Leo and Nature

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Face Riding

It was the first really nice day of spring and Leo was hiking in the Metroparks. This was his annual salute to spring. He liked to hike to a secluded spot on a ridge above the river. He would sunbathe for a while and just before he left his favorite perch he would jack off. Leo liked being naked. He liked being naked in the woods. And he liked to stroke his cock, especially in the great outdoors. There was a special excitement about being on display for the whole world to see. Of course he never had a real audience just his imagination to spur him on. Leo was a closet exhibitionist. He would be mortified if any of his friends knew about his secret desires.

It was just after noon. The air is too cool in early April in the morning for sunbathing but early afternoon is just right. Leo liked the smell of the park in the spring; he loved the freshness, the sounds of the birds. The trees were budding and he could observe the parking lot below as well as the path that led to the grassy area on the ridge. Leo was not a blatant pervert, he thought, just a sun worshipper that wanted to sow his seed in honor of spring.

As he hiked he noticed the daffodils blooming in clumps along the path and wondered how they made it this far up the hillside. Here and there forsythia blazed in all its glory. Early spring was beautiful in the park and it made him wonder why more people didn’t take advantage of it. “Just as well,” he muttered to himself, “I wouldn’t have a chance to offer my personal salute if this place were well used.”

Leo had been preparing for a week. First; he abstained from any self-gratification for seven full days. Second; he carefully removed any stray hairs that detracted from his overall look. He didn’t shave his private parts but they must be neatly trimmed. It was just Leo and Nature but Leo wanted to show Nature the respect it deserved. Lastly, this morning, Leo showered. Not the usual quick in and out but a really thorough cleaning that included literally scrubbing himself with a soft brush so that he would be squeaky clean.

Leo was bringing his lunch too. Over the years he had developed a taste for wine and cheese. On his date with Nature he brought his favorites along with a fresh apple from Chile. “It may be spring here but its fall there,” he thought thankfully. His only regret was his lack of female companionship. Leo was always tongue-tied around women and found it hard to develop even a casual friendship. He dreamed of finding the right woman, confessing his love affair with Nature and having her enthusiastically join him. It was just a dream but he could dream.

When Leo reached his favorite spot he put down his lunch and took off his shirt. He walked Escort Sefaköy a few yards further up to survey the area. Satisfied that no one was is sight and seeing no more cars in the lot Leo returned to his favorite patch of grass. His small knapsack contained his lunch and a bath towel which he spread out on the grass. His folded shirt became a nest for the crackers and cheese. He brought out the wine and a cheap disposable plastic wine glass. Actually, they sold them in pairs and he thought how handy that would be if only a pretty woman would magically appear. None ever had before but there is always a first time he mused. Leo stood and looked around for something to balance his wine glass on. He looked down the slope and saw nothing alarming, walked around his natural boudoir until he found a small flat rock that would fit the bill. He surveyed the landscape one more time and returned to his towel.

Leo opened his wine and poured his first glass. “Here’s to spring,” he toasted. “Bottoms up,” he thought as he drank down his first glass. After refilling his glass he got out his snacks and started to eat. Between bites he removed his shoes and socks. “This is how it might be if I ever brought a lady up here. I’d start by getting partially undressed and then gently caress her arm. If she responded I’d hold her and lightly kiss her neck. If she didn’t resist I’d stroke her shoulders and back…”

“Here’s to courage,” Leo toasted again. “If only I had some.” Leo stood and checked the parking lot and satisfied that he would be undisturbed he removed his jogging shorts. Leos cock was only partially erect. He cupped his balls and squeezed. He took his cock in his other hand and very slowly stroked it. Leo loved the freedom; he loved the sun warming his skin and the breeze gently rustling in the nearly naked trees. Leo felt a part of nature.

After a few moments Leo turned and laid himself on the towel. He would tease himself. He would get some sun on his back and ass first and then it would be time for the main event. The sun felt great; warming his body. He closed his eyes. The peace and quiet was glorious but he knew he could not afford to fall asleep. He turned. His half stiff cock was resting on his thigh. Slowly he began brushing his fingers across his stomach and chest. He lightly scratched his leg being careful not to touch himself too soon. He wanted his erection to grow without any direct contact.

At the top of the hill Anne watched. She had been watching since Leo opened his wine. She saw him drink his toast but couldn’t hear him. She didn’t know about his wish for courage or his desire to meet an understanding woman. She watched silently Yenibosna escort bayan as he performed his ritual and she wanted to join him. But Anne hid and watched; she was afraid he wouldn’t find her attractive. She was full figured and aware of every ounce of weight. She wished for an earlier time in history when sturdy women were the fashion. It kept her from finding friends let alone lovers. Leo fascinated her. As he slowly stroked his chest she caressed her breasts. When he began rubbing his thigh she mirrored his actions. Her excitement mounted as she watched his erection grow. Her desire overcame her shyness.

Anne decided to seize the moment. She picked a long blade of grass and slowly approached the naked man on the towel. His eyes were closed and she could see him slowly stroking his cock. He never heard her or felt her presence until she was inches from his side. She used the blade of grass to tickle his nose. He swiped as if to shoo a fly. She tickled him again; this time on a nipple. He started to sit up and as he did he opened his eyes. He saw Anne; her round face and flowing blond hair. She was smiling; her eyes sparkled. Her lips were full and red and inviting. When Leo realized she was real he turned and tried to cover himself.

Anne softly touched his arm trying to reassure him and pleaded, “Please don’t. Don’t stop because of me. I think you’re beautiful and I want to join you if you’ll let me. Leo grabbed his shirt to cover his cock and balls.

“How long have you been here?” he asked.

“Since you poured your first glass of wine.” She answered. “If you still have some I’d like a glass.”

Leo couldn’t look at her. He wanted to run but he was afraid to stand up.

Anne reached over and lightly stroked his back, “are you going to share your wine?” she asked again.

Her fingers felt warm but sent chills down his back. He was afraid to look but he thought his cock was coming back to life.

Leo retrieved the extra glass and poured the wine. Anne lightly scratched his back. This isn’t how it’s supposed to go he thought but “what the hey!”

Anne was getting the courage that Leo asked for. “Why don’t you lie back and continue with what you started; only I want to help.”

Leo objected, “I don’t think…

“Don’t talk.” Anne commanded. “Just lie back and let me help you.

Leo saw the gentleness in her face and heard the sweetness in her voice and could not believe he wasn’t dreaming. He gave in and settled back but he left his shirt covering his lap.

Anne began to stroke his chest and stomach. She drew circles around his nipples like she did to her own and they grew hard Halkalı escort as rocks. She moved to his legs and lightly brushed his inner thighs. Leo allowed his legs to fall apart but Anne never touched anything that was covered.

Leo arched his back as if to invite his anonymous mistress to play with his cock. He didn’t know her name but he was willing to let her play with his body. She continued to tease him. “Are you ready?” she whispered.

“Yes” he pleaded.

“What are you ready for?” she teased.

“You know!” he stammered.

“No, I don’t. You’ll have to tell me.” Her mouth was so close to his ear he could feel her moist breath tickling his ear as she pinched his nipples and caressed his chest.

“Rub my cock.” He pleaded.

“I can’t touch what I can’t see.” She taunted. “Show me what you need rubbed.” Anne was beginning to enjoy her power over this naked stranger.

Leo pulled the shirt from his lap; exposing his rigid member. “That looks uncomfortable.” Anne observed feigning concern. “What can I do to help?”

“Rub it.” Leo blurted.

“I’ve never done that.” Anne confessed, “Show me how you like to do it.”

Leo was desperate; he took his cock in his fist and started to pump. “You squeeze and pump at the same time.” He instructed; then he took her hand and placed it on his cock. He guided her for a few strokes and then closed his eyes; letting her take over.

Anne knew she was doing it right because his breathing was quickening. His hips were twitching as if to hump her hand. She got to her knees beside him and changed hands; using her free hand to rub his balls. Leo groaned and pleaded, “Don’t stop.”

Anne wouldn’t think of it. She was having too much fun and she really wanted to watch him shoot. She saw a porno once at a sex toy party but this was different, this was real! She squeezed his balls and pulled on them. Leo groaned again, “faster,” he begged. She didn’t obey him. She wanted to make him wait; to build an unforgettable climax. If they never saw each other again he would never forget this moment and neither would she. She felt his cock grow even harder and begin to pulse. His first shot hit him in the chin, the second landed between his rock hard tits and the rest began to dribble out and pool on his stomach.

Leo opened his eyes. Anne was still holding his wilting cock. “I can’t believe you did that,” he said.

“I can’t believe I did either.” She admitted as she leaned down and slowly kissed the tip of his cock. Anne straightened up and asked, “So, do you still have any wine?”

Leo poured the wine and handed a glass to Anne. Anne wiped the cum from Leos chin, chest, and stomach. They sipped their wine in silence; a naked man and a fully dressed woman. Complete strangers yet deeply attracted.

Anne broke the silence. “Why don’t you get dressed? We can go to my place and I’ll get naked so you can do me. Then we can introduce ourselves and get acquainted.” Leo smiled and reached for his shorts.

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