Let Go

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“Do you trust me?” Mark asked, his voice was sincere, but filled with need.

“Yes, I trust you.” I sighed as I leaned back into him. Feeling his strong arms wrap around my chest and the warmth of his body radiating into me.

“Close your eyes, just breathe.” His breath was hot against my ear. I felt a shiver rush down my spine. “That’s it.” I felt a nostril pinch closed and I breathed in a strong scent as Mark continued to hold me up. I was on my knees in the bed and felt an ember start to spread through my body. My skin flushed and my heart began to rapidly thud in my chest. Every thought left my mind and the only thing that mattered in that moment was that I needed to kiss him. I turned my head and he was there, waiting for me. I kissed him as if my life would extinguish without his lips on mine. I didn’t want to stop, couldn’t stop. The rush had taken over and I wanted my mouth to touch every inch of his body. I wanted him with a passion I had never known.

“Are you OK babe?” He asked, concern heavy on his voice.

“I’m great.” I moaned, trying to seal our mouths back together, feeling our tongues and lips pressing together with a desperate passion.

“your heart is racing. Just breathe.” He held me until he was sure I was okay. “Tell me what you want.” He asked.

“I want you.” I gasped, trying to kiss him again.

“Tell me.” He repeated, needing me to tell him what I wanted.

“Fuck me.” I moaned.

“Tell me what you want, let go for me.”

“I want you to fuck me Mark.” I signed, overcome with desire.

“You sure?” Mark asked, his eyes full of lust and mischief.

“Absolutely.” I gasped as Mark pushed me down on all fours and began to rub my ass. I felt his tongue start to lap at my hole and my body seemed to hum from the pleasure. I arched my back and began to push against his tongue as he slowly worked his tongue in and out, up and down, back and forth. My cock was throbbing, I was completely ready. Mark began to lick his way up my back, kissing my shoulders and neck as he wrapped his arms around me again.

“Breathe babe.” He whispered in my ear as I inhaled deeply that intoxicating scent that let me lose control, that overwhelmed me, I was full of desire for this sexy man in the bed with me.

“Fuccccckkk” I sisghed needing his kiss, his touch, his hardness. I felt a cool liquid hit my hole before a gentle finger began rubbing in and around my tightness. I felt pressure building as Mark’s thick cockhead began to press against my tight canal.

“You’re with me babe, just breathe, relax.” Mark’s voice was calm and reassuring and I gasped for breath as he slowly began to breach my ass. The stretch was intense. “I’m all the way babe.” Mark reassured and the thought that his thick cock was all the way inside me, nothing between us, almost made my cock shoot. Mark wrapped his arms around me tighter and began to slowly thrust in and out of my hole. The rhythm of his strokes, our bodies, was intense. I let my head drop as Mark took my ass like it was his. I began to thrust back to meet as he fucked me. Sex had never felt this incredible. My body was on edge, I could feel every touch of his body, every breath on my back, every inch of his cock.

“Where do you want my load?” Mark husked.

“In me.” I moaned, knowing there was no way I wanted him to stop fucking me. I wanted his load deep inside me.

“Fuck, you’re so hot.” Mark’s voice was practically a growl. He grabbed my hips and I felt his fuck stick rub my prostate as it pistoned in and out of my tight ring. His big cock head was rubbing against the ridge of my prostate, sending shockwaves of electricity throughout my body. “I’m going to fucking cum.” The clockwork movement of his cock began to falter, his breath hitched and he let Baklalı Escort out a deep moan. I felt heat rush inside me as blast after blast of his cum shot inside me. I felt Mark’s forehead as it dipped onto my back. His lips were kissing me as we both gasped for breath. Mark slowly pulled his spent cock out of my hole and I moaned, instantly feeling empty. I reached back and felt my used hole, it was stretched and wet, full of his seed. I coated my finger with his cum and grabbed my aching cock. Mark moved around the bed so he was by my head. There was a drop of cum hanging from the slit of Mark’s slowly deflating cock. It was too much. I reached forward and took his cock in my mouth and sucked as I tugged on my cock.

“That’s right, cum for me.” He urged as I continued sucking on his cock taking in the taste of his cum. Even more blood surged inside my cock as it tightened even further. My muscles clenched; my balls fired like a cannon blast as I splattered cum all over the bed.

We collapsed and breathed heavily, coming down from the ecstasy. Morning came too soon and we had to say goodbye. It was several weeks before I could see Mark again. There was something about Mark that was different than any other encounter I had had. He put me at ease, made me comfortable, I didn’t need to be self-conscious or inhibited with him. He wanted to know all of my desires, all of my fantasies. I told Mark what I had never told anyone before, he always supported and encouraged me. I couldn’t wait until he came back to town and let go with him again.

***Part II***

“I’m off.” My text to Mark was concise. He usually got off before I did, and I was excited to see him again.

“Hey babe, come over I have a surprise, the doors open.” I smiled and headed over to meet him, wondering what the surprise was. It wasn’t long before I was at his door. The door was unlocked and even cracked a bit like he said it would be. I stepped inside; the room was mostly dark. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust, but once they did I zoomed in on my target like an archer hitting a bullseye. Mark was at the end of the hall, completely naked, sitting in a chair with his thick hard cock standing proudly at attention.

Without conscious thought or effort, I began to leave a trail of clothes on the floor behind me, so I was completely naked when I reached him.

“You’re beautiful babe.” Mark sighed as I leaned down to give him a kiss, my hands rubbing through the hair on his broad chest.

“No, you are.” I signed and bit my lip as I looked at the handsome man in front of me. Mark took my hand and pulled me into his lap. I felt our hard cocks rubbing against each other as our tongues and lips reunited. I knew Mark wasn’t mine, would never be, but while we were together, I felt incredible. I wanted to experience everything I could with this incredible man and didn’t want to hold anything back.

“Turn around.” Mark said and twisted my body around. I was bent over in front of him and gasped when I felt his tongue starting to bombard my hole. His stubble was rubbing against my ass and his tongue was a whirlwind inside me. He pulled back and a felt a blast of air and a wet drop hit my hole before he began licking and tonguing my hole again. Knowing he had spit on my hole was an incredible turn on for me and I felt a string of pre start dangling out of my own cock and hit my leg. “You liked that babe?”

“Fuck yes. ” I moaned and Mark spat on my hole again before leaning over and grabbing my head to face him. “Kiss me babe.” I opened my mouth and Mark kissed me deeply before briefly separating to spit in my mouth.

“Fuck.” I groaned as we began to kiss with incredible desire. Before my mind could focus, Mark was holding something against Baklalı Escort Bayan my nose, and I inhaled deeply as he gripped my chest and held me. I heard him inhale too before he turned me around and stood me up His mouth was heaven as it engulfed my aching cock. While his lips and tongue wrapped up and down my hardness, I felt a cold slick finger start to enter my tightness and gasped again. Mark sucked my cock while he used his fingers to open me up for his big cock.

“Sit babe.” Mark guided me down onto his awaiting hardness. “Breathe.” He signed with me as I slowly, but surely slid down onto his thickness. I felt his arms wrap around my back and rub my neck as his mouth began to kiss and suck around my throat. I was in a haze feeling my ass stretched, pressure against the hard nut inside me.

*Knock, knock, knock.* I jumped, startled from the knocks at the door. My ass clinched around Mark’s cock and we both moaned from the sensation.

“Look at me babe.” I looked down at Mark and rested my forehead on his. His eyes were full of lust, full of sincerity, and full of passion. “This is for you, you can invite him in, do whatever you want with him. No judgement, no pressure. I want you to do anything, and everything you want to do. I closed my eyes and felt Mark’s hold tighten around my back. “I’ll tell him to g-.” Mark started.

“No, let him in.” I cut him off and a grin curled on both of our lips.

“Come on in man.” Mark hollered down the hall. I took his head in my hands and kissed him again deeply. He knew that this was one of my fantasies and had arranged it for me, for us. I heard the door close and the floor start to creak as someone made their way slowly towards us.

“Turn around baby.” Mark said as I slowly lifted off of Mark’s glorious cock and turned around to face our visitor. Mark pulled me back down onto his cock and I moaned, immediately enjoying the pressure inside me as mark wrapped his hands around my chest as I sat in his lap. Our visitor had managed to lose his clothes coming down the all aw well. He was about 6′ tall with a nicely toned body and some hair covering his chest and stomach. His cock was pointing straight towards me. “It’s okay, do whatever you want.” Mark kissed my back as I tentatively reached my hand out and grabbed the strangers hard dick. Mark loosened his grip around me and I could feel his cock twitch inside me as he watched me. I slowly stroked the cock and our visitor took a step closer to me. Close enough were I could breathe in his scent. Close enough I could almost taste him.

I turned around to face Mark, he leaned in and kissed me before nodding and smiling at me. I turned around and the stranger’s cock was inches from my face. The head was flushed red with blood and I leaned forward and sheepishly licked the slit, tasting the drop of pre that had started to form. Mark moved his hips and his hardness shifted against my prostate and I moaned as I took the new cock into my mouth. I slowly worked my tongue and lips around it, getting it slick enough so I could take it down to the root. An impish desire took over and I pulled off of his cock and spit on it and heard Mark moan and felt Mark’s cock twitch inside me as I swallowed the cock to the base.

“Fuck that’ sgood.” The stranger husked. “Swallow my cock stud.” He encouraged. I began bobbing up and down on the throbbing cock in my mouth. Mark struggled to sit still and I felt his cock slowly thrust inside of me as I pleasured the newcomer. “Fuckkkk.” The stranger gasped as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and grabbed his balls, trying to suppress the impending orgasm. It was too late, and the strangers cock pulsed as ropes of hot jizz coated my lips and face. He slid the head back into my mouth as the Escort Baklalı final ropes uncoiled in my mouth. I sucked every drop from his spent cock and the stranger laughed. “It’s sensitive.” He hissed as he pulled his softening cock out of my mouth.

“You are so fucking hot.” Mark groaned and his lips were on mine, his tongue licking the cum off of my face and trying to taste any remnant that may have been in my mouth. ” Get on the bed.” Mark barked and I again slid off of his manhood and got on my back. Mark was instantly on top of me and I felt him lick my lips again, and briefly tasted the strangers cum. Mark pushed my legs into me and I felt him spit onto my hole again before I felt his cock breach my tight canal again. “I’m going to breed you sexy boy.” Mark moaned. “Take your ass.” He thrust and I gasped with pleasure as his thick cock assaulted my prostate with every stroke.

“Tell me what you want babe.” Mark begged.

“Cum inside me babe.” I sighed and reached for my cock. Before I could grasp it mark pinned my hands to my side and fucked my hole as if It were the last hole on Earth and we were fucking for survival of the human race.

“So fucking sexy.” Mark’s pace quickened and I felt a drop of sweat drip onto my chest. “Fucking hot babe.” Marked groaned as the first pulse of cum began to flood my insides. Desperate I tried to grab my cock, but Mark held my hands down as he continued to thrust until my hole was full of his seed. He collapsed on top of me. I breathed him in and held him, not wanting to let go. He was gasping for breath, but recovered enough to give me a kiss. “That was incredible.” We held each other until his cock softened and I groaned as his cock and seed started to drip out of my well-used hole.

“Come on babe let’s shower.” Mark tried to pick me up. I moved my hips to draw attention to the swollen, angry, red cock between my legs. I needed to cum. “Don’t worry, we’re not done yet.” Mark’s lips curled up as he guided me to the shower.

The water was steaming as he guided me under the spray. It was a high pressure shower head and was invigorating. We kissed under the spray for a while before the spray was redirected into the shower. Mark grabbed the conditioner and coated my aching cock with the moisture before rubbing it around his hole. “Take me babe.” Mark said as he placed his hands against the wall and spread his legs apart. I didn’t need any more direction and slid up behind this stud of a man. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and lined my throbbing erection up with his tight entrance. Mark hissed as I slowly penetrated his tight canal. I sighed against the side of his face and began to nibble on his ear lobe. Mark’s skin turned into goose bumps under my touch and I slowly began to thrust into him.

“You got it babe, take my ass.” Mark encouraged.

“Going to make your ass mine.” I grunted as I smacked his ass cheek and began fucking this stud with everything I had. I wrapped my arms around his chest, thrusted deep into his insides. I spit on Mark’s back and licked it up. I unwound an arm from around his chest and wrapped it around his neck so he had to lean back into me. I kissed him deeply, his face was flush. “I’m going to cum.”

“Fucking breed me babe.” As if Mark’s words were a command I unleashed a torrent of cum into Mark’s hungry hole. I came for what seemed like minutes. My legs got weak and I almost collapsed onto his back before he turned around to stabilize me. ¬”You’re incredible when you let go babe.” Mark pulled me up, face to face. We held each other and lazily kissed.

“I’ve gotta pee.” Mark kissed my forehead quickly before getting to his knees under my cock.

“Go ahead.” He grinned with his mouth open, tongue out, under my cock. It took a moment to encourage my bladder to let go, but once it did I flooded Mark’s mouth with remnants of cum and piss as he closed his lips around my head and began taking my piss into his mouth. When the stream of piss finally subsided, Mark stood up and kissed me. I sighed as we kissed and I felt his reinvigorated dick hard against my thigh.

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