against her had thrilled and excited her. She loved the feeling of erotic power she was revelling in and amping up to the full while she was still young, fecund and at the height of her desirability.

As she sat there lost in her reverie a sudden wave of guilt washed over her and she felt as though she were betraying Mark by allowing such thoughts to take root. She glanced over at him and he turned and smiled warmly at her. At that moment she resolved to devote herself utterly to her wonderful partner to atone for her mental infidelity. A rich tapestry of ideas and possibilities formed in quick succession as the countryside whizzed past her window as fast as her racing mind. They were approaching a by-pass of a medium sized town and Linda suggested they stop to eat and do some shopping as well. When they were pulled into the car park of the local shopping centre Linda told Mark that she wanted to do some shopping for an hour and that they would meet at the entrance and then find somewhere to eat.

Having split up Linda started roving through various clothes shops looking for something sleek and sexy that she could buy with the money she had earned from her time “on the make” the night before. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for but she wanted to see the glint in her Mark’s eye again as she met him for lunch. Linda strolled past a little shop that had a high proportion of racy and raunchy wear in the window. She turned back and passed the young security guard whose eyes she felt roam around her body. The railings were soon clinking merrily as Linda quickly flicked her way through the skimpy party wear that was on offer. She picked out a white crop top made from thin fabric that sported a plunging neckline and matched that up with a pair of ridiculously tight and short denim shorts. Then her eyes landed upon a short ruffled halter top dress. It was scrunched at the end and she again went for virginal white. A pair of white over the knee stockings/socks was soon picked out and finally a pair of 5 inch heeled platform boots. Linda added up the cost of the items in her basket and realised it came to less than what she had charged the John the night before. She gazed at the goods and thought about how an hour’s hot sex allowed her to spend guilt free. She banished the thought from her mind as she made her way to the changing rooms. The shop and the changing rooms were empty and Linda reasoned that only a few customers would visit this kind of shop each day but would spend quite a lot since they would be there to buy for various impending occasions or dates.

The changing room was spacious and each wall was mirrored. Linda slipped out of her knee length dress and removed her bra and panties. She gazed at her reflection thoughtfully. She had lost some weight over the last few months she noticed. Although always slim her thighs had become leaner and more toned as had her torso below her bulbous breasts. Standing upright with her legs together you could still see a thin triangle of light extending down from her pelvis to her knees. She eyed this appreciatively, usually only young, very fit girls had such firm toned legs and thighs. She looked behind her and admired the pert heart shaped ass. Bending forward she enjoyed seeing her pretty pussy appearing at the top of those same magnificent thighs. She stood up again and her eyes traced the lines of her torso from her upright shoulders past the globes of her tits as they tapered down to her narrow waist before joining the fertile fullness of her hips and ass to the classic lines of her lean legs. Linda slipped into the tight denim shorts that were cut high up her outside thighs. It snugly clung to her perfect curves and tightened around her skinny waist. The crop top was pulled over her head and stretched around her breasts and torso. The outline of her boobs was clearly drawn by the taut and thin material and the neckline met almost at the base of mecidiyeköy eskort her cleavage revealing quarters of each fleshy, plump, squeezed melon. Her nipples could be clearly seen through the fabric. The crop top exposed her midriff and naval as well. The white over the knee socks were swept up each leg and thin Linda perched herself up upon the boots. Looking the mirror she saw an absolutely smoking hot slutty cock tease, and she loved it. She took the price tags off each item and didn’t even bother trying on the dress.

She swayed up to the counter outside the dressing rooms. The assistant, a young girl chewing gum, couldn’t take her eyes off Linda as she processed the transactions. Linda thought this was a good sign, but then the young man at the door gawked and leered open mouthed and Linda knew she had achieved the desired effect. As she strutted down the centre her tits swayed and threatened to break out of the skimpy top while her legs stretched and smouldered with each stride. Heads turned and women scowled or scolded their menfolk as she headed down to the café where she had agreed to meet Mark. She sauntered salaciously into the Café and spotted Mark at a far table reading the paper. She bent over in front of him as she set her bags on the ground. Mark put the paper down to be greeted by the sight of his girls awesome cleavage bursting forth from the thin crop top. Meanwhile Linda’s ass was lifted high and displayed to the entire café. At least two teenage boys formed an instant hard-on and every red blooded male imagined himself standing behind her, grabbing her waist and driving their stiff cocks hard into her pussy while she bent forward as she was.

Linda slid into the chair.

“Hi honey, you like?” she purred with a smile.

” I like a lot.” Mark replied quietly.

Linda crossed her legs and swept them to the side allowing Mark and the Café a full view of her lissom and lithe pins framed by the white knee highs. Marks senses were focused solely on the sensual vision before him, the sights and sounds of the café had ceased to exist for him. It turned out Mark had already eaten.

“Well I’m hungry for some hard cock.” Linda whispered and got up and walked to the exit. Mark stumbled up quickly, gathered up the bags and rushed after the vampish and voluptuous figure of his girlfriend. He wrapped his free arm around her slender waist and she snuggled into him as he patted her firm ass. Passing men stared at her and probably thought “lucky bastard.” Linda led him back to the clothes shop she had been into and past the infatuated young guard.

At the railings Linda surreptitiously rubbed at Mark’s awakening crotch. There was no one else in the store bar them and the workers.

“I want you to give me a good seeing to in the changing rooms, ravage me and savage me.” Linda whispered in his ear. As she led the revved up Mark past the quizzical check out girl Linda hoped to erase her guilt at the enjoyment she had taken from the guard gang bang. She was devoting herself to remaining the object of Mark’s every twisted desire. And the way the guards had reduced her to a powerless plaything of their untrammelled passions had excited her to an unknown pitch of ecstasy. Her limbs snaked sinuously along in front of her entranced already hardening man.

Inside the cubicle Linda crushed her soft form against Mark who was drinking in her form in all the mirrors. The he felt her hand sliding under his pants and curling around his straining prick. Linda got onto her toes to whisper in his ear,

“I want you to slap my cunt with your balls, I want you to hit it hard till you spill your load in your pussy.”

She then locked her lips on his and ground herself against him while he pulled her close and roamed his hands down the curve of her back and grabbed her fleshy rump. Mark broke away and growled throatily,

“On your knees.”

Linda slid down, all the while holding eye contact as she saw demented lust fill Mark’s eyes. Mark backed away as Linda rested her ass on the back of her heels. Looking down on her as she kneeled back in the centre of the mirrored space Mark felt a thrill of power and command. Her breasts were almost entirely visible from the viewing angle.

“Hands behind your back.”

Linda complied pushing her chest further forward.

“Head up, look at the ceiling.” Linda’s back was arched further, her tits crushed against the crop top. Mark reached down grabbed the material and ripped it open freeing her breasts. She could hear his belt jingle and a zipper and could feel his shadow looming over her. He pulled her head down until it was facing his jumping penis.

“Suck it.”

Linda opened her mouth but before she could move her head forward Mark pulled it on to his dick and thrust down her throat and held her on it nose crushed against his pubic bone, lips locked around the base of his warm, thick length. He thrust up in short, sudden pumps while Linda’s eyes watered and she gagged and drooled. Normally Mark was careful not to overdo it but Linda had really worked him up and due to her seeds of guilt taksim eskort she had lifted her hands around behind his ass and she was pulling him into her, egging him on. Mark thrust himself fully in and pinned her head slotted on his prick for ten,twenty, thirty ….seconds, Linda’s chest was heaving she was desperately trying to suck in some air and still Mark waited groaning. Forty, fifty, one minute. Linda coughed up a massive stream of thick, globby mucus that spilled out the corners of her mouth and dripped down her chin. Some clung to her face and hung off her chin. Still Mark waited until an enormous heaving cough sent some mucus out of her nostril. Mark pulled out of her throat and pumped her mucus soaked mouth while Linda struggled to breath around his cock. Saliva and mucus spilled from her mouth and dripped and ran down her neck, ran down her tits and pooled on her thighs. Linda spluttered around the rampant, rutting rod. Then a knock woke them both up.

Mark withdrew from Linda’s dripping mouth.

“Miss are you ok?”

It was the young security guard.

“Miss can you come out here? I’m going to have to get the centre security.”

“I’m fine.” Linda said sweetly, and then not knowing what possessed her she got up face still smeared and lipstick smudged, mascara running and tits exposed and went to open the door.

“Don’t call security,” she continued as she slowly opened the door, ” why don’t you come in here for a minute.”

The young man stared at the woman before him and gulped. Ever since he had first seen linda various sexual fantasies had been swirling around his mind and here she was drooling spit, covered in slimy saliva, breasts framed by a few tattered, flapping pieces of fabric. She leaned forward and grabbed his tie and eased him inside and shut the door. He just then noticed Mark.

“You can use my mouth while my man fucks me.” Linda said sorting out arrangements. With that she wriggled out of her shorts and stepped out of them, spread her legs and bent forward presenting herself to Mark. Her pussy was dripping and engorged and Mark stepped forward and thundered into her in a sharp, violent thrust that elicited an open mouthed gasping moan from her. Mark grabbed her hair and yanked hard holding her weight up as she moaned softly.

“Well can you stop the noise from her mouth so we don’t get disturbed?” Mark stammered as he hammered the captive Linda. The young man dropped his pants and offered his hard dick in front of her mouth. Mark then pushed her forward and her wet mouth slid up and down his length as her head was bounced back and forward by his punishing pummelling.

Gary had never deep throated a woman before and groaned awestruck as his entire length was swallowed over and over by her gagging mouth. Mark was powering into her pussy as Linda came forcefully and clamped around his penis milking him for his cum. Gary groaned loudly before he came quite quickly and shot a flood of young cum right down the throat of this beautiful panting woman. He then withdrew his softening and glossy cock allowing Linda to cough up some thick mucus and some dribbles of sperm. Gary sat back transfixed as Mark fucked the shit out of Linda. Her body shook with each hard collision. Her boobs shook wildly and her inside thighs wobbled furiously. She was one of the most cock achingly beautiful women he had ever seen and here she was before him, mouth open, eyes closed as she was utterly dominated and drilled. Small, gasping, sharp breaths soon poured from her mouth as Mark’s steady pounding bore into her. She bent her knees slightly to keep her balance.

“You can feel her tits , ohhhhhh, pinch those nipples.”

Gary didn’t need to be asked twice and he stood up and reached under Linda’s panting face. His head was close to Linda’s and she opened her eyes wide and looked straight into the young man’s eyes when he started fondling and caressing and squeezing her jiggling tits. He could hear her lewd sighs and moans as she got thoroughly fucked. Gary pulled hard on a nipple and Linda groaned deeply. Her legs were trembling and her lips juddering and as she came hard her face flushed crimson while Gary stared into her eyes as her head was bucked by Mark’s insistent fucking.

“Grnnh, ohhhhh, ahhhhh,” Linda was struggling to keep her moaning as quiet as possible. Then suddenly Gary slapped Linda’s swinging breasts and a long drawn out stifled squeal issued from deep in Linda’s throat. Mark was enjoying the views of Linda’s sumptuous and submissive form accepting its cock battering in the four mirrored space. He wanted a better view and wanted Linda to see herself more clearly. Mark let go of her hair and grabbed her arms and drew them behind her. Then he wrapped an arm behind each elbow, drew them close together and pulled Linda’s torso up until she was leaning forward from the waist but almost upright. Her back curved beautifully like a reverse C. Her heavy tits hung forward and shuddered sexily with every sweeping thrust into her sopping pussy. Linda stared at her pinioned, wobbling flesh and at the grimly resolute face of Mark as he rammed her şişli eskort relentlessly.

Mark then grabbed Linda around her mouth and pulled her head back straining her neck, arching her back further and shoving her boobs out further.

” Suck those titties,” Mark offered ” And rub her clit.”

Gary’s heart was racing as he stood in front of the mewling woman and bent his lips to her firm nubs. He licked them lightly and Linda juddered perceptibly. Then he took one in his mouth and massaged it with his tongue and lips and then nibbled and grazed the hypersensitive tip. Gary then slid his hand down Linda’s sweaty torso towards her stuffed snatch. He found her clit and started rubbing lightly but rhythmically. Linda’s body shook convulsively and heaving, hot breaths sounded against Mark’s hand. A muffled “Ohhh Jesuuussss fuckkkk, ” escaped the corners of his palm as he clung to her firmly and kept pounding. Mark was getting close to coming now and he took his hands and arms and dug into her waist. Linda fell forward but was supported by Gary in front of her as he still suckled on her tits. Wheezing gasps of breath came out in waves and she whispered softly

” Ohhh Yess fuck mee ….make me uggghh your sluttttt.”

Gary, who was rock hard once more, nearly came in his pants right there when he heard this beautiful vision succumbing so entirely to lust. Mark powered into Linda’s molten pussy in sharp, ferocious sweeps that drew grunting gasps from her skewered body. Then Mark withdrew suddenly “Knees now,” he barked urgently.

Linda dropped dazedly down to her knees and Mark grabbed her hair and spun her round to face him. He was pumping his dick, dripping with her juices, just above her face.

“Look up at me, stick out your tongue.”

Linda did so and Gary thought it was the most erotic sight he had ever witnessed. Then Mark groaned loudly as the seed exploded from his hovering cock and splattered in thick ropes onto her upturned face. Some fell into her mouth and stuck to her lips, some dripped off her chin onto her chest and boobs. She licked her lips and swallowed. Then her face broke into a warm smile and she beamed up at Mark her teeth gleaming. Gary watched in awe and wonder and felt his dick ache and jump in his pants. Then Mark shoved his cock into her mouth and pushed deep one last time before falling back satisfied. Linda was kneeling there gasping gently her face smeared in spunk, her body shone in the light from a fine film of sweat.

Suddenly there was a sharp knock on the door.

” Gary?” it was the young cashier. “Are you in there?”

Everyone froze breathlessly. Gary looked at Linda kneeling in her just used state and then to Mark. Linda locked her eyes on the young man and he looked back at her. Linda mouthed her words quietly as she started crawling seductively towards him, her boobs swaying, her nipples hard and erect, her ass high.

“Get rid and fuck me,” she whispered “Use me like a nasty whore.”

Gary responded immediately

“Lisa I’m dealing with a damaged mirror, it’s a health and safety issue, get back to the till.”

“Emmmm, don’t be long, there is no one at the door.”

They could hear her footsteps fading and then Gary could feel her hands on his belt. Soon his pants had pooled around his ankles and Linda had his raging hard on in her hand. Gary however was more turned on than he had ever being and had been given permission to use this sexy bitch as he saw fit.

“Hands away,” he snapped “open that slut mouth and lick my dick till is nice and wet because I’m going to ram it down your throat.”

Linda licked the length of his veined, pulsing tool dutifully. When she looked up she saw that the sweet boy had been replaced by a leering, snarling lecherous beast who saw her purely as a receptacle for his lust, his cock and his sperm. This both excited and frightened Linda in an exquisitely tantalising way and her body primed itself involuntarily for the ravaging she knew was coming. Her pussy was flooded with her juices and her nipples grew still harder and extended further. Linda tickled Gary’s balls with her tongue and revelled in the moans she elicited from his lips. Then he pushed her head back and lined up his raging erection in front of her face.

“Open up,” he instructed urgently.

As Linda opened her jaws wide she could feel Gary placing his hands on the back of her head. Then without any warning or ceremony he pulled her head onto him while he thrust savagely down her throat until her mouth was crushed against his pubic bone and his hanging balls. Every millimetre was shoved mercilessly down her captive mouth and throat and a gutteral gagging retching issued from her mouth as some mucus was forced out around the sides of his thick prick. Gary exulted in the feeling of her warm and wet mouth as he held her chin deep and drooling on the cock that was slotted so fully within her. Linda’s big hazel eyes watered and reddened as Gary hit the back of her head trying to explore the depths of her tight throat. Thirty seconds elapsed before he relaxed his grip on the kneeling brunette and let from her mouth reflexively fly back off his shiny, stiff tool. A flood of saliva and drooling, dripping mucus was coughed out of her gasping red lipped mouth and dropped onto her torso and heaving breasts.

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