Linda , Aimie Ch. 02

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That first kiss on the chaise: I could feel her shaking; obviously either nervous or maybe just full of anticipation, either way it was a kiss that soon turned into a very deep passionate moment… I moved closer to her and our arms wrapped around each other, her passion was evident even then… As she drew back to look at me she told me “I have wanted that kiss for a very long time!”

As I smiled I asked: “Was it worth the wait?”

“Every minute!”

This time it was I who moved in for the kiss, and after a long moment I moved to stand up. I think she thought I was leaving… I was not, and as I drew her to me, wrapping my arms around her and pushing my body against hers, she understood the message and we moved toward the bed.

We lay there for a long while, each kissing the others face and neck, our hands caressing; stroking; exploring as our bodies moved one against the other in the evocative movements of sex; the sensual preamble of exploring the body of a new lover…

I love those early moments with a new lover! As I lie on my back she undid the buttons of my top, then the front clasp of my bra. As her tongue licked around the soft vermilion of my lips encouraging me to open my mouth and invite her to mingle her tongue with my own I felt her cool, soft finger tips stroking down my neck, through my cleavage before drifting lightly over my breasts and teasing around the periphery of my nipples. Separating from our kiss her finger tips were now replaced by the sensation of her soft lips gliding over my now hardening nipple into the warmth of her mouth. The wet warmth of her saliva on me was loving and exciting; I moved her to the other breast wanting more and more and as I pushed her head down onto me I whispered, “Harder, suck my tits harder.” Oh it was gorgeous, but I needed her also…

“Linda, undress me.” As we stood I kicked off my heels and allowed my already opened top and bra to fall down my arms to the floor. Kissing me, Linda reached around me undoing my zip and removing my skirt… Seeing my suspenders her hands moved to the exposed flesh of my thighs and with a sharp intake of air, a somewhat dreamy look upon her face, she stared at me standing before her, a look of not only passion, but also of lust!

As we kissed again I was unzipping her dress, allowing it to drop to the floor, soon to be followed by her bra and hose. Damn, for a woman of thirty-eight, she is in great shape; slim, adorned with beautiful soft breasts, and her pussy, like mine, was shaved!

Leaving only my suspenders and stockings in place, with her now fully naked, we kissed again as we moved back onto the bed kneeling one in front of the other, hands touching breasts, sides, back and the globes of the others buttocks; each mapping out the body of the other as we kissed; oh lover this was awesome!

I pulled her down to lie beside me again; believe me, this lady could kiss… Kissing with ever increasing passion I rolled on top of her, wanting, as I always do to feel, to experience again that exhilaration of the touch of a new lovers breasts against my own… I adore that sensation, and from the expression on her face, and the way she pushed herself against me I knew she loved it also. Usually the more dominant partner, it was becoming evident that she wanted to take the lead… Rolling me over onto my back, Linda straddled across me, sitting on my mound; I could feel the hot wetness of her cunt against me…

Leaning over me she again held my kisses for a long, long time, before lifting her torso from me and stroking her beautiful tits over my face; teasing my lips with her nipples, moving now to stroke them over my neck, then down over my tits once again… The soft warmness of her bursa sınırsız escort skin was simply amazing; I wanted to do the same to her… “No, turn over, lie on your face.” Oh, this was one passionate woman!

Sitting astride my thighs she proceeded to not only stroke, but also to rub her tits hard against my back. For a moment she would sit up and massage my shoulders, then my sides, and as she once again teased her nipples over my back her hands moved to stroke first my sides, and then beneath me squeezing my tits as she moved her body lower and lower.

Opening my thighs Linda moved between them; she was kissing the back of my neck, and slowly kissed and licked a line down my spine, pausing to kiss the top of my cleft as her hands squeezed and molded my buttocks… Moving further down between my legs she continued to kiss me in that same spot as I murmured “Oh lover that feels wonderful!” Kissing, licking as her knees opened my legs wider and I felt her tongue slide lower and lower… I was aglow, loudly murmuring my pleasure, my body involuntarily moving against her as her kisses, her licks, excited and pleasured me… The entire experience forcing me to abandon myself to whatever she wanted of me!

Her kisses moved down and down and then just for a brief moment I felt her tongue flick over and around the puckered edges my arse! I tried to push myself against her but she lightly slapped my cheeks, laughing teasingly as she licked over the back of my thighs; my skin tingled as she kissed the back of my knees, then my calf’s before turning me over once again…

Sitting at my feet, her legs astride, Linda placed my left foot against her pussy as she massaged and kissed the other… I love having my feet massaged, and her kisses increased the pleasure even more; playfully biting and sucking on my toes; before changing them over to do likewise to the other… The feel of her kisses, coupled with the hot wetness of her cunt on the soles of my feet was stunning; a sensation that is hard to describe, but oh so pleasurable… I lay back enveloping myself in the sensations that were flooding over me!

Moving again, she slowly massaged and kissed her route up each of my legs, her hands stroking over my thighs. I could feel myself becoming increasingly wet with anticipation, and it was not too long before I felt her hot breath over the lips of my pussy… I was in heaven. Her hands reached up to lightly mold and gently pinch my nipples, and again I could feel myself becoming wetter, and wetter. With just one fleeting kiss of my pussy lips, she now nuzzled against the small heart shaped hair atop of my Mons and then continued on and up my body, returning to kiss my breasts and then my mouth…

With a very cheeky grin on her face she told me “Mmm, yes I want it also, but I also want your kisses!” I laughed and feigned a movement to roll her over and get at her, but I was having such a wonderful experience, I pouted a little as I let her stop me from rolling her over… Oh this was fun!

We kissed and kissed and kissed, but rising from me she reached to the draw of her bedside table, secreting something in her hand as she returned to my nipples, and then my mouth, our tongues loving mutual attention as her left hand stroked over my body, a little firmer than before…

She touched my Mons, my legs spontaneously opened for her once again, and I sensed that she had laid something on the bed before her fingers began to gently stroke my pussy lips, lips which were so wet that her fingers glided over and then into my cunt with absolute ease…

As her mouth passionately devoured my own her finger was teasing against my G-spot. Oh yes! Linda bursa escort bayan really knew her craft… My pelvis rose and fell beneath her touch and I began to feel the sensation of orgasm flooding over me “Oh Linda, don’t stop, I’m cumming baby!” she did not stop and that glorious flow of sensation took hold and flowed over my entire body!

Our kisses now were really hot and heavy, her left leg moved between my thighs, her thigh pushing up against my pussy, moving hard against me… Damn I needed her, my hands were spasmodically moving over her body, kneading her tits, pinching her nipples, I wanted to take control but she was not having that! My hand was in her hair, pushing her down to my breasts, feeling again the pleasure of her mouth as she sucked and nipped on my nipples; biting me, licking and biting me again; her body moving between my legs…

Wide eyed and my mouth open; I watched as she moved down and down until her mouth enveloped the lips of my pussy, her tongue momentarily dithering over my clit before she drew back a little, retrieving whatever it was that she had placed there… Mmm, I was intrigued to hear the soft hum of a Pocket Rocket as she oh so gently toyed within my lips and then over my clit; vibrations, kisses, licks, all combining and immersing me once again into abstract pleasure…

Turning off the vibrator Linda kissed and licked my pussy, her tongue sliding up and down my slit before her lips encircled my clit, and with tongue encircling licks, her fingers slipped again into my cunt fucking into me; her mouth rhythmically pulsating and sucking on my clit as I approached orgasm once again. Her tongue lavished against me, my entire pelvis was writhing against her face, I lifted myself up onto my elbows wanting to watch her as the crescendo of my orgasm crashed through-out every nerve within me, before collapsing back onto the bed. I was screaming, the sensations were so intense. Totally oblivious to anything, sensation after sensation flowed over me, going on and on before finally leaving me in the afterglow of what must have been total, mutual, fucking lust.

I lie there gasping for air… Linda moving to my side, softly kissing my neck and my face until I relaxed, turned toward her and kissed her soft open lips, lips tasting of me.

“Oh woman, you are one heck of a linguist!” I said.

“Takes two” she replied, a satisfied grin on her face…

“More Champagne?”

“You bet; more of everything!”

Retrieving the pillows, the atmosphere warm, and electric as we sat side by side in the bed sipping our Champagne… Finishing my drink, Linda took my glass, turned away to place them on the bedside table and as she did so I moved in behind her, spooning myself against her hot body and reaching to her front to take hold of her breasts and kissing the back of her neck.

Linda submitted to my approach as I rolled her more onto her face and lay my body on top of her. My hands were combing through her hair, my legs outside of hers as I moved my pussy back and forth against her butt, delighting in her moans of pleasure.

As she had done to me, I now moved to sit on her thighs, my nipples teasing over her back and then, combing my hair forward I oh so softly brushed my hair over her skin, teasing down and down, repeating the same joys over her buttocks before turning her over. Sitting now on the front of her thighs, molding my hands into her tits, I again used my hair to tickle and tease her skin, causing her to relax before roughly biting and then quickly sucking her nipple deep into my mouth causing her to tense and delightfully squeal with pleasure!

Kissing her again and again, I looked into her nilüfer escort eyes as I told her: “I want the taste of you!” It was as though no one had ever told her this before; she gasped deeply and her flesh was suddenly covered with Goosebumps…

“Oh Aimie, yes, yes, yes!” Her passionate excitement was palpable as I kissed my way down to her tits, once again sucking on each of her nipples, then licking my southerly route to her navel. Her hands in my hair, combing but not pushing, it was a surreal moment of absolute pleasure!

Now fully between her thighs, my open lips touched her pussy, it seemed to be like an electric shock running through her; her body tensed and her mouth released a murmuring sound of joy as I slowly, purposefully, licked my tongue into the wetness of her slit… Mmm, the aroma of her, the taste of her was sweet and I found myself lavishing every nuance of my experience on this wonderful woman… Slipping two fingers into her cunt, her body rose to meet me as I entered into her… Kissing the labial folds of her pussy, gently biting on her Majora, her passions were rising and rising in company with my own!

Her knees bent up, legs wide apart I gorged myself in kissing every part of her; her groins, her thighs, her pussy lips. My fingers were everywhere, at one point two in her cunt, another teasing the puckered outer fringes of her arse; my mouth lavishing its pleasure upon her minora and clitoris, my fingers now fucking her cunt and her arse… This was when I suddenly felt her body simply freeze to a standstill beneath me; I knew it, I knew what was happening and I attached my every attention to holding her body to me, licking and sucking on her clit. Spontaneously, unknowingly to her, she was now doing what I adore at this very moment… Her fingers were raking through my hair, her nails scratching against my scalp, as though she was trying to pull me into her as her orgasm literally exploded from her body… Writhing against me, calling out my name, her body was alive as the juices of her pussy flowed over my face, into my mouth as I absorbed every sense of her, not relinquishing any attention to her until she fell back, her knees straightening as her legs fell to my sides…

“Holy fuck Aimee, holy fuck!”

Linda was absolutely exhausted, her body once again covered in Goosebumps, her legs slowly shaking; as I moved up to her side she gently guided my face to her breast and I lie there suckling on her until she drew me to her; her face red and smiling as she kissed me with the softest of kisses I think I have ever known.

There were no words. I lay back on the pillow, Linda turned to lay in the crook of my arm, her head on my chest and we fell asleep.

Being a night owl, I awoke early, Linda, on her back sleeping peacefully, arms at her sides, her legs apart. I lie there for some time just watching her sleep; she is quite beautiful! Thoughts of all that had happened to me over these past few weeks meandered through my mind. I owed this lady a lot for all the support she had given me and I glowed with the memories of our love making!

I had not planned it at all, but the humourist within me decided that I should wake her in a very special way… Very carefully, I got out of the bed, walked to the foot and then as slowly, as deftly as I could, moved under the duvet and up between her legs and gently began to kiss her pussy… Mmm, it only took a moment before she awoke, her hands reached down, slowly stroked into my hair and I could hear quiet murmurings as she enjoyed the pleasure of my alarm call… “Mmm, Aimie, your wonderful, come here and kiss me.”

I did, and as we parted from that morning kiss, she cheekily said “My darling love, I would not have stopped you, but I really do need to pee!” We laughed as we both got out of bed, for this, we both needed to do! LMFPO!!!

Was this the end? No… With coffee cups in hand we returned to bed once more; we made love once more… Slowly; gently; lovingly; both in the full knowledge that we had found a special relationship!

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