Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Jesse Adkins squeezed her lips tightly around the huge hard-on that filled her mouth. The big powerful spurts she had just swallowed had began to ease, but she continued to suck at her lover’s semi-hard and still delicious penis, drawing out his last creamy drops. Fully drained for the moment, Stash Molinski gently squeezed the naked girl between his legs, and stroking her hair he bragged on her blow job. “Baby,” he told her, “you’re the best cocksucking little Bitch ever!”

Jesse savored the load of love juice Stash had just given her, and looked up at her man with bright happy eyes. She was barely eighteen, and in her senior year of high school. She felt very lucky indeed to have a boyfriend who was almost twenty two, out of school, and working full time at the battery factory on the edge of town. To Jesse, being called “the best cocksucking bitch ever” by her lover was high praise indeed, and Jesse glowed satisfaction at what she considered a complement despite its vulgarity.

Jesse took her task of satisfying her man’s sexual appetite very seriously, and nothing pleased her more than to have some new sensual delight waiting for Stash on his afternoon visit. She had been planning today’s blow job since early this morning. Stash did so love good head. She had given it her all when she went down on him this afternoon, and she could tell from the full load of cum in her mouth that she had done well.

Jesse’s dad had died young of a sudden heart attack three years ago. Jesse’s trip thru puberty without the dominant father she adored had left her craving male approval. Stash’s daily return to her bed had become by far the most important thing in her young life. Despite her tender age and inexperience, she was determined to give Stash better sex than the horny and man-hungry females who worked side by side with him at the factory. He could have his pick of any of those whores, and she meant to do whatever was necessary to keep him returning to her house to fuck her instead.

And return almost daily he did, even though as a stud-still-in-training, Stash as yet had only the sketchiest understanding of the grip he held on Jesse’s fragile teenage ego. What he did know was that this was an easy and regular piece of ass. So it was that every day, regular as clockwork, Stash left work at 3:00 p.m. and headed for the 7-11 store a block away the little two bedroom Adkins home where Jesse lived with her mother.

Jesse knew her mother would skin her alive if she discovered she was having sex, let alone sex with a boy four years her senior. By insisting that Stash leave his car at the convenience store, Jesse was able to hide her trysts from the nosy neighbors who might notice a strange car regularly parked in the driveway and report it to her mother. The short walk from the store was no hardship for Stash. Even allowing for the few minutes lost, he still had two full hours to put Jesse through her paces in bed, and slip away before Jesse’s mother, Cora Adkins, who worked as a teller at a local bank, arrived home at about 5:30 or so.

Poor Jesse! Her age, her inexperience, and her troubled ego, had made her an easy prey for Stash even though he was still a pretty green cocksman. Blinded by what she was sure was love, and the things he did to her pussy, Jesse could not see that Stash Molinski was nothing but a pussy hound, a big dumb piece of dirt without any talent or ability to speak of excepting only the instinct and big cock necessary to seek out, find, and fuck, vulnerable females.

In fairness to Stash, however, it ought to be said that he was the answer to a prayer for any woman hungry for a big cock. In that department, mother nature had been more than just generous, equipped as he was with 10+ inches of fat woman tamer almost perpetually hard in the presence of a naked female. Tempted by such a spectacular female pacifier, how could the young and impressionable Jesse possibly know how dangerous Stash was to her, or how to protect herself from him.

Stash on the other hand was doing what came naturally to a pussy hound. Tomcat instincts told him he had an good thing going with Jesse Adkins, and that he should push her to the limit. Innocent little bitches like Jesse were easy pickings for men like Stash. Believing herself to be in love, Jesse would never expect such selfish motives of her boyfriend, and of course it never entered Jesse’s mind that Stash might be unfaithful to her. She had no way to know of course that she was only a filler fuck for Stash’s otherwise empty afternoons. As often as not after he was finished with her, he would pick up one of the sluts from the factory and hump her all the rest of the evening.

Today Stash had worked an hour of overtime and he was late getting to the Adkins house. The delay made him even more randy than usual, and he was in such a hurry to have his dick sucked that he skipped the regular routine and left his car in the Adkins’ driveway instead of at the 7-11.

Jesse was naked and waiting for him. Stash had his shirt open and was already dropping his pants as he Starzbet came thru the door. By the time he hit Jesse’s bedroom he had lost his shoes and jockey shorts. Except for his socks, Stash was buck ass bare when Jesse pushed him sprawling onto her bed and crawled between his legs. The blow job Jesse had so carefully planed was indeed special, but as horny as they both were, it didn’t last very long. By a little past 4:35 p.m. Jesse had already finished her special treat and was swallowing the ejaculation it had produced.

Stash felt all warm and satisfied as he lay there with Jesse’s mouth still firmly wrapped around his cock. “Damn but this bitch gives some really great head,” he said to himself. “After I rest a little, Maybe I’ll try a slice of that tight young pussy for desert. Man, this IS the life,”

True to his nature, however, not even a great blow job could keep Stash’s mind off his constant hunt for pussy. Incredibly,with a pretty girl lying naked in his arms, he was already planing his evening on the prowl. Jesse, however, rolled over and pressed her ample young tits against him ruining his concentration, and bringing him abruptly back to the bird he had in hand.

Tonight could wait! There was plenty of time for a piece of ass from this eager teen bitch before her mother would be home. For the moment, however, sated and satisfied, relaxed and dozing, his horny left him. He and his teen mistress nuzzled and kissed for a while, and then unexpectedly, they both fell asleep.

Neither of them awoke when the back door opened and closed. Once before Stash had over stayed and almost been caught, but he had been able to hide in the closet until he could get dressed and slip away while Jesse distracted her mother. Today, however, the amorous couple were both sound asleep, their nude bodies wrapped around each other, when Jesse’s mother, suspicious about the strange car out front, suddenly threw open the bedroom door.

Stunned and surprised, perhaps a full half minute went silently by as each of the three struggled with what to do or say next. It was Jesse’s mother who first gathered her wits and spoke.. or should I say yelled, “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE, JESSE?”

Cora Adkins was angry, and she was at a full frenzied shout as she snapped at Stash, “AND JUST WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

Jesse, totally terrified, tried to answer, “Well, Mom, it’s like this…..”

“It’s like WHAT, you little slut,” Cora interrupted.

She was growing even more angry by the second as the full realization of the shocking scene before her began to sink in.

“Suppose you tell me what it’s like. Just what IS it like to be a whore!”

During all this explosion, Stash just lay quietly on the bed, making not the slightest effort to cover his nakedness. Once more, Mrs. Adkins pointed her fury at him and shouted out her dismay.

“Get out of my house! Get the hell out of my house this instant… and don’t you ever come back… AND JUST WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ANYWAY?”

Right then Stash’s tomcat genes clicked into high gear. “What the hell,” he thought. “What have I got to loose?”

He was smirking arrogantly as he stood to confront this angry older woman. He stooped down from his six foot four inch height so that his face was squarely in the face of this five foot five bantam mother hen who was fluffing her feathers and threatening to peck him.

“My name is Stash Molinski, Ma’am. Glad to finally make your acquaintance.” Stash’s voice absolutely dripped with a smug sarcasm.

Such insolence… but the very brass of the boy’s answer slowed the furious Cora Adkins who cut her next angry words short in order to take inventory on this ‘Stash Molinski’. He was tall, blond and muscular, a bit young perhaps, but none the less a handsome youth with obvious potential as a stud. Even so young, the arrogant way he stood there trying to stare her down reminded her a lot of Jesse’s dead father.

While Jesse’s mother was looking him over, Stash was reaching some conclusions of his own. He had never seen this woman before, and somehow he thought she would look older. A pretty face and a dynamite body, she could pass for 10 years younger than the forty plus she was. A little on the petite side like her daughter, but with more hips and even bigger boobs, Cora was really a quite striking and sexy woman.

“Damn,” Stash thought, “Ms Adkins has got some stuff. I’ll bet she is something in the sack.”

Then, beneath all the anger in her face and eyes, he was sure he caught just a flicker of uncertainty. Stash Molinski, the natural born cocksman in training had stumbled across an important discovery: A woman’s emotions can often be read from her face.

Even during this first exchange, and despite her anger, Cora had not overlooked Stash’s one best asset. Befitting his occupation of sexual predator, Stash was hung like a horse, and Cora could hardly have missed the great thick penis dangling from between his legs. Although that male monster was now soft after Jesse’s blow Starzbet Giriş job and then a nap, it remained at least nine or ten inches long, and it swayed enticingly from side to side as Stash left the bed.

Once on his feet, incredibly that great male organ began to raise itself as if it was seeking the admiration of this angry female. In a grudging way, Cora was indeed awed by what she saw. Even in her anger, she could not take her eyes off it, and distracted by Mother Nature’s awesome gift to this boy, her morale outrage was pushed to the back of her mind. “God, but he is big!” she thought. “Was her little girl really able to take all that male meat inside her teen twat?” Cora could only marvel as it grew even larger even as she watched. “How could he possibly be getting a hard-on even in the face of her anger and what has happened here?”

The disconcerting vision of her daughter’s tiny pussy stretched tightly around this monster of a penis overwhelmed Cora for just a moment or two, and she forgot what she was going to say next. As things turned out that loss of concentration would be a pivot in the struggle between Cora Adkins and Stash Molinski. As she hesitated, Stash took the offensive.

“Look Lady, why don’t you shut your fucking mouth and leave us alone here. This ain’t any of your business anyway.” Stash’s lips were curled into snarl as went on, “And I don’t have to take none of your shit neither!”

With that he drew his arm back and slapped Cora as hard as he could across the face with an open hand. The woman dropped straight to her knees, stunned by the force of the blow. Drained of her anger by the distraction of Stash’s incredible penis, and by his unexpected violence, Cora was suddenly unable to reply. He stood over her menacingly with his left arm drawn back across his body threatening to strike another blow, this time with the back of his hand. Silent now, and intimidated this naked and sexy masculine hunk, Cora’s outrage deserted her. She cringed away from the threat, and with that retreat, her initiative and control of the situation leaked away.

Cora Adkins recognized from experience the danger she was in. Her deceased husband, Jesse’s father, had learned of her submissive nature early in their courtship, and he had begun to sexually abuse her for his own erotic amusement even before they were married.

In their life together, she had served her husband as much as his sex slave as his wife. At every opportunity he humiliated and abused her, beginning with beating her for no reason other than the pleasure of hearing her scream and beg for mercy. Those whippings became a regular ritual for him. He would make his wife stand before him with her arms up over her head as he lashed her from her neck to her knees with a limber switch cut from a handy bush in the back yard. She would cry, and thru her sobs plead with him to stop and fuck her instead. Yet despite her shame and the burning whelts that crisscrossed her body, she almost always reached an orgasm before he was done with her.

Her whippings were only the beginning of her husband’s rein of terror, nor did he confine her abuse to the privacy of their own bedroom. He often paraded her naked, sometimes in front of strangers at some sleazy bar, and at other times before friends and neighbors.

Not always satisfied with mere humiliation, on occasion her husband would select a man from those ogling her nude body, often someone that Cora knew quite well, and force her to give him a blow job while the other spectators, both male and female, watched and made smutty comments. The worst, however, were the times he would deliver her to some man, or sometimes to a man and woman, be used as a whore. Then on her return to his bed, he would make her describe in detail all the dirty things that were done to her.

For almost seventeen years Cora had suffered through everything her husband had demanded of her… and God forgive her, for all that time she had been a woman in heat. To be used as a sexual plaything had been an aphrodisiac to Cora. The more outrageous her husband’s abuse, the more turned on she became, and the more she lusted to have a cock buried in her cunt. A born submissive, she was never more sexy and alive than when she was on her knees before her master.. just as she was now in front of Stash Molinski. She looked up at that incredible cock swinging free over her head with a feeling of de je vu… and doom.

Could she stand up to this young blond Adonis, or was she already his for the taking? Terrified of her weakness for servitude, Cora had carefully avoided any involvement with a man since her husband’s untimely death. Now, however, this dominating boy had caught her unawares and unprepared, and the very thing she had feared most seemed unavoidable. Cora was acutely aware that she must stop, run away, hide, do anything to avoid this challenge, but somehow she could not.

The truth was she desperately missed those intense orgasms her husband and others had given her as she serviced their cocks Starzbet Güncel Giriş during her years of degrading slavery. Lonely and unhappy for the past three years, her mind was clouded by the memory of what it was like to be at the mercy of a demanding male animal. She could see herself again as she once was, naked and on her knees, her hands tied behind her back, her mouth full of cock.

That image brought indecision about what to do with Stash Molinski, and in her uncertainty, she did exactly the wrong thing, she dropped her head to avoid the intimidating stare of Stash’s eyes. Now she was not only on her knees at the feet of a masterful male, but cowering as well.

But what did Stash know of his advantage? Although a naturally talented pussy predator, he was as yet inexperienced, and this was new ground for him. He had never been this aggressive with a woman before, and he was unsure of the consequences. He was more than a little surprised, even stunned, by this unexpected success with an older woman.

“Damn,” he thought to himself. “Why haven’t I tried this before. I can’t believe it. She’s really afraid. And shit, the hungry way she stared at my cock! I wonder if I can push her into fucking me.”

Cora could see in his eyes what he was thinking, and she continued to struggle for a way out of this mess.

“Good God,” she thought, “Is this boy going to make me fuck him. I must not let him do that. Perhaps he will be satisfied with my mouth. A young man always likes to have an older woman suck his dick. But, shouldn’t I bargain with him first? How do I do that? Do I say, ‘Kind Sir, I’ll gladly give you a blow job if only you’ll leave me and my daughter alone?’ If I only had the courage to ask him that! Or maybe I should just go ahead and do it. His cock is only a few inches over my head. Without saying anything, I could raise my mouth to him, take that big plumb head between my lips and begin. I wonder? What would happen if I didn’t ask, just started to suck him?”

Cora gave herself a mental slap in the face. “Come on woman, you can’t be as big a slut as all that,” she told herself. But if that was so why was she debating a way to tell her tormentor that she was willing to suck his cock. SHOULD she suck him hadn’t been the question, only IF and HOW she should beg his permission.

“What a weenie of a whore you are Cora,” she said to herself. “Admit it! This kid slaps your face one time and all you can think about is sucking him off.”

Had the three years she had spent trying to put all this behind her been in vain? Was the nightmare about to begin all over again, only this time with a mere boy in her daughter’s bed! Cora knew it was essential that she clear her mind and regain some measure of control over both the situation and herself. But could she do that? Already her pussy was sopping wet. A few minutes more and her juices would be running down her leg. Every fiber of her being urged her to submit to this young stallion.

God, she had to stop this. “No, No, I must not think this way. He is only a boy, half my age. For goodness sakes,” Cora thought, “she had been regularly screwing her high school boyfriends before this would-be-stud was even born. Hunk or not, no matter how big his prick, surely she could resist a mere child.”

Meanwhile, Stash had been watching his victim closely. He sensed that the woman at his feet was in turmoil and struggling. Her attitude had changed, and she wasn’t shouting at him any more. As her outrage faded, she had at first dropped her head, but now, although her face was still lowered, he could see her peeking at him thru her lashes, seemingly fascinated by his dick. Whenever she thought he noticed, she would turn her head away, or look somewhere else, but her eyes always returned to stare at his meat. Was that a “fuck me” signal? He couldn’t be certain, but it certainly seemed so.

“Could it be….” he wondered. “Why not prod the old gal a little harder and find out,” Still standing directly over the helpless woman, Stash flopped his flaccid penis up and down in his fingers. Then taking it in his fist he began to jack the foreskin up and down over its giant head. Cora cringed away, but her eyes never left the prick that was being masturbated over her head. His question was insolent and shameful.

“You like what you see lady?”

She didn’t answer, but he didn’t expect that she would. He continued to talk down to the frightened cowering woman.

“I have been fucking your little bitch daughter here for a month or so now. She’s been afraid you’d find out about us. I’ve done what I could to keep her little secret for her, but I really don’t give a fuck if you know about us or not. Lady, you may not be aware it, but your daughter is a tramp, a slut, a natural born whore, and from the looks of things, maybe her momma ain’t much different.”

All this time Jesse was lying on the bed with a sheet pulled up to her neck, hiding her nakedness, watching and listening as her mother’s indignation collapsed under her boyfriend’s violence and dominating refusal to be apologetic for being caught in Jesse’s bed. Stash’s words cut her to the quick. “A tramp, a slut, a natural born whore?” he had called the young girl. Is that all she was to him, only a whore? In truth, though, she wondered… “wasn’t that exactly what she was?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32