Lesbian Sex Academy Pt. 02

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I walked the small length to my dorm house, still out of breath from my meeting with the principal. A smile was plastered on my face as I walked, preparing for whatever girls were in my dorm room.

I open the door to the house and see five girls, each one wearing small clothing. A blonde girl stands up and looks at me, a smile on her face. She must be the oldest.

“You must be Chelsea!” She says, enthusiastically. She stands up to walk over to me. The girl is tall, about 5’10” by the looks of it. She’s wearing a tight white t-shirt and mini skirt, accompanied by a pair of Converse tennis shoes. “My name’s Jessie. I’m basically the mom of the house. But don’t worry, I’m a cool sexy mom.” She laughs and I can’t help but smile at her. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to the rest of the girls.”

Jessie takes me into the room, sitting me down on a chair facing the other four girls. She points at the first one on the couch. The girl has dark brown hair and blue eyes, a smile on her face. She’s wearing a black sleeveless crop top and jean shorts, heels on her feet.

“That is Elizabeth.” Elizabeth waved. “She’s like my second in command since she came here a year after me.” Jessie pointed to the next one on the couch. This girl had blue hair and her head was buried in her phone. She wore a t-shirt and jeans, wearing black Vans. She almost looked like she didn’t belong. “That Erica. She’s the gamer in our group but damn is she a freak in the sheets.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m that bursa yabancı escort good but I’m pretty damn good.” I laughed a little and she smiled. Jessie introduced the next girl. This girl looked to be a bit of a bitch, but that just makes her that much hotter. She had deep black hair that went down to her shoulders and her eyes were green, a sly smile and lots of makeup on her face. She was wearing an unbuttoned white blouse, revealing her blue bra. Her skirt was up very high and her heels were skinny and silver.

“This is Danica. She’s the richest one here. Her entire family are pornstars, so she’s destined for this.”

“Hi.” She said, her voice seductive. “I look forward to…getting to know you.” She smiled slyly at me. The last girl on the couch was the redhead from the entrance desk. “And you’ve already met Denise.” She waved at me and I waved back. Jessie stood up.

“Now, in our dorm we have special way of welcoming new members.” She looked to the girls and they all stood up. I had a feeling I knew where this was going. “Chelsea, as the newest member in our dorm, you get to engage in a group fuck with all of us.”

I felt myself get wetter as I looked at all the girls in front of me. I get to fuck all these girls while they fuck each other? I nod.

“Hell yes.” I say, smiling. They all smile back and Jessie takes my hand.

“Follow me.”

She leads us all into a large bedroom with 3 beds, each one with thin bursa sınırsız escort blue sheets. The room was slightly dark and had sliding glass doors leading to a pool out back.

“This room is where we sleep and fuck. Now, have a seat while we give you a show. Erica, why don’t you join her?” Erica have a small smile and sat next to me on the end of the bed, her hand on my leg. She looked at me with lust filled eyes.

“Just sit back and relax. We’ll take good care of you.” Her hand traveled up my leg as I looked at her, biting my lip. I watched as the girls along the front of the room began making out, their hands traveling up and down each others bodies. Erica turned my face to hers and began kissing me slowly, her hands on either side of my face. She moved them slowly down to my shirt bottom. She lifted it off over my head, her eyes locked on mine. She kissed me again as I took off her shirt. She then kissed down my neck and chest, adverting my attention to the girls against the wall. Jessie and Danica were shirtless, kissing intensely while Danica rubbed Jessie through her skirt. Elizabeth had Denise backed against a wall and was groping around her tits while sucking on her neck. I adverted my attention back to Erica as I felt her undo my bra, sliding it down my shoulders and chest. She kissed down my neck and chest, her hand on my hips. She stopped at my nipple and began to lick around it, nibbling every once in a while. I moaned out and görükle escort looked over at the girls again, biting my lip.

Jessie was down on her knees licking Danica’s pussy, her head buried between her thighs. Danica’s moans filled my ears as I watched, only making me more aroused. Elizabeth was standing up with Denise against the wall, her hand rubbing against her clit. She began kissing her neck, biting her collarbone.

Erica moved her self back up my body and kissed me, pushing me down on the bed.

“Since it’s only your first day I won’t go too hard on you.” She looked at me and laughed, kissing me slowly. She undid my pants and slid them down along with my panties, licking up the length of my pussy.

“Mmmm fuck!” I moaned out and grabbed her head, pushing it farther into me. I watched as Jessie made her way over, positioning herself behind Erica. She pulled down Erica’s jeans and underwear, slipping them off her feet. She shoved her face in between Erica’s leg, licking quickly. Erica began to moan into my pussy, making my whole insides vibrate. I moaned out louder as it continued, seeing Elizabeth sit next to me. She leaned over and kissed me, spreading her legs as Danica placed her head between them. Denise placed herself in the way as Jessie, making it so we all were in basically the same positions. Our moans filled the room as me and Elizabeth made out, moaning into each others mouths.

“Fuck fuck fuck yes right there.” I pushed Erica closer to me, feeling her fuck me with her tongue. She started rubbing her thumb over my clit, making me moan louder. My hips started to buck as I came all in Erica’s mouth, her lapping up all the juices. The rest of the girls came after me, all of us laying down on the bed.

“Congrats Chelsea. You are now officially part of our dorm.”

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