Let’s Do Lunch

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Thursday, 11:48 a.m.

Michael sat at his desk and tried to concentrate. He had a presentation coming up that he seriously needed to prepare for. However, all he could think about was Nicollette. Her easy smile. Her exotic eyes. And of course, the thrilling curves of her body. He smiled to himself. He was captivated by this woman like none ever before her. Michael believed that their relationship had graduated from one fueled by lust and it had transformed into something deeper. At least from his perspective. He was hopelessly in love with Nicollette.

Unfortunately, Michael no longer had the luxury of being able to see Nicci on a daily basis, as he had transferred to different company. His new job provided more advancement and a higher-paying salary. He hoped to be able to spoil Nicci with his increased earnings. She deserved nothing but the best of everything. Michael imagined himself taking Nicollette on an extravagant vacation…and he imagined her surprised reaction when he would pull out a Tiffany engage—

Michael’s romantic musings about Nicollette instantly dissipated as soon as Mrs. Fischer entered his office. Even though she was his secretary, he felt uncomfortable calling the grandmotherly woman anything besides “Mrs. Fischer.” And he certainly didn’t feel comfortable having romantic thoughts when he was around her.

“Michael, dear. I’m heading off to lunch now,” she informed him.

“Okay, Mrs. Fischer. I’ll see you when you return,” Michael replied.

Thursday, 11:53 a.m.

Nicci paid the driver and exited the taxi. She adjusted her champagne-colored skirt and the white, silk blouse beneath her jacket. After briefly checking her reflection the rear window of the cab, Nicci walked toward the entrance of the skyscraper on the corner of Jackson and Wabash. In her hand she clutched a brown, paper bag.

Thursday, 11:57 a.m.

Preston Martin III quickly knocked on the door of Michael’s office and then entered. Michael sat behind his desk with a far off look in his eyes.

“Mike, are you ready for the McClendon, Inc. presentation this afternoon?”

Michael absently glanced at the sparse writing on his computer screen, “Just about…”

“Dude, you look like you’re a million miles away! Is everything okay?”

“Yeah man, I just have a lot on my mind lately…”

Just then, one of the most stunningly beautiful women Pres had ever seen waltzed into Mike’s office as if she owned the place.

“Uh, what are you doing here?” Mike inquired while nervously adjusting his tie. He added, “Preston can you excuse us for a second?”

Preston exited the room, but left the door slightly ajar. He was very curious to find out who this creature was and what business she had with his friend.

The woman was tall with long, smooth legs that were accentuated by her high heels. Her hair was shoulder-length and a mass of wild, dark curls. Her complexion was the color of sweet caramel. Preston couldn’t see her tits due to the blazer she was wearing; but he assumed they were taut and matched her tight, round ass.

Pres hung around outside the doorway hoping to catch the exchange of words between Mike and the lovely lady. Unfortunately, Mike foiled Preston’s plans by at that moment walking to the door:

“Pres, seriously, can you leave us for a moment?” In addition to the words, Mike pleaded with his usually calm, green eyes. He closed the door in Preston’s face.

The urgency with which Mike asked Preston let him know that he couldn’t miss this interaction—no matter how brief it turned out to be. Lucky for Pres, there was a conference room adjoined to Mike’s office that had a separate entrance. Preston figured he could peek through the blinds in the conference room and catch all the goings on in Mike’s workspace.

Preston had never told Michael about the secret porn stash he’d had for a while in college. The selection featured black women with nice asses and full lips. So to see a black woman that beautiful in person, honestly, it made Pres’s dick twitch.

If nothing else, Preston hoped to catch a closer glimpse of the black beauty and save it in his mind for future, spank bank material. Pres hurried to his office and retrieved a small item. With most of his coworkers having already gone to lunch, Preston excitedly ran around the corner to the conference room. He shut the door and locked it behind him.

Thursday, 12:03 p.m.

“I thought I’d bring you dessert, Mikey…”

“How thoughtful of you,” Michael said in a sarcastic voice. “What is it?” he asked impatiently.

Mike didn’t mean to be rude but he really needed to work on finishing his portion of the presentation.

Nicci remove something from the brown paper bag and set it on Mike’s desk. It was a bottle of chocolate syrup. Mike groaned with frustration. He’d never get his presentation finished. Nicollette knew that seeing xslot giriş the bottle of chocolate syrup would propel his mind back to their first weekend together. Back to the afternoon Michael had licked chocolate syrup off of every inch of Nicci’s body. He heavily exhaled.


In the small conference room, Preston tried to make himself comfortable. After loosening his tie a bit, he rolled a chair up to the window of the two adjacent rooms. Then he removed the small object from his pocket and placed it on the meeting table. Preston fleetingly though of the countless times he had fucked Jen from accounting on that same table. But it had been mindless sex that has left Press unfulfilled. Sighing Preston slyly peeked through the blinds watching and waiting. His mouth was unusually moist with anticipation.


Mike walked up behind Nicci. 10 months ago, he would have carelessly fucked her right on the floor of his office. Today…he wanted to take his time and savor the woman who had stolen his heart.


Preston continued to gaze at his friend and the brown-skinned lady who appeared to be in her mid-20s. There was definitely something there between Mike and this mystery woman. Pres had the suspicion that he was about to get an eyeful. He nervously ran his fingers through his straight, dirty-blond hair. Due to his height (6’5″) his knees touched the wall and prevented him from getting as close of a look as he would like. Finally, Preston decided on removing himself from the chair and just peeked through the blinds while resting both knees on the floor. He focused his steel-grey eyes on the two people in the next room over.

Mike was still standing behind the mystery woman. He slowly slid her tan jacket down her arms and let it drop to the floor. From the conference room, Preston held his breath still. Holy shit! She didn’t appear to have a bra on underneath her shirt! Her stiff nipples press hard against the delicate material of her white, silk blouse. Pres watched Mike wrap one arm around the woman’s waist and begin to grind his crotch against her ass. Simultaneously, Mike began placing a trail of soft, gentle kisses along the side of her neck. The woman held her head back and appeared to moan in ecstasy; her mass of dark, curly hair against the front of Mike’s blue dress shirt. At that moment, Preston would have done anything to be able to hear the black woman’s erotic moan of longing. Imagining what it must sound like, Pres began to slowly massage his now-hard cock through his slacks.

Preston continued to gaze as Mike reached around and slowly begin to unbutton the mystery woman’s blouse. This confirmed that she was braless as her hard, dark-chocolate nipples stood exposed to the cool air. Mike apparently couldn’t take the suspense any longer and he abruptly turned the exotic beauty around to face him. He pulled her closer and kissed her, making sure to take his time and even sucking her full, luscious lips between his own thin ones. As the kiss deepened, Mike pulled the woman’s left leg up and wrapped her thigh around his waist.

From the conference room, Preston licked his own, thin lips while considering what the mystery lady’s kisses must taste like. Pres bit down hard on his bottom lip as he removed his stiff, aching cock from his trousers.


Mike lowered his head and placed one of Nicci’s taut nipples between his lips and suckled her breast, while kneading the other breast in the palm of his large hand.

“Mmmm, oh Mikey…” Nicollette dreamily moaned.

Mike picked Nicci up, wrapped both her long legs around his masculine body. He was still fully clothed. Michael placed Nicci on his desk and kneeled before her. He adjusted her slightly to raise her tan skirt around her waist. He gazed longingly at her white panties and licked his lips. After pulling the panties to the side, Mike licked her already-wet, chocolate pussy. Sticking his tongue in deeper cause Nicci to pump his tongue and grind her juices all over Mike’s face and chin. He always loved that part.

“Ooooh, yes baby! Lick my black pussy…” Nicci said as she writhed in passion on Mike’s desk.

Mike then sucked Nicci’s clit and flicked his tongue over it in an expert manner. He knew just how to make her cum hard.

After he skillfully went to work on making her cum, Mike eventually heard the words he needed to hear: “You’re about to make me cum, Mikey!” Nicollette excitedly exclaimed while fucking Mike’s face.

Minutes later, Mike opened his mouth completely and accepted Nicci’s squirts of cum all over his tongue. He swallowed every bit of it down his throat.


Preston was still watching the couple from the conference room. Seeing Mike greedily eat the pussy of a beautiful, black woman turned Press on like never before. He was stroking his stiff cock with all his might.

“Ooooh…” xslot he moaned.

When he saw Mike pull out his impressive dick, Pres almost came out of pure anticipation of watching them fuck.


Holding his rock-hard dick in his left-hand Michael paused to mentally prepare himself for the sensations that always came with fucking Nicollette.

Suddenly, Nicollette hopped off of the desk…

“Wait a second, Michael…there’s something we need to discuss,” Nicci said in a pensive manner.

She never called him Michael unless they were in the company of other people. Mike figured it must be something serious.

Nicollette continued, “Having sex with you is amazing; in fact, it’s often the highlight of my week. You make me feel so good. But I’m just wondering if sex is all we have. Michael…I don’t want to have just a physical relationship with someone if it doesn’t mean anything. I —”

“Why the fuck did you come here then? Does this mean you want to see other people?!” Mike angrily interrupted.

Several months ago, Michael and Nicollette had come to an agreement that they would exclusively see each other to fulfill any sexual desires. The thought of the possibility of Nicci with another man, made Mike absolutely furious.

“Well…there is this guy at work named Devaughn. He has shown some interest in having a more meaningful relationship with me—”

Before Nicci could finish telling Mike about her enamored coworker, Mike reacted.

He forcefully grabbed Nicollette and bent her over his desk. Holding her down, Mike roughly drove his dick inside her and began fucking her pussy from behind.

“You’re mine!” he declared passionately. “This pussy is mine!”

To prove his point, Mike started mercilessly spanking Nicci’s brown ass to the rhythm of his thrusts.

“This is my fucking pussy!” Spank, spank!!

“It belongs” Spank! “to me!” Spank!

Mike was fucking Nicci so hard that his solid-wood desk was starting to gyrate with each pump he gave her.

Nicollette was so surprised that she could do nothing but accept him.

He placed one foot on the desktop to gain deeper entry as he continued to dominate Nicollette’s wet, black cunt.


From the conference room, Preston was now furiously jerking off to the sight of Michael savagely tearing up the pussy of this goddess. He couldn’t bear to think of how soft her ass cheeks must’ve felt against the palm of Michael’s pale hand each time he spanked her bottom.

“Oh shit!” Pres panted as he tried to stop himself from cumming.

Preston already had begun to use the small bottle of lubricant he’d bought into the conference room. He already had the warm liquid all over his cock. He already was imagining that he was sliding in and out of the mystery woman’s chocolate, wet, tight pussy, instead of his own hand.


Mike was close to cumming, but he wanted to make his point crystal clear first.

“Whose pussy is this Nicci?!” Mike asked. Spank!

“Yours Mikey…This b-black pussy is yours!” Nicci managed to sputter between howls.

“Damn right it is!!” Mike concurred.

Michael wanted nothing more than to squirt his hot, sperm inside of Nicollette’s chocolate pussy and coat her insides with it. But he restrained himself. Instead, as soon as he pulled out, Mike purposefully shot his sticky, white cum all over Nicollette’s pussy hole.

Nicci shuddered and moaned in reaction.

By now, her pretty, caramel face was laying on Mike’s cold desktop. Her round, brown ass was still raised in the air.

Mike harshly clutched a fistful of Nicollette’s dark, curly hair as one last bit of semen ejected from his cock

“Aaah!” he grunted at the release.

Then Michael pulled Nicci upright and adjusted her panties back into place.

“Now, go back to work with my cum still dripping off of your pussy.” He continued, “It will be a reminder for you of who your cunt belongs to!” Mike matter-of-factly commanded.

“Okay, Mikey…” Nicollette weakly replied. She was still in a state of shock. She had always thought she’d had “Mikey” wrapped around her finger. She exited his office limping.


Preston had already shot his load all over the kerchief he kept in his pocket. Maybe he’d make Jen from accounting eat it later. She was always down to do twisted shit. Although Jen was cute with blond hair and perky tits, Preston somehow knew that she would no longer be enough.

As he regained composure Pres peeked through the blinds one last time. He saw his weary friend remove a small, Tiffany, jewelry box from his jacket pocket. Preston knew it was from Tiffany’s because his mother and his sister had possessed dozens of those same boxes over his lifetime. Pres watched as Michael placed the small box on his desk and opened it. It contained what appeared to be a platinum engagement ring with many carats of diamonds. Mike ran his fingers through his dark, brown hair as he continued to stare at the ring.

He’s not…Is he thinking of marrying this girl?! Pres wondered in awe. His father had always told him that black women were “good enough to bed but not to wed.”

Getting a little bit of black tail was one thing. But once you reached a certain class level, there were unspoken rules. As he exited the conference room Preston resolved to talk some sense into his friend.

Thursday, 6:23 p.m.

After work, Mike exited the building and walked towards the corner to hail a cab. Preston hurried to catch up with him.

“Hey man…What was up with you and that hot, black chick earlier?” Preston tried to make his voice sound light and casual.

“What’s it to you?” Mike responded. His normally bright green eyes were now heavy with regret.

“Oh nothing, I was just wondering if you ever banged her?”

Mike didn’t respond.

“Listen-” Pres continued, “While I was…working in the conference room, I heard…noises…” he lied.

Preston had helped Michael get this job upgrade. The least he could do was be upfront with the man.

“Okay…” Mike started. “Nicollette and I have been seeing each other for just over 10 months. At first it was mainly about the sex. But now…”

Michael was so choked up; he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

“I hope you’re being careful, Mike,” Preston countered.

“She’s on the pill. But at this point I don’t really care if she has my baby… I might even be happy about it,” Michael admitted.

“You’re not…you’re not thinking of marrying this girl, are you?!” Preston was still in a state of bafflement.

“Whether or not I decide to marry Nicollette is none of your goddamn business, Preston!”

Mike’s green eyes looked threatening as he entered the taxi and rode away.

Shit! Preston thought. Is this girl’s sex so good that it would make Mike ignore his good friend’s warning?

Michael was usually the definition of level-headed. Pres had never seen Mike behave this passionately about anyone or about anything.

Nicollette…That’s what Mike called her. Mm…she must be one hell of a lay…

Preston rode the subway home with a brand new resolve, meandering around in his brain.


Friday, 12:11 a.m.

Michael gazed down at Nicci as she slept in his arms; her body still dewy from their recent lovemaking.

After apologizing for his earlier actions, Mike had been sure to take gentle care with Nicollette. She was still sore from their encounter in his office.

His lover had sheepishly admitted that she had made up the story about the coworker to test Michael’s feelings for her. She hadn’t expected the brutal—yet strangely satisfying—fucking and spanking that she’d received.

To make up for his previous harshness, Mike had lit candles in every room of his place and had slowly massaged Nicci’s aching joints; rubbing down every area with soothing oil. Then he took his time (his original intent) and made slow, sensuous love to her. All the while, Michael let the words easily flow from his lips into her ears, over and over again: “I love you, Nicollette…”

As Nicci continued to sleep, Mike carefully rose and removed the ring from the drawer of his night stand. So as not to wake her, he meticulously eased the platinum circle onto to Nicollette’s ring finger.

He knew without a doubt that, soon, she would be his wife.

While drifting off to sleep, Michael thought of their future together.



Wednesday, 10:13 p.m.

Preston had planned this occurrence for two weeks. When he had spoken with Patti on the phone, she’d said that she had just what he needed…But didn’t they all say that?

He’d delivered the script and the clothing to Patti earlier that week and gone over the particulars to the letter.

Pres hurriedly dressed himself in the blue, dress shirt and dark slacks. He was so anxious that his mouth once again grew moist with anticipation.

When Preston arrived at his destination, he went directly to his room. He opened his laptop on the desk. Then he waited.

Six minutes later, Shavonne entered the room. She was wearing the tan suit and the white, silk blouse Pres had delivered. Atop her head was a dark, curly wig. In no way was she as statuesque or as beautiful as Nicollette, but for the moment, she would do…


After the hottest sexual encounter he had ever experienced, Preston breathlessly listened to, Shavonne go over payment procedures. Her “manager” Patti accepted cash and all major credit cards. But no personal checks as they’d had a couple of clients bounce them in the past.

Ever the professional, Shavonne looked upward into the steel-grey eyes of Preston Martin III.

“Any further questions, Mr. Martin?”

“Yeah…..” Pres croaked. “Marry me?”

* Look for my upcoming story, “Preston’s Romance.” Coming Soon! (I promise it won’t take another 10 years to deliver 😉 * Cocoa_Cure

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