Lessons in Love Ch. 02

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Several days had passed since I had successfully “taught” my young protégée the finer points of satisfying a woman.

Jake had proven to have quite an aptitude for pursuing this delicate art.

We had spoken several times since then, making a few references to that fateful evening, mostly speaking of it in animated tones, referring to it in a flirtatious manner.

He phoned me one evening with an invitation to a party to be held by some industry friends he had recently made. The party was being held in a Hollywood hotel, in one of the penthouse suites.

He mentioned that there were other friends he had invited when I commented that I didn’t want anyone to think we were “together”.

“It’s cool” he explained.

“I told them I was inviting a few friends and neighbors” he added.

“You will be presented as one of my neighbors”.

I agreed that it was a sound plan and he gave me the details of the date and time.

We drove to the hotel together the evening of the party and entered the hotel lobby. He greeted several other young men and women and began chatting with them casually.

“Good.” I thought to myself.

“No one thinks anything of me being here with him”.

Quite frankly, no one had even noticed me, and I was fine with that.

Jakes’s friends quickly entered the elevators to head up to the hotel suite, while he stayed behind, using the hotel phone in the lobby. He mentioned that there was another friend he wanted to check in with, and that friend was staying in the hotel.

I waited for him as he tried to locate his friend, while the remainder of the guests arrived and went up to the hotel suite.

The lobby was empty by the time he got off of the phone and we proceeded to enter the hotel elevator, alone.

Jake immediately sensed my ambivalence and asked me what was wrong.

“What floor is this suite on?” I questioned nervously.

“the 15th” he replied.

He looked at me again, with interest.

“you okay?” he asked cautiously.

“I’ll be fine” I lied.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’m embarrassed to tell you” I started.

“Tell me” he insisted.

“I hate elevators” I blurted out quickly.

“Oh really?” he replied, his face full of interest.

“No, Jake, you don’t understand. I REALLY hate elevators”.

My palms were sweating, and my heart was pounding as the elevator began to rise.

Jake laughed a little.

“It’s not funny, Jake” I shot back. “I have a severe elevator phobia”.

He smiled, laughed and shook his head.

Just then, the elevator jerked. Then it stopped. My fear turned to panic very quickly.

Jake saw the panic on my face and tried to gather me into his arms to calm me.

It didn’t work.

I began to claw at the door, “open, oh my god, open”…….I was totally freaked out by now.

Tears started to well up in my eyes, and I couldn’t breathe.

“Calm down, it’s going to be okay” he chided.

“No its NOT!!!” I cried at him.

“Look, I know all about phobias” he continued.

“No you don’t, no you don’t, you don’t know about this….You don’t understand…..we’re gonna DIE in here…..” I screamed incoherently, wailing like a preschooler.

I fell to the floor and sobbed like an idiot.

“We’re never getting out of here…the car will fall 800 feet and we’ll be like bugs on a windshield…” I moaned out of control.

I was deep in the throes of a full blown panic attack, brought on by my phobia, exacerbated by the elevator’s refusal to move.

Jake picked up the phone in the elevator and calmly called for help, while I ranted and raved in the background. When he was done, he sat down next to me, and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

“Listen to me” he began. “We are going to get out of here.” He soothed.

“No we aren’t” I muttered between sobs, my words catching in my throat.

“I just spoke to the elevator folks” he told me. “the good news is that we WILL get out of here.” “The bad news is that we’re gonna miss that party!” he looked at me calmly.

“Wh….what??” I barked.

“They’ll be here in a few hours” he Etlik Escort told me as I launched into another tirade in response to yet another panic attack.

“I can’t, I mean I can’t sit in here for that long, we’re gonna die, we’re doomed, oh my god…help me” I raged.

I tried to stand up, but my legs were so wobbly that I plopped back down on the floor. I was reduced to a heap on the floor of the elevator, sobbing uncontrollably, muttering things like “what if the car falls….what if the lights go out……what if there’s an earthquake”.

I heard Jake’s voice amid all my ranting. It was firm and clear.

“Look at me” Jake said loudly and squarely.

I looked directly at him, tears streaming down my face, shaking like a leaf.

“I WILL NOT let anything bad happen to you.” His voice was commanding, almost reassuring.

“Breathe slowly, in through your nose, out through your mouth…” he ordered.

I started to do as he ordered. One breathe. Good, we’re steady. Two breathes, I am cooking.

Suddenly the elevator jerked once more and I reacted quickly.

I screamed.

Jake pulled me into his arms and muffled my scream by covering my mouth with his.

He kissed me deeply and passionately, making me almost forget that we were trapped like caged animals in a little box which was suspended more than 100 feet from the ground, and in my phobic mind, the little box was dangling precariously.

Jake was entirely unfazed by our situation, which I could not understand.

He laid me down on the floor of the elevator and continued to kiss me aggressively, his tongue probing my mouth, catching my tongue, his teeth finally lightly biting my upper lip, his lips pulling mine seductively into his.

Intent to keep me from focusing on our situation (and I suspect, to preserve his eardrums from my shrill shrieks in response to the imagined “falling elevator”!) he started to unbutton my blouse slowly, while he continued to kiss my lips and explore my mouth with his tongue.

Jake’s fingers lightly traced the outline of my now hardened nipples through the sheer material of my bra. He easily slipped his hand into the bra cup to play with my nipple while continuing to kiss me deeply.

He squeezed the nipple, rolling it gently, teasing me with his every move.

His free hand cupped my face, wiping the stray hair off of my forehead. We kissed again, my breath becoming ragged now from sexual tension instead of panic.

Continuing on his way, Jake finished unbuttoning my blouse, and pushed it from my shoulders. Cradling me in his arms, he pulled the blouse from off of me and unlatched my bra.

I started to protest, but he put his fingers up to my mouth indicating that he wanted me to remain silent.

His eyes were boring into me with intensity, he had total control of this situation.

He removed my bra and laid me back down on the floor.

I quashed the urge to speak, instead letting him control the events. I was so scared of the freaking elevator that this diversion had a very calming effect on me.

Jake knew this and unleashed his plan.

Jake’s hand traveled down past my skirt and up to my inner thigh. He brushed the soft skin with his fingers, laying the palm of his hand onto the underside of my thigh, squeezing and rubbing it gently with wide sweeping motions.

His fingers began to toy with the edges of my panties, as if seeking a way to enter the shelter inside.

I moaned in response to his fingers lining the edges of my gates.

He easily slid his hand into my panties and cupped my garden, slowly and deliberately pressing his fingers past the edges and into the wet depths.

He then laid his upper body on top of mine, leaving just a small opening for one breast to be played with. Kissing, licking and biting my soft breast and rock hard nipple, his hand continued to explore my lower depths on a seek and destroy mission.

His finger landed on my hot love knot and he circled it in slow deep patterns.

I heard myself groan under his ministrations, as I felt the warmth begin to grow in my pelvis.

Round and round his finger circled my nub, Etlik Escort Bayan the intense feelings building like a volcano about to erupt.

Jake’s mouth never left my breast. He pulled my swollen nipple into his mouth and sucked it while stimulating my hot button below.

I squirmed and wiggled underneath his hand, my hips rocking with the movements of his fingers.

The sensual assault never ceased, and I felt the tightness in my thighs deepen as the height of my climax took over.

My hips quivered and I moaned without regard to anything around me.

Jake gazed into my eyes, with my face upturned.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, first gently, then with increasing pressure and passion.

My lips parted instinctively and his tongue found its way inside the warmth again.

I returned his kiss with just as much fervor as our tongues danced.

He rolled off of me and pulled me on top of him.

I felt his hands once again on my hips, sliding under the hem of my short skirt.

Jake slipped his hand back up to my butt cheeks and pulled my panties completely off, tossing them to the floor of the elevator.

As his hands slowly came back up my bottom, so did my skirt. He unzipped the skirt and slipped it past my hips, down my legs and off completely.

His hands moved back upwards to caress my bare cheeks, skimming over the back of my thighs.

As Jake’s hands moved, so did mine. I leaned aside and fumbled to find the buttons and zipper on his slacks.

My hands quickly found the buttons on his slacks and made quick work of them. I slid his slacks and his boxers down to reveal his fully aroused member.

My hand closed around it as I slowly stroked it.

Our kiss still had not been broken as we were close to devouring each other. I pulled away, gasping for breath.

Jake sat up, and leaned back into a corner, his arms reached up to grab onto the railing above him.

Once again, when I looked into his eyes, I saw the raw desire there.

Our eyes locked as I slowly got onto my knees, then lowered myself to take his erect member in my mouth.

He let out a low groan as I took him further into the pit of ecstasy, exerting only a small amount of suction to his fully engorged cock.

One of my hands continued to stroke him, working in rhythm with my mouth.

Jake was getting close to climax, the sweet drops of pre cum collecting on the tip of his piece, but he held back.

He pushed my mouth off of his stiff rod, then stood up and pulled me to my feet.

He kissed my breasts, and gently licked them, swirling his tongue around the darkened areola before taking the nipple into his mouth to gently suck it.

My back arched as I tried to push more of my breast into his mouth. My breathing was raspy and I could feel the wetness between my legs starting to increase again.

I felt Jake’s hand on my inner thigh, slowly creeping up to my mound, his fingers lining and tracing the outer reaches of my love lips. The feeling made me dizzy with the anticipation of what was to come, that I grabbed to the rail behind me to steady myself as the sensations flooded my body.

I felt so weak as I savored the feeling of Jake’s finger being inserted into my hot garden.

I was practically dripping, my juices were flowing so copiously. I was gasping and breathing faster as he swirled his finger inside my slippery tunnel.

Jake pulled his fingers out of my sticky pot and pressed them against my love nub once again. He began to flick it gently at first, then with more and more pressure as my gasps turned to moans.

With one finger, Jake easily slid back inside my silky cavern, then allowed a second finger to join it, moving in counterpoint with the flicks of his thumb on my nub.

His fingers pulled out with each flick, and re-entered as his thumb released, then alternately pressed my hot swollen clit.

Jake continued to work me in this manner for several minutes, as I moaned at the feeling of the tension building in my thighs, my second orgasm looming fast.

Several more thrusts with his fingers followed, Escort Etlik then he pushed his thumb into my love knot, hard.

His fingers joined in and that was enough to send me into a mind-numbing climax, biting my lip to stifle the scream.

“Ohhhhhh my…gaaawwwdddd …..” I moaned loudly as I bucked my pelvis up and down, and I drenched his hand with my juices. I grabbed his shoulders and dug my fingers into his flesh, leaving a firm indentation in his skin.

I shook from head to toe, writhing with the climax.

Jake turned me away from him to face the wall. He bent me forward to give him total access to my aching center point.

He grasped his stiff cock and started rubbing it into my over sensitive knot, rubbing himself over the entire length of my slit from behind. I felt like my legs would give out as I gripped the rail to hold myself up.

Jake moved slowly. He inserted only the head of his missile into me and waited for me to react.

When I realized that he was not going any further, I pushed backwards, burying him deep within me.

Jake moaned as he felt me close in around his shaft, the muscles gripping him, the moisture enveloping him with warmth.

He held me by my hips and started to thrust with long slow strokes, gradually building up the tempo.

While still buried in me, he pulled me more upright slightly, caressing my shoulders and neck.

He massaged the back of my neck as he continued pumping into me with increasing speed and depth.

As I held onto the railing, he pounded into me dramatically, bringing me back to the edge.

With a final deep push, Jake shuddered and his body shook as the spasm of his orgasm took control of his reflexes. He shot his warm thick creme into my well, his hands moving down to clench my waist, as the last drops of his seed spurted into my depths.

When Jake came down from his high, he pulled out of me and I turned to face him.

We wrapped our arms around each other and held onto each other tightly.

We kissed once again, this time lightly, playfully.

The elevator jerked, but this time, I didn’t react. I was too deep inside the feelings that were emerging from within me.

“You’ve calmed down considerably,” Jake whispered into my ear.

“Thanks to you,” I answered, kissing him on the neck.

We both sat down on the floor of the elevator.

I rested my head on his shoulder, trying to regain my strength. His arm gently cradled my head and neck as he pulled me nearer to him.

“I told you I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you,” he reminded me.

“Well……that depends upon your perspective, I suppose now, doesn’t it” I retorted playfully.

“I can’t believe how quickly you picked up on the finer details of this delicate art” I continued.

“you really are a natural at this…..” I added, giving him a wink.

“I never said I was a virgin,” he quipped.

“No?” I responded, confused.

The look on his face made me wonder.

“You were too a virgin!” I shot back.

He looked up at the ceiling, ignoring my statement.

“Stop that,” I said as I slapped his shoulder.

“Look at me….” I said, concealing a giggle.

All he did was smile a sly grin and snicker.

“Okay, Mr. Casanova, have it your way”. I teased.

“It really depends upon your perspective, I suppose now, doesn’t it….” He said mocking me.

“Jake, sometimes a cigar, really is just a cigar,” I said, trying to get up.

He grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me back down to join him on the floor, then started to kiss me aggressively once again.

Jake stopped and nudged me lightly.

“I hear something,” he whispered.

I bolted up and grabbed at my clothes that lay on the floor.

I put my clothes on quickly.

Jake stood up.

We straightened our clothes, trying to smooth out the wrinkles.

We both stood in opposite corners of the elevators as though trying to say “we’re not together”.

The doors flew open.

The rescue team swooped in and escorted us both out.

I exited the elevator first, with Jake following a few feet behind me, chattering away with the firemen who rescued us. A few minutes later I heard Jake snorting with laughter.

I glance over my shoulder to see that he was making wild hand motions at me.

It was then that I noticed that I had my bra on OVER my blouse…………

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