Like a Girl

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I had lost the bet. Now you are going to collect. You tell me you want to be in control. You elaborate, “I want to fuck you like a girl.” I wonder what exactly you mean. You say, “You’ll see.” You tell me to say the catchphrase we agreed to that signals my acceptance.

A bet is a bet; I lean over and whisper in your ear, “Your wish is my command.” And I play back your request, “I want you to fuck me like a girl.”

You reply, “You do, do you? Have you been a bad boy and deserve that? “

“Yeah,” I say sheepishly. I choose not to explain any further, embarrassed that I have been secretly stroking myself without your permission. To my surprise, you don’t press me for details. Perhaps when you are in such a Dom mood, you just want to get on with the proceedings?

“Well, then, your Goddess will oblige you. To be fucked like a girl, first, I have to make you into a girl. A girl who obeys my every command. Is that clear, Baby?” I notice you have changed your usual pet name for me, “Babe,” into the more diminutive “Baby.”


You correct me. “Yes, Goddess, you mean. Or, yes, Mistress. Say it, properly, now, Baby.”

“Yes, Mistress, I will do whatever you desire.”

You start by stripping me completely, while you stay fully clothed. You have me sit on the bed, and you roll a sheer, black nylon stocking onto each of my legs. You raise me to my feet and step me into a garter belt, and clip the nylons onto the garter belt. Then you say, “Next, I’m going to get you ready, get you relaxed, and get you good and Sub.”

You place me in a helpless, exposed position by telling me to turn around, bend over, and hold my ankles. You hock up a small mouthful of spit and drizzle it down my ass crack. I can feel its warmth. You take a finger and rub the saliva on my asshole. “Lover boy, you have such a tight manhole. But I am going to fix that.” I hear a cap open, and now I feel something cold and creamy slide down between my cheeks… lube. The lube’s cold gooeyness feels rather uncomfortable. Then, you push something slender and cold into me. I moan slightly, not expecting this sudden penetration. You slide the probe, a butt plug, slowly in and out of me. “Relax, and it will start to feel good.” Being bent over and invaded at the same time, I have to use extra effort to concentrate on relaxing my muscle. The initial, slightly burning sensation eventually is replaced by a mild pleasing sensation. Finally, I relax enough so that you are able to push the plug all the way in. It stretches me, and my anus instinctively wants to push it out, but the plug’s flare inside me locks the insertion in place. “My, my, your ass, I mean, your pussy takes the plug so well. I think you are going to be a good fuck, Baby. Stand up now, and turn around.”

My cock is partially erect from the foreplay. “You need to get that hard for me, Baby.” You squeeze me and slowly stroke me with your hand, and quickly I become rock hard. “Good boy, nice and hard, just the way I like it. I can tell you are horny. Your balls look full.” Then you explain, “To be a girl, we have to start by de-masculinizing your cock. I’m going to make it so your cock can’t get any pleasure.” You take out a can of de-sensitizing fluid, and spray generously over the head and glans. At first, it feels cold, but that’s followed by an immediate loss of sensation and I no longer feel anything at all on my cock head. “And this is to make sure you don’t make a mess on my bed when you cum,” as you take out a condom and roll it on me. “And, finally, just to make sure you can’t stroke yourself, let’s Kadıköy Escort get you caged in.” You take out a leather “Gates of Hell” cock harness, and you snap on straps that cup my balls and you buckle three leather straps around my shaft. I can feel pressure from each strap as you buckle them, and the fit is so snug they will undoubtedly leave marks on me when you release me later. “There, that’s tight, isn’t it, Baby? How does it feel to be like a girl, to have no cock?”

“Yes, Mistress, it’s tight.” Then, you squeeze my captured instrument and fondle my balls, and a sense of calm and submission falls over me, and I confess to you, “I feel secure now.”

“You look good as a girl, Baby. We could paint your toenails so you look even more girlish, but Goddess doesn’t have time today. Now, you help me get ready.”

I help you undress. I roll fishnet stockings onto each leg. I help you put on a leather demi-bra, the kind with half cups so that each nipple is exposed. I notice that your nipples are erect. I feel some pre-cum leak out of me, as I get turned on looking at a perfectly fine rack of 38D’s. “Help me put on my strap-on cock, Baby.” I steady you as you step into the harness, and I cinch it tight. You are now wearing the harness but it doesn’t yet have a phallus installed.

“Now let’s make up my nipples,” you say. You reach into your purse and pull out a tube of lipstick. “This color is pucker red.” You smear the lipstick onto my lips, instructing me how to press and slide my lips together so that the lipstick is uniform. “OK, now, put the makeup on me.” You cup one of your breasts, draw me near, allow me to suckle. After a couple of minutes on one nipple, I pull away, revealing a perfectly reddened nipple. You put more lipstick on my lips, and we repeat for the other nipple. When I finish, you exclaim, “Mmmm, Baby, your lips are perfect for applying lipstick!”

“OK, which probe should I use?” You pick up a pure white dildo, one that is smooth on the outside, and that is slender near the tip and grows wider at the base. Then you pick up a second one, one that is lifelike, skin-colored, with realistic glans and bulging veins. Both are about 7″ long and have a built-in vibrator. Both have a flange at their base, allowing them to be tightly secured to the strap-on belt. “Hmmm, which one…?” You think for a second, then you say, “I like this one today.” You slip the white one through the pubic opening on your strap-on harness. I marvel at the sight of you: a beautiful, strong woman, dressed in sexy lingerie, sporting a proud cock. Now, you are my Amazon Goddess, ready to fully exert your control.

“Today, I want to make you cum from just my fucking your pussy, no cock play for you.” You reach down and squeeze my erection – the last time you will be touching him until after you have finished. You say, “I can tell how bad you want to cum – you’re so hard and you’re leaking like mad. But, let’s start by instilling some patience in you, and having you show proper respect for Goddess. I want you to earn your pleasure.” You sit, and you push me down onto my hands and knees before you. “Kiss Mistress’s feet, Baby. Lick them clean.”

I kiss the top of your feet through your stockings, letting my tongue slide between the toes. Your skin is cool and soft, with a hint of saltiness. You lift up one foot, and slide your big toe into my mouth. “Good girl, suck those toes, Baby, suck it as if it were my clit,” you say. The stocking material interferes with my sucking and tonguing, but I do the best I can. When I lick the underside Ataşehir Escort of your feet, it tickles, and I hear you giggle and you pull away. After several minutes of worshiping your feet, you pull me back up to my knees.

“Next, I want to see how good a cocksucker you are. You like sucking cock, don’t you, dear?”

As a straight male, that’s something I wouldn’t instinctively do, so I don’t reply. You giggle at my non-response, knowing you are forcing your will on me, making me do something I normally wouldn’t do. You stand, hold my head in both hands, tell me to lick my lips and then part them slightly. Now you slide the tip of your fake cock between my lips and into my mouth. “That looks soooo good, with your lips around my shaft, Baby! Now I know why men like this. Now I know why guys love women who love to suck cock.” Slowly, you inch it further and further into my mouth, careful not to trigger my gag reflex, but still trying to see how much I can take. “Suck it good, Baby, suck it good, like it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. And be careful with your teeth so that you don’t scrape the head, because that hurts,” you say. You hold my head tight, and you begin thrusting your hips, using my mouth as a pussy. “Get it nice n wet, Baby, cause the next place it is to be is inside you.” Some of the lipstick left over on my lips smears onto the shaft of the probe, turning it pinkish.

You withdraw momentarily so I can speak and you ask, “You like being a cocksucker, Baby?”

I reply, truthfully, “I like anything that pleases Goddess.”

You say, “Really? Since you like sucking this cock, does that mean you could suck a guy? Feel his ridge against your lips and tongue? Let him cum in your mouth?”

I laugh and reply, “This is a plastic cock, Goddess.”

“What if it were real?”

“Well, I don’t think I could do that.”

“What if I made you do it, made you suck a real cock? Would you do it?”

I give a reluctant answer, “If you got me ultra-horny and if you guided me and really wanted me to, Goddess…maybe…probably.”

“Well, we’ll see …someday,” you say, and then adding, “maybe soon,” you flash a grin that would make a Cheshire cat proud.

Pulling me to my feet, you say, “Now I am ready to fuck my boy toy.” You tell me to get on the bed on all fours. Then, you surprise me by placing a laptop in front of me. “I want you to watch…what I know you like to watch when you jerk off…but this time in addition to seeing it, it will be happening to you at the same time.” You start a porn clip which features two women. One is an early-20s, slender brunette wearing a half-corset, panty hose, and, more to the point, a strap-on cock. She’s fucking the other, a 30ish busty blonde, in the ass doggy style. The blonde is wearing garters and lace, and a low cut form-fitting bra that barely contains her bounty. I start watching the lesbian scene, enjoying how the woman on her hands and knees reacts as she takes a big cock in her forbidden hole. I see her full breasts hang down and sway rhythmically to the beat of her girlfriend’s thrusting. The woman plumbing her is obviously enjoying the change in roles, the power that a cock brings. My being horny already, the video arouses me even further. I feel myself leaking and my shaft strains against its cage.

I hear you rustle with some plastic packaging. “I’m going to use a condom, too, so you won’t dirty my pretty cock.” After you roll it on, you say, “It looks real when it’s all bagged up like this!” Then, I feel you tug at the butt plug, pulling it out, leaving Maltepe Escort me with a somewhat empty sensation. Perhaps I was getting used to the plug being in me.

You position your cock at the entrance to my sphincter muscle. I can feel cold gooeyness from fresh lube you must have drizzled on it. You push and start to enter me. I had thought you might thrust into me hard, but you are surprisingly gentle. You hold onto my hips, as you slowly slide into me, a push and then a retreat, but deeper and deeper as you probe me. Each time you push in deeper, it feels almost too tight, slightly painful, but then the pain subsides as my muscle relaxes and gets use to the new girth. “Does it feel good?” you ask. I’m panting as I say that it does. You reach forward and cup my chest, and then pinch my nipples, like a guy does to a woman. You start to fuck me in earnest. I’m guessing that the pressure of the base of the dong against your clitoris is pleasuring you, too.

“You take it so well, Baby. Just like a girl. Just like a little slut. So deep, too. It’s almost all the way in now, all seven inches. Oh yeah, take that cock like a man, Baby! Hmmm, I think you like cock in your pussy. I’m going to have to call you my backdoor babe from now on.”

I have to admit, it does feel good. “Yes, Goddess! It feels so good, better than I ever expected.”

I’m totally focused on how it feels to get it in the ass. It feels so invasive, yet at the same time stimulating physically, and mentally too, as I submit to Mistress’ power. I’m also still watching the porn clip, seeing the two girls fuck and moan, and I think about how I am acting out a porn fantasy in real life. Then, suddenly, more quickly than I anticipated, I sense…a quickening.

The orgasmic sensation is not emanating from my loins, as I’m used to, but rather it’s deep inside me. I start to feel the beginning of that unstoppable moment, and I tell you that I am getting close. Upon hearing this, instead of slowing down to delay my gratification, you speed up. And, you turn on vibration, forcing sensory overload on me. You arch forward, trying to bury the phallus deep inside me, all the way, just like a man is programmed to do. “Cum for me, Baby, cum like a good girl!”

I go over the edge. I close my eyes, my muscles tense, and to my amazement my cock spasms, the head engorging as it spurts out hot juice. “I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming!” My load spills out, the rubber catching every drop. The orgasm feels wonderful, but different than I’m used to. I’ve not received any stimulation on my penis, and even though I could still feel pleasure around the ring of my glans, the sensation doesn’t come from those nerves.

You speak in a low, hoarse voice. “Wooooo. Good girl, Baby, good girl. I fucked you the way a man fucks a horny bitch. Making you cum that way, you’ll never know how powerful that made me feel!”

I start to sink forward, to lay on my belly. You slide forward with me, but pull me sideways a little so that we end up spooning, with you still inside me. On my back, I can now feel the sweat that has sweetened your chest. My cock starts to go flaccid. You reach down and it’s easy for you to slip the cock harness off of me without even unbuckling it. My eyes are closed and I am floating, as I feel you play with and squeeze my package. I feel you slide the condom off.

“One last thing I need to do…” you whisper. You withdraw the prick from my ass. Then I feel your finger enter me, only, it feels not quite like a finger. It takes me a moment to realize that you are pushing part of my used condom into me. Then, like squeezing the last bit out of a toothpaste tube, you eject my warm ejaculate back into me. “There,” you say, “now you get to feel cum inside you, and it will leak out during the rest of the day. Like a girl, freshly fucked.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32