Libertine Excursions Ch. 02

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These are related to the Libertine Adventure stories, in that Dave and Krystal are the main characters for both. They don’t fit within the timeline of Libertine Adventure, per se, but are stories that need to be told anyway.

This story takes place nearly 40 years after the beginning of Libertine Adventures. Dave and Krystal are in their 50’s.

This story has several elements that are tag worthy. Erotic couplings, group, anal, and FFM. I am putting it under group because that is more in line with my intention than group or anal.

All the people are over the age of 18.

Please vote at the conclusion of the story, using the stars. Any comments are welcome as well. Thanks and enjoy it.


We walked into the high-end hotel in a far suburb of Dallas. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, and I had decided to treat Krystal to a little pampering. The front desk in front of us, the restaurant to our left and what passes for a bar just off of the restaurant.

I checked us in, then took our bags to our room, as she wandered off to the bar area. Putting away the clothes and favorite toys that we brought she still hadn’t reached out. Curious, I headed down to the lobby.

Strolling into the bar area, I saw my beautiful, still after all these years, wife chatting with a woman half our age, or less. She had dark hair that was piled up on top of her head, not quite a beehive hairdo, but close enough. Her face was loose, for a lack of another description. She was slim with fairly large breasts nearly hidden under a heavy coat, reflective of the cool temperatures outside. The coat mostly bunched around her hips and legs obscured completely her lower body.

I went to the other end of the bar and skipped on their less than spectacular beer offerings for a rum and coke. I began chatting up the bartender, Freddy, asking about the hotel and what there was to do in the area. It turned out that there was a plethora of food and drink establishments within easy walking distance.

I saw Krystal and the brunette stand up and head for a corner table. The brunette draped her heavy coat over the arm closest to me, so I still couldn’t check out her ass or legs. I did, however, get a superb side view of her breasts, and they looked like they were a lovely sloping D cup or so, and they jiggled just enough to capture your eye as she walked.

Judging by her arms, she was slim, not necessarily fit, but, certainly not fat. They slid into a booth designed for a party of six and sat shoulder to shoulder against the back wall, with Krystal against the plate glass looking outside. The brunette sitting closest to the open end.

They continued talking and I turned away, enjoying my beverage. Freddy ran another round of drinks, a glass of white wine and an old fashioned made with honey instead of sugar, to them. When he came back he said, “Must be your lucky night.”

I looked at him with a curious glance and asked, “Why do you say that Freddy?”

He pointed with his jaw toward Krystal and her mystery friend, “The brown-haired girl asked that you join them.”

I gave him a smile, “Do you happen to know her name?”

He shook his head, “No, but I think she works across the way. She stops in once every couple of weeks.”

I thought to myself, “That has to be on payday Fridays.”

I said, “Thanks,” then headed over.

As I approached, the brunette Pattee the seat next to her, her thumb dragging along her thigh. I took it as an invitation to sit close. I slid in until my thigh rested against hers. As I settled, Krystal leaned over and said, “This is Erin, she works at the restaurant across the way and doesn’t want to go home yet.”

I leaned over and whispered, “Hi Erin, I am Dave, and I don’t want you to go home either.”

Glancing down I could see Krystal had her left hand resting high on Erin’s right thigh, and I could see Erin’s hand in a very similar, if not higher place on Krystal’s thigh. Before I settled fully into place, Erin put her left hand on my thigh, high enough that her pinky was almost touching my balls.

My cock hardened as Erin squeezed my thigh, saying, “Krystal said y’all were going dancing later and that if I wanted, I could come along.”

I looked her in the eye and heatedly responded, “I never pass on the chance to dance, or be seen, with two beautiful women.”

She blushed prettily and replied, “Thank you,” with another squeeze of her hand.

I saw Krystal lean over for a second then sit back upright. “Dave, I am going to take Erin upstairs and see if I have anything that will fit her. We should be back down in a half-hour, maybe an hour.”

I nodded, then slid out of the booth. I turned to help Erin out of the booth, offering her my hand. Her eyes were glued to my crotch as she slid out, specifically on my hard member. As she stood I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her lightly on the lips. Erin pressed herself against me and I held her tightly while kissing her again with passion.

Her lips were soft, like a not quite set eryaman escort pudding, and she tasted of bourbon and honey. My tongue danced into her mouth, seeking out her tongue and the two entwined with each other. My right hand cupped her ass and I pulled her flush against my cock, and she whimpered lustily into my mouth.

I broke the kiss and whispered against her mouth, “Do hurry.”

She nodded once and slid by me.

I held a hand out to Krystal, helping her out of the booth and she kissed the shaft of my cock as she rose. She looked at Erin and then me. “Give us forty-five minutes and come up to see how we look, please.”

I nodded, “Okay, and I will settle your tabs while you change.”

Erin responded, “Oh, I can get my own drinks.”

I shook my head, “Absolutely not. All I want you to worry about tonight is having a good time. It will be my pleasure to buy whatever is needed for the three of us to have one.”

Erin looked at Krystal, who nodded, replying, “Honey, let him do this. He enjoys spoiling people on occasion, and if tonight it is you he wants to spoil, enjoy it. He can afford it.”

Erin looked guiltily at the drink, then at me. “Are you sure?”

I nodded, “With no strings attached in any way. If at the end of the night you want to go home, I will get you a ride-share or cab, pay for it and send you on your merry way.”

She hesitated another minute or so, then, “Okay, let’s do it.”

As she slid by Krystal caressed my cock and said, “Forty-five minutes.”

I handed Krystal one of the room keycards and said, “Yep, take your glasses and I will bring another round-up with me.”

I ordered another rum and coke and sipped on it while chatting with another couple at the bar. They were Bob and Heather, there celebrating their tenth anniversary. I bought them a couple of rounds as we chatted. There were in their mid to late thirties, he had black hair and blue eyes, she had bottle blonde if her roots were accurate, and brown eyes. They were both attractive and for a moment I considered a four-way with them. I found out that they would be there for the weekend and asked them if they would have dinner with Krystal and me the next night.

They initially demurred, but Heather got my cell number and said she would let me know the next day.

I ordered a round of drinks for Krystal, Erin and myself then headed upstairs with them. On arrival, I saw Krystal was wearing a sexy little blue dress that helped her Ceylon blue eyes sparkle even more than usual under her red corona. Erin had on a nifty little black number that was tight across her breasts and hips. I whistled softly at the sight before me before offering them their drinks.

Krystal beamed and asked, “What do you think?”

I ran my hands across her slightly rounded.tummy and down her hips. I slid them along her as I stepped around her. I cupped her tits and pulled her back against me, my cock resting between the two ass cheeks I knew better than my own. I felt her nipples stiffen under the dress and into my palms. “Very nice, my love.”

Krystal turned her head and gave me a quick kiss. “You are only halfway done with your inspections, sir.”

Releasing my grip on Krystal, I walked over to Erin who was nervously chewing on her bottom lip. I ran my hands over her much the same way as I had done with Krystal. I could feel both panties and bra. I pulled her against my stiffness and kissed her neck. “Only two adjustments come to mind.”

Kissing my way up her neck I slid the zipper of the dress down far enough that I could unfasten her bra. “The first is to take that off.”

He looked at me in the mirror and whispered, “But people will know.”

I slid my hand down the front of the dress and cupped her big tit for the first time and replied, “I don’t care what they think they know. I do care about being able to play with these magnificent titties whenever I desire to, which will be an awful lot.”

I pulled on her nipple slightly and twisted it, “So please remove it.”

She gulped, nodded and performed that particular piece of magic of removing the bra without undoing more of the dress. I kissed her ear and murmured, “Good girl, and thank you.”

I smoothed my hands down her sides, over her hips and down to the hem of the dress. I raised it slowly up her thighs to her flared hips. I hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them down to her knees then let them fall to her ankles. “Oh my God,” she whispered, “People are going to know I am naked.”

I turned her around and kissed her deeply. Her lips offered no resistance at all to the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly as my tongue slipped in. I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and held her tighter against my throbbing cock. As we broke the kiss off, “And for at least one night, they will know you belong to me.”

She nodded but turned her head to Krystal who nodded and smiled at her. “See, I told you he would not only notice but would remove them.”

I stood back and looked at the two women, elvankent escort one in her early fifties, one in her early twenties. In no way did Krystal hold a back seat to Erin. As my eyes finally settled on Krystal, she said, “I love you too.”

Grabbing my drink, “We have a couple of hours until the bar starts getting busy show the two of you off. I suggest dinner.”

Krystal moved next to me and agreed. So with a beautiful woman under each arm, we left the room to go dine.

We went to the hotel restaurant and I asked for a booth large enough that the three of us could sit on one side together. As we approached the booth, I asked Erin, “Outside end, inside end, or between us?”

Krystal answered for Erin, “She sits between us.”

I nodded and whispered to Erin, “As you slide in, hike the dress high enough that I can play with your pussy if I want.”

She turned a bright red but nodded. I was happy to see that by the time she settled next to Krystal, the skirt portion was up high enough that I could see her not quite trimmed, but not quite a hairy mound.

Throughout dinner I kept my hand between her legs, caressing, touching and lightly pinching all around her pussy. Each time the waiter came over she would blush mightily but never closed her legs around my hand. Each time he left I whispered, “That’s a good girl.”

Krystal leaned over often to Erin, doing I know not what. But before I paid for our meals, I could tell by her nipples that she was as worked up as Erin was.

After dinner, we went to a bar about a half-block away from the hotel. There we danced some, the two objects of my desires a lot. Krystal touched Erin everywhere while they danced. I was pretty surprised that neither of them had an orgasm on the dance floor. It was hot as hell to watch, so I did.

A little after midnight, I went to the dance floor and asked Erin, “Do you want to spend the night with us?”

She nodded her head enthusiastically and I smiled while replying, “Good, let’s go.”

We left the bar with one woman under each arm. I was holding onto an ass cheek of each. of them as we sauntered back to the hotel. Freddy was still at the bar when we arrived. I ordered another two rounds for us, and we headed up.

As our hands were full of drinks, we had to get creative about the shenanigans in the elevator, but we managed well enough.

Krystal and Erin placed their drinks on the entertainment center and began kissing. It was a slow sensual kiss that appeared to be both passionate and soft at the same time. Neither woman touched the other outside of hands on hips, breasts mashed together, and lips locked.

I sat down in one of the chairs in the room sipping my rum and coke as they kissed. Suddenly hands started moving on both sides of the kiss and dresses fluttered to the floor around their ankles. Krystal maneuvered Erin against, then onto, the bed, never releasing Erin from the kiss. Erin’s tits had an exquisite slope, not unlike that of a ski jump and were full and plump.

Hands moved in slow motion as they explored each other as they scooted into the middle of the bed. I could hear the soft gasps and whimpers coming from the bed as the kiss and exploration continued.

Krystal kissed Erin’s neck slowly, leaving a trail. of wet marks as she worked her way to Erin’s shoulder. Krystal’s hand flitted here and there across Erin’s breasts, stomach, and crotch, never staying more than a second and seemingly never alighting on the same spot twice.

Krystal worked further down until she was between Erin’s legs. Krystal’s mouth was softly peppering the inside of Erin’s thighs with an occasional soft puff of air delivered against Erin’s soaking pussy.

The Krystal gave Erin one long slow lick along Erin’s outer lip. Erin shuddered and grabbed Krystal’s head, trying to hold her in place. Krystal shook free of the grasp and began to lovingly lick all around Erin’s mound, carefully avoiding any of the common sensitive spots.

I saw Krystal waving at me then pointing at Erin’s tit. I undressed slowly watching as Krystal began her slow assault on Erin’s pussy.

I crawled into the bed next to Erin and began caressing her tits softly. She turned her head toward me and her eyes seemed full of lust and pleading. I kissed her as softly as I knew how knowing that with the gentleness that Krystal had been showing her a hard kiss with probably seem discordant.

As Erin began to shiver and quake I pulled on her left nipple and twisted it severely. The absolute shock of the pain drove her over the edge and Erin began to cum.


Her legs locked around Krystal’s head as her back arched. A whimper turned into a full-fleshed scream which I cut off as I clamped my mouth over hers. Erin thrashed about the bed as wave after wave of pleasure tore through her body.

Her body locked up one last time as she screamed into my mouth again and then she went limp with a whimper.

I separated from Erin’s mouth and looked down emek escort at her. She whispered, “Holy fuck. That’s foreplay?”

Krystal’s hand wrapped around my shaft and she began slowly pumping up and down my length.

I smiled at Erin, “Yes, sweet thing, that was foreplay with just Krystal for the most part.”

Erin raised up on her elbows and looked down at Krystal and said, “Any time, anywhere, if you want me I will be there.”

Krystal smiled up, her face coated in Erin’s discharge and replied, “Before you make that offer, you should get this king cobra inside you.”

Erin looked at my length and said, “Yes, please.”

I pushed her back down and rolled between her legs as Krystal moved. Krystal grabbed me by the shaft and rubbed the head of my cock up and down Erin’s slit, coating it with the younger woman’s juices.

Once satisfied with the natural lubricant coating me, Krystal lined me up and whispered, “Go, big boy.”

Holy fuck was she tight. Not virginal tight, but damned close. Her pussy was tighter than most of the asses I had ever fucked. It felt like I was ripping her in two to get the head of my cock into Erin. Once there, her palpitating pussy felt like it was going to rip the head off and keep it as a souvenir.

I slowly pushed and pulled my hips back and forth, working my way a little deeper with each stroke. In what was maybe the first time I could remember, I was glad to be an old fucker who didn’t cum quickly; otherwise, I would have filled her with my semen before I fully worked my way balls deep into Erin.

As it was we took a lot of breaks letting her pussy adjust to me, and frankly, to let me calm down enough that I wouldn’t cum before I was ready. As I finally bottomed out in Erin, I looked up and saw Krystal whispering to Erin.

I rested with my balls against her ass for a couple of minutes, eventually, Erin looked at me and said, “I am ready.”

Long slow even strokes I pulled out and slid back into Erin. Krystal was now sucking on Erin’s nipples as I plumbed the new depths.

As I picked up speed a rumbling, “Oh fuuuuck me,” emitted from Erin’s throat. That sound became louder and more intense each time I bottomed out in her vice-like cunt.

Krystal began kissing Erin as I hooked Erin’s knees with my elbows and rolled her into a little ball, giving me unfettered access to her.

Harder and faster, my hips acted like a piston, firing hard into Erin’s body after a rhythmic withdrawal.

As Erin began to cum again, her fists hammered against my chest as her feet rained hell down onto my back. Feeling her cool geyser-like discharge coat my abdomen, balls and thighs made whatever pain she inflicted on me worthwhile.

As her orgasm subsided, I slowed to a halt, buried in Erin. She looked up at me and asked, “Did you…?”

I shook my head, “Nope, not yet.”

She looked a little shocked, and more afraid, “Now what?”

I looked at Krystal then back to Erin. “Now I am going to fuck my wife up the ass while you eat her pussy and play with my balls.”

Her face was the epitome of incredulity as she asked, “It won’t fit up there will it?”

I nodded, “We have been married a very long time. It will fit up there comfortably.”

Erin seemed in disbelief still as she blurted, “Would it fit up my ass?”

I smirked, “Yeah sweety, it would.”

She looked at Krystal and asked, “Do you mind if we try?”

Krystal replied, “Not at all. When it does get all the way up there, I will eat you out until he cums in your ass for me.”

I pulled back until just the tip of my cock was in Erin, then urged her to roll.over onto all fours. Carefully she maneuvered her way onto elbows and knees. As I pulled out Krystal headed to the overnight bag and pulled a bottle of lube and a butt plug out. I steadily fucked Erin as Krystal lined up the plug and Erin’s rectum.

I moaned at the sensation of the plug running along my shaft as Krystal slowly fucked Erin’s asshole with it.

After God only knows how long Krystal declared, “She is as ready as I can get her with what we brought.”

I began backing out of Erin and with wet plop the head of my cock popped free of her. I pressed down on Erin’s hips so that she lay flat and Krystal removed the butt plug.

I placed the head of my cock against her star and pressed forward slowly until I popped through her rectum, eliciting a low moan from Erin, which in retrospect might have been a banshee-like wail, in that her face was buried in a downy pillow. Krystal added copious amounts of lube to my shaft as I slowly sank into Erin’s asshole. Just as tight as her pussy had been, Erin’s ass massaged my cock wonderfully as she adjusted to the intrusion.

Before I realized how close I was, my pelvis pressed against Erin’s soft ass, and I was completely sheathed in her ass.i slowly fucked her ass for a couple of minutes until Erin started meeting my thrusts.

I pressed deep inside her and wrapped my arms around Erin. Once we were settled into position, I rolled over onto my back with a gasp coming from Erin.

I felt more than saw Krystal settle between our legs and in moments Erin began to quiver. Her rectum squeezed tight around my shaft, and for the second time that night, I thought she was going to rip the best part of my anatomy off.

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