Life Science Class Pt. 02

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Sasha found herself enjoying this conversation in an odd way and Robert’s body was definitely getting more interesting.

He was bringing her into his very private world and she was now thinking about letting him into hers.

Her body responded in a very sexual way which is not something she allowed very often.

The thought of him touching his cock and masturbating in front of her was exciting.

Robert spoke now, “Perhaps it would be a good thing letting you see me touch myself. Is that what you want?”

“Yes I would like that Robert.” she said.

“I can do that but you will have to do something for me. Will you inspire me by taking all your clothing off?”

This was not what she had expecting but her sexual feelings were exciting her so now it sounded like a good idea.

“Yes I will. I want to do that. “

Sasha stood up now and slowly pulled her tee off. Her breasts swung freely and the brown nipples were hardened at the tips.

She unbuckled her jeans and gently pulled them down. She wore no underwear which was her usual habit and revealed a cleanly shaved pubic mound and vulva. Robert was immediately taken by this and his cock twitched as he looked over the nude body before him.

“You have a wonderful body, so very feminine and sensual.”

She sat down again and faced him with her legs in a lotus position.

Sasha was short with medium sized breasts and large cocoa brown nevşehir escort nipples. The tips were rounded buds that were swollen now.

Her hips and torso had feminine curves in all the right places. The flat pubic mound was totally smooth and in her position Robert got a very good view of her pussy. It radiated sexual arousal as the inner lips were now open and swollen.

And there was a wet dewy gloss the edges.

“You are very special in your private place. I love the rich colors you show now.”

Sasha blushed and became further aroused. She got a serious look on her face and said, “I want to share something with you now . Something very private that I need to tell you.”

Robert became more serious too now.

“Go on Sasha , please share your private thoughts with me.”

“When I was a young girl, a baby really, my family decided that I should undergo a religious rite that our culture dictated.

All boys and girls were to be circumcised at a certain age as part of your religious doctrine.”

Robert was completely attentive to her now.

“Female circumcision is very misunderstood by westerners. In our culture it is not a mutilation as it is in some.

There are female clerics that perform the rite and it is done in a sanitized and safe manner. The circumcision that was performed on me was simply a tiny part of my clitoris was snipped.”

He was surprised niğde escort at her revelation and asked, ” Does it affect the pleasurable part of sex for you? Do you still have orgasms?”

Sasha expected him to ask this.

“It does not deny me the ability to feel my orgasm but it is simply a delay of one coming. I seem to take long to reach climax.”

He understood what she was saying and felt a certain challenge in helping her.

“I think that we should experiment with that. I would love to enjoy some sexual play with you.”

“I would like that Robert.” she replied.

His understanding was stimulating to her as well as his sexy demeanor.

“Would you show me how you start to touch yourself Robert?”

He opened his legs letting his rigid cock face her and started by pulling down on his balls. They were tight in his sack and he wanted to make this session last with her. He found that pulling them down helped to delay his climax. His shaft jerked upward when he did this.

Sasha was intently watching all that he did and felt her sexual arousal building. It was very different from her solo masturbation time as she watched him now fondling his balls. The wetness she had noticed earlier was oozing down his shaft now and she felt her own wetness dripping out of her now. The sense of arousal was very strong for her unlike anything she had ever felt.

Robert noticed how wet her pussy ordu escort had become too and stopped his cock play.

“Open your pussy for me Sasha. I want to see your inner lips.”

Sasha did as he asked pulling the outer labia wider open so he could see all of her sex. As she brushed against her hood she felt a strong tingling underneath.

“Pull your hood back and let me see your pearl.”

She did as he asked.

Robert inspected her clit looking for any scar from her circumcision but could see no sign. Her bud was very swollen and wet.

He move towards her and bent over gently kissing her there. Sasha moaned with pleasure as she felt his lips on her pussy.

Her whole pussy pulsated as her continued to suck her clit and she opened her legs wider sliding back giving him better access.

Her nipples were being pulled on now by her own fingers.

Suddenly she was overcome with spasms of intense pleasure. Her orgasm had erupted without her usual prolonged play as her whole body contracted in total delight.

Robert looked down at her sensual body, her legs still parted and felt his cock throbbing.

Her eyes met his and he knew what she wanted.

“Oh Robert I want to feel you inside me.”

Her started gently with just pushing the tip of his cock head into her. She was so wet that even with her tight slit he went in half way.

He felt a spasm as his shaft pushed deeper, fully into her and he began to thrust inside.

“I have never felt like this Robert. Oh my god!”

Sasha’s moans now grew louder as Robert neared his climax.

The hot spurts erupted from him as they became one, their bodies joined as well as their souls.

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