Leslie Takes Over

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A few years ago I had an encounter with a much younger girl that has somewhat become the inspiration for the stories I’ve been writing here. Most of what I write is a way of dealing with the persistent fantasies and enormous temptations I have where I exercise. I’m in my mid thirties, single, and still pretty fit, partially due to lucky genes, but I stay in shape by rowing. I keep my boat in the same boathouse where a high school rowing team operates, and when they practice there are about forty athletically built teenage girls walking about in nothing but spandex uniforms. As you can imagine, it’s quite a sight.

I’ve been rowing there for several years now, and I’ve gotten to know all the regulars, including the coaches and a few of the parents of the kids, some of whom also row. And I’m a pretty affable guy, so I tend to get to know a handful of the kids as well by joking around with them. I try hard not to be a creepy guy who hangs around, but the eye candy is so hard to resist.

Most of the girls are pretty big and strong – and generally as curvaceous as they are fit ¬– but with every boat there’s always one tiny little girl who steers. As attractive as the bigger girls are, and believe me they’re very attractive, I have a fondness for petite women, so I frequently catch myself staring at the five-foot pixies in their cute little suits. One of these was a girl I’d actually gotten to know a little bit, a freckle-faced tomboy named Leslie.

Her family had been around for years. Her older brother had rowed for the high school before her, and her father had been a fixture at the boathouse the entire time. He and I were pretty well acquainted, but became even more so when the events leading up to this story started.

Because I knew both her father and her brother before her, it was easy for Leslie and I to become familiar with each other. I’d chat with her and her dad about this and that, and even give her some pointers on rowing. By the time she got to be a senior, she’d also started rowing in a single-person boat her father gave her. So when she flashed me her baby blues one day asking if she could try rowing my boat, which is far nicer than hers, I couldn’t exactly say no. I’m big hearted enough that I would have said yes anyway, but in this case it would give me an excuse to hang out with her a bit more and give me time to check out the incredibly tight little butt she had under her snug uniform.

Unfortunately for me, karma had other plans for my mischievous hidden agenda, because when she brought the boat back in after her row there were three holes in it from where she ran into a submerged log rowing too close to shore. I was pretty pissed, but what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t exactly yell at a seventeen year old when I knew she didn’t have enough experience to begin with. And she was obviously upset by it, and more than apologetic. So I made a deal that she and her dad would have to help me fix it at their expense. In the end I got to know both of them a lot better, and things worked themselves out.

After that, Leslie and I developed a sort of friendship, to the point where she even invited me to here graduation party, but normally it was all I could do to keep from constantly staring at her whenever we talked. When she finally went off to college she’d grown into a striking young woman. Still petite and having the same electric bootie, but with well-developed cleavage and gorgeous curly brown hair. With her freckles and tomboy nature, she was just as cute as could be.

After she’d gone away, I only saw her a couple of times during her freshman year when she’d come home for visits, but the conversations between us opened up a little. There’s a whole new body of knowledge a college kid will be able to talk about freely that they can’t really do when in high school. So I was able to be more myself around her, which meant pushing the bounds of decency a little more. I wasn’t really thinking of actually doing anything with her, but I tried to be a little flirty, wondering if I’d ever manage to slip into the conversation how righteous I thought her ass was.

To my surprise she’d become a bit of a raunchy lass herself, dropping innuendos and off color comments, but I still felt like I should be careful around her. That began to change one day the summer after her first year when I started teasing her about how crappy her boat was compared to mine, to which she responded with a commanding, “Suck it!”

“Ooo, I love it when you talk dirty to me,” was out of my mouth before I even thought not to say it.

“Well now,” she said, surprised, “Aren’t you the filthy old man.”

“First,” I said, recovering, “I’m not that old yet, so watch it. And second, I prefer to think of it as enthusiasm.”

“You mean being a pervert?”

“Call it what you will,” I said half jokingly, “I have talents I like to nurture, and I’ve received many a compliment for them. Besides, you’re the one who told me to suck it.” I almost added a playful “bitch” just to push it further, but let the silence that sprung up imply it.

I could see her blushing a little, obviously not prepared for the candidness of my response. But being the fighter that she is she rebounded quickly.

“Yeah, whatever. Don’t you go braggin’ about bein’ all that, and just behave. And keep your eyes where they oughta be. Old man.”

Now it was my turn to blush, and she saw it as plain as day. Did I just get busted for checking her out oh so many times in the past? All I could manage was, “Yeah, well, some things are well worth looking at, and that’s all I’m gonna say.”

“I think it would be best to stop there then, yes,” she added. After that we went out on the water, and by the time I got back to the boathouse she’d gone home.

The next time I saw her our conversation was much more above board. I asked how she liked living at home after having free reign at college, and snickered when she confessed to having a curfew again. I asked if she was working at all, but all her parents were making her do were house chores instead of having to find a job. When I asked what she was doing for money, she admitted she wasn’t going to be able to do much during the summer because she wasn’t earning much at all.

“Well, since you’re already mowing your folks’ lawn, you can mow mine too if you like. Twenty five bucks for forty-five minutes work?”

She gave me a suspicious little look, but said, “Sure, man, every little bit helps.” And for the next couple of weeks I got my lawn mowed for just a few bucks. But she was clever enough to suspect my motives, and rightfully so, because she always mowed it in the middle of the day during the week, so I never got a chance to see her.

In order to actually spend some time with her, I decided to offer to pay her to help me put a small deck together in my back yard, a project I’d started earlier in the spring, but hadn’t gotten around to completing. Honestly, I wasn’t looking to start anything with her, just liked the opportunity to hang out and flirt a bit and watch her young body move. We’d maintained our pseudo-friendship, and a little harmless feminine companionship would be nice for a change.

The Saturday she came over was quite warm, and she showed up in a pair of baggy basketball shorts and a tank top with her hair back in a ponytail. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t get the posterior view I’d hoped for, but figured it served me right for being a secret lecher. It took us about four hours to put down the deck boards on the already constructed frame, and we had a pretty good time just talking about her first year and swapping stories about our college adventures. At one point I asked her why she’d not gotten involved with anyone during the year.

“Guys just don’t seem to get me,” she said, sounding resigned but content with it. “I mean, I had a few dates, or flings, or whatever you wanna call it, but none of them really thrilled me. I think I’m a little too aggressive for them.”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy,” I tried to reassure. “There’re plenty of guys out there that go for that. I’m sure you’ll find someone who gets you sooner or later. And I wouldn’t worry about it,” I added, “You’re a pretty awesome chick, and not a bad looker, either.”

“Aww, thanks” she said, a little mockingly. “So sweet. But how ‘bout you? How come you’re never seeing anyone?”

“I’m a little over it at the moment, nothing’s ever really worked out.” I sat back and thought about it for a second. “I broke the hearts of the ones I didn’t think were right, and got my own broken by all the ones I thought were. The last time that happened I think it mighta broke for good, because my heart doesn’t really take me anywhere anymore, if that makes any sense. Too much pain in the process.”

“Ouch, man. That’s depressing,” she said. “So you’re just not gonna try anymore?”

“Meh,” I shrugged it off, “I still see people off and on a bit, but I’m only looking to hang out and have fun. I have to be upfront about not looking for the big romance, and not a lot of women respond to that, you know?”

“What happened to all that braggin’ you were doing about your ‘enthusiasm,’ as you put it?” She was giving me a teasing smile.

I returned her look. “Yeah, well, that hasn’t changed. But most women want more than that, and I’m pretty much only good for fooling around.”

At this point we’d finished the job, and we put the table and chairs on top of the new deck and sat down to admire our work after I grabbed a couple of beers from inside. She sat facing me from me and pushed her chair back, putting her feet up on the table. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses, because her shorts were baggy enough that I could see pretty far up her legs, and caught flashes of pink fabric as she rocked her knees apart absentmindedly.

She took a long swig off her beer, and out of the blue said, “Remember when I wrecked your boat last year?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I want to thank you for being so cool about it. I mean, I never got punished for it or anything.”

“What, you mean like your dad didn’t ground you? It wasn’t really that big a deal, and it’s all fixed up fine now. Don’t worry about it, we’re good.”

“Yeah, but, maybe I shoulda at least gotten a spanking for it.” She Çankaya Escort pulled her feet off the table and stood up, putting her beer down. She then spun around, put her hands on her knees and wagged her butt in front of me.

I’m not sure if I blushed, but my blood definitely began to flow suddenly hot. “You seriously want me to give you a spanking?”

“Yeah,” she said cutely. “Don’t you think this ass needs it?” I didn’t know what to say, so she continued, “I’ve seen you checking me out, you know. It’s why I wore these baggies today, so at least we could get some work done. But now I think you should finally give me what I deserve.”

I shrugged my shoulders, reached out, and gave her butt a playful swat, but just the brief feel of her firm behind on my palm was enough to stir an erection. “There, how’s that?”

She was looking over her shoulder at me, and gave a little pout. “That wasn’t much of a spank!”


She smiled and nodded, “Yeah!”

I slapped her ass again, fairly hard this time, knocking her forward a bit and making her squeal. “Oo! That’s better. But give me one more, even harder, please. Remember, I deserve this.”

The thought of her begging to be spanked, along with the now firm hard-on in my jeans, made the lust in my blood swing even harder still, aggressively primal, and the contact made a resounding SMACK!

“OW, Shit!” she let out, then giggled. “Damn, that’s better,” she said, reaching back to rub the sting out. “Gimme some more!”

Mustering my last bit of reason, I decided to leave well enough alone at this point. “I think I should stop there, don’t you? I’m not sure if this is entirely appropriate.”

“Not so enthusiastic after all, eh?” She stood up a little, judging me, disappointed. “What’s wrong with you smacking my ass around?”

“Well, for one thing, your father would kill me if he found out, don’t you think?”

“Pssh,” she rolled her eyes. “Dude, there’s all kinds of stuff my dad’s never gonna find out about. Is that what you’re afraid of?” She was standing up now, hands on her hips but still facing away. Her back was still arched to accentuate her butt, and she was rocking slightly side to side.

“Well, no,” I said, trying to think it through. “I’m not sure what I’m afraid of. Just not sure if I should be giving a spanking to an eighteen year old girl in my back yard. I mean, I don’t exactly want my neighbors to witness that.”

“Dude, your whole yard is surrounded by hedges, so no one’s gonna see anything. And for your information I’m nineteen, so kiss my ass.” She wagged it at me again, so I gave it another vigorous swat.

“Oo! Nice, there’s that talent you should be nurturing. But seriously, you should kiss my ass.” She slid her shorts over her hips to reveal a pair of high cut pink lace panties clinging to her perfect round ass. “Kiss it!”

I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open when she said this, and my cock was fully straining my pants, but I did as I was told. Grabbing her hips with both hands I leaned forward and pulled the tight bootie I’d been worshiping for years towards me and began to kiss it repeatedly all over. First on the exposed curves beneath her panties, then up around over the fabric before pressing my face deeply into the center, breathing in the aromas of perfume and a slight musk. She moaned just slightly as I did this, leaning onto the table, and said in soft, encouraging tones, “Yeah, there you go. Kiss it. Just like that. Good boy.”

I think she was as turned on by her control as much as by the attention I was paying her, but there was a complete and irreversible shift in the arousal of both of us now, and everything now began to happen in a continuous flow of sexual hunger.

She reached back and gently grabbed the back of my head, pulling me away from her as she spun around. Stepping out of her shorts, she sat back on the edge of the table, spreading her legs apart. “You know what I want next, right?” she reached down and pulled her panties to the side, giving me a clear view of her neatly trimmed pussy, her lips already wet and slightly parted. “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now. Suck it!”

I looked at her and smiled, then dropped immediately to my knees and eagerly placed my mouth over her young, fuzzy slit. Her tangy-ness flooded onto my tongue as I pressed it gradually into her opening, wriggling inside her. Then I felt the pressure of her hand on the back of my head, pulling me in. “Oh, fuck yes, that feels so fucking good.” She had my face firmly mashed up against her while her hips pressed up from the table to fuck my face. “Oh, yeah, suck it just like that. Good boy. Ooo, god yes, lick my clit like that. Ahh!” I’d forced the tip of my tongue up to her little button and was tickling it as best I could against the pressure of her hands holding me to her pussy.

By now my hands were under her, cupping her tight, flexing cheeks, digging my fingers in to her slightly moist skin, warmed under the heat of the afternoon sun. The sound of my breathing, heavily through my noise, was mingled with the moans coming from my throat as I tried to give her as rough a tongue fuck as I could. I could tell her filthy language was starting to turn her on, because the rhythm of her hips grew more steadily urgent with the cadence of her voice.

“Come on, you fucker, suck my fucking pussy and make me come on you. Oh fuck, yes! Do it like that, do it like that, do it like that. Mmmm.” I’m pretty sure that anyone in the vicinity could have easily heard us, but at this point I really didn’t care. I just wanted this hot little sex pot to soak my face with her cum, which she did in just a few short minutes, and it was everything I was hoping for.

She held my face pressed hard up against her as her thighs began to convulse around me – her pussy overflowed with so much wetness I think she may have had a little squirt – and surprisingly, her orgasm was so intense it actually shut down her foul little mouth. Looking up all I could see was her head thrown back and her mouth wide open and gaping as her body shook. This was punctuated by sporadic gasps of air accompanied by her husky moans, until finally she came back around, throwing her head forward.

“Ohhh, fuck! Wow, that was good!” She had a slight, delirious smile on her face, but kept a serious gaze into my eyes, holding my head in both her hands as she pulled me from my nesting place. “My, what a nice tongue you have! Now let’s see what else you’ve got. Stand up!”

I did as I was told while she recomposed herself. “Strip, dirty boy.” I looked around the yard I’d been happy to expose her in, but hesitated now that it was my turn.

“How ‘bout if we g-,“ Smack! Her hand was across my face before I even saw it coming, her cute eyes angrily captivating mine.

“How about take your fucking clothes off now, bitch!” she said with complete authority. My dick, which had subsided a little while sucking on her, was suddenly a rock in my jeans. I was begging to be told what to do, on fire with lust at the prospect, and immediately began to remove everything I had on. My jeans were the last to go, and my rigid cock stood happily between us for her inspection from her perch.

She reached out with one hand and gave it a tug, looking up at me, squinting in the bright sun. “Pretty hard dick you have there, boy.” She reached out with her other hand and cupped my smooth balls. “Mmmmm, and these guys seem pretty loaded as well. Aw, and look how pretty and clean they are! Did you shave those all by yourself, dirty boy?” As she mocked me she dropped down to her knees and sat on her heels, giving her a close vantage from below. Raising my dick up, she opened her mouth and drew one, then the other of my testicles in.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, eyes closed, tongue exploring. “You did a good job!” she praised when she came up for air, “Now let’s see about the rest of you.” Leaving my balls wet with her saliva, she rose back up on her knees and took the head of my cock deeply into her mouth, allowing her spit to linger on it. Holding me with both hands, she spread the wetness around until my entire cock and balls were soaking and slick for her fingers. She then proceeded to give me the wettest, stroking-est, most luxurious blowjob I have ever had. She absolutely savored my dick in her mouth, literally drooling over it, and massaged my balls and the length of the shaft to perfection. This magnificence was accentuated by continuous commentary from her devilish mind.

“So,” she said, wiping a generous trail of cock-spit from her chin onto her forearm, “how does it feel to be my bitch, bitch? Your cock seems to like it plenty.” Between involuntary moans I managed to utter, “I would be nobody elses…” On hearing this she gave my balls and dick a good squeeze, right to the threshold of discomfort, and held me still for a moment. “That’s right, dirty boy. You’re mine to fuck with. Got that?” And she tightened her grip further, making me squirm in slight pain. I just nodded, wanting her to be nice again a soon as possible.

“So tell me,” she took a lengthy suck on the head, “how often do you think about me, and what do you think about?” Anytime she wanted me to pay attention, she just hesitated for a moment, and gave my particulars a good squeeze.

“Whenever I see your car in the boathouse parking lot, I can’t wait to get a glimpse of you in your spandex.” Her delicious fellatio was just amazing, and she kept it slow and achingly steady, keeping me on a plateau of incredible pleasure, but never taking me beyond it towards loss of control. In my mind – the last corner of it that had sensibility – I couldn’t help but wonder how this nineteen year old knew how to do such things, or where she got her dominance from. But those thoughts quickly gave way to waves of pleasure.

“That’s it??” she pressed, “no other time than that? I don’t believe you bit.” She stopped stroking and dug her nails in just a touch along my dick. “Tell me what this guy thinks about.” And with that she gave a slow, hard squeeze all the way up from the base to the tip, rubbing the head a bit for emphasis. It felt so fucking good I could only arch my back and moan.

“Your ass. Oh fuck, that’s nice!” I was Cebeci Escort trying to confess and enjoy the moment at the same time. “Sweetie, I think of your perfect little tight ass all the fucking time. Oh, dammit!” she gave my head a congratulatory tickle with her fingertips, nearly launching me. “And then you fucking went away from college, and came back with those wonderful fucking tits, and now I can’t stop thinking about you at all!”

There, I’d confessed all, even though I’m sure she’d already known every bit of it. She sat back again and looked up at me smiling. With one hand still stroking me slowly, she used the other to lift her tank top up over breasts, exposing them without removing it.

“You mean these wonderful tits?” Using both hands on me now to pull continuously first in one direction, then back the other ¬– pushing in, in, in, then drawing me out, out, out – she arched her back away and rose up again to her knees, presenting her perfect 34Ds to me. “Aren’t they just the best? Go on, you can touch them. Be nice, tho.” She gave me a warning squeeze with both hands.

I reached up and cupped them both, feeling the firm, youthful weight of each, then brought my fingers over the top, surrounding them and rolling each stiff little nipple between my thumb and fingers. “Yep,” I said, barely able to stand against the pleasure and sway of her tugging hands, “they’re just like I thought they would be: big, succulent and perfect.” I was holding on tight enough that I was using them slightly for support, so to assist me she leaned back in, bringing my cock up between them.

She placed her hands onto my hips and let me slide my dick within my two fleshy handfuls. “Ever think about tit-fucking me, dirty boy?” Her voice was a sultry whisper, deep and full of lust. “Hm? Like this? Cuz you know I love having boobs big enough to slip a nice cock into. Mmm, yeah. That’s it, fuck’em for me.” Her right hand had left its perch on my leg and found it’s way between her own, causing her to moan now slightly. “Ohhh, yeah baby. Fuck my big tits with that fantastic cock.” Her other hand was pulling my body onto hers as I burrowed into her chest. She looked down to watch the head emerge and disappear again, and let a long string of saliva run from her lips to lube it up.

She let me rock there for some time, just swaying back and forth up her valley while she fingered herself. At one point I reached down and pulled her top off, leaving her naked save for her sneakers. She looked up and smiled her approval before dropping more spit into her cleavage. “I have to say, you have a really nice dick. Long and perfect for a young girl like me. Look how wet you get me with it.” She bought her right hand up to my lips, sticky and fragrant for me to eagerly suck on, and my tongue lapped at them hungrily. Laughing a little at my enthusiasm, she just let me suck on them until I was finished, then back they went beneath her.

“I think it’s time you start thinking about fucking me for real,” she said without making any effort to stop our current maneuver. “Would you like that beautiful dick inside me now? My sweet, tasty pussy?” I grew harder again listening to her. “Ooo! I guess so, huh stud! You ready for some tight wet cunt to fuck? How about you take me inside and really give it to me.”

She sat back again, abruptly leaving my dick bobbling free, then gave it one last quick suck before offering her hand for me to help her up. She brushed off her knees, which were deeply marked with the pattern of the grass she’d been on for the past fifteen minutes, and grabbed my hand to drag me inside. Once we were in and the door shut, she suddenly spun around hand kissed me, throwing her arms around my neck. It was a beautiful, soft kiss that caught me completely by surprise. It was as if she were trying to keep me off balance with her many moods and expressions. One minute she had the foul mouth of a sailor, the next it’s all tenderness and passion. All I could do was hang on for the whole sweet ride and take whatever she sent my way.

When she released our kiss and drew back, I think she saw the confusion in my mind. “You’re cute, you know that?” she offered as an explanation. “And you’re filthy, and willing, and you’ve got a great cock. So let’s go put all that together in the bed room where I’ll fuck your brains out.” She turned and ran back into the house looking for the bed, and I tagged along patiently while she searched. I finally caught up to her sitting on the edge of my bed, taking off her shoes before pulling out her ponytail and flinging herself onto her back, spreading her legs.

“Come fuck me!”

For a moment, all I could do was stand there. Before me – beautiful, wet, and willing – was sweet little Leslie, the young girl I’d been fantasizing about for years. Long, curly tresses tossed back, firm, ample breasts peaked with stiff little nipples, legs and arms out, supple and athletic. She smiled at me, bringing her fingers over her chest to caress herself lazily, waiting for me to move from my stupor.

“Come on, old man, what are you waiting for?” she said, cute and still commanding. “Get over her and fuck me, right now.”

I climbed onto the bed, still trying to soak every bit of her into my eyes. Between her thighs, I thought for a second about going down on her again, but a glance at her glistening slit let me know she was as wet as ever. Since I couldn’t stand to wait and she didn’t want me to, I placed the head of my dick up against her lips, opened her up, and eased it right in. The room came alive with the sound of our moans.

“Oh my fucking God!” I said, bringing my hips back and easing forward again. Her pussy enveloped me so slick and snugly I felt like my cock had grown even bigger. She was taking me all the way in, but it was the most thick, velvety fuck I’d ever felt. “Jesus Christ, girl, that feels amazing!”

The smile from a minute ago had left her face, replaced by parted lips opening in shallow paralyzed breaths, punctuated by little grunts each time I pressed home. ”Oh wow, you can say that again,” she finally said. We looked each other in the eyes and exchanged little encouragements.

“Yeah?” “Yeah!”

“Like that?” “Yes…”

“Mm, hm?” “Mm, Hmmm!”

She grew slipperier still, and the tempo increased, my hips coming up hard against her thighs in soft slaps, my balls bouncing off of her. I could feel them getting coolly wet from the motion of air across them. “Oh, fuck, Leslie, I can’t believe you’re letting me do this!” I really couldn’t. The lust in me was beginning to take over as I held her hips, forcing my cock up into her with greater and greater aggression. “Oh, you sweet, little fuck! Goddamn, that pussy feels so fucking good!”

“Yeah it does,” she said just as aggressively. “Fuck it, you filthy fucking perverted cock. Fuck that pussy and give her what she fucking needs. Oh yeah!! Gimme, gimme, gimme.”

I gave her a few more exceptionally hard thrusts, slamming her into the mattress, literally pounding her pussy, then slowed down gradually to a stop. We both stayed still for a moment, catching our breath and just feeling the sensation of being inside. I still needed to get used to it to take the urgent edge of my dick so I could fuck her for a while longer. I had no idea if she’d ever let me back in here, so I was determined to make the best of it, lasting as long as I could.

Slowly rocking her onto me, the next thing I wanted to do is to watch her cum. I took hold of her legs and lifted them back onto her chest, curling her up so I could pile my dick straight down into her.

“How about I do this and make you cum for me? Think you can do that, naughty girl? Does my little baby know how to cum on a nice cock like this?” I began to pump her steadily from above, not waiting for her response. I could feel myself bumping into her cervix, making her grunt a little more each time I hit it. “Ungh, oh shit you’re in so deep! God yes that’ll make me cum. Keep doing that!”

I curled her up more tightly using my arms to pin her back. I was staring right into her eyes only inches above her face, watching her expressions change as I screwed her as far down as I could while she moaned for more. Then I just had to kiss her – to feel that slightly misguided sensation of being in love, of sharing everything with this little girl, of being let in completely. I put my mouth over hers and was happily accepted, our tongues playing off each other, mimicking our thrusts. I’m sure she wasn’t thinking the same thing I was, but I wanted to pretend this could last forever, that my sweet young fuck toy would be here for me always.

This kiss made my dick stiffen even further, and her response to it was immediate. Under the pressure of my mouth she began to more moan heavily. I opened my eyes to see hers open widely, brows slightly furrowed. It made me want to fuck her even more urgently, and the whole thing began to accelerate: her moaning louder and harder, me giving it to her deeper and faster. When she finally began to shout I lifted my mouth from hers and let her go. I could feel her body start to shake in her confinement, and kept giving it to her until I felt her pussy begin to squeeze. She was screaming loudly now, cumming up onto me, her legs shaking against my arms, her eyes shut, head back. I had to concentrate hard not to let myself give in, and just focused on keeping my cock stiff and relentless, pushing her orgasm as far as it would go.

“There you go, baby girl, cum on me.” I wanted my voice to be as forceful as my motion, but she looked so sweet I wanted to keep seducing it out of her. “Mmm, good girl. That’s it. Let your little pussy have a nice cum on that big hard cock. Come on, keep going.” She was almost crying now, overwhelmed and growing spent, yet the waves kept crashing, and I wouldn’t let her stop. I began to rotate my hips, easing into her side to side, trying to massage the interior rather than drive in as deep. I wanted to get every last drop of orgasm from her before letting her rest, and finally, after another minute or so, she began to taper off.

I let go of her legs and they fell straight out beside her, limp and quivery. I kissed her again but she just lay there panting. I could Çukurambar Escort feel her lips weakly try to kiss back, but the effort was too much, so I just whispered, “That was a very good girl. Thank you.”

“Jesus fuck, dude,” she forced her eyes open, looking up at me, then smiled. “Oh my god you’re good at that!” I pressed into her again as a thank you, making her squirm. “Oh, stop,” she lifted a hand to my chest. “Stop, please, let me recover. Oh man…”

I felt myself soften in her a little, but didn’t pull out. The warmth of being inside wasn’t something I was eager to leave, even if to reposition. I sat back up, putting my thighs under hers, and just watched the rise of her breasts as her breathing slowly returned. I caressed her front, from her neck to her navel, her thighs, her feet, then teasingly her clit, just to wake her up. “Ahhhh! Oh geez!” She pulled my hand away.

Slipping myself out, I grabbed her waist and lifted her slightly. “Roll over for me, I wanna look at that butt for a while.” She was plenty compliant, but slow to turn over. When she finally flopped back down on her stomach, her knees were on either side of me, and her fantastically tight, round ass was just begging for my attention.

At first I just grabbed hold with both hands, squeezing roughly and shaking her back and forth. “Yum!” was all I could say, leaning my face down to her. I pulled her cheeks apart and placed a delicate kiss right at the top of her crack, then slowly kissed my way down to her sweet little star. The entire area was sticky and musky from the fuck, but I gladly buried my face in it, pressing my tongue into her, making her giggle and tense up.

“What are you doing back there, you pervert. Get that filthy tongue out of my ass.” I knew she didn’t mean it, but I fought back anyway.

“This filthy tongue is staying put until you stop giggling and start liking it.” I flexed my tongue and pressed it in as far as I could get it.

“I never said I didn’t like it,” she said reaching back and pushing my head away. “I just want to torture you a little, so you just sit there and bide your time.” She then ran her hand over her ass, gave it a nice squeeze and a little smack, then pushed her middle finger down into her pussy, brought it out, and slipped it into her ass. “I’m gonna make you watch me finger fuck my butt for you.”

This girl’s kink just never seemed to stop. “Mmm, doesn’t that look good?” she teased, looking at me over her shoulder. “It sure feels nice. So slippery and snug on my finger. Mmm, watch me clench down on it.” She flexed her ass and pressed her finger in even deeper, past the second knuckle, then eased it out and began fucking herself, in and out repeatedly.

My hands went back to massaging her cheeks and thighs, but purposefully stayed clear of her hand. It was just as nice to watch her perform for me while I fondled her as it would have been to do it myself. And I was pretty sure she’d let me join in sooner or later.

“You can finger my pussy if you want, but you stay away from my butt until I say so, got that?”

That was all I need to hear. I reach towards her and put my two middle fingers to her mouth, tacitly asking her to wet them. She opened up and sucked them salaciously, getting them good and moist before I drew them back, then reached down to insert them gradually into her slit. Once I had them in up to their depth, she began to moan again slightly, and reached underneath herself with her other hand to play with her clit. That’s when it started to get interesting.

“Oh, yeah, baby. That feels so good. Oh my god, I love having fingers all up in me like this. Fuck that feels awesome!” She was still laying flat on her stomach, but was grinding her hips in a circular motion, trying to get the most out of each set of fingers working her.

“Put another finger in me now. Gimme three of’em. Ohhhhh, yeahhhhh, just like that. Mmm, hmmmm.” I had my first three fingers in her now, working her tight hole wider with each inward push. I tried to match the rhythm of the finger in her ass, but she kept varying the motion. Whenever our fingertips met inside her I tried to press mine against hers through the thin wall of flesh, but she was a hard one to fetch.

The hand on her clit was working faster now, side to side, while we shared her holes. I had worked my pinkie into the mix, and was seriously pressing her open with my four fingers, working them almost three knuckles deep into her as she moaned encouragingly. She’d also begun to work another of her fingers into her butt, fucking herself with two now, opening her sphincter up. Her hips were off the bed, rising up to meet my thrusts as she continued to flick her clit.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum again. Oh yesssssss.” I was pumping her with my fingers, almost to my hand while she pressed deeply into her open ass. Her legs began to shake and all the muscles of her loins started to spasm as she came. It was a softer orgasm than before, but it seemed more intense. She was again panting in short spurts, flexing and jolting with each wave, and I could feel the walls of her happy vagina compressing onto my fingers. At the same time she was alternately holding the fingers in her ass still, then easing them back and forth to milk her precious orgasm from her rectum. I was completely turned on by the spectacle of her having multiple orgasms on multiple sets of hands, and I had to get back inside her. She just looked so fucking incredible.

“You gonna let me fuck you again now?”

“Oh, God, yes. Put it back in me please. I need to feel you in my pussy again.”

I lifted her up onto her knees as she eased her fingers out. At last, I was going to get to fuck up against her perfect ass, and I rushed right in, slipping easily into the void my hand had created. Trying to catch the last waves of her orgasm, I immediately began to pound her hard and fast, making a wonderful slap, slap, slap sound as my body hit hers. I grabbed on to both cheeks and pressed my thumbs up against her soft anus, and slowly worked them in together.

“Oh shit,” she let out, “you’re gonna make me cum again doing that. Keep fucking me hard!” She was moaning loudly with each breath, rocking back to meet my thrust. “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, fuck! Make me cum, make me cum!!” She was screaming now as tried to keep nailing her as hard as I could while squeezing my thumbs into her ass. She started cumming so fast I wasn’t ready to join her, but she sounded so good I was catching up fast. Then she let out one incredible, long scream and her whole body started shaking again. “I’m cumming, oh shit! I’m cu-. Ahhhhhh!!”

I slowed my rhythm gradually while she came, both to keep myself from cumming and to intensify hers. I began to press in hard and rough, then held my cock in at its full depth momentarily, punctuating her orgasm. At the same time, her sphincter was clenching down on my thumbs, and I slipped them in and out, letting her tight hole flex on the friction, eliciting an unexpected response.

“Put it in there!” she commanded, still panting and moaning. “Stick it in my ass, baby, quick while I’m still cumming!” I immediately withdrew and moved my dick up to her hole, pressing it in with surprising ease. Now it was my turn to moan.

“Ahhh, Jesus.Oh, that feels so fucking good on my cock!” I wasn’t going to last long here at all, even though I was moving extra slow so she could get used to it. I could feel her tightening herself around it, squeezing my shaft like a vice, eager to milk my cum. She was moaning loudly again, long and continuous, her voice lower and more husky.

“Oooooh, yeah, that feels so good filling me up.” She was moving back on to me with my inward thrusts, coaxing me to accelerate, but all I was really doing was rocking slightly with my hips while I just held on, not letting it get too fast. The soft warmth of her ass surrounding my cock and the firm grasp of her anus was an irresistible combination determined to unleash my cum, and I was barely able to resist her effort to finally release it.

“Come on, baby,” she sounded almost frustrated, “fuck me better than that. Fuck my little ass like it deserves.” She was really pushing back now, faster and harder, still groaning hoarsely.

“Shhh, shh, slower!” I wanted this to last, and I was losing. “You’re gonna fuck it right out of me, dammit!”

She looked back over her should at me with a wicked smile and wiggled her hips. “I know, bitch, now fuck my ass hard and give me that hot gizz.” That was all I could take of this nasty little fuck toy. I felt my balls begin to tighten and my cock swell. Her eyes widened as I finally started to slam it into her slippery snug hole. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Fuck me. Fuck my ass!! Oh GOD!”

I exploded with an enormous shot of cum, shouting out and flexing my cock as hard up into her as I could as the rest of it unloaded in long glorious spurts. My entire body was flexing with each jet, convulsing me as I moaned uncontrollably over my little girl’s panting cries. Each time I pulled back it felt like she was ringing the semen from me before I pressed another wad home. Finally I just pushed her down onto the bed and collapsed on her back, still keeping my cock in her butt as she flexed herself around it.

My whole body was aglow, emanating from the firm plug of my cock in her tight, enveloping socket. With her beneath me now I felt how tiny she actually was, making me want to maintain this temporary control I had over her. Her little body breathing heavily up against me felt adorable, as did the softened and exhausted look on her flushed face so close to mine.

“Wow,” she sighed. I think she still wanted to be the same tough girl, but was completely overwhelmed and seemingly at a loss for words. “That was,… man. Holy crap. I’ve never cum like that. Ever.” I just smiled at her, hoping to god it meant we’d be doing this again sometime. “I’d have to say the same thing, Les. You are one amazing little fucker.”

I felt myself softening too much to stay in, so I pushed myself up and let it slip out slowly, followed by a generous trickle of cum. “Eeee!!” she squeaked as it ran down to the bed. I reached down and rubbed my hand over her crotch, smearing the sticky juice all over and up onto her cheeks before giving them a sloppy spank.

Sitting back I let my eyes admire every inch of her limp, sticky, sweat young flesh, wondering whether she’d let me do this ever again. She again read my mind and with some effort propped herself up on her elbows and said, “Don’t forget you’re mind now.”

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