Lesbian Seduction of Religious Wife

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My name is Matthew and I am a research analyst and live with my wife, Jane, in a small rural town about forty minutes from my office in Atlanta. We both work out about three times each week and keep ourselves looking and feeling in excellent shape. After being married 17 years we still love each other deeply, but our sex life has recently become rather predictable and even somewhat boring at times. For years I have had a secret desire of watching my wife being seduced and dominated by another woman. However, until recently, this was nothing more than just a fantasy I never considered would actually take place. Jane is quite religious and rarely misses her church activities. She is 45 and her measurements are an insatiable 40-27-38. She is five feet eight and has long brown hair that gracefully extends to her waist. Because of her beliefs, Jane wears loose fitting apparel, buttons her blouses up to the neckline, and always wears her skirts below her knees.

My secretary, Mary, is beautifully bisexual, and because of our long standing friendship, we have been able to openly talk about anything, including several of her lusty seductions of straight married women over the years. So, when I told her my fantasy about Jane, she recommended that one of her best friends, Becky, who just happened to be looking for full time employment as a live in maid, would be the right person for the job in more ways than one. I was both startled and turned on when Mary told me that Becky would be teaching my wife to be quite a skilled pussy eater in no time. I arranged to interview her the following week, and Jane got excited about the possibility of finally getting some help with her housework.

I was more than pleased when Becky walked into my office wearing a tight black mini skirt. She is 22 and has incredible figure, especially a full ass and lovely shoulder Eskort Bayan length red hair. Becky is 5’2 with deep green eyes, and when she sat down and crossed her legs, chills went up my spine at the thought of seeing my wife kiss and lick her way up to her pussy. Becky told me that Mary had informed her of my wife’s ridged behavior and that she intended to make some changes in this area as soon as she started work for us. Well, believe it or not, I checked out her references and was able to move Becky into our spare bedroom less than a week later.

Becky and Jane hit it off instantly. She did her work responsibly and Jane devoted the additional time to her church work. One of the things I especially enjoyed seeing develop was the frequent touching that occurred between them. I often noticed them caressing each others arms and shoulders as they passed in the hallways or whenever they were in the kitchen together.

After Becky had been in our home about a month, Jane decided to take a part time job as hostess of her Wednesday evening church social group. Because I had to work late that evening, my car was not available. Jane first called all our friends for a ride without any luck. In a last minute effort, she asked Becky to take her, since she didn’t want to jeopardize her new position by not showing up her first night. Becky responded by saying she would be happy to take her providing she be rewarded with a little kiss. Jane told me later she was initially shocked at such a suggestion, walked out of the room without saying a word, and resorted to making several unsuccessful calls to some of our neighbors.

Feeling quite pressed for time, Jane walked in the den where Becky was dusting and said she had decided to give her what she wanted, providing that she promise to never tell anyone, especially me. Becky then told her that because she had acted so bitchy about the original offer, new terms would have to be made. “I’ve been wanting to get a closer peek at those pretty breasts for a while, hon. for now, take off your blouse and ask me for a kiss”. My conservative religious wife then started to slowly unbutton her top and slipped it off to reveal that she was wearing one of her plain white cotton full figure size bras. “C’mon baby, tell me what I want to hear. Look at me and say it sweet”. After a brief hesitation, Jane finally mustered the words “may I have a kiss”. “You’re going to have to speak louder, and can I have a kiss what?” “Alright, may I have a kiss, please,” Jane replied. Instead of the peck Jane had hoped would be over in a hurry, Becky pressed their mouths together in what turned out to be a deep slow tongue probing kiss. She then gave Jane a sexy wink, and immediately took her to the meeting.

Becky told me everything that happened after she returned, and we later took my car to pick Jane up, not to mention the surprised look on her face when she saw us together. On our way back, Jane acted unsettled and only managed to make some small talk, wondering if Becky had revealed their little secret. At the house, Jane avoided both of us until Becky announced she was going to put an end to this pouting once and for all. With that, she wrestled my wife on to the sofa, pulled up her long pleated skirt and proceeded to give her pretty ass a few whacks. At this time I could not withhold my intentions any longer and told her about my fantasy and the real reason why I hired Becky.

Becky followed suit by telling Jane that from now on there would be some major changes in her appearance and attitude. Her new wardrobe will consist of the shortest skirts and most revealing blouses. “Do you understand?” and Jane’s only response was to look up and nod her head that she did. She then positioned my wife’s mouth about two inches from her pussy and told her that her first lesson was going to be on how to pleasure a cunt. Jane briefly paused and just looked Becky’s pussy over for a moment. Next, I saw my sexy wife extend her lips and begin giving Becky’s clit several tiny kisses and sweeping licks in a circular motion. In a matter of minutes she developed her technique to placing her fully opened mouth squarely over Becky’s pussy and frenching it like she does when we are kissing hot and heavy. I almost had a climax just listening to the variety of slurpy noises my wife’s mouth was making. It did not take long at this pace before Becky had a shattering orgasm.

She then took Jane’s face in her hands saying “Now, I want you to listen very carefully to what I am going to tell you. Jane, you are going to be the hostess of a party here next Saturday evening for a few of my friends to celebrate your new awakening. Some of my girlfriends are really into pretty tits like yours, so you’re going to be braless and let them have free reign over your breasts to do whatever they desire”.

Needless to say at the party my wife’s blouse was off more than it was on, and most of our male and female guests had their hands up her little skirt throughout the evening. At one point, I saw Jane on the sofa in a crazy 69 with Mary, my secretary. Jane’s coming out party was almost a year ago, and since then, Becky has moved in to live with us permanently. We enjoy regular threesomes, and Jane says she is happier than ever with her new look and lifestyle.

Both Jane and I are always looking forward to the new challenges Becky is coming up for her to do. Already my wife has scored with our next door neighbor’s 48 year old housewife and one of the women who sings in her church choir. Jane has become so talented at seducing married women that her current assignment is to seduce the minister’s wife.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32