Lesbian Lawyer, Naughty Student

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Viewpoint: Principal Heather McCallen

Heather followed strict ethical standards for how she interacted with students. She viewed each student as a caterpillar waiting to fulfill educational metamorphoses- a personal motto of hers. She knew how to keep things professional and how to avoid any improprieties.

But when an 18-year old student named Luciana faced an emergency situation during winter break, it put the principal in a tough spot. The student’s mother was a successful business woman who wasn’t allowed to leave Mexico because of tax evasion allegations.

After a lengthy phone call with the mother, Heather agreed to look after the student for a while, even letting the student sleep over at her home. No one knew about the arrangement. Teachers have a habit of leaving as quickly as possible at the start of winter break, opting to grade papers at home. This was most convenient – no one was likely to discover that the principal had a house guest.

For a week it was like living a different life. She’d always gotten along great with the student, who was a real sweetheart and active within the student government. They shared the same quirky sense of humor, the same interest in fashion, and the same enthusiasm for sports.

Despite the fun she was having with her energetic and affable house guest, Heather still had important responsibilities to handle. Sitting on her living room couch with the laptop, she was getting some of her administrative work done. She was updating the budget for the upcoming Spring semester and corresponding with several parents.

“Good news,” Luciana said, phone in hand as she entered the living room. “My mother got everything cleared up and she’ll be here next week.”

It was still an unusual sight having a student in her home, barefoot and in sweatpants and a tshirt. Some things are difficult to get used to. Particularly the growing attraction for her student, which was most certainly taboo.

Heather smiled, “That’s wonderful. You must feel so relieved.”

She moved her laptop aside so that Luciana had her full attention.

“It’s a real weight off my chest,” Luciana replied. “I can finally enjoy my winter break.”

Heather teased, “As if you haven’t already made yourself comfortable in my home.”

“Hey, that is not what I meant! What can I say? You’re an amazing host.”

“An unofficial part of my job, I’ve come to learn.”

“Speaking of jobs,” Luciana replied with a twinkle in her eye. “We’re really thankful that you’ve taken care of me. My mom agreed to pay you for letting me stay here. $10,000. Is that okay?”

Heather laughed. “No, no. That’s not okay. Are you kidding?”

“I’m serious, Principal McCallen. My mom can afford it.”

“Thanks, but it would be unethical for me to accept those sorts of gifts. I know you’re trying to be nice, but it would reflect badly on me.”

Luciana had a mischievous expression. “Come on, we won’t tell anyone.”

Putting an end to things, Principal McCallen switched back to work-mode and wagged her finger at the student. The exaggerated motion was contrived – she never wagged her finger at school! Not even for bad students.

“No, no, no. And that’s final.”

Eventually, they had to giggle at each other. Dressed in casual homewear, makeup-free with her hair down, the last thing Heather could do was give anybody orders, no matter what her job title was.

The student sat beside her at the same distance they used to when they watched crime movies at night. They were close enough to feel each other’s body heat. Only this time, their eyes were locked and the mood felt a little heavier. There was no more burden or stress. Luciana was almost flirtatious.

“Can I see your laptop real quick?” Luciana asked. “I want to show you something online.”

“Sure, alright. Don’t screw up my browsers though.”

Handing over her laptop, the student typed something, then handed it back.

Luciana pointed to the screen. “That’s my family’s lawyer in America. I’ll be staying with her when I leave here.”

The woman on screen was a young Latina attorney with a stern, beautiful face. Sharply dressed, too. The website header was filled with a team of lawyers in a downtown building, which to the average person suggested that this was a strong law firm.

“When will your lawyer arrive?” Heather asked.

“Some time tomorrow, but I’m not totally sure. She has a packed schedule and lots of clients.”

“I’m glad things have worked out for you.”

“Are you going to miss me?” Luciana asked playfully.

“Of course I will.”

The student curled her leg and poked her big toe into the principal’s thigh a few times. Then afterwards, the student rested her leg across the principal’s lap. It was the furthest they’d ever gone in terms of touching each other. Trying to think nothing of it, Heather put her hand on the student’s foot.

“Is that all?” the student asked, trying to pry more compliments.

Heather laughed. “Okay, I’ll miss you a lot. You’re oddly charming izmit escort and, dare I say, you keep me entertained with your thoughtful conversation and hilarious insights.”

“That’s what I expected to hear.”

In a moment of sheer weakness, Heather reached out and rubbed the side of the student’s face, tucking Luciana’s black hair behind her ear, showing more of the student’s pretty face. It was a face filled with innocence and promise with the most feminine features. The student’s eyes twinkled.

This was an unwise move, Heather thought, realizing her mistake and moving her hand away. Get it together, Principal McCallen, she thought to herself, but it was too late, and the student was left blushing and smiling shyly, having enjoyed the touch.

Was this the moment Heather would officially cross the line? She wondered. Inwardly, she was embarrassed that she had touched a student in such a manner. How she wished she could take it back. But what’s done is done. Worse, the student seemed to like it.

Heather’s touch gave the student something that would always be remembered. Little things like this are what tend to shape a young woman’s sexuality. She wondered what impact this would have on a student like Luciana. Or maybe, things were taking their natural course.


School was empty the next day except for a few maintenance people lingering around doing menial tasks. A Covid cleaning team would be arriving tomorrow and it was the principal’s job to make sure the campus was arranged for them.

Principal McCallen also took the opportunity to work quietly in her office, while the student was at home watching Netflix. Aside from corresponding with teachers and managing the school, Heather was also busy working on a business project she was developing. Something she’d hope would be revolutionary in the world of home-schooling.

Footsteps approached her office and she assumed that it was a teacher wanting to speak with her. When the steps came closer, Heather noticed the distinct sound of high heels. No one in the faculty wore heels. Especially not in winter.

A tall, thin woman knocked on the side of the open door. The mocha-skinned beauty with raven black long hair was sharply dressed in a pencil skirt, sheer blouse, and a luxurious coat. She had a slender briefcase in her left hand.

This was a true professional operator for a lady in her mid-30’s.

“Good morning,” the woman said. “My name is Maggie Chavez. I’m the attorney for the Heredia family.”

Heather stood up to greet the woman with a handshake. A part of her was happy that she no longer had the responsibility of caring for Luciana. Another part of her knew she’d miss the student’s company at home.

“Pleasure to meet you. I’m Principal McCallen. You can call me Heather.”

Ms. Chavez remained rigid. “I prefer sticking to formalities. Apologies for showing up announced. I was informed that you’d be here.”

“No worries. I’m just working on a few small things and it’s always good to have a visitor.”

“Great, because I’d like to speak with you for a moment.”

“Sure, have a seat,” the principal said. “Can I get you some coffee or water?”

“My day started with coffee, so I’m fine.”

Heather sat behind her desk. The lawyer put her briefcase down and removed her coat. She was surprised at the beautiful young lawyer’s no-nonsense demeanor and stern expression, barely even cracking a smile since arriving.

“Luciana is still at my house,” the principal said, getting straight to the point. “She’s a true sweetheart. I came to school alone because I have work to do.”

“I know. I’ve already contacted her. May we get to the point?”

The question caught the principal slightly off guard. Luciana’s departure wasn’t the point?

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

The lawyer opened the briefcase and placed a check on the desk.

“My client requested this for you,” Ms. Chavez said. “It’s a $10,000 check for services rendered, particularly to compensate you for Luciana staying at your home. But I’ve been told that you have refused to accept a payment. Is this correct?”

Heather smiled, “Please, I won’t accept money. We’re both professionals, so I’m sure you understand the ethical concerns.”

“Yes, I thought so.”

At this point, it was almost amusing how robotic the lawyer was. Heather wondered if it was purely a show of professionalism, or if the lawyer was this rigid in her daily life too.

“Tell your clients that I deeply appreciate the gesture,” Heather said. “It’s always been my life’s goal to see students perform at their best. I’ve never had a student stay at my home before, but given the circumstances, I’m glad I could help.”

“Duly noted. My clients will be informed of your response. Additionally, I’ve been authorized to increase payment. How does $20,000 sound?”

“You’re unstoppable.”

With a smile on Heather’s face, they went back and forth like people at a restaurant arguing over who’d pay the bill. In the end, she won, and the yahya kaptan escort lawyer put the checkbook back inside the briefcase.

Ms. Chavez adjusted her already perfect posture. “If you won’t accept a financial payment, then perhaps legal services will do? I’ve been instructed by my clients to reward you however possible.”

The persistence was a nice attribute, Heather thought. Loyalty and gratitude are rare features these days.

“I don’t need legal services,” Heather replied. “After all, the school district has plenty of lawyers.”

“Luciana informed me that you’re working on a project of sorts. But she was vague on details. Perhaps I can be of assistance?”

Her first instinct was to decline, of course. The only gifts a head administrator are allowed to accept were things of nominal value. But a legal service was something different. It fell into its own genre, she justified to herself. Besides, it was clear that this lawyer was relentless and on a mission to serve her clients.

The principal gave a slight shrug. “For interest’s sake, what do you know about protecting intellectual property.”

“In regards to what?”

“Starting a business. A few teachers and I are planning to start our own online business for educational online protocols. Something that would provide more structure to existing online remote-learning methods.”

“I’ve worked in corporate law for years,” Ms. Chavez replied in a heartbeat. “I have extensive experience with contract drafting and protecting intellectual property. I’d love to help you.”

The confidence in the lawyer’s voice was reassuring. Ms. Chavez was entering her life at the right time, just as Heather was getting ready to lift this concept off the ground.

“You’ve caught me a little off guard. I wasn’t expecting to speak with a lawyer so soon.”

Ms. Chavez was undeterred. “I know what to do. Have you ever had a personal lawyer before?”

“No, but I know how the process works.”

“Good, shall we get started?”

What was supposed to be a conversation about the student turned into a legal meeting regarding an online education protocol. The principal shared her thoughts, plans and ideas, and the lawyer was noting everything on a Doc on her now open laptop.

An hour had flown by the time they finished.

“Mind if I show you a contract template I’ve made?” Ms. Chavez asked.

“Sure, that would be great.”

Principal McCallen remained seated while the lawyer took the laptop and made her way around the desk. Ms. Chavez placed the laptop in front of the principal and stood close by.

“This is fairly close to what you’d need,” Ms. Chavez said. “Notice the legal language I’ve used. It’s important for intellectual property. Now let me show you something else.”

As the lawyer explained the contents displayed on the laptop, Heather was accidentally treated to different sight. The shape of the lawyer’s backside, which was visible even through the blouse and pencil skirt, was toned from top to bottom. And the lawyer’s butt? It seemed like Ms. Chavez was purposely flaunting what she had, even giving her round butt a wiggle while talking.

Being a true professional was something Heather prided herself on. After all, you don’t become the head administrator of a prestigious school unless you have something to back it up with. Part of that meant keeping her priorities straight and her attention away from unnecessary distractions.

But the reality was that Ms. Chavez had an ass that belonged in a fitness magazine, rather than a law firm or courtroom. The pencil skirt seemed to purposely have been purchased a size too small. And in that current bent over position, the principal could not see any panty lines.

Could it be? Heather wondered. Would a woman like Ms. Chavez dare show up to a meeting without panties underneath that skirt?

“Do these legal terms make sense at all?” Ms. Chavez asked, turning her attention to the principal.

Principal McCallen internally chided herself for missing important details. This never happens. So this is how students feel when they get chastised for having wandering minds.

“It makes sense,” Heather fibbed.

“I have a number of legal friends who are specialists in this area of law. They’re the best at what they do. I’d be happy to make an introduction if you’re interested.”

“That sounds amazing. Are their services expensive?”

Ms. Chavez nodded. “They charge top dollar because they’re the best. However, I can get them to provide legal services for free.”

“Really? How does that work? Will the Heredia family be paying for it?”

“I have a mutual relationship with my lawyer friends. The legal profession is tight-knit. I do favors for them. They do favors for me. How does that sound?”

It sounded wonderful, but Heather wondered when the catch would come. Was this all from the generosity of the Heredia family? Nevertheless, the prospect of having the services of top lawyers for this business venture was gebze escort difficult to pass up.

“That sounds like a plan,” Heather cautiously agreed. “What happens next?”

She watched the lawyer reach into her briefcase to grab a generously-sized dildo. By her estimation, Heather figured it was a decent 6 inches in length. But the question remained, why the hell was a lawyer carrying it in her briefcase, and why did she decide to pull it out now?!

“What’s that for?” Heather asked nonchalantly, trying to laugh it off.

Surely this was a joke or something? To make a point? Perhaps it was something the lawyer was carrying for an unrelated legal case? An exhibit for the courtroom maybe?

Ms. Chavez held it up. “Ever have someone use this on you?”

“What do you mean?”

“This is part of a strap-on. Has a woman ever worn a strap-on to have sex with you?”

The question nearly made Heather choke. Sure, teachers occasionally told dirty jokes in the privacy of the lounge or administrative area. Most people don’t realize that faculty members could be as foul-mouthed as anyone else. But to hear this from a lawyer she just met?

“Is there a reason you’re asking me?” Heather inquired without batting an eye.

“I’d love to help with your business venture and provide you with the best legal services possible, but there has to be some consideration between us. Something that binds us. Since there’s no fee, we’ll need another form of connection.”

Heather could hardly believe her eyes as she watched the beautiful lawyer smacking the dildo into her hand with a stern expression on her face. The slapping of the dildo reverberated in the small office.

“Tell me this is a joke,” Heather said, perplexed.

“I’ve seen your wandering eyes explore my body. We both know that I’m not wearing any panties.”

“You’re literally pantyless?”

Ms. Chavez lifted the hem of her pencil skirt. “See for yourself.”

The lawyer proved herself in the office and Principal McCallen was speechless. The only time she had ever seen another woman’s vagina this up close was when she used to be a regular gym goer. Ms. Chavez’s looked freshly shaven, as if specifically prepared for this encounter. It smelled nice, too. Could she have applied rose-scented lotion to it?

“Oh my god,” Heather gasped quietly. She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

“Save your excitement. This is only the beginning.”

With the pencil skirt still hiked up, Ms. Chavez reached into the briefcase again, and this time pulled out the strap that goes with that impressive dildo. It looked so menacing, so erotic. The lawyer was able to put everything together like an assassin preparing a weapon.

Heather should have stopped this madness, but she was mesmerized as she watched the lawyer slipping on the strap-on and fastening it in place. The lawyer now looked like someone out of a high-end porn movie: smart, sophisticated, beautiful, with a tool meant for fucking.

“Please take that off,” Heather gulped.

“Don’t you like sex?”

Heather stood so she could look the lawyer in the eyes. “That’s not the issue.”

“We can be honest with each other. I have information regarding what you enjoy sexually. You’re interested in other women, correct?”

The question was so direct it made Heather gasp. Especially because of how stone-faced the lawyer remained.

“Excuse me? Where did you hear that?”

Ms. Chavez raised an eyebrow. “Are you denying it?”

“I don’t think it’s any of your business.”

“Well, it is now. I’ll need you to remove everything from the waist down. Shoes, stockings, pants, panties. Everything off. Then we can proceed.”

The lawyer put her hands on her hips, expecting a prompt answer. Heather had never felt so blindsided in her life. In her office was a half-naked lawyer wearing a strap-on and expecting that they have sex.

Silence filled the room. Could they really get away with this? Could they really do it in her office? Heather paused for a moment, frozen, consumed with self-doubt and desire.

Perspective: Luciana Heredia

When she turned 18 several months ago, she was old enough to be a full-fledged client of the lawyer. Sometimes that’s a bad thing — even with the right intentions — because there are some lawyers who will serve client’s wishes at all costs.

Having nowhere to go after her mother’s legal troubles in Mexico, she was beyond thankful to be able to stay with the school principal for whom she had a lot of admiration. Luciana would lay in bed in the guest room late at night and masturbate thinking about Principal McCallen.

She’d fantasized about women before. Never her own age. Women her own age never interested her. Luciana preferred mature women, with integrity, class and who had achieved a certain status in life. Staying in the principal’s home made her masturbate more than she ever thought possible. Best of all, the principal was clueless about these desires.

And in her heart of hearts, she firmly believed that Principal McCallen had the same sorts of desires. It was a gut instinct that grew stronger since they had become much closer over the break. Luciana preferred to dress skimpily at night and often noticed the principal’s lingering looks in her direction.

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