Lighting her fire

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Big Tits

Michele walks up to the stage as Britney Spears’ ‘You want a Piece of me ‘plays in the background. She wriggles her waist and throws her hands up in the air, bending backwards. She is half-naked wearing a pink bikini which exposes her huge ,rounded ,juicy bum. She is a tall, curvy stripper of ,about two metres in height with short black hair, large ear rings and brown eyes ,full lips .She turns round, takes hold of the pole ,climbs to the top with her hands ,does a clockwise swing before landing again onstage. She takes two steps backwards from the pole ,sits down,throwing her two legs wide open and then brushing he the front part of her G-string aside to flash her pussy..
As the music becomes louder, she gradually takes off her bra,exposing her large breast and pointed nipples, as she dances around the pole at the centre of the stage. Soon she pulls the front of her under wear to one side dipping one of her fingers into her shaved pussy .
Her pubic hair is all shaven. Michelle turns round to expose her bum sits down, pulls off her underwear,sits down onstage ,legs wide open as the audience cries with excitement.#
She lies on her stomach followed by up and down movements of her waist as if she was fucking someone missionary style. She takes two steps backwards from the poll ,sits down, thrusting her forefinger into her clitoris, lifting her two longs legs into the air in order to maximise the visual impact of her sensuous body movements for the audience .She turns around, gets on her knees with her two feet wide apart while she wriggles her buttocks in unison with the music
Finally,she peels off her underwear before standing up and then bending downwards with her bum facing the audience.
Michel worked as an exotic dancer at a strip tease club and escort. It was close to midnight and the club was full of guests. She was one of several strippers who perform at this strip tease club located quite close to a nearby business district where most of the clientele at the club were drawn from.
By now she has become totally naked, having stripped off all her bra and underwear. She gets a huge round of applause before departing from the stage.
Michel shared a flat with friend a Amy who worked as a glamour model and part-time secretary at a private company .These a are two old friends who decided to work together for mutual protection just in case the unexpected happened.Given the fact that shagging with strangers was a means of generating extra income and enjoy themselves as well ranging from dinner dates to sexual services of various kinds.
Michel was out dancing when Jake paid a visit to Amy ,her flatmate whom he had met on the dance floor of a swinging club. It was in April. Spring had just started and it was getting warmer again after a an unusually cold winter in south east London where Jake lived. It had been quite a sunny day, so it felt good to do some errands. Jake did some shopping in the course of the day until late in the afternoon when he felt an inner urge to visit Amy who lived not so far away from his place of residence.
Amy has average height with long brown hair, heavy eyelashes ,thin lips, with a curvy body like a typical glamour model.She often worked as an extra in filmshoots or as a cover girl for fashion and gentleman magazines. She had considerable experience in escorting horny men a for lovemaking,. She is very sensual , tactile ,responsive and loved to be touched and kissed.
Jake was a single, average height with a Fu Manchu moustache ,dressed in leather jacket and jeans, sociable and adventurous man who loved to swing in his free time from his job as a computer software engineer in a car manufacturing company called Buffalo.
He had found a suitable partner and was enjoying every minute of it.She invited him to their flat for a drink over the weekend.
She was dressed in a black miniskirt and yellow blouse as she opened the door her flat for him.”You are welcome to our flat,” Amy said as s he opened the door for him.
“Thanks,Do you live here alone?” he went on as he entered her spacious flat.
“No,I have a flatmate and friend.Michel is working as an exotic dancer at a gentleman’s club right now and will join us later..”
After a round of white wine and then Halkalı Escort some pints of beer the pair eventually.
settled down in her bed.

“Get undressed for me,” she suggested. She stroked his shoulder as she disappeared to another room to get dress up into something more sexy . He took off all his clothes as he sat on her bed in anticipation.
She was now dressed in a black corset and sexy underwear when she reappeared and sat on a mat near the bed and reached for his flabby cock pointing it sideways, stroking a couple of times in order to stimulate it.
At this point his cock hardened as his heart throbbed with excitement .Presently ,she sat beside him on the bed and gently swallowed the full length of his cock in her mouth, She continued by to sucking his cock with relish. After a couple of minutes, his cock became erect and hard as a rock.IHe could not help expressing his intense ecstacy by shouting out ”hmmmmm…….what a fantastic blow job!”
To make it even more enjoyable she continued by making a tight ring around his cock head and then rubbing it up and down with her hand in a slow motion .He could hardly hold his cum from gushing out .
At this point she tried to dominate him by getting out of the bed and standing
on the carpet as he laid on his back. She said the only way he was going to get another blow job was to beg for it.A little bit of female authority in the bedroom can be sexy indeed. “I will do whatever you want,” he said.”Good
boy,”she whispered.She now proceeded to lick the seam that run along the underside of his cock with the flat of her tongue, pressing it flat on his frenulum with his penis balancing on her tongue and holding it a few minutes.
Next, she put her index finger into his mouth while she slid his penis
slowly into her mouth pulling him in with her lips, moving back and forth.
She sucked him deeper with each forward motion. Then she changed her
rhythm from long, slow sucking to short fast milking action, making lots of slurping noises as she sucked.She grabbed his buttocks and pulled him towards
her as she increased the pace. She shook and wiggled his penis in her mouth
creating a vacuum suction with her lips.”Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..”I beg you for some
more,”he mumbled as she pumped the shaft of his penis with one hand followed
by sucking his glans with short intense motions.He could not help cumming
once more.
Now it was Jake’s turn to give her some pleasure.”Please,come and lie
beside me,darling,he said.She laid back with a pillow under her head while he pushed another one under her buttocks. She now spread her legs flat on the bed as he edged his body between her legs.She used her hands to stroke his head as she guided his lips to her pussy.He drew out his tongue and then started to lick the outer lips of her pussy ,putting his hands under her legs to draw her even closer to him.
Still lying on her back she raised her legs and placed them on his shoulders
while he continued to lick and suck the inner and outer lips of her pussy.
Jake now asked her to get into a straddling position sitting on his face he licked her from below.
Feeling exhausted from the intense oral sex which they had enjoyed
They got out of bed and helped themselves to some wine while they
Watched a programme on tv sitting on the sofa.After about fifteen minutes
She started caressing him on the shoulder and then onto the inner section of his thighs and then tickling his arms and inner part of his arms just to send
a message that she was ready for more oral sex and fucking.
Jake tilted his head sideways moving his lips closer to hers ,then giving her a gentle kiss by sticking his tongue into her mouth.He thrust his tongue deeper and felt her responding as she played with his tongue in return . Encouraged by her response he continued by licking the inside of her lips as he felt his sexual temperature rising. He gently caressed her bum while he continued with his passionate kissing .
With his fingers,he started stroking her anus and slowly drew his fingers along her outer vagina lips,before gently parting them and continuing Halkalı Escort Bayan by stroking her inner lips.She now started to get wet.He slid his middle finger between her inner lips rocking it slightly from side to side .He let his hand rest on her clitoris while he made circles around its edge. Shutting her eyes to express her intense pleasure she moved closer to his hand.She took his hand and placed it on her left nipple .It felt as soft as banana as he squeezed it and then sucked on it.
Her bedroom was dimly lit with a blue light and the television was on.
Stroking her wrists, fingers and the inside of her forearms, he used his finger to make circles in the palms of her hands. He teased and tantalised her by stroking her inner thighs, sliding his hand slowly up her pussy,feeling her through the pubic her .
He licked her pussy gently ,flicking his tongue over her clitoris.
Feeling a sharp increase in the rate of her breathing, he smothered her neck ,shoulders,ears,eyelids,nose and lips with tender kisses.
Now he proceeded to give her a trigasm by stimulating her clitoris,g-spot and anus at the same time. She laid back while he lavished her clitoris with licking, slowly changing course by licking her vulva(outside of the vagina) in circles with his tongue for a few minutes and then returned to the clitoris once more increasing the level of her excitement nearly to the point of no return.
At this juncture, he inserted, his forefinger into her vagina
for a few times.Mmmmmmm…….She moaned as he stimulated her anus gently which really sent intense waves of pleasure through her body.
She guided his head to her vagina saying” eat me boy, “lick me harder,” Flick your tongue softly on my clit,”
Turning around she got on top of him in a 69 sideways position, sitting on his chest, facing away from him, lifting her buttocks up slightly giving him a close up view of her ass while giving him a fresh angle to lick her pussy.
Directing his attention to her breasts he started by caressing and licking both of her breasts as well as her nipples, using the flat of his tongue in lapping motions. “Come on..” She said.He followed his tongue with light finger tip caresses ,cupping his right hand over her left breast with the tip of her nipple resting between his thump and index finger.
After about a dozen or so licks he planted his lips around the right nipples and started to suck them gently with his head bobbing up and down at the same time.
Holding his cock, Amy runs the tip of her tongue round Jake’s scrotum before starting to lick the bottom area in order to trigger the strongest erection possible as he stood in an upright position while she knelt in front him with her back resting against the sofa.
She then continued licking the shaft of his cock as his erection gathered momentum . He started to moan as the tip of his cock became wet with his precum .
His laid-back position facilitated sucking and deep throating. Amy got on her knees in front of him , teasing his prick with the tip of her tongue and eventually swallowing the full length of his pole. With his cock in full action ,she used her fingertips to works on his shaft to ensure his pole continued to stay erect in readiness for the final countdown.
Meanwhile , she sucked him a little deeper, showing him what she can do to make his cock explode with cum.
She sucked even deeper until her lips reach the base of his cock. Sucking his erect pole back and forth .She continued to tease with the tip of her tongue , slowing down in the process as he neared the point of no return. Sometimes she focused entirely on the head, squeezing it with her lips before taking him all the way to the back of her throat again.
She continued to stimulate him again as she stroked his cock while keeping constant eye contact to create the perfect blowjob tease in the process.
Her wet lips rubbed against his cockhead, kissing it and licking it passionately before going back to licking along the shaft and then circling the tip with her tongue all over again. Her palm squeezed his cock head while she licked the delicate underside slowly as she returned to more delicate licking and passionate sucking.
She stroked his prick with both Escort Halkalı hands before taking him all the way to the base with her mouth, deep throating over and over to get him closer and closer to orgasm. She teabagged by licking his balls and she sucking them in her open mouth Her palm touched his cock head while she stroked his shaft with the other hand. With a few more swirls of her tongue, his cock could not hold back any longer as she drew him closer to the point of no return.
Drawing him closer,she positioned his cock between her breasts.. His heart pounded with ever increasing speed as she took the full length into her mouth, drawing it in and out of her mouth systematically as his hot, sticky cream exploded powerfully in her mouth.This was one of the most intense deep throating she had done in recent times.

“Did you like that?”she asked feeling somewhat unsure. “Yeah,your deep throating is absolutely fantastic!” he said “I thought it would never end.”
“Come on,nothing lasts forever”
Feeling relaxed and totally at peace they made their way to the jacuzzi in the bathroom to freshen up.
As a cunt slut ,she loved her snatch to be banged hard and rough. In her own fantasy this was just a curtain raiser. She really needed some more action after a short break.
Jake was pleasantly surprised when he heard the sound of a key in the door to the apartment and then he heard footsteps .”Whats that?” he asked .
“Michel lives with me and she has invited her boy friend,Ian to join us.”
“Wow, thats perfectly fine.Its always nice to meet new people.”
“Perhaps we could swap partners later on to spice up the interaction

They later got together in the living room for a round of beers and light snacks. After coming to a common agreement to engage in group sex the two couples now retired to the master bedroom which had a large bed and a sofa.
“I would like to eat you ,“ Nick said to Michel as she took his hand and led him to the large bed while Amy and Jake,Michels boyfriend took their place beside them in position 69.Lying on top ,she started working on his cock which became erect in an instant while he returned her initiative by licking her pussy from behind.
Michel , who was not wearing any underwear was easily accessible and could not resist being touched and stroked by Nick who laid backwards in readiness
With his protruding tongue and agile fingers.She returned his pussy- licking with by taking the full length of his cock in her mouth while her pussy became moist as she slowly to got turned .He fingered her gently with a finger to check if she was sufficiently wet to swallow his cock.
She now got on her knees in order to enable him to give her fellatio from her backside while she remained in doggie style position, giving him access to her pussy and anus.She bent over the bed using it as leverage to ease the weight on her hands and knees. As the the tempo of his licking of her pussy increased she lowered her trunk,widing her legs slightly in order to facilitate rubbing and licking of her pussy with his fingers and tongue’

They could hear giggling across the bed. Amy was being banged doggie style by Jake and seemed to be enjoying her time with her new partner. With a remarkably long cock, the doggie position facitilatated maximum penetration. With his knees firmly planted on the bed, he was able to bang her pussy which was totally wet following the hand job she got from him before. She wriggled her waste to enhance contact between her g-spot and his hard cock.Jake could simply not hold back his moans of pleasure as his cum blasted its way into her hole .
Meanwhile, Michel responded to Nicks’s hand job which had made her pussy totally wet . She climbed over him spontaneously lowering her curvy bum ,legs wide open onto his hard cock in a cowgirl posture.They now sat face to face with Michel sitting on his laps.Nick edged closer and then laid backwards as she took firm hold of his arms giving him greater control over her pussy as she sat on his erect cock.In this position she had control over the depth and angle of his penetration for for good g-spot stimulation.
She planted a passionate kiss on his lips as his came with an explosive bang into her pussy screaming” hmmmmmmm…..” momentarily losing awareness of exactly
where he was as he experienced a mind-blowing orgasm.

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