Library Rendezvous

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She ran up the wide steps of the library, anxious to make her appointment. The note this morning laying on his pillow had been short and to the point.

“Library…Periodicals…2 p.m.”

Her curiousity was piqued. He had been up and out of the house before she had even opened her eyes and that in itself was strange. Normally, he liked to sit and linger with her over breakfast before going to school. As she hurried through the rows of books, she didn’t even take the time to appreciate them as she normally would. She was too anxious to find out what he was up to.

References and periodicals were on the third floor and as she pulled open the heavy door to step inside, it seemed to her that things were dimmer here. It was certainly more quiet. There were a few people scattered here and there. All of them were lost in whatever they were working on and didn’t bother to even look up as she walked past.

The periodicals were located in the very back of the huge room and she realized that through the many hours that she had spent roaming this library, she had never even been up to the third floor. Consulting her watch, she found that she was 5 minutes early. She looked around but didn’t see him (or anyone else for that matter) so she began to wander around. Her eyes skimmed over the newspapers and magazines, nothing really catching her eye. She grabbed up a copy of a psychology journal.

Leaning her hip against the table, she began to idly flip through it. She was pleasantly surprised to find an article on the effects of sleeplessness on the mental processes. Being somewhat of an insomniac, it drew her right in. She was soon deeply engrossed in reading, all thoughts of her reason for being there gone.

She jumped and cursed loudly when she felt the hands on her shoulders. That low sexy chuckle in her ear let her know right away who was there. She smiled softly to herself before turning to face him.

“Hello Love” he said before leaning down and taking her lips between his.

The feeling of his lips on hers still caused that familiar tingle to start coursing through her body. Pulling back she gave him her sexiest güvenilir bahis grin and raised her eyebrows up at him.

“Those days without starting to get to you?” she asked teasingly, nodding down at the growing erection between them.

His answer was a quick, probbing kiss. He grabbed her hand and pulled her into a secluded spot that had them surrounded by hundreds of dusty books. In the corner sat a single, not-so-comfortable-looking chair. Knowing his disinterest with sex in public places, she pondered at what he could have up his sleeve.

He caught her up in a tight embrace, his hands gathering up the material of her skirt. The cool air of the library caressed the back of her thighs. He had her ass cupped tightly in the palms of his hands. A thrill of excitement passed through her as his lips came down on hers again. Her hands slipped up and she ran her fingers through the soft thick hair that she loved so much. He massaged her behind roughly and was rewarded by her low moan of desire. She felt him harden even more against her and could not resist the urge to reach down and run her hand along the zipper of his pants.

At the first touch of her palm against him, he jumped. Then growling low in his throat, he took the soft skin of her neck between his teeth and began to grind them gently. She leaned her head to the side, wanting to give him full access. His hands slid around her hips and up her stomach, ultimately working their way under her blouse. She gasped as his fingers began to tease her already hard nipples through the fabric of her bra.

Pushing him back into the chair, she stood in front of him, slowly unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her breasts. He pulled her to him and buried his face between them, breathing in the scent of her unique perfume. She pulled away and with a naughty grin, pulled her panties off and threw them behind her. His eyes were glued on her as she slipped a hand underneath her skirt and began to run her fingers up and down her already dripping slit. He reached out and lifted it just enough so that he could watch her pleasuring herself. He watched as two of her fingers disappeared inside türkçe bahis and came back out, glistening with her juices.

Wanting so badly to taste her, he took her hand in his and one finger at a time, he began to lick and suck them. He closed his eyes, savoring the familiar taste of her desire. She pulled her hand away and began to pleasure herself again. Her cheeks turned rosy and her breathing became labored as she flicked at her throbbing clit again and again. His cock was fully hard and very needy. She leaned down and released it from his jeans. Carefully, she straddled him, her legs thrown over the arms of the chair.

Suddenly, it occured to her that they were completely vunerable. Someone could walk in at anytime. The thrill of it washed over her as she took him deep inside her wet pussy. Grasping at the shelf just above his head, she started to move up and down on his shaft. His teeth were pulling at first one nipple, then the other. His hands held on tightly to her waist, urging her to move faster. She braced her feet on the sides of the chair as she quickened her pace. His breathing let her know how close he was to cumming and wanting to prolong the experience she slowed the motion of her hips. Climbing off of his lap, she leaned down and ran her tongue around the very tip of him. She loved the way that she tasted on his cock.

With a quick kiss on the lips, she pulled him out of the chair. He looked at her questionly but did as she wanted. Turning away from him, she leaned over and grasped the arms of the chair tightly, her ass facing him. She smiled with anticipation when she felt his hand run up her spine and back down to settle on her hip. His hard cock nestled between her cheeks as he leaned over and ran his tongue down the center of her back. The feeling of his tongue there sent shivers through her and she pushed back against him wanting to have him inside her again.

She felt him position the head of his cock at her opening and held her breath as he began to slowly slip inside. Pushing back against him again, sharply this time, she took him all the way in. He gripped her hips and gave her what he knew güvenilir bahis siteleri she wanted. He slammed into her time after time, each one seeming to be deeper and deeper. She bit down on her lip to keep from crying out. He leaned his body over hers and slipped a hand around to play with her clit. She couldn’t stop the loud moans from coming out as he rolled it between his fingers.

His voice thick and rough with desire, whispered “Cum for me baby.”

That was all it took. She swallowed the scream that was in her throat as wave after wave of her climax washed over her. He was moving in and out of her pussy with quick, short thrusts. That and the feeling of her muscles contracting around him sent him over the edge. She heard him whispering her name over and over again as he filled her with his cum.

Grinning down at her, he helped her to button her blouse and straighten her skirt. She stood up on her tiptoes and placed a playful kiss on the tip of his nose.

“So Sweets. What changed your mind about public places?” she asked, really very curious to know the answer.

“Well, I was in here looking for an article for class yesterday and thought about what a good place it would be to get something going. And after the dream I had last night…I had to try it out.” he replied, his eyes twinkling.

They walked out of the library, hand in hand, completely oblivious to the curious looks their dishevled appearance was getting them.

At her car, he leaned her against the door and began to kiss her mouth hungrily again. His hands slipped around her and up the back of her skirt. He lifted his head and looked down at her with a grin playing around his lips.

“Uh, honey. Did you forget something?”

At first she looked at him in confusion until a blast of warm wind lifted her skirt and caressed her naked pussy. Then her eyes widen in understanding.

“Oh shit. I’d better go get them.” she said, starting back to the library.

“Leave ’em.” he said with a grin, “It might give some other poor guy an idea for a good time.”

Shrugging, she turned to open the car door. He came up behind her and begin to rub her through the fabric of her skirt.

“So what do you say to going home and reliving this afternoon in our own bedroom?”

She suddenly found herself very happy that the kids were visiting their grandparents.

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