Library Tickle

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I was late getting to the library and I only had about an hour before they closed. I didn’t have internet at home and this was my only way to get access. Luckily the one computer that had unlimited access was open. I cautiously brought up a tickling website and watched a few previews of men getting tickled, with occasional handjobs. There was only one other person in the computer room, it being Friday and close to closing time.

I was watching a video of two topless girls jerking and tickling a guy until he exploded. I turned around to see if I was being observed and sure enough Becky and Faye, two of the library staff were looking directly at me, then they looked at each other and started laughing. I clicked the mouse and brought up a car repair video, as if I had been watching that instead.

The woman next to me left the room and I thought I’d be alone, but she came back soon after.

She kept sliding her chair next to me and when she would move it back she poked me in the ribs a couple of times and then she’d say sorry when I jumped.

At fifteen minutes before closing we were told to log out and prepare to leave.

When I went to the counter to check out of the computer, I noticed the other woman was still there looking at the new arrivals display.

“Tom, could you help me move some boxes in the back?” Faye, the head librarian asked. My cock was still semi hard, but I didn’t think she’d notice and agreed to help. Plus, I figured if I was helpful maybe she wouldn’t mention what she saw me watching.

After moving about 10 boxes of really heavy books, I asked if there was anything else she needed.

“Actually, yes, there’s a lightbulb that needs changing. Do you mind?”

“No, of course not.” I replied. Walking into the other room I noticed that the other staff members and also the woman from the computer room were clearing a big table in the room behind the computer room. I thought this was odd, because they used that table all the time.

After I changed the lightbulb, Faye says something that freezes me in place.

“Did you really think you could watch porn in my library and not be punished for it?”

Before I know what is happening she has pulled me into the other room and the other 5 women attack. I’m stretched across the table and my shirt is pulled off and my hands are bound. Meanwhile, Faye and the computer room woman, whose name Gaziantep Üniversite Escort is Helen, are removing my jeans and underwear.

“You may be a pervert, but you have a nice ass,” Faye says, rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks. Soon I feel 10 hands groping my ass and the backs of my legs. “But don’t think for a minute that you’re getting out of this scot free,” Faye says and smacks my ass. After smacking me a few times she stops and rubs it again.

“We know you’re ticklish, thanks to Helen,” Faye says, poking me in the side and making me jump, “but is you butt ticklish too?” Faye then proceeded to tickle my ass. “Not so much?” Faye asked. “Well, how about that asshole of yours?”

“I’ll help,” someone said and I felt my butt cheeks being pulled apart. Then I felt Fay’s fingernail tickling my asshole and I jumped and laughed.

“Give me the feather,” Faye said, and the next thing I felt was a feather on my asshole.

“My turn,” Helen said and traded places with Faye. She must have knelt down because she shouted, “Oh my God, his cock is huge,” before tickling my asshole, balls and cock.

“And extremely hard,” Faye said grabbing and stroking my cock.

After Helen tickled me with her fingers and the feather, she too spanked me.

The other four women each had their turn spanking my ass then tickling my asshole balls and cock.

After a while they placed me face up on the table and tied me spread eagle.

I’ll describe my attackers the best I can.

Faye, the head librarian, was the ringleader and about 60 with black hair turning silver and a small build.

Helen was heavy with long wavy black hair, a big butt and big breasts.

Claire was also a little on the plump side with brown hair and big boobs. She always wore low cut tops and I always looked down her cleavage to see the mole she had on her right breast.

Colleen was average looking with short blonde hair and average boobs. I was sure she was a lesbian but that was strictly a guess.

Tina was a redhead with a tall runners body. Small boobs, small butt.

Finally there was Becky. She was a total milf. Perfect body. Great ass and great tits.

Of course it’s hard to think about any of this when you’re being tickled to death.

Someone was tickling my armpits, someone else my stomach and sides, two were at my feet and one or two were always tickling my cock and balls.

I couldn’t stop laughing. I knew I enjoyed watching tickling videos, but didn’t know if I’d actually be turned on by being tickled. My hard cock proved I did.

“I suppose I should thank you for helping with the boxes and lightbulb,” Faye said, stroking my cock.

Helen tickled my balls, Tina and Claire were licking my nipples, Colleen and Becky were tickling my feet.

Faye stroked me slow, then fast, then slow again. For a small woman she had quite a grip.

“Time for you to come,” she said, then used her thumbs to rub just under the head of my cock. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load. It was one of my biggest come shots ever.

Both Tina and Claire got hit in the cheek, as they were still licking my nipples. After a few shots came out, Faye stuck my cock in her mouth, while I was still coming, then Helen decided she wanted some and pulled my cock from Faye’s mouth and put it in her own. Tina and Claire licked my come off each others cheek and the other women licked the come off my body.

Suddenly they all left the room. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but took the time to try and relax and breathe normally. My sides, stomach, back and feet hurt from tensing up while being tickled.

When they came back I was looking at 6 pairs of boobs. They had all removed their shirts and bras. My cock, which had been at half mast, was fully erect again.

“I think he likes what he sees,” Becky said. “We’re going to play a game,” she continued.

“If you win you can leave,” Faye finished.

“What kind of game?” I asked.

“It’s called titty titty bang bang,” Faye said. The other women laughed.

“You’re going to suck on all our tits, then I’m going to blindfold you and you have to guess who the tits belong to.”

“Should be easy, if you’re not too distracted,” Tina said, sticking my cock in her mouth.

Helen, wanting to be first this time shoved her boobs in my face. They were huge with big areolas and fat nipples. I was sure I would remember them. I sucked on them and ran my tongue around the nipples and gently bit down too.

Then her and Tina traded places. Helen sucked my cock like I had sucked her breasts. She ran her tongue around the head of my cock and gently bit it.

Tina had average boobs with long nipples. Claire’s areolas had little bumps on them. Faye’s were the smallest of all. I could almost fit the whole thing in my mouth. Colleen had inverted nipples and Becky’s tits, nipples and areolas were perfectly smooth.

I knew who everyone was, but guessed wrong on purpose just to see what would happen. No great surprise I got tickled.

“Hey, I got the titty titty where is my bang bang?” I asked.

“Lick my pussy and make me come and we’ll think about it,” Helen said, taking off her skirt and sitting on my face. Apparently she never wore panties.

“I don’t think he needs to be tied anymore,” Faye said and untied me.

I grabbed Helen’s fat ass and sucked and licked her hairy pussy while Faye and the others undressed and sucked my cock. In no time Helen was coming and screaming like wild.

Tina climbed on next. Soon she was moaning and shouting yes. I felt my legs being lifted up and I saw Becky licking my asshole while Faye sucked my cock. Tina squirted in my mouth while I shot my load into Faye’s mouth.

“I guess that’s why you’re the head librarian,” I said. Everyone laughed.

Becky sat on my face next and I gladly licked her asshole to return the favor.

Claire said she couldn’t wait and climbed on my still hard cock while I was eating out Becky. She had two orgasm by the time I gave Becky hers.

I fucked all 6 women. Helen had the hairiest, Claire the wettest, Tina the smallest, Colleen the biggest, Faye the oldest and Becky the tightest.

I still hadn’t come though, so Becky said I could fuck her in the ass. Faye went to work on Becky’s asshole while Colleen started spitting and slobbering on my cock to get it well lubricated. I soon slipped into Becky’s asshole. Claire and Tina got in a sixty-nine, Colleen and Helen sucked on each other’s big boobs, and Faye started licking and tickling my asshole. Suddenly I felt her finger slip in my ass and soon she was massaging my prostate. Becky was screaming and rubbing her clit, then she tensed and started to orgasm, with Faye’s finger and Becky’s tight asshole clenching on my cock I shot my load deep inside Becky’s asshole.

Helen cleaned Becky’s asshole of my come, while Colleen and Faye cleaned my cock. Then we all got dressed.

“Remember, don’t watch porn in my library anymore or this is what you can expect,” Faye said, reaching out and rubbing my cock through my jeans.

I exchanged numbers with all of them and hooked up individually even though some were married or dating.

And people think library’s aren’t good for anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32