Let it Rain – 5

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Sorry it took so long for me to get back to the story. Life, work and my women come first. I have blocked comments because they seem to have tuned into a perv magnet for idiots posing as young boys looking for younger girls and vice versa. There must be some way to flush out these assholes that take up so much free air. If you have genuine constructive criticism or questions contact me thru email but be warned, if any of you stupid trolls do i will hunt you down and make your personal life and friends aware of your activities.
(Insert evil laugh here)

Soon they were giggling and carrying on about how fabulous they felt and reminding everyone to by raffle tickets offline because if they bought two they would get one free and they could get any video for half price until they logged back on. They got out of the shower and said goodbye to everyone in the room then the screen went blank. I logged off and went upstairs with Mona and Janis. By the time we entered our room the twins and their gear were out of the bathroom. I climbed up in the middle of the bed and watched Mona and Janis slowly removed their bustiers then rolled their stockings down before hooking their fingers in their thongs and sliding them off. They crawled up next to me and laid down just as the twins ran into the room. I just wanted a quiet night’s sleep.

“We just came in to say thank you to all of you and say good night.” I was surprised to say the least and after we said goodnight they left giggling. I pulled the covers over us as Janis and Mona snuggled up to me. I went to sleep listening to my two favorite lady’s breathing softly.

Let it Rain – 5

I woke up early Tuesday and slipped out of bed without waking my two ladies. I went into the media room to watch some news since all my time had been devoted to keeping all the ladies happy. I felt good to just sit alone and find out what was going on in the outside world. Somehow I ended up by myself for over an hour. After the news went off I headed to the kitchen and decided to surprise everyone and fix them breakfast.

I had a big skillet full of hickory bacon going and a pan of biscuits almost done in the oven when the crowd came down the stairs sniffing the air. “Mmmmm, bacon. The whole place smells like bacon.” “I smell Biscuits.” One of the twins said, “Oh god he can cook to, Mona, you and Janis better be careful or I’ll steal him away,” everyone was laughing at that as they crowded into the kitchen trying to snag a bite before the food got to the table. I told them to set the table while I scrambled some eggs to get them out of the kitchen.

After breakfast I was surprised when they cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and took off to take care of work or whatever and left me alone in the kitchen. I caught up to Mona and Janis as they were heading to the ranch office and asked what was going on. “Well we were all talking just before we came downstairs and realized that we had you so busy keeping us happy you didn’t have any time to yourself so we decided that for the rest of the week we would leave you alone during the day to do what you want. Maybe ride your motorcycle or just goof off somewhere.”

“What if I don’t want to be alone?”

“I’m sure one of the twins would be more than happy to keep you company as would any of the rest of us.” They both gave me a hug and kiss and hollered “Have a nice day” as they hurried down stairs. That’s how the rest of the week went. I saw the twins when they did their shows, Naomi and Becka I hardly saw and nights were spent with Mona and Janis. I was almost like being married except the sex was a lot better. Until Friday night.

That’s when the twins told their room that they would have a new video for sale Saturday night that would be like the shower show but with a real dick. Just as the twins were wrapping up their room Mona and Janis walked in wearing matching blue baby dolls. “Lover, we hope you got a lot of rest because the week is over and we have some catching up to do.” They each took an arm and led me to the glassed in room where I spent the first night with Mona. The lights were off and the room was softly lit with candles everywhere. “Naomi and Becka are gone for the weekend. The twins said they will give us our privacy until tomorrow morning. Tonight we’re going to show you just how much we love you. So just relax and enjoy it.”

I sat in the middle of the bed and watched as they came together in a kiss. As their lips met their hands touched each other’s breasts thru the material of the nighties. They were rubbing their breast as their tongues searched the insides of each other’s mouths. When they broke the kiss Janis reached down to take the hem of Mona’s nightie in her hands and lift it up over her raised arms then toss it aside. She bent down and gave one of Mona’s nipples a tender kiss before putting her lips over it and sucking gently on it. Mona had her head back with her eyes closed lost in the feeling. Janis moved to the other nipple with Mona stroking her hair lovingly.

Janis put her hands on Mona’s waist to steady her as she kissed her way down across Mona’s flat belly raising goose bumps as she went. When she reached the area below her belly button she paused to slip her thumbs in Mona’s thong and slide it down so she could step out of it. As Mona lifted her right leg to kick away the thong, Janis leaned in and surprised her by sucking on her clit. She almost lost her balance when she jumped but Janis steadied her and moved her leg so it rested over her left shoulder as she continued to assault her clit. Mona twined her fingers in Janis’ hair and pulled her tight to her pussy, moaning as her body shook. It was only a few moments before Janis’ face was wet with Mona’s juices. Janis stood up taking Mona’s face in her hands and kissing her deeply.

Now it was Mona’s turn to pleasure Janis. She pulled Janis’ top off and was kissing her as she carefully pushed her back, laying her on her back on the bed next to me. She put her hands on Janis’ breasts and was massaging them as she bent down and took a nipple in her mouth. While she massaged one breast and sucked on the other she slid the other hand down until she could move Janis’ thong aside. She dragged one finger between her already wet lips and Janis raised her hips off the bed. Mona released Janis’ breast as she slid two fingers into her pulsing hole. Janis groaned as Mona slipped her glistening fingers in and out stopping only to tweak her clit. I started to reach for her breast and had my hand gently pushed away by Mona. “Just sit back and enjoy. We’ll let you know when it your turn.”

I leaned back onto the pile of pillows as Mona bent down to stab her tongue into Janis’ dripping slit. Mona was lying next to Janis with her feet towards Janis’ head so Janis pulled Mona until her knees were astride her shoulders. Then she pulled her down and put her mouth over her dripping slit. All I could hear was slurping, sucking and moaning coming from both ends. I was stroking my dick when Mona looked at me. “Why don’t you go ahead and bring that over here. I think we’re ready for you.”

I moved over behind Mona where Janis was eagerly lapping at Janis’ slit. I bent down and kissed her then joined her licking at Mona’s slit and teasing her ass with my tongue. As Mona began groaning and pushing back wanting more I moved to my knees behind Mona resting my hard dick on Janis’ forehead. She tilted her head back and pulled on my shaft until the head was against her lips. She ran her tongue around the head and gave it a long kiss before sliding it between her lips. She pulled on my hips drawing my shaft into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat then swabbed it with her tongue. As she let me withdraw she made sure it was well lubed with her saliva. When it pulled free of her lips with a pop she put the tip to Mona’s wet slit and slid it up and down until Mona drove back impaling herself on my shaft.

I held her hips and pushed in the last 3 inches. Mona raised her head from Janis’ pussy. “Oh damn. Fuck me. Pound me with your cock.” I pulled out until just the head was surrounded by her pulsing lips then drove back in and held it feeling the heat in her pussy. I repeated this again but this time As I held my dick deep in her heat Janis startled me by taking both of my balls in her mouth and sucking almost to the point of being painful. I remained still as she slathered them with her tongue. The heat of Mona’s pussy and Janis sucking on my balls was rapidly bringing me to a point of no return when Janis released me. I pulled back and began rapid hard strokes into Mona. She was yelling “Yes, yes, yes” with each stoke and I could feel Janis’ tongue licking her clit and my shaft as it slid in and out.

I grabbed a handful of Mona’s hair and pulled her head back as I drove in one last time before releasing a torrent of cum into her pussy. “Eeeeeiiiiyyyy, fill me with your baby makers. Oh god I’m cccuuuummmmmiiinnggg.” I pounded into her twice more as she squirted around my dick before my dick started to soften. Janis was busy lapping up as much of our combined juices as she could get until I pulled out and her mouth was filled with our cum flowing from Mona’s pussy. Mona was lying on Janis recovering from her orgasm when she looked back at me. “Bring that piece of man meat her and let me have a taste.”

I moved to stand at the side of the bed in front of Mona. She was smiling because Janis was still sucking cum from her pussy when she pulled me closer and licked my shaft from base to head. “Mmmmm we do taste good together.” She kept stroking my shaft and licking the head until I was hard again. I pulled back from her and slid my dick into Janis causing her to raise her hips to meet me. She put her mouth over Janis’ clit and pussy where my shaft was disappearing. She moaned her approval as she licked at the point where pussy and dick met. Both women were making slurping noises as I fucked Janis. Janis sucking more cum from Mona’s pussy as it got wetter from her lapping at my cummy dick and Mona from having her clit and pussy sucked on as she did her best to lick up all of mine and Janis’ juices. Mona reached under me with one hand and began gently massaging my balls as I fucked deep into Janis. 5 minutes later my balls started to unleash another load of cum coating Janis pussy with my cum. There was so much it began seeping out around my shaft as Janis yelled into Mona’s pussy and began her own orgasmic rise with her cum shooting out like a fire hose unleashed. Mons jumped up sputtering as she was surprised when it filled her mouth and nose making it hard to breathe.

“Holy shit, I’ve never seen her cum that much” as she wiped her face. I was so weak at that moment, when my soft dick slid out I just crawled up on the bed to lay next to Janis. Mona turned around and crawled next to me putting one leg over me with her wet pussy pressed against my thigh and her head on my chest. Janis took the same position on the other side and I watched as they exchange a long lover’s kiss before turning to me and taking turns kissing me. Suddenly Mona jumped out of bed and ran around blowing out all the candles then jumped back in where she was before. She pulled a sheet over us and a few minutes later we were all sleeping the good sleep of a sated trio.

When I woke up Saturday morning sun was streaming in the windows and I was alone in the bed. I must have been tired because when I looked at the clock it was almost 9am. I got up and wandered thru the house but it was empty. I was alone or so I thought. I went upstairs to the master bedroom intending to take a shower but when I opened the door I found the twins and Naomi setting up cams. Then I remembered today was sex video day. When I said I wanted to take a shower first Naomi grabbed my hand and said we could use hers. “Mom, don’t let him cum, Please. We need it for our video.” Naomi waved at the twins and said she would do her best as she pulled me out the door and we headed down the hall.

We went thru her and Becka’s pink bedroom to their bathroom. I had never been in here and was surprised at how big it was. There wasn’t a big Jacuzzi tub like in mine but there was a two person claw foot tub and a shower that was definitely build for two or three people to have fun in. gaziantep lezbiyen Naomi turned on the rain shower head and pulled me under it with her. As the water flowed over us she just hugged me tight. “I love standing out in the rain holding someone or having sex. It hasn’t rained in so long Becka and I use this a lot.

She pushed me out of the water and grabbed a bottle of body soap. She started squirting soap on me and rubbing me everywhere. At first it was to get me clean but once that was done she concentrated on making sure my balls and hardening dick were thoroughly rubbed clean.

Still covered in soap I took the bottle from her and returned the favor. First I scrubbed her back working down to her butt. When my hand slid into her crack she leaned forward a bit and moved her feet about shoulder width apart to give me access to her puckered ass and pussy. As I slid my fingers over her little rosebud and thru her lips she shivered and pushed back to me. “Mmmmm that feels so good. You can do that as long as you want.” I moved up so my shaft was pressing against her lips and started rubbing her shoulders. She was wiggling her but and rubbing her soapy lips on me as she gave soft little moans.

I reached under her and put my hands on her breast and pulled her up against my chest. She laid her head back on my shoulder as I rubbed my soapy hands over her breasts and stomach. She put her hands over mine and moved them down to her pussy. While I rubbed my fingers thru her full lips she rubbed her breasts and moaned each time my fingers touched her clit. I pinched her nub between my thumb and finger and rolled it. Her cheeks closed on my dick as I felt her legs start shaking. Just as they went slack I put an arm around her under her breasts to hold her up and tight to me. She tried to say something but all that came out were gasps.

When her orgasm passed and she got her legs back under her she turned to face me, pressing her body tight against me. She moved us back under the shower and as the water rinsed us off she put her head on my shoulder. “Well that was a great shower. We’re clean, I came and you didn’t. The girls will be happy and then they will make you happy.” Then she giggled and gave my hard dick a few strokes. “The girls are going to love it when I lead you back in by this big fat lease.” We finally got out and dried off but Naomi kept grabbing my shaft and giving it a few strokes to keep it hard.

She finished before me and as I completed drying hair she got on her knees, put one hand on my balls and one hand stroked my shaft. She ran her tongue around the crown paying a lot of attention to the sensitive triangle beneath it. All of a sudden she slipped it between her lips and slid them down until her nose was buried in my pubic hairs. She pulled it back out with a pop and licked her lips. “I just wanted a taste. I don’t think you will have much left later when the twins finish.” She swallowed me a few more times be for standing up still holding my dick and led me back to where the twins were.

When we entered the room and walked up to the twins Naomi bent over and was bouncing my balls in one hand. “Here he is girls and it feels like he has a lot of cum for you.”

The twins were ready to start their video and said I would know when to step in. They started the cam then got up on the bed together kissing and rubbing each other until Tonya reached off camera and came back with the rubber dildo they had made from the mold of my cock. She and Tanya held it between them licking and kissing it until it shined from their spit. Tanya got on her hands and knees as Tonya reached for the lube and coated the dildo. She dribbled some on Tanya’s asshole and pushed it inside with a finger. Tanya moaned a little and pushed back against the digital intruder.

Tonya pulled out her finger and put the tip of the dildo against Tanya’s ass. As she pushed and the head slipped thru her sphincter, Tanya gripped the bedspread and moaned. Tonya pushed until the entire 9” dildo was balls deep in Tanya’s ass. Tanya’s body was trembling as she said, “Oh damn the only thing that would make this better would be the real thing.” Tonya motioned for me to get on the bed behind Tanya and began rubbing lube on my cock as she stroked the dildo on Tanya’s ass. After a dozen strokes on each one Tonya pulled out the dildo and Tanya whine, “Nooooo put it back.” Tonya put the tip of my shaft against Tanya’s stretched asshole and I pressed all the way in in one stroke. “Uummmm it feels different.”

I put my hands on her hips and was stroking into her ass when Tonya stepped off the bed out of sight. When she got back on the bed in front of Tanya she had the dildo in a harness and strapped on. Tanya looked back over her shoulder and saw me. “Oh shit I got my wish. It’s the real thing in my ass.” Those were the only words she got out as Tonya pulled her head back around and pushed the strap-on between her lips. Tonya and I got into a rhythm. When she was pulling out I was pushing in. I pulled out and she pushed in.

After a few minutes Tanya was rocking back and forth trying to get as much of whichever cock was in her as deep as possible, moaning each time the dildo came out of her throat. All of a sudden Tonya pulled out of Tanya’s mouth and said, “When do I get some of that?”

Tanya was saying, “Put it back I want to come.” Tonya moved next to me.

She said “Let’s do something different” and pushed me back. She got behind Tanya and put lube on the dildo before putting it to Tanya’s ass and pushing it in. She bent over Tanya and looked back at me. “Now put that wonderful cock in my ass.” Now I knew what they were planning. I dribbled lube on Tonya’s ass and my cock. As I rubbed her little pucker and pushed a finger in she started fucking Tanya’s ass with the strap-on. I pulled my finger out and put my dick against her asshole as she pushed into Tanya. As she pulled out the head of my dick popped past her sphincter and went deeper as she pulled further out of Tanya.

When Tonya pushed the strap-on back into Tanya I pushed my dick deep into her. Both twins were moaning and asking for more. I got into a rhythm with Tonya and each time she pushed in to Tanya I pushed into her even harder driving the dildo as deep as it would go. Soon both of the twins were moaning and pushing back. Just as I was ready to come, both of them screamed and I felt Tonya squirt her come all over my balls. I drove my dick deep causing Tonya to drive deep into Tanya. Both wailed as I shot rope after rope of cum. I managed to pull out and shoot several large gobs across Tonya’s back for the pervs that bought the video to see.

The three of us fell forward on the bed, exhausted. We lay there with Tanya impaled on the dildo and Tonya with my cock buried all the way in her bowels until I had enough strength to pull out and roll off onto my back. I laid there with my eyes closed for several minutes until I felt lips on my dick. I opened my eyes to see Tonya on her knees kissing and licking my cum slick dick that had just came out of her ass as Tanya laid on her back sucking on the dildo that had just been pulled from her ass. I glanced over and saw that the red record light on the video camera was still on.

Tonya looked away from the camera and whispered to me. “Help me swallow your dick for the video.” I wrapped my hands in her hair are started pulling her down harder on my shaft. She had swallowed more before but was making a show of gagging each time I pulled her down. As she made gagging sounds she was lowering her hips and pushing the dildo into Tanya’s mouth. She was making the same gagging sounds with a lot less dildo in her mouth than I had shoved cock in. After several minutes driving my dick in her mouth I was ready to cum again. I pulled her off my dick and held her so I could shoot the cum I had left in me on her cheek and lips. When I finished she smiled at the camera before getting up and stopping the record.

With the camera off the twins crawled up beside me and put their heads on my chest. “Oh damn that was awesome. Beside the fact that having your dick pound our ass was fabulous, the pervs are going to love it.” “Don’t forget that next Friday is the drawing to find out who gets to direct us losing our cherries.”

I haven’t forgotten and since today I at your disposal what would you like to do now?” the girls sat up and started whispering to each other, then Tonya looked at me and smiled.

“Take us to the breeding barn on the other property and fuck us like Mona and Janis said you did them.” “I get to sit on your lap going over and Tanya gets to tease you on the way back.”

“Well then get dressed and we’ll go.”

“Nooo that’s not the way you did it with them. We want to go naked.” I could tell there was no sense in arguing so I took their hands and led them downstairs. We found Naomi and told her where we were going. She just smiled and asked if I remembered where the lube was. We got in my truck with Tanya driving and Tonya sitting on my lap with my dick sticking up between her legs. She was stroking a handful of my cock while she pressed the rest against and between her soaking wet pussy lips as the truck rumbled down the country road. “Oh fuck I can hardly wait until you shove this up my pussy until your balls are against my ass.”

When we pulled up to the breeding barn Tonya was reluctant to let go and get out. When she did and I turned to get out she stopped me with my legs spread and licked a big dollop of precum from the head of my dick. “Mmmmm I want more of that when we get back home.” She moved to let me out and we walked thru the barn to the breeding area.

“Who wants to be first?” Both girls raced to the hay bales in the middle of the floor but I was surprised when they stopped and played Rock, Paper, and Scissors to see who went first. Tanya squealed as her rock beat Tonya’s scissors. They threw a clean saddle blanket over the bales then Tonya climbed on and lay on her back with her hips at one end. Tanya lifted Tonya’s legs then leaned down resting on her elbows with her hands squeezing her sister’s breasts and her ass sticking up.

She spread her feet apart, wiggled her ass, then turned her head to look at me. “Well lover bring that big piece of man meat over her and drill my ass hard while I eat my sister’s pussy.” I stepped behind her and got on my knees with a gorgeous, dripping wet, virgin pussy just inches from my nose. I was looking forward to plunging my cock in to this sweet tight pussy as I leaned forward pushing my tongue into her opening until I felt resistance. Her ass shivered as she groaned into her sisters slit. As I teased her hole and poked my tongue against her hymen she raised her head to look back. “Oh fuck, I can’t wait until it’s your cock poking me there.”

She turned back to sucking and licking her sister’s pussy lips and clit as I worked over hers. I took the time to spread her cheeks and suck on each of her lips before licking thru her slit to collect the nectar that was collecting. When I put my lips over her clit to suck it in and roll it with my teeth she moved her hips trying push back to my mouth. When I let it go and slid my tongue up thru her slit and circled her crinkled little butt hole I heard her giggle. When I pushed the tip of my tongue past her sphincter she must have sucked hard on Tonya’s clit because she jerked and howled loud. I tongued her ass until she said, “Stop teasing lover. Put that cock in my ass and fuck me like I deserve.”

I stood up and rubbed my cock thru her lips then use my hand to spread her girl come over my shaft. I put the head at her puckered and pushed until it popped in. I stopped and could feel her ass clenching and releasing the intruder. “Oh baby put it all in and don’t stop. I want to feel my ass full off cock.” I forced the rest of the 9 1/2” into her ass and Tonya yelled.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. She’s biting my clit as she sucks. Oh Christ I’m cumming.” After a minute as I stroked in Tanya’s ass, she raised her head to look back at me with a dreamy look on her face and Tonya’s cum dripping from her chin. “Uummm heaven, my sisters cum in my mouth and your big dick filling my ass. Next weekend can only get better.” I loved down at Tonya to see her pull Tanya back to her quivering pussy.

“Do it again I want to cum as he fills your ass with his cum.” I was pounding into Tanya’s ass almost lifting her off the ground listening to the sucking noises coming from her mouth on her sister’s pussy when I felt my groin getting tight. Suddenly I plunged my dick as deep in her bowel as it would reach and sprayed it with gobs of cum. When she felt the hot liquid in her bowels she attacked her sister’s clit again with the same results. Tanya was moaning in Tonya’s pussy. Tonya was yelling while she squirted Tanya’s face with her juices and I was pumping Tanya’s ass full of cum. Tanya’s legs were wobbling and all that kept her upright were my hands on her hips and 9” of cock in her ass.

When she stopped shaking from her orgasm I asked if she was ready for me to pull out and let her stand but Tonya said , “Wait.” Then she turned around on the blanket and lay on her back with her head over the end and pulled us until Tanya’s pussy was over her face. “Now.” She pushed me back until my cock came out with a pop. The head landed on her mouth along with a lot of my cum dripping from Tanya’s still open asshole. She swallowed the cum and pulled me forward until my half hard cock was deep in her throat, licking it clean as it came out. She pushed and pulled on me sucking on my dick until it was hard again before pulling it from her lips. “My turn now lover fuck my ass like you did my sister.”

I moved to the other end of the bales where Tanya had Tonya’s legs pulled back behind her arms and was busy licking thru her slit that she was spreading with her thumbs. When I kneeled down next to her she looked up with Tonya’s cum dripping from her face again. “Want a taste. She’s delicious.” She moved up to lick her clit as I make one long lick from Tonya’s puckered ass up thru her slit collecting all of the delicious nectar released as Tanya had tortured her clit. I stood up and moved to put the head of my dick to her ass but Tanya pulled me to her mouth and started a wet sloppy blow job. When her spit and Tonya’s cum were dripping from it she pulled it out and aimed it at the puckered star. I pushed and the head along with about 4” of cock slid past her sphincter.

As I buried the remaining 5” in Tonya’s ass, Tanya started yelling like her sister had before. “Oh god, oh god, She’s chewing on my clit now. Oh fuck sister don’t stop.” In a few minutes Tanya sat down on Tonya’s face and was grinding her pussy hard on her mouth. Tonya’s ass clamped down on my dick and cum exploded from my cock. I kept pushing into her ass until my dick was too soft and it slid out. I stood back and watched as both twins squirmed thru there orgasms. Finally Tanya managed to stand and helped her sister sit up. I sat on the bales next to her and was surprised when she got up and knelt between my legs.

“I want to know what my ass tastes like.” Then the held my turgid member and started licking it. When it started to rise she put it in her mouth and deep throated it several times before pulling it out with a loud pop. “Mmmmm my ass and your cock is a tasty combination.” They sat next to me with our arms wrapped around each other just getting our energy back. Then Tanya spoke up.

“Damn, now I’m hungry. Let’s go back and go out for a steak dinner. Our treat.” Her sister laughed and said. “You didn’t get enough prime meat here?” we headed for the truck and Tonya drove. Instead of sitting in my lap like her sister had, Tanya got on her knees between my legs with her head in my lap. Before she got in Tonya grabbed the phone off the dash and stood outside talking to someone. When she got in all she said was “Hang on”. She took off down the country road and Tanya started sucking on my dick making it hard again. I had my hands on her head gently guiding her until I realized Tonya was pulling into the drive thru at our local Dairy Queen. When I gave her a questioning look she just smiled. When we pulled up to the speaker a female voice asked if we were ready to order.

Tonya said, “Is that you Karen?”

“Hi Tonya, What can I get you today?”

“How about one large cherry coke. And a lot of napkins for Tanya.”

“What did that girl do now?”

“It’s not what she did but what she’s doing. She’d say hi but she’s got her mouth full.”

“Get on around here to the window. I’ve got to see this.”

As Tonya pulled up I pulled Tanya’s head all the way down until her nose was on my pubes. When we got to the drive up window a chubby brunette was leaning out to look in the truck. “Oh shit Tanya what the fuck are you doing. Hell why are you all naked.”

Before Tonya could answer I let Tanya up and slid my dick out of her mouth so she could talk. “Isn’t this just the biggest, most beautiful cock you ever seen?” The brunette didn’t answer right away because she was staring at it.

“My god Tanya you let him hold you down like that?”

“Sometimes, but I like to do it myself to.” With that she put her lips over the head and slid her mouth all the way down and held it. When she finally rose up she smacked her lips and said, “Tasty.” The brunette was standing there with her mouth open when Tonya asked what we owed for the soda.

“After that show, nothing. If you ever decide they aren’t enough call me. I’d be happy to fill in” as she smiled at me. Tonya said bye and drove off.

Tanya said she liked what I did and wanted me to do it some more on the way home. I don’t remember much of the ride home except holding her down on my cock until I thought she would choke only to let her up and have her say longer. Just as we pulled in to park at home I had held her down so long my nuts tightened up and I shot one more load straight down her throat to her stomach. When my dick stopped twitching I pulled her up, watched her take a deep breath and tell me I could do that any time I wanted.

We went in the house to get ready to go out. A few minutes later Tonya said her mother and Becka had plans just as Mona and Janis came in from their office. They told the twins to take easy on the old guy then they headed upstairs with the twins in tow, whispering and giggling as they went. When I got upstairs Mona and Janis were nowhere to be seen so I took a quick shower then dressed in some slacks and a sports shirt. When I left the bedroom to go downstairs and wait I her laughter and giggles from the twins room. When I knocked and asked how long, Mona yelled “We’ll be down in a little bit.” I headed down to the media room, turned on the news and propped up my feet. This could take a while.

Probably 30 minutes later I heard them coming down the stairs still talking and laughing. I came out of the media room just as they got to the bottom of the stairs. I was blown away. The twins had on tight stretch skirts that just came below their ass and white tube tops that definitely proved they weren’t wearing bras and had nipples hard enough to scratch glass. They were wearing heels that made them look like they were walking on tip toes. Their hair and makeup were perfect. They looked hot.

Janet snuggled up to me and grinned like the cat that got the canary. “They even got some special jewelry to wear for you tonight.” They lined up with their backs to me and their legs spread a little before bending over and pulling up the dresses. They were both commando but what caught my eye first were the butt plugs with crystals on them that each was wearing. Just as I said “Wow” they wiggled their butts and I saw a little chain dangling from their pussy lips.

The twins were giggling again as they stood up and pulled down their skirts. They led the way out to the truck. Tonya drove with Tanya in my lap in the passenger seat. I toyed with Tanya’s pussy until we pulled in at the restaurant and pulled back wet fingers. Dessert before supper and it was delicious.

We walked in to the restaurant with the twins leading the way. We drew a lot of attention as we walked thru to the corner booth they gave us. Of course I got pushed to the middle. I was surprise how tame the ladies were during the meal except they talked almost the entire meal about how they thought they should lose their virginity. It seemed like the entire meal was spent talking about their pussys and my dick. When I tried to change the subject they just smiled at me. They even asked the waitress if she had it to do over again ho w would she want to lose her cherry. She was surprised and walked away. She came back a few minutes later and said she had thought about it and she had it to do over she would want it to be with someone that knew what they were doing and would be gentle instead of the jock that rammed her then left her.

I was pleasantly surprise when the ladies asked if we could go to a movie. I was kind of suspicious and asked what kind of a movie. They talked for a minute and decided on some chick flick called Brides Maids. Whatever keeps them happy I guess. When we left the restaurant Tanya was driving and Tonya was in my lap in the passenger seat. As soon as the doors closed Tonya undid my belt opening my slacks and pulling my rapidly inflating cock out.

Tonya stroked the shaft and rubbed my balls as they carried on a seemingly normal conversation. As precum started leaking out she wiped it off with her fingers even offering it to Tanya. When we got to the theater she tucked my cock back in my pants and gave me a long wet kiss before getting out. We got tickets and entered the theater about 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. There were only four other people in there. Two couples sitting in the middle row about ten seats apart. Of course the twins headed for the very back row. When we sat down they each pulled an arm around them and snuggled in close to me. As soon as the lights went down their tops went down and they put my hands on a breast then went to work on my pants.

As soon as the zipper was unfastened and they pulled them down my dick sprang to attention. “Ooooo sister what do you want, a big fat dick or a nice pair of smooth shaved balls?” “Mmmmm I’d love me some tasty man sausage.” Tonya started stroking my cock as her sister gently rolling my balls in her hand. Tanya had me slide down until my ball sack was hanging over the edge of the seat then bent down to lick it and suck both balls into her mouth. While she was giving my balls a wet sloppy sucking, Tonya was licking precum from the tip of my shaft. When she put her lips over the head and tried to take it all in she bumped heads with Tanya. “This isn’t going to work sister. Why don’t you get on your knees so we can both have fun?” Tanya let my balls pop from her mouth then sat on the floor between my legs and started sucking on my balls again. Tonya bent back down and engulfed my dick with her lips as I slid m right hand down her back to her ass and pulled up her skirt. I slid my fingers down her crack to the plug in her butt hole and pulled on it until it slid free. I started sliding it in, stopping before it popped back all the way then pulling it back out. She was moaning around my cock that she was now frantically sliding in and out of her throat.

Suddenly she pulled me out of her mouth with a loud pop. “I want you in me.” I pulled the plug out and laid it on the seat next to me as she rose up and pushed a nipple to my mouth. I only had a moment to savor the hard tips of her breasts before she straddled me with her back to me. I pushed on her back to bend her over and she put her hands on the seats in front of us to support herself. I put my hands on her butt cheeks, spreading them and using my thumbs to open her virgin pussy lips. As I leaned forward to taste them I caught site of one of the couples In front of us. Actually I saw the guy looking back at us with a smile on his face and the back of her head bobbing in his lap.

I took Tonya’s clit between my lips and sucked gently before licking thru her wet lips then circling her puckered ass with my tongue. While I was stabbing it with my tongue to lube it, Tanya took my cock in her mouth and wet it with her saliva. When Tanya pulled me from her mouth I pulled Tonya down as Tanya guided my cock to her ass. She wiggled her butt and slid all the way down until she was sitting in my lap. Just then the other couple we had seen in the theater walked up the row. She was leading him by his cock that was sticking out of his fly and the sundress she was wearing was completely unbuttoned giving me a good look at her bald pussy and her luscious breasts. “See darling I told you there were two blondes.” Then she pushed him into a seat two down from us and after he slouched down she pulled up her dress and lowered her pussy down on his shaft that he was directing to her hole. “We hope you don’t mind if we watch while we screw. You guys just look so hot.”

Tonya was bouncing up and down on my shaft as I reached around her to squeeze her breasts, I could feel Tanya’s tongue and lips where my shaft disappeared into her sister and every few moments as her tongue hit her clit Tonya would shudder and moan. Soon her body was shaking as she drove down on my cock and squirted her girl juices in her sister’s face. She sat there for a couple of minutes trying to catch her breath until Tanya stood up and told her to switch places. As Tonya pulled of we hear the girl next to us whisper to her man, “Damn look at his dick and She had it in her ass.”

As Tanya straddled me she turn to the couple and said, “And now it’s going in my ass.” While Tanya worked her way down my shaft the guy was grinning from ear to ear and the girl was sitting with his dick deep in her pussy and an ‘OH SHIT’ look on her face. He asked her when they were going to try that. She looked at him with a frown and told him not to get his hopes up.

Tanya was rocking on my shaft as Tonya was slathering my balls with her tongue and spit. Tanya was moaning and breathing hard as she fucked herself with my cock. I felt pressure in my balls and groin. “I’m gonna cum,” Tanya Rose up off me and told her sister to suck my dick and not to swallow. Tonya took the head of my cock between her lips as Tanya stroked me rapidly. I shot three or four big gobs of come then a couple smaller ones and Tonya held it all in her mouth. Tanya pulled her up and kissed her with me and the couple next to us watching as they swapped my cum between their mouths. Just as the girl next to us started her orgasm Tanya turned to her with my cum still on her lips and in her mouth and gave her a long passionate French kiss to muffle her moans.

When they separated the girl licked her lips and smiled. She got on her knees between her mans legs and started licking their juices off his dick. The twin sat back in their seats on either side of me and snuggled in tight to me. When the movie ended they pulled up their tops, pulled down their skirts and blew kisses at the other couples as we left. We got to the truck and headed home with Tonya driving and Tanya snuggled in my lap. On the way home they were talking about the Raffle on their site for their cherry popping video and the drawing Friday night. They were planning to really push for guys to buy tickets right up until the last minute. Tanya said she was so excited to be finally getting my dick in her pussy. Tonya agreed with her and said she couldn’t wait until they could eat my cum from each others pussy’s. They both giggled then wondered aloud how the winner was going to want it done slow and easy or hard and fast. They decided that after the drawing they wanted the family to go out with them and celebrate and were going to get with the rest of the ladies and make plans. It was late when we got home and the house was dark. When we got to the top of the stairs the twins hugged me and thanked me for a fabulous date then turned down the hall to their room. I went into the master bedroom and found Mona and Janis stretched out on the bed sound asleep. I took of my clothes and crawled up between them. When I slid under the covers they sleepily said welcome home then snuggled up to me and went back to sleep.

When I woke up sunlight was streaming in the room and I was alone in the bed. I looked at the clock and it was almost noon. Damn I must have been tired. After I stumbled thru a shower and put some shorts on I headed down stairs. When I got to the kitchen I found the twins eating lunch. They said hi and told me that Mona had told them to let me sleep before Janis, Naomi, Becka and she had taken off to town. They said they would be home by supper and left instruction not to have sex with me because she and Janis wanted me energetic. I had no plans so I asked the twins what they wanted to do. “We want to go shopping for leather where you took Janis.” I told them to get dressed and we would take off.

I grabbed some shorts, a shirt and tennis’s then went out to pull my truck around front. The twins came bouncing out the front door in denim mini skirt, a white oversized mans wife beater that showed their breasts almost all the way to the nipple and 4” heels. Tanya got in the passenger seat and Tonya climbed in her lap facing me. As soon as we hit the road headed for the leather shop Tonya’s top was down with Tanya sucking on a nipple and sliding her hand between Tonya’s legs. Tonya spread her legs to give her sister more access as she smiled at me. “They said we couldn’t fuck you or suck you but they didn’t say anything about teasing you.” Tonya moaned all the way to the leather store as I watched her sister plunging her fingers into her wet pussy with her juices covering her hand.

As I pulled into the parking lot Tanya held her wet fingers up to my lips. “Want a taste?” I licked her fingers as I inhaled Tonya’s intoxicating scent. All I could think of at that moment was that in a week I would get to take the virginity of these two gorgeous blondes. As soon as I parked the truck they jumped out and headed for the entrance. By the time I got inside they had Frank, the owner, by the arm pulling him thru the store telling him what they wanted. When I caught up he was pulling chaps, vests and bikinis of the racks. The girls headed into the back room to try them on as frank walked over to me.

“What happened to that woman you were in here with a few weeks ago?”

“She’s out shopping with the other woman I live with.”

“Well then who are these two?”

“They’re the daughters of our ranch foreman. Her and her partner took the weekend off for a little alone time. The girls wanted to come here and shop for some leather for their shows.” Before I could explain more Tanya came out of the back room naked with a bikini in her hand.

“These are too big. Can we get the next smaller size?” I got to give Frank credit he didn’t hesitate but a second before he found two more sets in a smaller size and handed them to her. Not to be left out Tonya came out naked holding the chaps with the same statement. Frank gave her another size and watched her wiggle her ass back into the back room.

“Are they always like this?”

“You mean naked? Yeah, pretty much.”

A few minutes later they both walked out with just the chaps and bikini tops on, their bald pussies contrasting with the black leather chaps. “Should we wear the bottoms under or over the chaps?” Then they giggled. I know they already knew the answer. They just wanted to see if we would notice. The chaps were snug fitting but dragging the floor as they walked. Frank said he could trim them up and had them step up on the stand he had just for that purpose. When he stepped close to mark where to cut, Tonya moved her feet as far apart as the stand would allow. “Would you like a little taste of virgin pussy?” Frank stood back.

“As enticing an offer as that is, if my wife found out she would probably cut my dick off.” We all had a good laugh then Frank finished marking both their chaps they took them off and stood there in the middle of the store with nude with the exception of the bikini tops that barely covered their nipples. They finally decided to put the bottoms of the bikinis on just as Frank came back with the chaps. They put them on with their heels then took of the tops and tried on vests until they found a size small enough that when they tied the front it just barely covered their nipples. When they had everything they wanted and it was all totaled up Tanya whipped out a credit card to pay. I don’t know where she had it hid but I hadn’t seen any pockets and wasn’t about to ask.

When we left they wore heels, chaps the vest and reluctantly the bikini bottoms. They wanted to go to the adult store and pickup some things for their shows. When we got there I followed them in but hung back by the door. There weren’t my people inside but they were an instant hit. While they were looking at the toys guys kept coming up and talking to them. I watched them writing on scraps of paper then the guys would smile like a kid in a candy store and walk away. When the girls had everything they wanted they paid and walked up to me. “I hope you weren’t giving them our location?”

“Give us more credit then that. We gave them the website but since we have our area blocked they won’t be able to see us.” We got in the truck and headed home with the girls talking all the way home about the show for tonight and the weirdo’s in the store. When we got back to the house the twins ran up to their room to get ready for tonight’s show. Mona, Janis, Naomi, Becka were still not home so I went into the media room and got ready to run their room tonight. I grabbed a cold beer and kicked back in a recliner and waited for the twins to get on cam.

They finally turned their cam on and were wearing the same thing they wore home. Their topic tonight said that once they reached their goal the night’s high tipper would get to pick who was the cowgirl and got to use the big strap-on on the other one. They reminded everyone of the virginity raffle and that the drawing would be in 5 days on Friday at 8pm. They were about half way thru the show when I heard the other four come in the house laughing. It sounded like they had enjoyed their ladies day out.

They all went upstairs and 30 minutes later as the twins were asking the high tipper who he wanted as the cowgirl Mona and Janis walked in to the media room in night shirts that only came to their bellybuttons and bikini panties. They did a couple of turns in front of me then one sat on each side of me and snuggled close. “We missed you today. How long before their done. We need to make up for some lost time?”

“About another half hour.”

“Well we will be waiting upstairs. Don’t take to long or we will start without you.” True to their word when the twins closed their cam over an hour later and I went upstairs I found Mona and Janis locked in a 69 with Mona on the bottom. Janis looked over at me and said, “We tried waiting but we just got hungry for some good dessert pussy.” Then they both laughed. “If your interested in joining us there are six opening just waiting for your attention so just pick one and work on catching up.” They both went back to pleasing each other and all I heard as I got on the bed was sucking, slurping and moaning. Mona smiled up at me as I straddled her head on my knees and slid my cock between her mouth and Janis’ pussy.

As my cock slid thru Janis’s pussy lips Mona was pressing her tongue against the bottom of my shaft. I pushed all the way between Janis’ thighs and held there as Mona stroked my shaft with one hand and held my ball sack with the other as she swabbed my balls with her tongue. When pulled back out she put the head of my dick to Janis’ entrance and she cooed softly just as I pushed the head thru her lips. As I buried the entire 9” in her wet pussy she moaned into Mona’s slit the raised up to look back at me. “Oh baby no matter how many times you do that it always makes me feel soooo full. Now fuck me silly. I want to cum all over your cock and Mona’s face.” I made long slow stokes pulling all the way out after 8 or 10 strokes to push it between Mona’s lips and down her throat. She ran her tongue around the base of my cock as her throat milked my shaft. I pulled out of her mouth and put it back in Janis and holding her hips tight began driving into her hard and fast.

Soon Janis was wailing into Mona’s pussy and pushing back against my strokes. After spending the day getting teased by the twins it wasn’t long before I felt the tightness in my groin that meant cumming was close. “I’m gonna cum.” I drove in hard and held it as my seed sprayed from my dick. Mona sucked my balls in her mouth and teased the last drops of cum out of them. I pulled out and laid down next to them and watched as Mona sucked Janis’ pussy until she had to use her fingers to get the last of my cum out. When she was done she licked her lips and Janis rolled over next to me. Mona kissed her then rolled over to snuggle on the other side of me. We were all tired from our long busy days and I fell asleep with Mona’s breast against my chest, Janis tight against my back and their arms draped across me.

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