Lily Of The Valley

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I read a lot of stories that the author calls TRUE or BASED ON TRUE INCIDENTS. All the incidents in the story actually took place although the timeline may have been altered a bit for effect. Enjoy!

Lily was an intern of mine. And, during the time we had worked together, my wife and I had become acquainted with her socially. She had an effervescent personality, enjoyed being with other people, and was usually the center of any social group. She was an attractive woman. Not gorgeous in the usual sense. She looked soft and plump like a Rubens model. She made no secret of the fact that she lived with her “partner” in their home in the California hills, but this didn’t seem to prevent her from interacting socially with others—male and female. And, my wife and I speculated, perhaps even more intimately with some than others.

We had several parties at our home, which always included a lot of good food and a lot of good wine. At one of them, everyone started home as it grew late. Lily said she’d be happy to stick around and help us pick up. After only a little while, my wife stated that she had had too much to drink and needed to go to bed. As she excused herself, she winked at me and whispered, “OK! Here’s your chance to ‘get acquainted’ with Lily!”

I was a little surprised that my wife was suggesting that I put a serious move on Lily, but the possibility certainly was interesting. Lily and I picked things up and, since several of the bottles of wine were half full, sat down to polish them off. We began verbally teasing each other and, when I asked Lily if she’d like to become a little more intimate, she nodded questioningly toward the bedroom where my wife had gone to bed. I interpreted this to mean, “Not while your wife is around!” Later, I found that she was interested all right. Interested in including my wife in a little threesome. Had I only been more perceptive!

When Lily left and I went to bed, my wife was still awake. “Did you guys get to do anything?” she asked.

“No, Lily seemed a bit hesitant about doing anything while you were in the next room.”

“She shouldn’t have been. I was lying here thinking about you and her and playing with my pussy. If you didn’t do her any good, why don’t you see if you can do me a little good?” What followed was a long session of dip and diddle that left both of us exhausted and satisfied. I was surprised that my wife was so interested in my getting some “strange”. Later I surmised that she was interested in something more with Lily.

Lily completed her internship and we had a nice reception-party in her honor. There was lots of wine flowing and all of us were in a celebratory mood. Her partner from California came for the party, which seemed to preclude any chance to get Lily alone. But, we did get acquainted with her and found her a very pleasant person.

My travels brought me into LA where Lily lived with her partner Rae. I called and she insisted that I come and spend the weekend with them. And, knowing she had a long-standing relationship with Rae, I certainly did anticipate anything taking place. Boy! Was I wrong!

Lily and Rae had a lovely home up in the hills with a pool, a large hot tub, and a lovely assortment of California wines. They were very casual about their dress usually wearing caftans or light house coats around. After a lovely dinner with a sampling of several wines, L proposed we take advantage of the pool. She advised me that there were two rules. One, you could not have a wine glass on the pool deck and there were plastic glasses for that. Two, no swim suits were allowed. Splash! There I was with a nice wine buzz, two lovely women, a hard on, and the frustrating knowledge that they were lovers. We splashed around as the sunset and the air became cooler when L suggested we do the hot tub thing.

My frustration continued as I sat in the tub with all that lovely stuff around me: bouncy breasts and nice full bushes. I even quit trying to hide my hard on. After a few more rounds of wine, we decided it was time to retire and I headed for the guest bedroom thinking that I would certainly have to pleasure myself if I was going to get any sleep that night.

I had hardly crawled into bed myself, when Lily came waltzing into the room still nude. I assumed she was there merely to wish me good night when she pulled back the sheet and crawled into the bed. “What about Rae?” I asked.

“She’s OK. She knows I like fellas, too! So, shut up and kiss me!” I did, over and over, and in many different places. In short order, Lily had relieved all my tensions and, I thought, I had done fairly well by her. She kissed me good night and went back to her own bedroom.

The next day was more of the same: lovely meals, glorious wine, beautiful skinny dipping, and lots of cordiality. That night, I retired, wondering if Lily would reappear, of if I were to Gaziantep Grup Escort spend the night by myself when she surprised me again. Here she came with Rae and they both crawled into bed with me. We played and fondled and fingered and stoked and laughed and giggled until I was almost ready to pop a load just from the visuals.

And then Rae asked if I’d screw her! It had been some time since she’d been with a man, she explained, and she’d like to feel what it was like again. Lily thought it was a great idea and was eager to watch me poke Rae. I was eager to watch me poke Rae, too. My only regret was that it couldn’t last for a much longer period of time because she was hot and sweet and tight and responsive. Exhausted, they returned to their bedroom and I dropped off to sleep like a rock.

When I got home and told my wife about all the carryings on, she was hot, but she was also disappointed that hadn’t gone with me and we could have had a wild FFFM foursome.

We kept in touch. Who wouldn’t? I visited Lily and Rae a couple of other times with much the same kind of delightful entertainment.

Several months later, Lily called to ask if we’d like to have her as a houseguest. We were delighted and quickly made arrangements. My wife and I talked about all kinds of erotic activities with Lily. She assumed that Lily would be eager for me to fuck her and suggested that, after a late dinner, she would plead fatigue, excuse herself and go to bed. That would leave me free to make a move on Lily and see what she was into.

Lily arrived and it was good to see her. We had a lovely dinner and, as planned, my wife exited. Lily and I continued to sip the wine and talk about “old times”. After some parrying, I asked her if she’d like to have some company tonight, implying, I hoped, that I would be happy to share the guest bedroom with her.

Again, she nodded toward the master bedroom with a very quizzical look. I assured her that there was no problem, that J had no objection to my going to bed with Lily. Lily still seemed puzzled and uncertain. “I’m going to take a shower,” I told her. “When I’m finished, if the door to the guest room is open, I’ll know you want some company. If it’s closed, I’ll know you don’t and that’s OK, too.”

I was disappointed when I got out of the shower and found the guest bedroom door closed. I retired to the master bedroom to find my wife awake and eager to find out what we’d done. She’d been lying there in bed, playing with herself and imagining me screwing Lily. “Nothing!” I told her. “Lily went to bed!” She offered to take care of my disappointment and proceeded to give me an unusually lovely blowjob.

We had a great day of sightseeing the next day. That evening, we fixed a lovely meal. Afterwards, we sat around the table talking and sipping wine. As the amount of alcohol increased, our conversations became more intimate. I wasn’t too surprised when my wife bragged about her convention trip and the visit to a stranger’s hotel room. She loved to tell about how surprised he was when she gave him a blowjob, but then she always liked to flaunt her sexuality.

Lily asked if we had ever experienced a “full body” massage. We’d heard about groupies where everyone was nude and there was a lot of touching and fondling, but we’d never really been involved in one. Feigning innocence, L asked “Would you like me to show you how great it is?” We were more than eager!

Following Lily’s directions, we warmed some coconut oil, placed lighted candles all around the master bedroom, and put an extra sheet on the king sized bed. “The next thing,” Lily instructed, “is to make sure you don’t get oil all over your clothes. So everybody strip!”

“Yeah! Sure!” I thought. My wife was into that all right. She didn’t waste any time stripping off everything. I took a little more time as I watched Lily take off all her clothes. She had a full body with nice boobs and a nice big bush. As I reveled in the situation of being nude in a room with two nude women, I knew there was nothing I could do to keep from getting a hard on.

“And then,” Lily said, “you have to have someone to start on. Jean, why don’t you be our first subject?”

My wife was more than eager. Following Lily’s instructions, she lay face down and we started massaging the warm oil into her hands and arms and legs and shoulders and back and buttocks. Playfully, Lily poured a little extra oil down my wife’s crack, slipped my hand all the way down to her ass, massaged it a bit, as she moaned appreciatively.

“Now, it’s time to do the other side.” The other side, of course, was much more interesting. My wife rolled over exposing her hard little tits and the mouse between her legs. Again we started with the extremities and worked our way to the center. When we reached my wife’s small breasts, Lily started demonstrating the “special” way in which they were to be massaged—from the perimeter to the nipple, from the nipple back to the perimeter, around and around the nipple. My wife’s breasts are not large but they are firm; her nipples her hard and pointed and very sensitive. A few rounds of manipulating her breasts and nipples and she was squirming. She’d gotten off many times with less fondling than this.

Then Lily started working on my wife’s crotch. She poured a generous amount of oil over her bush and let it trickle down the crack until my wife’s pussy was completely drenched. Then Lily slowly started “massaging”, slipping her finger down into her slit and all over her clit. My wife responded by quickly spreading her legs. Then Lily proceeded and I watched as she slipped her fingers into my wife’s pussy and started “massaging” around and around. I lay off to one side stroking my hard on and trying to keep from popping off as I watched Lily slowly and deliberately finger fuck my wife. My wife responded gasping and moaning as Lily worked her into a frenzy.

“Then there’s one other massage technique,” Lily stated. “That’s a tongue massage.” With that she went down on my wife and started kissing and licking her pussy. My wife hunched her hips up to meet L’s tender assault. Lily’s tongue fucked her deeper and deeper. After having her tits and nipples “massaged”, my wife was frantic. I found it incredibly erotic to lie next to them as Lily licked and kissed and sucked my wife’s labia and clit. I encouraged my wife to play with her nipples and, as she got hotter and hotter, she pinched and twisted and tugged on them frantically.

Obviously, L was more than familiar with female anatomy and how to arouse it and obviously she enjoyed getting other women turned on and turned out. My wife fucked back against L’s very active tongue until she started coming and coming. When she had exhausted all sensations, L wrapped her in her arms and kissed her deeply to share the flavor and aroma of the pussy she’d just gotten off.

My wife lay gasping on the bed. “Now I want to do you,” she said to Lily.

Lily responded, “You don’t have to….”

“I know. But, I really want to.”

Lily stretched out on the bed with her legs spread and my wife went directly for her hot pussy. My wife had never had any bi-sexual experiences–that I knew of. We had shared some fantasies about her making out with another woman and she certainly did not seem to be adverse to the idea. She dove into Lily’s bush and went after her pussy with vigor and devotion. I almost pumped off a load as I watched Lily’s bush become wet and matted as my wife drove her tongue as deeply into Lily’s pussy as she could. I played with L’s nipples as my wife lapped away between her thighs. Lily had a wild orgasm and my wife, her face covered with Lily’s juices, was thrilled that she had gotten Lily off so thoroughly

As soon as they caught their breath, the two of them came after me. It took about 2 seconds and I was coming and coming and coming from both of them nibbling around my hot cock.

The next morning, I had to get up and get dressed for work. I was finishing breakfast when my wife finally dragged herself out to the breakfast room wearing only a light robe. Our houseguest apparently was sleeping in after our long evening. “How are you this morning?” I asked.

“Exhausted…pleasantly exhausted,” was her reply. As she stood beside me, I ran my hand under her robe caressing her ass.

“You got a pretty good pussy job last night. What are you and Lily going to do today?” I asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll probably go shopping. I’m not sure I’m up to much.”

“The two of you may just have to take a little afternoon ‘nap’,” I suggested, winking at her. I was sure she got my message as I left for work.

When I got home from work that evening, my wife and Lily were both having a giggling fit. “OK, you guys! What’s going on?”

“You know what you said this morning?” my wife reminded me. “Well, when Lily finally got up, we had breakfast and then went shopping for some more wine. We opened one bottle for lunch and, pretty soon, I had to go to the bathroom. While I was there, I had this wild idea. I stripped naked, freshened up a bit, and stepped out into the hallway where Lily could see me, and asked ‘Would you care for any of this for dessert?.”


“Lily squealed and chased me into the bedroom stripping her clothes off. We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed ‘entertaining’ each other.”

“And, exactly what did the ‘entertainment’ consist of?’

“You can certainly guess, but Lily went after me and I quickly had my legs wrapped around her head while she ate my pussy over and over and over again. I don’t know when I ever had so many orgasms in a row. And, when I had caught my breath, I took my time and really tongued her pussy over and over again. I explored every part of her with my tongue and she suggested a few little corners for me to take care of. I found I really enjoyed licking her pussy almost as much as I enjoy sucking cock!”

“I certainly hope there’s some of that ‘dessert’ left for me,” remarked.

They both agreed that there probably was. And they were right.

We spent the next several evenings practicing full body massage. We took turns being the subject. Sometimes my wife and I would work over Lily; sometimes the two women would work me over. Those sessions didn’t last very long I must admit. My wife and Jean kept practicing during the day as well. They abandoned the pretense of having a massage party. Instead, they’d just get naked and spend the afternoon eating each other.

When Lily had to go home, we promised to come and visit her and Rae. Later, my wife and I talked about our experiences with Lily. I said, “I’ve told you how much I enjoy eating pussy. What did you think about it? You seemed to enjoy tonguing Lily’s nice hairy snatch.”

“I loved eating her pussy! I didn’t think that I would enjoy it as much as I did! I enjoyed being naked with her and playing with her big boobs. I want to visit L and Rae, but I wouldn’t mind finding a few more ‘friends’ that might enjoy being ‘entertained’,” my wife responded. “What we are going to have to do is find a nice big juicy cock for you to suck!” I didn’t doubt that she would find just the right time and place to do so.

A few months later, my wife Jean had travel scheduled that gave her an opportunity to visit Lily and her partner Rae. I had told her all about my visits, skinny dipping in their pool, sharing their hot tub and, especially, a very satisfying threesome.

The night before Jean was to leave, we were messing around in bed when I went down on her and started nibbling her pussy, something she loved for me to do and something that I loved to do as well. As I slowly and gently lapped around her labia and over her clit, I told her to imagine that L was tonguing her again or that she was going down on Lily’s hairy pussy again. She kept getting hotter and hotter until she was rolling around and thrusting her pelvis against my face until she popped and popped and popped. When I came up for air and we kissed, she told me that the idea of a lesbian threesome really turned her on. What she wanted was what I thought of her messing around with Lily and Rae. I wished her all kinds of erotic pleasantries.

When she returned, I picked her up at the airport and she couldn’t wait to tell me all the things they had done. We were both so horny that, as soon as we got home, we stripped off all our clothes and went after it in our bed. I played with her juicy pussy while she stroked and fondled my cock and balls and she told me about her visit.

She had arrived at their secluded home early in the afternoon. Lily and Rae were both wearing caftans and apparently nothing else. Their large breasts appeared unfettered as they bounced around in their drapes. Lily suggested my wife might like to change her clothes and get into something more comfortable…like nothing. Jean dug that and quickly returned to the kitchen with a light silk kimono draped over her shoulders. She hadn’t bothered to tie the belt and, as she walked around, it was obvious she was naked beneath the silk.

They sat down to enjoy a light lunch with lots of wine. As soon as they finished their lunch, L suggested they get some sun and use the pool. They had two rules: (1) only plastic glasses for the wine because of the danger of broken glass, and (2) no suits allowed.

My wife immediately (and enthusiastically) consented and headed for the pool. Lily and Rae slipped out of their caftans and my wife dropped her kimono and all three of them looked over each other. Both Lily and Rae had large, bouncy breasts and thick black muffs; both had large nipples and big areoles. My wife breasts are small with very sensitive nipples. Although unbothered by the size of her breasts, she admires larger breasts and enjoys fondling them and sucking on big nipples.

They splashed around in the pool for a while playing the women’s version of grab ass. There was a lot of pinching of nipples and finger poking. My wife kept getting hornier and hornier until L suggested they’d had enough “swimming” and should go inside and hit the hot tub.

The hot tub was just right for four people but small enough that three women would have plenty of space for playing touchy-feely. They started touching each other with their toes and pretty soon they were laughing and talking about a “toe fuck”. They reached out with their legs and goosed each other’s pussy. Rae asked what all they had done when Lily visited us and Lily and my wife were happy to go into detail about both our threesomes and the times they had gotten together and made out with each other. Lily kept bragging about how she had “outed” my wife and taught her to be an excellent pussy lapper.

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