Lena Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The Novice Lesbian

Clinching to the pillow on her bed, Lena lies naked on her front as Chad plows his hard cock in her ass. Lena’s pussy gets moist as the mix of pleasure and pain from the anal penetration excites her. She pushes her hand under her stomach to search for her wet cunt. Upon finding it, she pushes two fingers pass the folds of her labia and starts a new search for her g-spot. Lena’s probing fingers finds the g-spot sooner than anticipated, giving her a surprising surge of pleasure. She flicks her g-spot as fast as her fingers can, hoping to orgasm at the same time as Chad.

“I love fucking your ass, baby.” Exclaims Chad. “That’s the first thing I notice about you. Your fucken great ass.”

Lena says nothing to reply as she keeps her focus inward to gratifying her g-spot and growing ecstasy she is rewarded with.

“I wanted to drill your ass right then. Right in the middle algebra class for everyone to see.” Chad says.

Chad’s words fuels Lena’s imagination.

“Oh, god, Chad!” Lena says. “I wanted you to fuck me then as well.”

“Yeah? No kidding?”

“Fuck, yeah. I wanted to rip off all my clothes and go on all fours on Mr. Tobin’s desk. I’d show my butt to the whole class and beg you, just you, to fuck my beautiful ass as hard as you can.”

“Just me?”

“Yeah, I wanted you claim me by fucking me, then everyone in school would know I’m your girlfriend, your lover, your sex slave.”

Lena suddenly feels Chad’s stride get faster and harder as his now-rock hard cock fucks her ass harder and deeper than before. On pure sexual instinct, Lena’s caressing fingers press further against her g-spot. With both on the verge of an orgasm, Chad growls loudly while Lena moans loud but softly. Lena feels the familiar sensations an anal orgasm coming as she feels the discharge of hot spunk in her ass. In less than a second after, her pussy explodes with absolute sexual delight.

Chad rolls off Lena’s back as the two teen lovers recover. Lena pulls her hand from between her thighs as she rolls off her stomach and sits up on her bed. She looks at Chad lying next to her, catching his breath with the look of satisfaction on his face. Lena is pleased how she fulfills her boyfriend sexually, showing him how much she loves him.

“Tell me again.” Chad says.

“What?” Lena inquires unsure of Chad’s request.

“Tell me again about you begging me to fuck you at school.” Chad clarifies.

“Okay.” With a naughty smile, Lena lays herself down next to Chad. “When I first saw you in algebra class, I felt my nipples getting hard and my snatch was getting wet. For the entire period, I kept my legs together and my blazer on so no one would notice. Then I had that fantasy, I wanted to leap off from my desk and tear off my clothes with everyone watching me. I throw my panties at you as I walk to Mr. Tobin’s desk. I lean against the desk for everyone to see my ass and beg you to come over and fuck me.”


“You walk over to me and you take me from behind. As you fuck me, you’re showing everyone that I’m your girl and no one else’s. And then I have my first orgasm with you.”

“That’s it? What about the rest of the day?”

“Well, for the rest of the day, I walk by your side naked. Then you take me to your home where we make love all night.”

Lena leans forward to Chad to give several soft gentle kisses.

“You are such a slut.” Chad sneeringly states.

Immediately, Lena is shocked, offended and confused by Chad’s comment for a few short seconds.

“Asshole.” Lena retorts, pulling herself away from Chad and moves herself to the other side of the bed.

“What?” Chad asks with a smudge tone. “Don’t tell me you still want to play the good virgin girl. You’re way passed that.”

“What are you talking about?” Lena asks, lying down with her back to Chad.

“When we fuck, you fuck like a million dollar whore but then after when we’re done you all uptight and bitchy.”

“Maybe I don’t like the way you treat me after sex. Or how you just treat me.”

“Ya know I could probably love you more if you weren’t such prude most of the time.” Says Chad as he gets off the bed and walk to Lena’s bathroom. “I’m taking a shower. When you decide to be the girlfriend you claim to be, you can join me.”

As Chad leaves the room, Lena closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to relax. The aching sensation of her sphincter reminds her of the sexual nightmare of a week she experienced.

When Chad forced Lena to be gang-banged by his friends Monday, she hoped it would make Chad love her and that would be it.

But on Tuesday, Lena found herself in the same situation. After school, Chad to a seedy motel in a bad part of town, this particular motel had a reputation in her school for letting students have rooms without question. Lena thought to would be just her and Chad, but entering one of the rooms, she’s shocked to find six of Chad’s friends eagerly waiting. Cory, Brent and Kevin (with his camcorder) were there along three friends bahçeşehir escort of Chad from college.

As her has before, Lena represses her discomfort and go along for Chad. The evening starts out with doing a striptease for the guys. Lena remembers the thrill she felt as she slowly removed her clothes as she dances around the room until she stands naked. She dances more to give all of Chad’s friends a good look of her nude body.

As she tires from the dancing, Lena decides to begin with the gang-bang. She lies on the queen-sized bed and one-by-one she lets all of the horny men have their way with her. First was with one of the college boys, an athlete. With Lena on her back, he held her legs up and fucked her anally. Next was Kevin, who fuck Lena anally as well with her on all fours. Then Cory, Lena first orally caressed his prick before he had her missionary-style.

Lena feels overwhelmed by shame and embarrassment as she recalls calling to the other two college boys, both athletes as well, to double-penetrate her. She remembers how the thick cock of the athlete fucking her ass caused some pain and how because of the length of the cock of the athlete below her is actually hitting the inner wall of her womb. She remembers how the orgasm put her in complete bliss for a few seconds.

After a few minutes for Lena to catch her breath, the gang-bang resumed, Lena was ass-fucked by Brent leaving Chad for last. Lena recalls how rough Chad was when fucking her, how hurtfully and unpleasant it was as if he fucked her out of hate. Despite that, Lena had another orgasm, which meant to her that everything was fine.

For most of that night, Lena stayed by Chad’s side. She later learned that Chad’s friends paid him, this time it was for two hundred dollars. For that much money, Chad made sure Lena would dance some more, let his friends kiss her, fondle her tits, grab and spank her ass. Chad even got Lena to practice lap dancing on some of the guys.

Wednesday night was no better for Lena. Chad took her a sleazy bar and found three guys willing to pay one hundred dollars each to fuck Lena. She lays on her back in the back of a van parked in an alley while the three men fuck one-by-one while Chad watches. Afterwards, Chad has Lena spread out on the hood of his car, so he can ass-fuck her.

Thursday was somewhat of a “night off” for Lena, when Chad took to a downtown clothing store. Surprising to Lena since Chad never showed interest in clothes shopping with her. The store had plenty of party clothes but they were steeply priced. The only sales clerk working that night was a poker pal of Chad’s, who was willing to give a “generous discount” to Lena when Chad picked a very stylish and provocative dress for her, for a few minutes in one of the dressing rooms.

Disappointed at Chad for putting her this situation and at herself for not expecting it, Lena, as always, complied with Chad and gave the clerk the best blowjob he had in the dressing room. After the clerk left the room, Chad walks in for his turn.

On Friday, Lena was once again pimped by Chad to a fraternity, which the college boys from Tuesday are members of. She recalls walking in the frat house wearing the sexy clothes she earned the previous night by Chad’s “request”. As discussed with Chad, Lena did a striptease to excite the already horny frat boys. As she dances, she slowly takes off a piece of clothing, first off with the red lace tube top, then the black mini-skirt revealing white lace thong. She does a few brief lap dances before removing her thong, leaving on her black nylon stockings and red high-heel shoes.

After the dancing, Lena is led to the dank and badly lit basement. A mattress was placed the middle where Lena was placed. For two hours, Lena felt her limits being stretched as twenty-eight frat boys fucked her in many positions. Even though it was the most degrading and humiliating gang-bang Lena has experienced, it was also exciting for her as it once again brought out her “inner slut”.

When the party was over, Lena gathered and donned her clothes minus her thong. As she and Chad returned to Chad’s car, Lena wasted no time waiting for Chad to give orders. She immediately leaned across to unzip his trousers and gave him one of her best blowjobs.

God knows how much money Chad made that night.

How long do I have to do this? Lena thinks. Why can’t he just love me?

Chad walks in Lena’s room drying his naked body with a towel, Lena gets off her bed and walks to him.

“Listen, I’m sorry for what I said.” Lena says.

“I know you are, honey.” Chad replies. The two embrace each other and kiss.

“Let’s stay in tonight.” Lena proposes. “My parents wouldn’t be back ’til…whenever, and Teresa is holed up in her room so we have the house to ourselves.”

“Really? What do you have in mind?”

“Well, we can order a pizza, watch a movie then when you’re ready we can take a swim in the pool like we did last week.”

“What movie would you like to see?”

Lena wraps her istanbul escort arms around Chad’s neck and looks in his eyes with a naughty smile.

“How about a movie where a hot looking girl has sex with all of his boyfriend’s friends in her school’s shower room, then in a dive motel room, then in a frat house.” States Lena, playfully teasing. “Do you know that movie?”

“Yeah. You want to watch that?”

“Yeah, I want to see myself fucking all those guys. I may have a future in porn.”

“Then what? You’ll destroy that tape as well?” Chad sternly inquires.

Feeling the situation become unpleasant, Lena hesitates to respond Chad’s accusation, reminding her of the previous sex tape, which starred her.

“You won’t supposed see that tape.” Lena explains, taking a step away from Chad. “And…I didn’t want you showing it to your friends.”

“If you didn’t destroyed that tape, I wouldn’t have to make another by having you fuck my friends, now would I?” Chad asserts.

Confused and unsure how Chad’s scenario was possible, Lena tries to think what words well calm her agitated boyfriend.

“I just wanted to forget about that night, that whole weekend.” Lena desperately explains. “But you’ve made me relive that night everyday this past week and everyone at school knows. You’ve made me the biggest slut in school.”

“I didn’t make you a slut!” Chad raises his voice, as he stomps to her. “You were a slut waiting to happen. You think I would waste on you if you weren’t?”

Chad grabs Lena’s arms and forces her back to her bed. Pushed by Chad, she falls backwards on her bed, her thighs are forced apart by Chad.

“You fuck whoever I want you to fuck, whore.” Chad states.

Closing her eyes, Lena feels Chad’s manhood force itself in her sex as he drops himself on top of her to restrain her on the bed. Scarred and confused, Lena surrenders her body to Chad, giving no resistance as he hammers his cock in her. With every thrust, Lena feels hurt than pleasure but she is hopefully Chad well calm down after his orgasm and she can start over without infuriating him.

Finally, Lena feels the discharge of Chad’s cock inside her. Chad takes a few seconds to catch his breath before he stands up from the bed.

Lena opens her eyes and Chad standing in front of her. Although uncertain of Chad’s mindset, Lena stands up from her bed, facing Chad. Chad grabs Lena’s shoulders and forces her down on her knees, now facing his spent penis.

“Lick it clean.” Chad commands.

To avoid further angering Chad, Lena gently holds up the penis with her hand and delicately licks the head, where she tastes the remaining goblets of semen. Lena then wraps her mouth around the member and caresses it.

“You like tasting cum, don’t you, honey.” Chad inquires.

“Yes.” Answers Lena after pulling her mouth away.

“You like tasting your snatch juices too.” Chad further inquires.

“Yes.” Lena answers again.

“You play your cards right, honey, and maybe we’ll get that Filipina maid of yours to join in.”

Still on her knees and gently stroking Chad’s shaft, Lena says nothing. She figures Chad would eventually want to bring in another girl for a three-way.

Lena would wonder what girl would he pick. If it was someone from school Chad may pick Michelle, Cory’s girlfriend, or Tanya, who always flirted with Chad, or Joy, the freshmen student whose skirt barely covers her ass.

From what Lena knows of Michelle, she does have sex with Cory, but it seems unlikely she would chat on him with Chad. Tanya, known to be promiscuous and wound jump at the chance for sex with Chad, never liked Lena and would most likely persuade Chad to find another girl for their three-way. Even though Joy dresses like a cliché fantasy private school girl seen only in pornos and music videos, no one really knows of her sexual history. For all anyone knows, Joy could still be a virgin.

Lena then hopes instead of someone from school, Chad would hire an escort. Someone skilled and experienced in matters like this, who can bring more enjoyment to them as well as be beautiful and friendly to help set the mood for her and Chad.

Lena never thought of herself to be sexually attracted to women, but would always admire their beauty. She ponders if the situation occurred and Chad found someone willing would she live up to his expectations. If not would it cause Chad to doubt her devotion and commitment to him.

“That’s enough.” Chad orders. “Get dressed and make yourself look pretty. We’re going out.”

Without question, Lena stands up from her knees hurries her dresser. From there, she dons a white lace strapless bra with matching high-cut panties followed by a lavender strapless mini-dress with black plumps. After fixing her hair and make-up, Lena looks to Chad for approval. Chad walks to her and looks her over for about a minute, then he reach under Lena’s skirt and pulls down her panties.

“Now you’re pretty.” Says Chad, tossing the panties aside.

Lena was delighted escort bahçeşehir when Chad drove her to the Grand Royale hotel. It was the hotel she fantasized of having sex with Chad for the first time.

She pictured Chad taking her to a luxurious suite where they could make love for the entire night. It was to be magically for Lena, everything she dreamed of. Chad would love her as well sexually satisfy her, which would be an emotional bonding experience for both of them.

But the reality of Chad’s gambling and the events they causes shattered that dream as she is remind while seeing her boyfriend across the spacious hotel suite sitting at a table with six much older gentlemen. Sitting at a distant sofa while nursing a can of soda, she watches with contempt as Chad is engage in a poker game, dealing with the money he earned pimping Lena all week.

The only company for Lena is two studly looking men sitting on the same couch with her. Both are muscular men dressed black dress jean and black t-shirts and both with shaved heads. The only features they don’t share is one of them is black while the other is white with a light brown goatee. The two men, Cyril and Dean, had their attention to a boxing match the wide-screen TV, but occasionally made some polite small talk during intermissions.

As the poker game goes on, Lena wonders of the outcome of tonight’s game. If Chad wins, it well only encourages him to use Lena as his personal hooker and gamble even more. Or most likely lose and owes one of the six men a large sum of money, Lena will have sex with that man to settle the debt like before with Eddie.

In a few hours, the poker game begins to end. As most of the men leave, Lena see Chad still at the table talking with a man in his early fifties with black hair slicked back, dressed in a dark gray business suit. Lena looks away, hoping this man well just want her for a few hours and it won’t escalate longer than a weekend or he won’t give her to his friends.

Chad sits next to Lena, her stomach mildly aches.

“How much did you lose?” asks Lena, avoiding looking at Chad.

“Hey, that’s not important right now.” Chad responds to avoid the question.

“You lose all of it, didn’t you?” Lena further inquires.

Lena takes a deep breath to contain her frustrations of Chad and looks to him.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Lena states.

“I thought I made it clear for you, you stupid whore.” Chad asserts in a low voice, grabbing Lena’s arm to pull her to him. “You are going to do this because I said so.”

“Chad, stop.” Lena pleads in a low voice as well. “You’re hurting me.”

“Let me tell you something you didn’t seem to understand: sometimes a girl will have a useful talent, like singing or dancing or even sports. You’re talent is fucking men. And girls like those get boyfriends”

“Boyfriends who make them fuck their friends for money? Who make them fuck guys who own them money? Is that what I have to look forward to?”

“Do you want to walk out on this? Cause that’s not a good idea, especially when I have those sex tapes of you.”

Lena pauses in silence waiting for continue his obvious threat.

“Do you want everyone in school those tapes? I’ll even put them on the Internet, let the world know what a slut you are. After that, you won’t have a moment’s peace.”

Chad’s ultimatum becomes clear to Lena as her defiance fades.

“Good.” Says Chad, standing up. “Now smile and do whatever he wants. Got it?”

“Yes.” Says the defeated Lena.

As the slack haired man walks to the couch with Cyril and Dean behind him, Lena stands up and forces her face to smile.

“Klaus, this is my girlfriend Lena.” Chad presents.

“Hello, Lena.” Klaus greets with a smile. “You’re a very lovely women.”

“Thank you.” Lena replies to the complement.

“All this and can fuck like a million dollar whore.” Chad smugly states “I just told Lena of our arrangement and…”

Chad stops in mid-sentence as a silky blond woman in her late twenties enters the suite and walks to Klaus.

“Hello, Isabel.” Klaus greets. “You’re back so soon.”

“This city had the lamest nightclubs ever. I actually thought meeting you poker pals would be better.” Isabel bluntly comments.

Standing near Klaus, Isabel looks to Lena and Chad. Lena inconspicuously looks at Isabel, taking a full view of her toned physique wrapped in stylish black mini-dress.

“Don’t you check for id, Klaus?” Isabel mockingly asks.

“Everyone, this is my wife, Isabel.” Klaus notifies.

Chad and Lena both greet Isabel, unsure how the satiation well turn out. Lena hopes with the wife here, she and Chad can leave.

“So how much did my husband take from you?” Isabel asks Chad, hesitant to answer.

“Quite a lot, dear.” Klaus answers. “Oh, and you’ll love this. Instead of paying me the money he owes, he’ll give me the best sex I ever had.”

“Really?” inquires Isabel.

“With his girlfriend.” Klaus states.

Chad and Lena are shocked by Klaus’s confession. However it get more confusing for them as Isabel begins to laugh.

“The rich boy gives you his girlfriend? For sex?” inquires Isabel, still laughing. Lena notices Isabel looking her over, which Lena couldn’t help but observe Isabel. “She’s pretty hot, Klaus.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32