Levi Ch. 05

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A lot of people asked me why Dr. Christian Teach was such an insufferable asshole. There were several references to Christian’s past in the four part Levi series. More specifically, something that happened ten years prior to meeting Levi. If you remember correctly, Christian was a new doctor of 28 years old when he met Levi. That means he was 18 when he had his first experience that turned him into what he was to become. Christian experienced his first love. This is the story of what happened to the sweet and young Christian Teach, before he became the cynical and arrogant Dr. Christian Teach.

I knew I was gay. I kept a very good secret. I had to keep the secret; high school is a jungle, right? The caption under the picture of the prom king in the yearbook read: Prom King 2000 Christian Teach. You didn’t get pictures with those kind of captions when you are an “out” and proud homosexual in my high school. I played football, ran track, class president, Homecoming King-junior year, Prom king senior year. What can I say? I was likable.

Keith really was gorgeous. Keith was 100% Italian. His middle name was actually Alphonse…and get this…his mother’s maiden name was Garfazzo. Keith was very Italian, even Catholic. However, Keith hated being Catholic. He was 6’2″ and very skinny. Most people would even consider him scrawny. He didn’t play any sports and lacked serious muscle tone. To be honest we weren’t even friends until our junior year of high school. However, when I finally started hanging out with him I knew I was in love with him.

I wasn’t really sure if he was gay or straight when we first started hanging out. I knew I was gay and I put up a great front. He didn’t even really put up a front. He would say stuff about titties and banging bitches sometimes but he rarely said more than that on the subject of sex. I don’t think he ever dated anyone. So, it didn’t seem inconceivable to me that he might be gay. So I allowed myself to fall for him plain and simple.

We were both in a class called Spectrum. Spectrum was the class for gifted students. You had to have a 130 IQ to get into Spectrum. Anyway, I was friends with absolutely everyone in high school. I fit in with the jocks and I played guitar with the music kids. I worked with the student council and planned the senior skip days with the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). I literally knew and was liked by just about everyone.

One day while in Spectrum Keith was on a roll. He was so funny. It didn’t matter what anybody said he automatically had a quip that reduced me to tears with laughter. I took notice of the scrawny kid. I always knew him but never really talked to him. He was kind of a loner kid that didn’t participate in anything and didn’t really seem to care about popularity. I decided I wanted to know more about what made this tall and skinny kid tick.

Other than Spectrum, Keith and I had no classes together. The way Spectrum worked was each of us (there were 9 of us) proposed a project of our liking every quarter and with approval we self-studied with a final project due at the end of the quarter to show our work. I decided one day, shortly after he made an impression on me, to find out what Keith was working on for the final quarter of our Junior year. Keith was working on the psychology of the high school student…Perfect

Figuring he was a nerdy kid I started flirting thinking he wouldn’t pick up on it. “You have an interesting look” I said.

“Do you like looking at me?” He asked

“I like looking just as much as you like showing me what to see.” I replied.

“That doesn’t make sense.” He said.

“Of course it does. As long as you have something to show me; I will look at it.” I said.

“Well, so what typically do you like to look at?” He asked.

“Why do you ask? Do you like me to look at you? Do you want me to figure you out this quickly? Lesson number one Keith: always leave the people wanting more. Don’t tell them everything they want to know upfront. Don’t show them what they want to see upfront. Always hold something back.” I said to him in a fast and quiet whisper.

“Is that what you do, Mr. Popular? You purposefully let other people know that you are smart without actually showing them that you are smart so as not to alienate those who are without intelligence? I am unsure as to why you are even speaking to me. I am not a lackey and you have nothing to gain by befriending me. I can only serve as some sort of groupie to you in one of your many following groups and forgive me but I have more respect for myself than to do that. More importantly, what is your project this quarter?” Keith spewed in a hateful tone.

“For a guy working on a psychology piece you are doing your best to isolate a valuable aspect of high school psychology. If you keep this kind of talk up you are going to alienate the one person who can speak from all sides of every clique. I’m not even screwing with you anymore. You need gaziantep bayan eskort me to answer interview questions for you. I am free most nights and this Friday night by some sort of miracle. You can help me with my project by allowing me to help you with your project” I said

“You still haven’t told me what your project is, Christian.” He said.

“My project is a research piece on teen suicide coupled with the social inequalities of homosexuals in high school with an original spin.” I replied

“So you want me to kill myself?” He asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You aren’t going to help me with the suicide part.” I said.

“So you think I am a homosexual then?” He asked.

“I make no presumptions on anyone’s sexual orientation. I want your help with the original spin part.” I quickly replied hoping not to give too much away about my own big secret.

“Alright, I would be down with Friday night. Where do you want to meet?” He replied.

“You can come over to my place. My parents are rarely home on the weekends. Even if they are planning on being home this weekend they never come downstairs.” I said. My parents were pretty wealthy. We weren’t rich or anything but we had a huge house, nice cars, and my parents went out of town for fun trips at least two weekends a month. I was the third and youngest of the kids. My older sisters had already moved out and gone to college. I think my parents were kind of excited to be almost done with child-rearing and were getting a head start on enjoying their retirement.

“That sounds cool I guess. I’ll be there around 7:00 p.m.” He said. I could have sworn I saw his large lips twitch into a little smile. Keith usually wasn’t a very cheery person. I wouldn’t call him sullen exactly but he just never seemed happy. He always seemed to be deep in thought but thinking about something distasteful.

Fortunately, Keith was very smart and people just left him alone even though he didn’t dress cool or hang out with anybody considered popular. He had a way of just blending into the background. I came to find out he preferred it that way.

I only had to wait two days before our scheduled rendezvous. I was kind of excited about it. Even though what Keith had said was partially true; I didn’t really having anything to gain by befriending him. I always liked to meet new people; I liked to make connections with new people. I viewed Keith as a challenge. I guess looking back it was a little more than that. I also viewed Keith as cute and somewhat intriguing.

Friday came and after Track practice I headed home for a shower. I turned down a couple of offers to hang with some friends with the excuse that I had homework to do. When I got home I rubbed one out and jumped in the shower around a quarter ’til 6:00. I took a long hot shower and decided on something casual to wear that would highlight my physical attributes. I donned a pair of clingy athletic shorts and I went commando. You could see the outline of my cut cock almost perfectly. I threw on a plain white t-shirt and black no show socks. It turned out that my parents were not going out of town for the weekend so I told them I was working on a project with a friend. I got the nod of approval from my father. He hadn’t even looked up from the Reader’s Digest he was reading. I was used to indifference from my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I knew they loved me and they said it from time to time, it really did just boil down to they trusted me and they were tired of raising kids.

At 6:30 p.m. the doorbell rang and I was surprised to see Keith. He was a half hour early. It was a good thing I showered early.

“Sorry, I am so early. I wasn’t exactly sure where you lived and it turns out I found it a lot easier than I thought I would.” He explained.

“No troubles, bubbles.” I said “Follow me downstairs to my house.” Like I said, we had a pretty big house. My parents lived in the upstairs and never came downstairs. Well, I made the downstairs all mine after my sister’s moved out. The downstairs had a master bedroom that mirrored my parent’s room with a private bathroom. There were 2 other bedrooms, a living room, a guest bathroom and a kitchen. The living room had a flat screen with pretty decent surround sound. The kitchen was pointless with the exception of when my parents hosted parties; the caterers had the extra space and of course I had my own fridge.

“This is the most amazing house I have ever been in.” Keith said.

“Thanks. My parents don’t particularly care for my company and I like my privacy so it works out well.” I replied.

“Well, everyone in my family hates each other and we are still stuck shoulder to shoulder. I wish I had some space in my house.” Keith said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Let me give you my number home skillet and just call me whenever you want to get away. From now on you are welcome to come over whenever you want.” I told him. I kept my voice light and airy so as not to make him feel as if this was some kind of pity offering. In all honesty it wasn’t a pity offering. I genuinely enjoyed helping people and I kind of liked Keith. We both pulled out our phones and exchanged cell numbers. I grabbed a beer and handed him one.

Keith sort of eyed me suspiciously. “You are going to drink with your parents right upstairs?” He asked me in a whispered tone as if we were doing something bad behind an authority figure’s back.

“Two things Keith: one, my parents don’t come downstairs; two, who do think bought me the beer? My parents don’t care if I drink as long as my grades stay at A’s, coaches don’t complain about slacking off in practice, and anyone that drinks here has to stay the night.” I said in my best matter-of-fact tone.

“But I can’t stay the night.” He said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t ask my parents if I could. They are expecting me home by curfew, midnight.” He explained.

“Very simple fix. If you want to stay the night I’ll just have my mom call your parents and ask them if it’s okay that you stay.” I said again using my matter-of-fact tone.

“Ummm, I guess that would be cool. I have to be honest, I don’t understand why you asked me here and furthermore why you are trying to get me drunk and stay the night now. Also, with the weird conversation the other day, it feels like you are coming on to me or something.” Keith said. He had a very sheepish look on his face that was completely adorable. He had looked at my crotch silhouetted in the athletic shorts twice during his nervous speech.

“Do I seem gay? I want to drink beer. I don’t want to drink alone. I assumed you wouldn’t mind having a couple and passing out here. It is your call. I am somewhat indifferent on the topic with the exception that I don’t want to drink alone but even still I am okay with it. Do you want me to have my mom call yours or not?” I replied.

“Ummm, yeah. It sounds like fun I guess.”

“Great, it’s settled.” I pulled my cell phone out and dialed my mom upstairs. “Mommy, will you do me a favor? Will you call Keith’s parents and tell them it is okay with you if he stays over for the night. We are going to be working late. No, mom. Keith isn’t the boy you caught peeing in the driveway two weeks ago. You have never met him mom. He is in Spectrum with me. Yes, mom. That is why there is an extra car in the driveway. Keith is downstairs with me right now. I’ll text you the number when I hang up. Thanks, I love you too. Wait. One more thing…will you call Imo’s Pizza for me and have them deliver my favorite to my entrance? Thanks again mom. Yes, I will see you tomorrow for the 5k. Alright, love you too, bye.”

Keith was just staring at me with his mouth open and a look of complete astonishment on his face. I couldn’t help but to smile back. He finally broke the silence, “That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Your mom just does stuff like that for you? And you have a private entrance?”

“Yeah, the kitchen door down here opens out to the side yard. I go upstairs about as often as my parents come down here.”

“So let me put it all together: you never even have to see your parents; you have an entire house to yourself basically; your parents buy you beer and let you have whoever you want over here any time; they order you pizza when you want? Is that about it? Did get I it all?” He asked.

“You missed the car they bought me, my credit card and of course the hookers they send down to me when I get all A’s, do well in sports, or because they think I am melancholy.” I said in my best smartass tone.

“You are the luckiest guy I have ever seen in my entire life. I would stop a baby’s heart from beating to have this set up.” He said.

“Well, I guess I know abortion doctor is your future career path.” I joked. “How about we get to work?” I said that to move the conversation along and I knew he would take it as it was time to start on our projects. However, I was going to get to work in another way. I wanted some firsthand homosexual experience as the original spin I was planning for my project. Keith didn’t know that, but hopefully he would take the bait. Like I said, at this point I didn’t really know if Keith was gay or not. I had a feeling he was and I was going to do everything in my power to coerce him into fooling around. If he didn’t fall for my trickery then I guess he really was straight.

Keith sat on the couch and started pulling folders and binders and books from his backpack. I excused myself to the restroom. I didn’t have to piss but I wanted to rub my cock for a minute to get it half hard so it would tent my shorts even more than it already was. I got some blood flowing to it, pulled my shorts back up, and inspected myself in the mirror. Holy Fuck! My cock looked so good half hard in those athletic shorts. I walked back into the living room to find Keith sitting on the couch just looking around the room; as if he was trying to drink in his surroundings.

I walked up to him and with him sitting and me standing he was eye level with my cock. He quickly averted his eyes. I asked, “Do you need another beer?” He replied, “Yes.” So I went to the kitchen and grabbed two more. While out of his view I shook the beer in my right hand. Upon returning, I gave Keith the beer in my left hand. He opened it and took a short sip. I opened the shaken beer towards me and naturally, it started spewing beer onto my shirt. I shouted some expletives to make it look real and I quickly covered the opening and took it back to the kitchen and grabbed another one. Keith thought the whole episode was hysterical. When I returned to the living room with my fresh beer, I removed my beer-soaked shirt showing off my beautiful chest and abs. I had a strong six pack with a light happy trail.

Now Keith wasn’t even able to avert his eyes. I was standing there shirtless wearing only athletic shorts over my half hard cock. I knew he was gay or at the very least extremely bi curious. “Do you think I would be considered attractive?” I asked him.

“I don’t think guys are hot. I’m not gay.” He said.

“That sounds suspicious. I didn’t ask if I was hot. I asked if you think people would consider me an attractive looking person. And I certainly didn’t mention the word gay.” I said with an all-knowing tone.

“I don’t know, Christian. What do you care what I think?” He replied.

“Well, Keith, I know you said you aren’t gay but I don’t believe that to be completely true. I know you are enjoying looking at me. I know you are using all of your willpower to hold eye contact. But most importantly, I know that I desperately need a blowjob. If you aren’t gay or bi or anything of the sort, I will put on a new shirt and apologize profusely for putting you in an uncomfortable situation and I will never mention it again. However, this is a onetime offer and the clock is ticking. You have until I finish this beer.” I said.

While he stared into my eyes, completely dumbfounded about what was transpiring I took a huge gulp of the beer draining about a third of it and I held the bottle in front to show him how much was left. I moved my other hand down the top of my shorts and slowly inserted it into the front. I grabbed my half hard cock that was quickly growing. I started playing with it a little. I grabbed the underside of it and pushed my mushroom tip against the shorts to really show an outline of what was waiting for Keith. He was staring at my crotch and panting. I took another large swig of beer leaving but one small drink left in the bottle. I held the bottle out again for him to see it was decision time. I pulled my hand from inside of my shorts and grasped the elastic band. In one downward push I shed the shorts entirely.

I was standing in front of Keith completely naked. I had a full hard on sticking straight out in front of me and I drank the last drink of beer and set the empty bottle on the table. “Well, it’s now or never my new friend.”

“I have thought about the day when I would get to do this for as long as I can remember but now I don’t think I can. I really want to but I don’t know what to do.” He said in a breathless voice.

“It is really easy. All you have to do is follow directions. You can follow directions right?” I asked. He just nodded yes as a response. “Very good. Stand up. Follow me to my bedroom. When I lie down on my bed just stand at the foot of the bed and await further instruction.” I said.

He followed all instructions perfectly and without a word. “Okay, now kneel on the bed between my legs positioning your face over my dick. Perfect. Rub my balls in one hand very slowly and gently. Just roll them around very delicately. Awesome, see I knew you could follow directions. Now, take your other hand and start stroking my cock but keep playing with my balls too. Ohh, fuck Keith, you are either a natural or the quickest learner on the planet.” I said.

I was laying my back with my hands behind my head just loving the attention that Keith was giving my cock. I had just rubbed one out 3 hours ago so I figured I could last for a little while. I was really enjoying talking this virgin through giving his first blow job. I continued, “Alright, now this is the part that takes some getting used to. Take all the time you need but I want you to kiss my cock. It’s alright, go ahead and kiss just the tip.”

When he lowered his face down he gave me one last look in the eye before he pursed his lips and planted them right on my piss slit. “Ohhh, that is so good now put just the head of my cock in your mouth. I know it is weird the first time but you are going to love it.” I said.

Keith was really starting to loosen up. He was kissing all around the head of my dick on his own without instruction and I think he was finding a good rhythm with both of his hands working on my cock and balls. Then he took the plunge and closed his full lips around the crown of my blood-filled cock. He gave a little moan and started applying suction all on his own.

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