Lexi Ch. 03: Consolation Prize

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I still wasn’t sure just where I stood with Lexi. My MILF of a landlord was now a lover, not just a casual hook-up or a friend with benefits. I hated that word, it reduced our couplings to just pure sexual exchanges.

Though we now had an open end relationship, I wanted more. And I wanted less. I wanted Lexi to see less of other people and more of me.

Lexi never felt a need to formalize our relationship status. She promised when she had sex with other partners she made them use protection. I was the only exception. Mine was the only cock allowed to feel the skin on skin contact of all her glorious holes — her words, not mine. I was expected to wrap my rascal up for anyone but her as well. So that elevated status was something.

I loved to hear all the dirty things she was doing with other people but, it also made me insanely jealous. Jealous enough to consider monogamy. With Lexi, monogamy was far from a death sentence.

Lexi was as adept at picking up on what turned me on, as I was at cataloging her fetishes. She knew a turn of an ankle, a long expanse of stockinged leg and the sight of six-inch stiletto heels was all she needed to get my cock twitching. She admitted she owed it to me for bringing out her inner slut.

She was an enigma. She was able to look professional in a three piece business suit but, also appeal to men’s carnal desires — in the exact same outfit. I always wondered if her success was due to a “special bonus” buyers would get when they closed on a house. Lexi wouldn’t confirm nor deny such a thing existed. Saying it was her body and none of my god damned business.

“Guys fuck around all the time and they’re celebrated for their prowess. Women do the same and are called slut or whores,” said Lexi. “What a double standard. I no longer care what other people think of me and I’m having the time of my life. Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself?”

Lexi did a little real estate on the side. Not because she had to, after the divorce she was pretty much set. The real estate job just kept her active and kept her sane. It kept her from becoming one of those idiots on the “Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Weeks after I had brought up the subject of exclusivity, to which her answer was a resounding no, she noticed I was still brooding. She also noticed I had skipped our usual personal happy hour. Convinced she could get me out of my funk she called me on the phone.

“Are you coming over?” asked Lexi. “The vodka’s not getting any colder.”

“I can’t, I’m writing. I’m kind of in a groove here and if you interrupt me, I’ll be less productive afterward.”

“Really? You’re going to continue to work instead of joining me for drinks?” said Lexi. “I’m wearing your favorite outfit.”

“The one you wear at closings?”

“With slight modifications,” giggled Lexi. “Take a closer look.”

Lexi was on the west balcony. It was a second-floor deck actually. One that sported glass barriers topped off by a steel railing that ran the full width of the house. Not practical for ocean side use but, who cares when you have a cleaning lady who does windows and glass?

The deck overlooked the pool, my guest house and the private beach behind me. The beach was at the bottom of a nine-story cliff.

This distance meant Lexi could have been nude and no one would have noticed unless they had binoculars.

I was a lot closer and I could see clearly that this was a seduction meant to get me to cross the compound.

Lexi was standing with her martini and resting her elbows on the railing. Her fitted dress shirt was unbuttoned to just under her breasts. Since she was leaning forward I got an eyeful of her delicious tanned cleavage.

I stood up, moved closer to the blinds and brought the binoculars to my eyes. Binoculars I had bought for the race track were now conscripted into a service much more rewarding. Lexi was putting on a show.

With the binoculars, I could see Lexi’s heavenly 34 triple D bust straining against the white fabric. Over her shirt, she had on a cupless basque that pushed up against her breasts and cinched her waist. This was finished with a miniskirt that tested the tops of her stockings.

I had just switched the phone to speaker when Lexi asked, “Am I making you hard?”

This woman knew how to manipulate a man’s desires.

Lexi took a sip of the martini and proceeded to suck the olives off the toothpick. She was performing fellatio on the crystal pick that skewered the olives.

“Andrew, you know about my oral fixations. Ever since I gave up smoking I’ve always had to have things in my mouth.” said Lexi, “Do you have anything that might fit between these lips and satiate my cravings?”

I had to readjust my cock. I was fogging up the binoculars but, continued to watch as Lexi hiked up her skirt and spread her legs apart. The garters pulled against the stockings and the belt which held them in place.

Only 12 inches of nyloned thighs were visible now, as Lexi was wearing leather boots that istanbul escort cut above her knees. The boots ended in a six, maybe seven-inch spiked heel.

“What are you doing,” I whispered under my breath.

“I’m trying to make it up to you, baby,” replied Lexi “Isn’t it obvious?”

Lexi put down the martini glass and moved closer to the railing. Taking off her shirt, she allowed her ripe tanned tits to peek out of the basque.

Rolling her erect nipples between her fingers she uttered, “I’m so fucking horny baby. I need that cock. C’mon baby, come over and fill me up.”

My cock was at full attention anticipating the wet, velvety folds of her sweet, sweet pussy. But this was one instance in which my big brain overrode my small brain.

“I can’t Lexi, I need to get some work done.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” screamed Lexi over the speaker, before I hung up the phone. She disappeared into the darkness of the house.

I sat back down at the computer and tried to get my mind off what I had seen. My cock was telling me we needed to go on the internet ASAP. Time to seek out some porn.

Apparently, someone had some masturbation to do. Otherwise, I’d never get any rest or any work done. What the fuck was I thinking, trading online photos and videos for the real thing. I guess I was still mad at Lexi.

I had my hand on my shaft and was stroking it to my favorite bookmarked scene when the phone rang. It was Lexi again.

“Look outside,” she demanded.

Never one to give up the good fight, Lexi was pissed off and there was no way she was losing to some online porn.

She had gone inside and made a wardrobe change. She was wearing something opposite of her modified work uniform. If the first outfit was sexy and sophisticated, her new one was slutty and nasty. It made her look anything but virginal. I didn’t need my cock to tell me just how sensuous the all white outfit looked against her tanned skin.

“Last chance asshole, are you coming over or not? I’m sure I can find another taker. If that’s the case you’re going to be left holding your dick while you watchsome other lucky guys fuck me on this balcony.”

Lexi’s ultimatum shook me out of my funk. I ran out of the guest house, down the stairs, and across the backyard. I hadn’t even taken the time to zip up my jeans and was instead holding them up with my hands still wet with lotion.

As I stumbled out onto the second-floor deck of the main house, Lexi couldn’t help but laugh as she pushed me back onto the wicker chaise lounge.

Then Lexi moved back and gave me a better look at her new outfit.

“You want to pass on this now?” asked Lexi.

“Uhm, no baby I was just…”

She finished my sentence for me, “…being an asshole. That’s what you were being. Now I’m going to make you suffer.”

Lexi was wearing the tightest mini dress I had ever seen. It was white and it shimmered in the golden hour of California sunlight. It was opaque in the light and sheer in the shade. Completely nondescript on the rack it was now alive. Fleshed out by Lexi’s erection inducing curves, it was a killer dress. Seen in this dress in public, one would assume Lexi was either a trophy wife or a high priced escort.

The dress stretched tight across her ample cleavage and the half sleeves showed off her bare shoulders. A peek of white panties and protruding straps around her neck hinted at the lascivious second layer underneath. Her long bare legs were crossed and ended in white patent leather stiletto heels. A series of spaghetti straps wrapped up the heels and played off her diamond anklet. The glory of all that was Newport Beach reflected in her mirrored Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Lexi didn’t miss a single detail.

She walked over to the chaise and straddled my reclining body. Lexi then proceeded to bend at the waist and pushed her luscious tanned ass in my face. She continued to twerk her bubble butt in my face as she grabbed my cock with both hands and began to stroke up and down. Oh god it felt good. The only thing that might have made it better was if she…

And then she did it. After wiping away the lotion, she proceeded to swallow the head of my cock and tease me with her warm moist mouth.

All the while I was treated to the most beautiful sight. Mere inches away from my face, the white triangle between her legs was getting sopping wet. A drop broke free of the sheer fabric and trickled down her leg.

I sat up and licked her thigh to intercept the sweet juices. As I did so, she stood up and spun around and placed her right heel in my crotch. My cock twitched under the pressure of her fuck-me-pumps as the six-inch stiletto heel threatened to penetrate my ball sack.

“Calm down there mister,” ordered Lexi, “you’ll ruin all the fun we’ll have teasing that cock.”

Weeks of pent-up frustration were begging for release I just needed to cum and having Lexi in her sexiest fuck-doll mode was not helping.

Yet as she increased pressure with istanbul escort bayan her high heels until my cock started to calm down. At least enough so I wasn’t at risk of showering Lexi with my spunk. That was difficult since her fuck -me-pumps had the effect of getting me hard.

Lexi offered me a wicked smile and walked away with the back of the minidress pulled up so I could watch the cheeks of her ass bounce. Each stride of her long legs, and the clack of her stilettos against the tile, brought new life to my cock.

She returned and placed a second chaise end to end with mine before straddling it. As if dancing to an inaudible soundtrack with Lexi’s back to me she bent at the waist and put her hands in front. One hand on the chaise, one hand on the front of her panties.

Lexi pulled upward and strained the panties between the crack of her ass and the lips of her pussy, forming the perfect camel toe.

She then stretched out her body and laid on her stomach. All this before turning her head towards me to mouth the words, “Don’t you want to see what this body and my lips can do to your cock?”

She continued to kneel on the chaise, roll her hips forward and kicked up her ankles. The sun glinted off the metal hardware of the double straps on her sterling white fuck-me-pumps. By now my cock was back standing at full attention.

She continued leaning back and proceeded to show me the growing wetness between her legs. She raised her legs up in the air and gave me a dissertation on how to tease a man with heels, legs, ass and strategically placed fingers. Finer teasing would never be seen outside of the swankiest gentlemen’s club.

I kept wondering where she learned to do this. Lexi brought wet fingers to her mouth as her lips licked the resulting juices from her pussy.

“So good,” mouthed Lexi. “Want a taste?”

Lexi was back on her feet and she sashayed towards me. She threw one leg over my lap and proceeded to pull the panties to the side exposing the slickness between her legs. Wasting no time she slipped my shaft into her eager hole and let out an orgasm inducing moan. Lexi bounced on my cock until it was shiny with her juices.

“Your cock is so hard. So deep in my tight little cunt.” moaned Lexi, “You make me feel like such a whore.”

I peeled the mini-dress up over her head and off that magnificent body. Underneath, I discovered the panties weren’t panties. They were the bottom of the skimpiest slingshot bikini I’d ever seen.

The kind of bikini that offered access to the wearer’s tits from any angle. The kind of bikini the sluttier girls in swimsuit competitions wore to sway the judges. Two strips of Lycra fused into one. The straps went down her back, through the crack of her ass and back up her front. The front panels did a poor job of covering Lexi’s 34 triple D tits.

This made my cock even harder.

I pulled the two strips of lycra fabric to the side and started to suckle at Lexi’s breasts. It was the perfect position for me to be in. In my hands, I palmed glorious mounds of flesh that I was feeding into my mouth. And the sluttiest of MILFs was riding my cock.

Lexi moaned, “Isn’t this better than jacking yourself off with your hand?”

I could only manage a muffled, “uh huh.”

I love having sex with a partially clothed woman but, tonight I wanted nothing in between our bodies. I lay Lexi back down on her back so I could strip the sling bikini off her. Completely nude, except for her Ray-Ban sunglasses and stiletto heels, she pushed my face between her legs.

I licked her clit as if I’d never seen one before. I sucked the outer lips of her pussy like a man who had discovered an oasis in the desert. I slipped in one, then two fingers to probe deep along the upper wall of her pussy. When I inserted a third finger Lexi let out and audible cry. She begged me to go slower but, also begged me not to stop.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me. God, I love those fingers in me…”

She was having more intense orgasms as I alternated between my thumb and my tongue on her clit. It wasn’t long before she became too sensitive and she rolled over on her stomach. She was covered in a sheen of perspiration that only emphasized how violent her orgasms were. If this what she meant by making me suffer, I definitely wanted to be tortured.

Lexi had her head resting on the cushions of the chaise as she raised her ass in the air and spread her ass cheeks propped up by her long luscious legs. She beckoned me to fill her up.

“Help me become the slut you want me to be. Take what you want baby.” moaned Lexi.

I sat down on my chaise with my back resting against the incline. My cock was ramrod hard and sitting straight up. Lexi knew just what to do. She backed up and impaled herself on my cock. Taking in each successive inch before she let out a squeal.

“Its so deep, baby. So deep. You’re going to stretch my little cunt.”

She was riding me in the reverse cowgirl position and she was istanbul bayan escort doing all the work. Sliding up and down my shaft and bathing my twitching cock with our mutual juices. Lexi then reached over to the table and picked up the tanning oil and placed it my hand.

I squirted half the bottle on her back and watched it trickle down and cover her ass cheeks. My hands made quick work of oiling down her back before I pulled her closer so her back was on my chest.

We were almost spooning if it weren’t for Lexi grinding and pumping on my cock. My oiled hands traveled up under her chin and I explored the full of her body.

My hands cupped her breasts as they bounced when she bucked on my cock. My hands drifted down over her flat stomach. I was oiling up her inner thighs when the twitch in my cock sent a jolt through my body.

“I’m going to cum Lexi, I’m going to flood your…”

I never got a chance to finish as Lexi stood up and grabbed my cock and pinched the head. She squeezed hard and told me to hold it. There would be no cumming for me. Trickles of precum and our mutual juices dripped from her fingers but, she never let go. She was ruining the orgasm. This was what she meant by suffering.

“This will be the last time you deny me your cock if you ever want to fuck me again, understood?” barked Lexi. After I agreed. Lexi gave me time to recover before promising to make it up to me. It would be my consolation prize. I was exhausted. She promised it would be worth it. Then I blacked out.

I awoke to the sun setting and Lexi’s lips, newly painted in lipstick and gloss treating my cock like a lollipop. I was now in the living room and Lexi was performing CPR on my cock. Lexi was still slick from the oil massage. She had changed into skin tight hip boots that laced on the inside of her legs.

“Lexi, what’s going on?”

“This is your consolation prize. It’s all you baby, no foreplay, no paying attention to me just all you.” teased Lexi, “These boots were made for fucking.”

She walked out of the living room and onto the deck. Resting her elbows on the railing, she spread her legs, arched her back and stuck out her beautiful ass. She was right, the hip boots raised her ass to just the right height.

I joined her on the deck. She looked beautiful in the dying light. As I pressed my cock between the crack of her ass she looked up at me. I kissed her neck and worked my way up to her lips.

“That exclusivity thing? I’ll think about it OK?” whispered Lexi.

Then she repeated what she said earlier, “Help me become the slut you want me to be. Take what you want baby.”

My cock slipped in between her sweet thighs just underneath her waiting lips.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

Lexi told me she was not only wet and waiting she had prelubed her holes just for this consolation prize. Prelubed I inquired?

“Isn’t that what a submissive fuck-toy is supposed to do for her master?” replied Lexi. “Use me like the fuck-doll I am. That’s what I was made for.”

She had gone from dominant to submissive while I was unconscious.

Lexi knew only too well how to push my buttons. I entered her from behind and pulled Lexi up and across the full length of my prodigious cock. With each stroke I went deeper, I went harder. Half, half, whole.

On the inward thrust, I banged my balls against her and struggled to go deeper. I was lusting after her pussy, her cunt, her fuckhole. Her ass cheeks jiggled after every thrust as did her amazing tits. I moved closer and cupped Lexi’s breasts as I plowed deeper in pussy.

“Use me. Use me. Fuck that little cunt, I want it, I want it, ” screamed Lexi, “Make me your little… I’m such a whore.”

Blonde, beautiful, stacked and toned. Lexi’s sexy body stood out in contrast to the darkness. She fulfilled all my desires, satiated all my lust and allowed me to live out my fantasies without judgment. God, I loved this woman. My little MILF.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it,” screamed Lexi, “I need it, I need it in my ass.”

“Is this what you want?” I replied.”To be filled with cock? To be covered in cum? You’re my little cock whore, aren’t you? My little fuck-slut.”

“Yes, yes I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” screamed Lexi. “I’m such a fucking slut. Oh god. Oh god.”

Lexi arched her back and whipped back her head hitting me with her long blonde hair. “I’m cumming.”

For the first time since we’d been together, Lexi was not only cumming, she was ejaculating. She sprayed all over the glass in front of her and all over the tile. It surprised me then my surprise turned to wonder. We were going to have to look into this.

“Give me a second, baby.”

I would do no such thing I was too close to cumming myself. I pulled Lexi back on my cock and sunk my shaft deep in her ass. A flood of lube was displaced and soaked her hip boots before dripping off the spiked heel. It was so good, so tight.

Lexi was loving the fact that I couldn’t control myself. It didn’t matter if I came too early since this was all for me. She was seeing what she could say to tip me over the edge and make me lose it.

“Push it baby, push it. Just grab my cheeks and pump that ass.” said Lexi. “Use me baby, use that asshole. Just get up on me and fuck it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32