Library Seduction Pt. 01

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Katie was deep in the bookshelves of the library, head buried in a book with her long auburn hair shading her heart shaped face and long, pale neck. She was dressed in red sneakers, white knee-high socks covering her slim calves. She wasn’t very tall, but her waist was slim with a dark blue pleated skirt showing off her pale knees and round ass pushing the skirt higher. Her breasts bulged against the buttons of her white short-sleeve shirt and pushed the red vest she wore, open wide. Her pink back-pack was covered in buttons and patches, with a furry little kitten key chain hanging off of it. Her thick black glasses hid her bright blue eyes, wide and enthralled with the pages before her. She had no idea of what went about around her, so entranced by the book in her hands; her red lips were parted with the tip of her moist, pink tongue showing. She was soft in all the right places and her body screamed sex, but the tilt of her head and the curtain of her hair betrayed her shyness.

Diane uncrossed her tightly clad denim legs, staring fixed at Katie in the bookshelves feeling her mouth water at the sight of her. Deliberately she placed her feet down on the floor, the carpet parting for the red, vinyl stiletto heels as she stood. Straightening her large tits in the very low-cut white cotton t-shirt and reached up, to pull the bright pink strap straight on her lace bra. She knew the white t-shirt wasn’t the right color to hide that pink bra, and she had picked it on purpose to show off every inch of her large, straining tits. Diane leaned down to pick up her bag, pushing her curly blonde hair off of her shoulder and placing the strap of the lap-top bag over her head. The action made her breasts bounce in their pink bursa evi olan escort lace cups and bounce against the taut white t-shirt. Her lips were bright red, her face oval with large green eyes framed in dark lashes. She was round, curvy, and knew exactly how to enhance those assets.

Diane started down the aisle, a slow prowl towards Katie, the entire time looking over Katie’s body and feeling her pussy moisten. Her panties were starting to get soaked at the sight of her classmate. Diane couldn’t keep her eyes off Katie’s round ass, and Katie’s skirt tempted her to look and see if there was a thong splitting her gorgeous cheeks.

Diane stopped and leaned against the book case, next to Katie. Diane wasn’t even sure that Katie realized she was there, her eyes fastened to the book in her hands. Diane stared at the straining shirt before her and smiled as she detected the imprint of round nipple rings against the fabric. She looked up at Katie and realized her pale, freckled skin was now covered in a reddish blush. And Diane knew that Katie knew she was there, and staring straight at her large tits.

“Hello Katie,” Diane said softly and watched as Katie turned even darker red.

Katie tipped her head down further and her auburn hair became a curtain between them.

“He . . hello. . . Diane,” she stuttered in a whisper.

Diane smiled and stepped up to Katie, the book pressing into her own voluptuous breasts; as she tried to look beneath the curtain of Katie’s hair. She reached out and pushed aside the soft red tresses, revealing Katie’s pink face and wide blue eyes. Eyes, shocked and immediately caught by Diane’s hungry gaze.

“Katie,” altıparmak escort she purred. “You have the most beautiful hair.” And Diane ran her hands through Katie’s silky tresses, watching as Katie’s mouth parted in shock and a soft moan escaped her pink lips. Katie’s cotton panties became wet at Diane’s touch and her entire body felt it as if it was on fire. She couldn’t move even if she wanted to, and she was on fire with a blush that probably made her as red as her vest.

“Th . . thanks,” Katie stuttered again in reply, feeling herself red hot in embarrassment as her lips stuttered her betrayal. Katie swallowed and licked her lips, the tip of her pink tongue poking in and out of her wet mouth.

Diane ran her hand up Katie’s neck, hearing her indrawn breathe and seeing Katie’s nipples hardening through her cotton blouse. Diane placed her hand against Katie’s cheek, and ran her thumb along her beautiful pink pouting lips.

“You are very welcome my dear,” Diane told her, running her thumb over Katie’s full bottom lip. “And your lips are dying to be kissed.”

Katie was frozen by Diane’s touch, feeling her hand pressed against Katie’s face and Diane’s soft thumb running against Katie’s lip. Katie felt her pussy clench at Diane’s words and gasped in surprise as Diane leaned in, pressing Katie’s book flat between their chests. Katie’s hands were limp, and she didn’t even feel the book as Diane’s eyes caught hers and her lips pressed against Katie’s.

Diane ran her hand back into Katie’s silky hair and stepped forward, grasping Katie’s head as she firmly pressed her red lips to Katie’s soft pink ones. Diane tasted Katie’s sweet breathe as she gasped against gemlik escort Diane’s lips and Diane darted her tongue into Katie’s sweet mouth.

Katie’s body went rigid and then went limp, her thighs wet with her own pussy juices as Diane’s tongue explored her warm mouth. Katie moaned and let her tongue twirl softly with Diane’s, tasting Diane’s own sweet taste in her mouth. There wasn’t a thought in Katie’s head, but she could feel Diane’s hand clenched in her silky hair and she could taste the very sweetness of Diane’s mouth. Katie moaned and felt herself being molded against Diane’s voluptuous form.

Diane growled softly, tasting and exploring every inch of Katie’s soft mouth. Diane’s hand clenched, contracting with her desire, in Katie’s satiny red hair and pressing Katie’s taut body easily against hers. Diane purred as she felt her hips press against Katie’s and she pulled her lips, reluctantly, from Katie’s pretty pink ones. Feeling Diane’s satiny panties completely drenched in her own desire, Diane’s pussy juices soaking through the denim of her pants.

“Katie,” Diane whispered, locking her lusting gaze on Katie’s glazed blue eyes.

“You are the most desirable woman I have ever met.” Diane slowly withdrew the book and placed it on a shelf behind her, not wanting anything between them.

“And I badly want to caress every part of your gorgeous body.” And Diane reached around, pressing her body firmly against Katie’s supple form, and caressed her round ass beneath Katie’s pleated skirt.

Katie was limp in Diane’s grasp, waiting breathlessly for her next word, Diane’s next touch, her next . . . taste. Katie didn’t even think she was blushing anymore, so aroused at Diane’s touch. And when Diane removed the book between them Katie’s breathing increased, and she moaned softly as Diane’s breasts touched hers. And Katie gasped, hearing Diane’s words and feeling her hand against Katie’s bare skin. Katie blushed then, realizing that Diane would find the pink g-string Katie put on this morning.

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