Lesbian Blackmailer Ch. 2

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Big Dicks

Chapter 2: Surfacing Passions

Two months later….

Gina was pissed, and smashed the phone down so violently that it resulted in a small crack, before she launched to her feet with the speed of a striking cobra and racing down the corridor for Cristin’s room. Anger and adrenalin pumped through her body in hand with her blood. Tension filled her forehead, and anyone who stood between her and her target would most definitely be destroyed.

Scott had not been kind in the way he had broken up with her moments earlier, and now Gina was going for Cristin, intent on making her pay for leaking the infamous tape to Scott and ruining what had been a wonderful and almost perfect relationship.

Gina couldn’t believe that after all she had done Cristin had still given Scott the tape, and now, no matter what excuse she may have, Cristin was going down. Gina was not a violent woman, on the contrary, conflict was something she went out of her way to avoid, but what Cristin had now done was unforgivable, and she had to be taught a lesson through pain. Hopefully Cristin would learn not to fuck with people’s lives ever again.

Linda was not there to stop her, and Cristin resided in her room, unaware of the approaching danger. Gina threw the door to Cristin’s room open with tremendous force, the door stopper the only thing preventing the wall from suffering damage, and instantly Cristin shot up to attention in her bed where she had been taking a nap.

“What’s wrong?” Cristin had just enough time to say before Gina yanked her out of bed by the shirt, and for the first time in her life, hit another person, sending Cristin falling back to her bed with a river of blood streaming from her nose.

Cristin screamed, the screams soon turning to cries as she was hit again, this time the blow striking her jaw. With a second violent blow dealt and the sight of Cristin cowering in fear on her bed, tears filling her eyes, Gina took a deep breath and slowly backed off, suddenly ashamed at what she had done, but convincing herself that the woman before her had deserved every bit of pain she had caused her.

“Fucking bitch!” Gina said spitting on her, “I slept with you just like you asked and still you gave Scott the tape! What the hell did you hope to accomplish? Are you trying to ruin my life you fucking whore?”

Cristin struggled to see through the tears in her eyes, but still she looked up at Gina – the woman she had fallen in love with – with sorrow filled eyes, the eyes of someone who had just been punished viciously for a crime she had not committed, “What are you talking about” she managed with much difficulty, “I never gave Scott your stupid tape! Are you out of your mind! I think you broke my nose!”

“Then how did he get it, huh?” Gina screamed, now crying as well, “The fucking tooth fairy gave it to him? Video goblins? Tell me how he got it then!”

Cristin held her nose as blood escaped through her fingers, the once strong and independent woman reduced to a quivering mass of fear. Still, she forced herself to her feet. Gina was ready to defend herself against a retaliatory attack, however the anticipated counterstrike never came, instead Cristin moved over to her computer and with two clicks of the mouse bought up an amateur porn site.

“A friend of mine sent me this link,” she reported, still shaking, “She thought she recognized you in one of the new videos. I checked it out and found it was you in the video I had found that day, I don’t know how the site got it, but it wasn’t from me”

Gina hesitantly moved over to the computer and examined the new additions column on the far right hand side of the screen. Sure enough she found a small picture of her with her ex-boyfriends cock stuffed in her pussy, and a small explanation that accurately described the events from her video. Instantly Gina felt the guilt of what she had done to Cristin wash over her, and at the same time the terror of having a video of her having sex posted on the Internet for all to see.

Cristin stormed out of the room without another word, and at the current time Gina didn’t have the guts to stop her. She felt weak and utterly disgusted at herself for lashing out at Cristin without proof that she had done her wrong, and she couldn’t stop the sick feeling that now washed over her.

It took her some time to compose herself enough to leave the room, at which time she quickly retreated to her own room and threw herself onto her bed, bursting into tears on impact. Gina pressed her face into her pillow, muffling her sounds of emotional pain, and allowing it to mop her tears as soon as they exited her tear glands.

Gina didn’t know where Cristin was now, and hoped she wasn’t as physically hurt as she had looked when she last saw her. The fact that she had just violently lashed out at another human being, even with provocation, was against everything she thought she stood for, and thought she believed in. She had now become a monster, a vicious and beşiktaş escort dangerous creature. Well that was the way she saw it anyway. To let herself stoop to physical violence was something she would not allow herself to do unless it was in a self-defense situation, and those situations were few and far between.

And so she lay there, crying, her pillow hindering her breathing somewhat, her thoughts dwelling on Cristin and what she had just done. There was little debating that she would have to make it up to her somehow, however Gina couldn’t think of anything that would make up for her vicious attack on the woman who had actually kept her promise and done no wrong.

The seconds passed and grew into minutes, the minutes passed and before she knew it the light of the day was fading and darkness crept in. When Gina finally forced herself out of bed, almost an hour and a half later, she could hear no signs of life in the house.

On arriving in the kitchen she found it deserted, although a note posted on the fridge with the help of a magnet instantly caught her attention. On closer inspection she found that it was not from Cristin as would be expected, it was from Linda, informing her and Cristin that she would not be home this night, again. Gina wondered why Linda even bothered to come home at all, she was never stayed anyway, and Gina had learnt long ago not to count on her returning at night.

It was approaching dinnertime, a fact that Gina’s stomach had alerted her of, so she thought she had better think about dinner. It then occurred to her that she should cook for both her and Cristin tonight, and make it something out of the ordinary as a first step in the apology process.

With this in mind, Gina raided her shelf of cookbooks for a recipe that would be appropriate for the night, and once her quest had turned up what she was looking for she immediately set about making dinner for the two of them.

An hour later Cristin awoke from her the sleep that she had cried herself into, her pillow now wet with tears and a little residual blood. She could hear motion in the kitchen, and thinking that Linda must be home she went to investigate, not wanting to face Gina just yet, but feeling a little more comfortable about facing Linda. Well as comfortable as she could be under the circumstances.

Cristin opened her door and was instantly hit with the fragrant smell of home cooking, and if her nose was to be trusted, then it was very good cooking at that. All three of the girls did cook on occasions, when they were all together for dinner or it was a special occasion, but the difference was that tonight it smelt more heavenly than ever.

This new and amazing smell beckoned her into the kitchen, and she was powerless to stop herself from seeking out the source of the scent. It must have been Linda’s cooking, as Gina was not half the cook Linda was, though her hypothesis was shot down in flames as she entered the dinning room area to find Gina slaving over the hot stove.

Instantly she froze, and instantly Gina noticed her arrival. There was an awkward silence for an excruciatingly long time, before Gina finally found the will to speak, “I wanted to apologize for what happened, so for starters I made us dinner”

“I see” Cristin said unsure of what to say next.

Again it was Gina who destroyed the unwanted silence, “I am so sorry, I should have trusted you, and I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I hope in time you forgive me, I know you must hate me right now, and that’s alright, its your right to hate me for what I have done”

“I don’t hate you” Cristin felt she had to put in when she got the chance, “I…” there was hesitation in her voice now, “I could never hate you”

Although Gina knew that it was Cristin’s love for her that was talking now, she still felt like a terrible weight had been lifted off her shoulders when she heard those words come out of Cristin’s mouth and into the air of discomfort between them.

Gina smiled, and to her surprise Cristin returned that smile, and with that Gina ushered Cristin to her place at the neatly set and almost formal looking table. Gina then proceeded to dish out their meal, a meal that looked as good as it smelt.

To be completely honest Cristin didn’t quite know what it was that had been placed in front of her, but nevertheless it smelt amazing, and on the first bite – which she politely waited until Gina was seated before taking – she found that the consumables Gina had prepared were every bit as good as they smelt and looked.

They sat in relative silence and consumed their meals, the only audio communication between them being Cristin’s complements to the chief followed by Gina’s modest responses, and after the main course Gina managed to whip together some desert. Basic ice cream with toppings was nothing special, however Cristin appreciated Gina’s efforts, and knew that there was no way she could ever şişli escort stay mad at Gina for anything.

Once there dinner was completed, Gina started clearing the table, first moving over to Cristin to clear her plate. She reached for Cristin’s bowl, but was stopped as the woman’s hand grabbed hers. Instantly their eyes met as Gina once again felt Cristin’s touch, and for a moment Gina felt something that she never though would be possible.

Cristin now placed a second hand on Gina’s, holding her tiny hand in both of hers, “Thanks for going to all of this effort,” she smiled, “You really didn’t have to you know”

Cristin stood, and Gina found herself face to face with the woman. Her noise looked a little bruised and just the tinniest bit swollen, but otherwise ok, and it definitely wasn’t broken. Gina felt her heart skip a beat as she realized that Cristin wasn’t going to let go of her hand just yet, and felt her palms begin to sweat as she waited to see what would transpire.

What did transpire was something she had never imagined would ever happen. Then, as they stared into each others eyes, their lips not saying a word yet so much being said between them, Gina, Gina herself, pulled Cristin closer to her and in one, swift move, planted her lips onto Cristin’s.

Cristin seemed a little surprised by this, but only a little, and it certainly didn’t take her long to respond, releasing Gina’s hand and wrapping her arms tight around her. Gina’s around slid around Cristin’s waist, and with her tongue now finding Cristin’s, willingly this time, Gina started to move in very small and gentile movements, guiding the other towards the couch.

It took Cristin a minute to realize what Gina was doing, and when she did she instantly removed herself from Gina’s grip, took her hands and together they moved to the couch with great haste. A moment later Gina felt her thighs hit the side of the couch, and she fell backwards, pulling Cristin onto her in the process and wrapping her legs around the woman.

Gina didn’t know what was coming over her, but the look in Cristin’s eyes a moment before had said that she had wanted her, and that had spawned Gina’s sudden intense desire for the woman. These feelings had laid dormant within her subconscious for her entire life, and it was strange how only now they surfaced, especially considering that Gina had already felt Cristin’s touch before.

Cristin’s kisses became more passionate as she felt Gina’s legs wrap around her, and the next thing she knew Gina was ripping at Cristin’s blouse, which soon was removed, leaving Cristin topless, her bra having been removed before her sleep.

It was a shock to Cristin to see Gina getting this intense, this desperate for her, though she was not about to complain, no matter how confused she was. She loved Gina, so any advancement on Gina’s part had to be a good thing. The thought did cross her mind that Gina might be doing this a way to apologize, and that bothered her, though she was soon distracted as she felt Gina’s hands slide down the back of her shorts.

Gina’s lips parted from Cristin’s, and she dove down to attack Cristin’s nipples with her teeth and tongue, leaving the confused woman breathless as she tried desperately trying to divorce Gina’s t-shirt from her body.

With help, Gina’s shirt was soon removed, and Gina started using her hands and feet to pull Cristin’s shorts and panties down as fast as she was able, sliding them with a little difficulty down her legs before finally kicking them across the room.

Their lips met again, and Cristin suddenly notices she was shaking as she fought with the hook of Gina’s bra, which was being quite stubborn. Her shaking hands undid the others bra with a final forceful tug, and Gina wasted not time untangling the item from herself and leaving it on the floor beside them.

Their breathing was heavy and their bodies on fire, Cristin now fully undressed and trying to fight Gina’s kisses and caresses for long enough to complete undressing the woman, whose hands and feet and legs and arms were all over her like a sexual predator on heat.

“I want you!” Gina growled, letting her feelings and desires take over, “I don’t know why, I don’t know what I’m doing or how to do it, but I want you!”

Cristin felt a tear develop in her left eye. This had been what she had waited to hear for so long, and what she had never though she would ever hear from Gina. Her and Gina had grown closer in the last few weeks, and had started talking more and even hanging out a little, however Cristin had never once thought that any of this would result in what she had just heard her love say.

Cristin now forced herself away from Gina just long enough to undress her lover completely, and took a second to admire Gina’s body for a second time before she fell back onto her, Gina clutching the woman with her arms and legs as this happened, not intending on letting her go bahçeşehir escort bayan again.

They wrestled and kissed and licked and touched, the two smooth bodies all over one another in a mutual act of lust and love. This time there would be no forcing either of them – each was willing to give herself to the other freely and unconditionally.

Cristin started to bite on Gina’s shoulders a little, nibbles of passion more than actually nights, her lips also being utilized as she moved further up to the woman’s neck, where she now sucked with untamed passion.

Gina started to moan and wriggle around under her even more than before, and the next thing they knew they had collapsed off the couch and were now rolling around on the floor.

Gina had to admit – she didn’t know what to do next. Their first encounter had basically been doing just what Cristin had told her to do, and now that she was of free will and completely independent in her actions she wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed with their lovemaking.

She could feel the blood being bought to the surface on her neck, and she could hear her own moans of pleasure as she struggled for a way to tell Cristin that she wasn’t sure how this was meant to go.

“Cristin” she gasped feeling the other woman’s body suddenly press tight into her, as if she was a man trying to berry his penis in her, “I… I… oh god”

Cristin kept sucking, her hands now working wonders with Gina’s breasts.

“Cristin” Gina repeated with heavy breathing, hoping this time she could get it out, “I’m scared. I’m not sure I know what to do”

Hearing this, Cristin move up to Gina and stared into her loving eyes, pressing a single finger against Gina’s lips to silence them, “Shhhhh” she said calmly, “Just follow my lead. It will come naturally, trust me”

“I trust you” Gina whispered, her heart pounding inside of her chest.

Cristin then took control of the situation, removing herself from Gina for the moment and turning around, acquiring a new position on top of her with her head between Gina’s legs and Gina’s head between hers.

Gina was nervous, she was afraid of disappointing Cristin with her lack of experience, though those thoughts went out the window a moment later when Gina felt Cristin’s lips on her cunt. It sent an electric shock through her body, and instinctively she took hold of her lover and berried her face into Cristin’s womanhood.

It was only seconds before they were well into each other, and the room was filled with the sounds of the two moaning women as their tongues explored each other’s pubic region. Gina squirmed around under Cristin, the sensation so intense it was driving her wild.

They licked and kissed and touched, Gina experiencing this position for the very first time, her knees bent and her back arching to push her groin against Cristin’s mouth as much as she could. Gina licked up and down Cristin’s thighs before her tongue slid back into Cristin’s body, driving Cristin wild which in turn resulted in her actions between Gina’s legs becoming more ferocious.

Gina approached orgasm quickly, and tried to hold out as she increased her oral movements, wanting to get Cristin off as well, who could last longer than Gina could. Despite her best efforts Gina couldn’t hold out, and came a few moments after, her cries of pleasure filling the entire house.

Her orgasm only strengthened her will to please Cristin, and with the use of her fingers and her tongue she bought her lover to a powerful orgasm in the minutes that followed, leaving her hands and face covered with Cristin’s fluids of love.

Cristin got off Gina and turned back around, sliding up her body slowly before resting her head of the others shoulder and snuggling into her, both out of breath, both in the warm tingle of post-orgasmic pleasure.

Gina warped her arms around her lover and stroked her hair, running her fingers through it while her right foot ran up and down her smooth shaven leg. She could feel the warmth of Cristin’s breath, the beat of her heart. She could smell her scent and feel her energy.

Gina couldn’t remember a time when she had felt this close to someone, when the post-sex bonding had meant more to her, or had seemed to bring her closer to someone. She found it a little surprising that she in no way regretted what had just happened, and didn’t feel guilty in the least, in fact she couldn’t be happier, and that wasn’t something she was used to, there was always something not right with her life, but at the moment she couldn’t think of a thing.

Cristin lay there in her arms, not saying a word, but also not returning her affection. Gina didn’t know how to take this, it didn’t seem like her, but then again Gina didn’t really know what Cristin was like in these situations usually, she had only been with the woman one other time.

It was a few minutes after when Cristin suddenly pulled away from Gina and propped herself up on her elbows, staring at Gina with a serious expression painted across her pretty face. This expression scared Gina, and for a moment she wondered if she had done something wrong.

“Gina” Cristin began with a hint of hesitation in her voice, “Did you do that because… because you were trying to earn my forgiveness or before you really wanted to?”

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