Life Changes, Chapter 10

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John, 5’ 11”, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to Cindy.
Cindy, 5’ 5”, 118 lbs, dirty blonde, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to John.
Emily, 5’8”, 135 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, 36 years old, married to Bob.
Robert (Bob), 5’ 10”, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 37 years old, married to Emily.
Samantha (Sam), 5’ 9”, 115 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 31 years old, married to Bill.
Bill, 5’ 9”, 155 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 35 years old, married to Sam.
Christina (Miss Chris), 5’5”, 140 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 26 years old, single.
Josie, 5’ 4”, 130 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 24 years old, Christina’s slave.
Ruby (Miss R), 5’ 8”, 155, red/auburn hair, blue eyes, 40 years old, Exec VP at Bills’ company.
Jessica, 5’ 3”, 105 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, 25 years old, Ruby’s admin asst and slave.
Kimiko, 5’ 1”, 95 lbs, Asian, black hair, brown eyes, 29 years old, Ruby’s friend, does Brazilian waxes
Julie, 5’ 8”, 140 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, 40 years old, Ruby’s friend.
Jeri, 5’ 1”, 120 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 30 years old, Ruby’s friend.
Jasmine, 5’ 10”, 120 lbs, olive skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, Ruby’s friend.

Life Changes, Chapter 10. More surprises from Emily…

Our life continued to evolve a little, but for the next couple of weeks work overcame anything that Cindy and I had hoped to do ourselves in our sex life. Fortunately, nature and Emily got involved. The first thing Cindy and I found out was that she was pregnant. It was good timing, too, because she had gone off birth control in hopes of having a baby, and hadn’t been able to fuck around. I know that she really wanted to feel have sex with another man since I was having so many chances to fuck around with other women. She had blown a couple of guys in the erotic bookstore, but had not fucked another man yet. She was waiting until after we had attempted to have a child. I don’t know what prompted this. We had discussed having children before, but maybe at 32, even with our new lifestyle, she had decided that waiting any longer might put this idea in jeopardy. In any case, she had convinced me that this was a good idea and it had happened.

We were celebrating getting the news when the doorbell rang. I sat there, enjoying my champagne while Cindy answered the door. She was still dressed from work and hadn’t stripped off like she was required to because we had immediately popped the cork. She came back into the dining room, bringing Emily with her. Emily had a very happy smile on her face. She ran over to me and gave me a big hug. “Congratulations, you guys! I can’t believe it! You decided to have a baby! I didn’t know you guys were even trying!”

We sat and talked for a while. After a few minutes I went to change out of my suit and put on something more comfortable. I came back downstairs and the two women were still sitting at the table giggling like teenagers. It appeared that something had struck their funny-bone.

“John, can you come over to my house in a little while?” Emily looked at me with a sly grin as she said that.

“Uh, sure. We don’t have any plans, do we hun?” I always looked forward to a romp with Emily.

Cindy looked at me and smiled. “No, sir, we were just going to stay in tonight and ‘play’” She giggled a little. She was only drinking water because of her condition and I was wondering what the hell was going on.

Emily left and we agreed to go over there at about 9pm.

When we arrived at Emily’s house she was in a robe. I was hoping that she was naked under it and I was starting to get chubby just from the thought of her being naked and because Cindy had come along in nothing but a light summer dress. It was cooling off earlier now as we got to the end of summer, so her nipples stood out, begging to be noticed.

“Come in and have a seat. I’ll be with you in a minute.” Emily led us into the living room and then disappeared.

We sat there for a couple of minutes. Cindy had a knowing grin on her face and I couldn’t figure out what has happening. Finally, Emily came back in with Robert in tow. He was definitely in tow because she had his hands handcuffed behind his back and had a collar with a leash attached around this neck. She was leading him by the leash and he was naked, already sporting an erection. Cindy giggled.

Emily sat Robert down in the easy chair. “You like this look, Cindy?”

“Yes, Miss Emily, I do.” Cindy had taken to calling everyone Miss or Master who was not a slave when we were in sexual situations.

“Well, I’ll have to get John some of these accoutrements so that he can take care of you this way.” Emily turned to me. “John, I have a serious question. I want you to be honest about it. Robert and I have now discussed it and I asked Cindy about her feelings on it when we were over at your house and I found out that she was pregnant.”

I was looking at all of them wondering where this was going. “Okay….”

Emily continued after a deep breath (which I couldn’t help but notice pushed out those delicious nipples that she had). “I am 38 years old and since Robert is sterile, I had given up hope of having children. We could not afford the artificial insemination route and we didn’t want to adopt. However, recent events have made me rethink this situation. Since you are obviously capable of impregnating a woman, I want you to make me pregnant. What do you think?”

I stared at Emily in shock. I wanted to fuck this woman, yes, but impregnate her? “Well, there are some other considerations. First, what are my responsibilities after birth? Is the child to know me as the father? Will I be able to associate with the child gaziantep rus escort as the father? Will I be required to do anything? What if you and Robert get divorced? There are some serious legal ramifications that we would have to iron out if I were to father your child.”

Emily looked at me with sad eyes. “I know… I know. But I want a child of my own. Robert is willing to accept the child as his own. We discussed it and you would have no responsibilities for it. You would have to agree to it being the child of me and Robert and that you would never reveal this to anyone, not even your relatives like your mother and father.”

I thought about it. “Emily, I want to help you out. I think I can deal with this, but you had better get some legal document put together before the child is born that protects all of us in case something happens to one of the key parties. On top of that, there is the question of disclosure if some special medical procedure requires someone with like tissue or something.”

Emily looked at me. “Agreed. We can work on that and iron out all the details. Do you think you would agree to that? We would disclose the truth only in the case of a medical emergency that required someone with matching bone marrow or something like that? Anything else?”

I looked at Cindy. She just smiled and nodded her head that it was okay with her. I looked at Robert and he nodded as well. Finally, I got back to Emily. “Okay. Let’s work on the paperwork and make sure we get that taken care of.”

Emily smiled and ripped her robe off to reveal that she was, indeed, naked. “Okay. I stopped taking my pills before my last cycle was over and I’m in my most fertile period right now, so let’s get crackin’!”

I stared at her. “You mean you want to start now? What about the legal documents.”

“Absolutely, I want to start now! The legal documents will get ironed out and we have some time to do that. Right now I want to be pregnant at the same time as Cindy so we can go through it together. I think that would be cool.”

“Okay…. I agree. I guess I’m ready.”

Emily came over and put her hand on my dick, feeling it through my jeans. “Not yet, but Cindy and I can get you there in no time!”

Cindy stood up and pulled her dress of in one movement. The two of them went to work on my clothes and I just stood up and let them go at it. They had me stripped in no time.

Emily turned to Cindy. “I hear that if you tease a man and make him wait for about 20 minutes before you fuck him, that he produces a larger load with better sperm, so we have to take our time.”

Cindy smiled. “Yes, Miss Em. I’ve heard that as well.”

I looked at the two of them. “I’m right here ladies, you can talk to me about this!”

They laughed. “Yes, dear!” Cindy gave me a snide response.

I decided that that wasn’t appropriate behavior from my newly pregnant slut wife so I sat down, pulled her over my lap and proceeded to smack her bottom. She squealed. I gave her about 10 hard spanks and then let her up. “Now, what were you saying, slut!”

Cindy grinned and knew I was being playful. She rubbed her ass. “Yes, master. We will discuss it with you.”

Emily guided Cindy over to the couch next to me and turned her around. She pushed her onto the couch on her knees and then moved her so that she was on all fours with her ass facing me. It looked marvelous. Then Emily went and got some lotion. She looked at me and put some lotion in her hand. She leaned over and started rubbing the lotion onto Cindy’s ass. “Look at this lovely round ass. It’s so beautiful. And right now it’s so red from your spanking.” She spoke to me in a low voice, almost a whisper, trying to turn me on. “I know that Cindy did not mean to sass you, but she deserved the spanking. You can’t have your little pregnant slut talking to you like that.” She continued to rub Cindy’s ass. “Look at this beautiful pussy.” She ran her right hand over it. “It’s so tasty and it gets so wet. I bet she’s pregnant because you can’t help but put your big dick in here and fuck her senseless.” She ran her fingers through the gash and it separated, displaying the inner lips and the fact that it was getting wet. “She’s getting wet. She gets wet so easily, especially when her big dicked husband is around.” Now she ran her fingers up over Cindy’s little brown hole. “And look at that wonderful asshole. I bet it’s still really tight, even though you have fucked this little bitch’s ass. Watch this.” Emily centered her index finger on Cindy’s ass and slowly pushed it in. She buried it in there and Cindy moaned. She started slowly finger-fucking my wife’s ass in front of me. I was hard as an iron bar by now.

Emily pulled her finger out and looked up at me. She slowly put the finger in her mouth and sucked on it. Now I was leaking. She looked down at my dick. “Are you ready to fuck and blow a big load of baby-juice into my red-haired pussy?”

I didn’t have to say yes or no. I just gave the order. “Turn around and sit on my dick, you horny bitch!”

Emily smiled and complied. She was so wet, my dick slid in easily. She slapped Cindy’s ass. “Cindy, get over here and lick your husband’s beautiful balls so that I can get some of that good sperm.

Cindy bounced off the couch and got down between my legs. I could barely see her head over Emily, but I could feel her tongue start to lick my balls. She was good at this, I knew. I looked over at Robert and his dick was as hard as mine, only there was nothing he could do about it.

I decided to change positions and pushed Emily up and off my dick. “Cindy, lay down on the couch with your head at this end. Emily, get into a 69 position. I’m going to fuck you over my wife’s face.”

The women jumped into position quickly and I got behind Emily. Before I stuck my throbbing cock back into her, I pushed it down to Cindy’s mouth. She gave it a big wet kiss and suck before I pulled it back. I looked down at the beautiful view. My wife was staring up at me from under the ass and pussy of the beautiful auburn-haired Emily. I then shoved my dick into Emily and started pounding her, wanting to get to my long overdue orgasm.

Emily was moaning and groaning and I was going to cum soon. Cindy spoke up from underneath. “Oh, master, your big, hard dick looks so good fucking Emily’s creamy cunt. I love watching this up close.”

“Good, because until she gets pregnant, you will be seeing this a lot.” I was getting close and I kept up my pounding. Emily started jerking and moaning about her orgasm, but I was no longer paying attention to that. I just wanted to fuck her pregnant! Then Cindy reached up and ran her finger along my ass, searching for my asshole. But before she could, I was cumming.

“Fuck, yes. Here I come Emily; I’m going to fill you up!”

“Oh, yeah. Fill me up baby. Fuck me hard, make a baby in me!”

I grunted and came, squirting in her deliciously hot twat. I squirted several times before I could stop my reflex thrusting. I eased up on her hips where I had a death grip and looked down. I could see some of my cum seeping out around my dick. Emily finally relaxed as well, but stayed in position. I pulled out and stood up. Emily immediately put her hand over her pussy and turned to lean forward off the couch, putting her ass even higher into the air. I looked at Cindy and she had some cum splatters on her face. She looked great like that.

Cindy sat up and leaned forward to clean up my dick. She licked my balls and dick clean and then looked up. “Fuck, master, that was so hot watching your dick go into Emily’s hungry pussy. I loved watching how it jerked and jerked as you were squirting into that cum hungry bitch.” She was trying to get me going for round two, and talk like that was going to work.

Emily finally got up and went over to Robert. “Robert, you are leaking all over the place. Are you ready for your daily milking?” He just nodded.

Emily went and got two of the dining room chairs and put them facing away from the couch about 2 feet apart. She unlocked his cuffs and then had Robert lay across them with his torso on the one on my right and his thighs on the one on my left. His dick stuck down between the two, making it definitely appear that he was ready to be “milked”. Emily retrieved a towel and put it on the floor between the chairs. She turned toward us. “This is his normal method of receiving release. Even if I’m not horny, I milk him every night. I haven’t let him fuck me in three weeks.” She turned back to Robert and he was lying very still and looking straight at the ground. She went around to the side away from us so that we could watch as she started work on him. He just lay there as she started jacking him off. It looked exactly like milking the way she moved her hand up and down, squeezing. She was working him with her left hand and reached up with her right and stuck her fingers down his ass crack. She was obviously going to finger his ass while she did it. He started squirming and moaning, obviously getting close when Emily stopped and stood up. She slapped him on the ass pretty hard. “I need a drink. Wait right here.” Robert didn’t move. He just lay there like that while she went and got a drink of water. She looked over at us and winked. “Robert, are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, Mistress, I am ready to cum.”

“Why should I let you cum?”

“Mistress, I have been very good and I will continue to obey you without question.”

Emily looked over at us and winked again. She moved back over to Robert. She kneeled down and pried his ass cheeks apart. She reached down and found his asshole, slowly inserting her finger into it. She took her other hand and started jacking him again. He only lasted about 10 more strokes.

“I’m cumming, Mistress!” Robert yelled.

Emily kept jerking him until he was done. Then she stood up, walked over to the easy chair and sat down in it with her legs up on the arms on either side. Her pussy was spread apart and still looked a mess. “What do you say and do, Robert?”

He got off the chairs and started crawling over to Emily. “Thank you, Mistress, for allowing me to cum. I love being milked.” He crawled right up between her legs. I was a little shocked as he dove into her wet cunt, still seeping with some of my spunk. He lapped at it greedily. Emily really seemed to enjoy it.

She pulled his head up by his hair and said. “Robert, can you taste John’s cum in my pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress, I can taste John’s cum in your pussy.”

“Do you like cleaning up Mistress’ messy wet pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress, I like cleaning up your messy wet pussy.”

Cindy and I stared at this. She had obviously done a lot of work on Robert and he seemed really willing to be dominated in such a way. I had never witnessed a man eat another man’s cum from a pussy.

Cindy reached over and started stroking my dick, which was waking up. She looked at me. “Master, do you have another load of your good sperm for Mistress Emily’s gorgeous pussy?”

I smiled. Damn she was good! “Yes, I would love to cum in Mistress Emily’s pussy again.” Cindy leaned over and started sucking my dick, bringing it back to full mast.

Emily pushed Robert away and gave him his instructions. “Sit back down on one of the dining room chairs facing us and stick your dick thru the back.” She then came over next to Cindy. Emily looked at me and said. “Missionary this time, with my hips up in the air.” She then proceeded to get some pillows and put them on the floor. She lay down with her hips on the pillows, raising her pelvis up about 8” above the rest of her body. She pulled her legs back to her chest, displaying her still messy wet pussy to all of us.

Cindy stopped sucking my dick and stood up, making room for me to get to Emily. I had something I wanted her to do, too. “Cindy, I think Miss Emily would like it very much if you finger fucked her ass while I filled her up again.” Cindy just nodded and I got into position to fuck Emily. I squatted over Emily instead of lying down on her. It was going to be difficult just leaning over in a squat, but it would give Cindy the access she needed to Emily’s ass. I put my dick in her and she was so wet from my cum and hers that I buried myself in one stroke. Emily closed her eyes and moaned. I held my position while I felt Cindy start working on Emily’s ass. She moaned again.

“Oh shit, John, don’t worry about me cumming. That won’t take long and I just want your sperm. Fill me up baby.”

I obliged by starting a good fucking of her, readying myself for another cum in this sexy woman’s pussy. She kept moaning and suddenly, even though she said it didn’t matter, had an orgasm. She just went rigid for a few seconds and mumbled something about keep fucking her, so Cindy and I kept it up. She was getting tired in this position, and so were my thighs. I wanted to cum soon and Cindy could tell, so she helped me. I could suddenly feel her rolling my balls around and then searching for my ass. I was stroking into Emily with long steady strokes, trying to get my nut when Cindy found the opening. She put just the tip in and pushed with me and I started telling her I was getting close. She suddenly shoved her entire finger into my ass on a down stroke and I shot several bursts of cum into Emily. Emily just lay there, her eyes closed, and relaxed and grinned. I stood up as soon as I finished pumping my sperm out to relax my thighs. I was dripping and Cindy yanked my dick over and cleaned it up.

“That was perfect.” Emily opened her eyes but kept her lower body elevated. “I’m just going to lay here and let those little spermies do their job.”

I sat on the couch. Cindy crawled between my legs, resting her head on my left thigh. She had to be horny as hell. I looked over at Robert and decided to give her a treat. “Get on all fours and make sure my dick is clean.” Cindy obeyed immediately. She slowly licked around my cock, but it was not going to harden for a few more minutes. I looked over at Emily and she was watching. I then motioned to her to look at Robert. His hard on was sticking out thru the back of the chair as he watched the action. I made the universal sign for fucking with my hands and pointed to him and then Cindy’s ass. I wanted him to fuck her. She had still not been fucked by another man and I was going to give the two of them a treat. Emily motioned to Robert to get up. He did. She finally stood and took him by his dick and led him over to Cindy. I held her by her hair as she languorously licked my dick.

Emily put her hands on Cindy’s back acting like she was just enjoying the action. “You look so good sucking dick, honey. I can see why John likes it so much.” Then she looked up at me and winked. She had Robert get on his knees and then she moved him into position to fuck my wife.

I grabbed Cindy by the head and pulled her up. I looked into her eyes. “I love you, baby. I want you to enjoy this little treat and cum for me, okay?”

Cindy nodded and just then Emily had Robert make contact with Cindy’s pussy. Cindy’s eyes opened wide and she started to turn to see what was going on, but I held her head facing me. “Just enjoy it, baby. Don’t look, just close your eyes and let me hold your face.” I kissed her on the forehead and just watched the pleasure spread across her face as Robert starting fucking her. I knew she was horny as hell and within two minutes she started moaning and breathing heavily. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I watched her face closely as she came without uttering a single word. She just started trembling and shaking and then jerked hard a few times, expelling the air from her lungs each time she jerked. After she came, she laid her head on my lap and relaxed. Emily pushed Robert back and he sat on his haunches, his dick still sticking up. He hadn’t cum and he was staring rapturously at Cindy’s backside. Emily made him get up and sit back in the chair.

“That was very nice, Master.” Cindy finally spoke to me. She raised her head up a little and kissed my dick. Then she raised it up further and looked at me. “Thank you, sir.”

Emily suddenly sat down next to us. “You must have been very good for him to let Robert fuck you. I know that if Robert had not been so good lately, I wouldn’t have let him fuck you, but he has been so good I couldn’t say no when John asked me to let him. He didn’t cum when he fucked you so he’ll have to wait until later for another milking. ”

I smiled. “It’s kind of like coming full circle, right? I mean, this is what started it for all of us, right?”

We all laughed, except Robert. He just smiled a little and sat there with his dick still bobbing in time to his pulse.

Emily looked at me and Cindy. “I’ll let you know if anything happens and when I’m in the best part of my cycle again.”

I grinned at her. “Give me some warning, okay? I want to store up a good load for you.”

Cindy grabbed my dick in her hand. “You always have a good load, Master.”

I smiled and turned to Emily. “Ingratiating little slut, isn’t she?” And we got dressed and headed home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32