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I had known Leisel for years. She was my wife’s best friend. We had had family holidays together over the years. I felt attraction to her on and off over the years, but I suppressed that to keep things smooth and platonic. She was a blonde, about 5’5″, slim, with probably a 34″ bust.

She also always struck me as a bit bossy, and not all that interested in the physical. I had the idea that she probably decided when they would have sex [maybe once a month] and her husband followed orders.

Liesel’s husband Phil had been away for several months, with work. My wife had gone for an extended visit to overseas relatives with her sister, so we were both on our own, and the kids all away from home.

One weekend, Leisel dropped in to see me. I hugged her — more than the usual peck on the cheek — and could feel a slim body that would be nice to get to know intimately. We talked more freely and personally than ever before, and she opened up surprisingly about how she was missing Phil.

After a long chat, I decided to try it on a little and suggested we meet for lunch while our partners were away. I thought lunch would sound a lot more innocent than dinner. She readily agreed.

While I was getting ready to meet her, I felt really excited, like a teenager on a date. When we met up at the restaurant, I could tell she was also a little hyped up. She was also dressed more sexily than usual, in black slacks and a cashmere top that hugged things nicely. I gave her a hug again, and felt her arched back, promise of things to dream about. That got me even more excited, but I thought it best not to ruin the friendship by trying something on so soon.

We talked a lot through lunch, and had some laughs. I noticed that Leisel drank more than usual and was even a little flirtatious. I kept complimenting her on her looks, and touching her incidentally on the sleeve etc.

Were her eyes dilated more than normal? Maybe; I imagined so. As we were having coffees, I let my knee touch hers, and left it there. She pretended not to notice. My cock was at attention, but I held back, just flirting a bit. I didn’t know whether she expected me to suggest we go back to my place, but I couldn’t think of a way to do so without making it a bit obvious, so I settled for making another lunch ‘date”. She seemed very quick to agree.

Two weeks later, a similar script. Again she dressed as if for a date. If it had been less so, I am sure she would have worn one of her demure skirts, but she arrived again in black slacks and this time a black knitted top. I enjoyed the curve of her little breasts in that top.

Once more, Leisel drank well, and seemed simultaneously relaxed and excited. This time, I sat side on to her. This allowed for more contact under the table. I let my hand brush her thigh a few times, and again let my knee touch hers. She didn’t make any attempt to pull away. I cracked a few jokes and in doing so was able to brush her arm with mine and lean into her. She didn’t draw back.

This was a new flirty side to Leisel that I hadn’t seen before. I used the excuse of sharing a menu to nudge closer to her. Again, I complimented her on her dress, her hair, her lipstick even, to let her know I appreciated the effort she had made.

This time, I asked her back to my place. I suggested there were some photos on our computer that I wanted her to see. She agreed quickly.

I was nervous as a kitten. When we got there, I let her in, and watched her walk in front of me down the hall. I showed her the pics, leaning over her as she sat at the keyboard, drinking in her perfume, my cock taut, and offered her a drink.

I expected her to refuse, but she didn’t. I got her a white wine, and one for me. We drank, me searching Escort Esenyurt for a way to progress this. If I had mis-read the signs, I could make a fool of myself, and ruin years of friendship. Fortunately, she gave me an opening. She suggested that she had a stiff neck from painting jobs she had been doing around the house. I quickly offered a massage, which she quickly accepted.

We moved to the family room. I asked her to sit in front of me on a stool, while I stood behind. I started slowly, concentrating on the neck. She closed her eyes, murmuring occasionally.

Gradually, as I felt her relax, I broadened my area of massage to include the whole of her lovely back. I kept saying how tight she was, but that she would be relaxed soon. “Good” she’d say. Now and then she would take a sip of wine.

I put on some relaxing music, and she commented how calm and relaxed she felt. I included her arms in my massage. She let me do what I liked.

Massaging her arms allowed me to make accidental contact with her breasts from the side. She made no effort to pull away. I wanted more of a signal, though. So I asked whether her legs were also sore from the painting jobs, and would they need massaging too. She readily agreed, and I knew I was on the right track, even though we had crossed no boundaries yet.

I asked her to lie on a couch, and I sat on a chair next to her, by her legs. The site of her bum made my prick engorge even more. Through her slacks, I massaged her calves and ankles, taking my time. She made appreciative little noises in her throat. Very gradually, I moved up to her thighs. Leisel made no attempt to stop me. My heart was pounding. I slowly massaged her thighs: soft but strong, in that way that women’s thighs can be. She had her legs open enough for me to massage around to the inside of the thighs, which I always considered very sexy. She would sigh occasionally. Otherwise, it was mainly soft music.

Since her eyes were closed, I decided to try a bold step. I stopped massaging and brought my face down to kiss the inside of one thigh through her trousers. She pretended not to notice. I kept massaging, then kissed her thigh again, then her calf, then massaging along the inside on one leg. I followed a track right up to her panties. When I made panty contact, I came back down, but there was no pulling away.

Then she turned her head to me and said “Oh Andrew,you do that so well. I feel so relaxed. I am like putty in your hands. You could do anything with me right now.” That gave me an opening. As she half-turned, I let my hand touch the breast that was facing me, and at the same time brought my lips to hers for a tentative kiss. She didn’t draw away. She let the kiss develop, and soon we were playing games with our tongues.

My god, this woman was more passionate than I had thought! In the meantime, my one hand was cupped around her little breast and the other was rubbing her arse. The line had been crossed and she had said “yes” all the way! My prick was bursting.

Leisel turned in my embrace and I let her sit up. Our mouths were still joined. I could now grasp either breast and she let me feel them all over. Her hands were on my head, through my hair, then one dropped down and stroked my back.

I decided to really test her out: I clasped her other hand and slowly brought it down below my waist. I fully her expected to draw back and refuse to go further, but she let me place it on my cock outside my trousers. I drew breath deeply as she started to stroke cock. I was so excited, I almost spent my load of cum right there. She kept her fingers there, playing with my grateful prick, as I got one hand inside her top and bra to tease her nipple. She made little groaning noises Escort Avcılar in her throat.

She helped as I got off her top and then her bra [I noted in passing that it was a sexy black one, and wondered whether Leisel had planned that I would be seeing it today!] I could see her compact little boobs – very neat and perky for a 50+ woman]. I quickly lowered my mouth to her left breast. She loved it: was this the prudish woman I had always imagined? She growled in her throat, and held my head to her breast with one hand, while the other continued playing with my penis. My hands in the meantime found her pussy and began rubbing through her slacks.

She laid back against the couch and opened her legs for me, thrusting her hips into my hand. I was rubbing with one hand, licking one very erect nipple and feeling the other nipple with my other hand.

She broke away from my kiss to say “Oh god that feels so good, Andrew, don’t stop.”

I said, “I don’t intend to, my dear: I can feel that you are ready for me today.”

“Oh, I am, I am, dear Andrew”. I wondered whether I had totally misread Leisel all these years, and decided whether talking dirty turned her on. Such a seemingly prudish lady, but maybe that was all front?

“Leisel, tell me what you want.”

“You know what I want, Andrew.”

“I want you to tell me.”

“I thought it was obvious,” as she stroked my cock

“Maybe, but tell me,” I licked her nipple teasingly and rubbed lightly on her mound

“Well…I want you inside me…I’ve always wondered what you would be like in me.” She was still, not rubbing any more, maybe wondering how I would take this boldness.

“Oh, so you want my cock in your pussy?” as I made a grab at that part of her anatomy.

She giggled nervously. I thought for a moment I had taken it too far, but I went for broke, choosing that moment to reach for her trouser zip, She helped me by twisting her hips and I had the zip of her trousers down quickly as she helped me get them over hips and down. As I pulled them off her ankles, I said, “Tell me what you want, Leisel!”

She stopped, looked at me and then pulled down her panties, revealing a neat little blonde triangle between her legs. Looking me in the eyes, she said in a low but clear voice “Andrew, I want you to put your cock in my pussy.”

As she said it, she reached out for my zip and between us we got my trousers off in record time, then I let her pull the briefs down over my engorged cock. She looked directly at it with big eyes and said “and he’s such a big one too!” She examined it,then stunned me by cradling my balls in he hand then drawing her fingernail along the length of my prick. “Lovely” she said “Now get him in me!”

I threw off my shirt and followed her directions as she lay back on the couch with her cunt open to me.

I pushed, she opened and I was in! I couldn’t believe my luck, or the way is happened: I was in Leisel’s lovely cunt and she was loving it. She raised her hips, then drew up her legs and placed them on my arse, inviting me deep into her cunny.

Now she let herself go, and I was stunned again with her language. Since I had invited her to talk dirty, she let herself go. “Oh, Andrew, your cock feels so good in my pussy…oh, yes, fuck me please Andrew, with your big cock…oh my pussy loves that dear…oh deep like that…it’s so nice to have you in me at last..”

I guess I should have known that someone with a bossy tendency like Leisel would be talkative on the love-nest, but the dirty talk coming from so prim a mouth was a real turn on, and I was pumping for dear life. Then I felt a change in her and she was talking less and moving more, moving in rhythm with me.

I said “I’m going to cum, Leisel.” She didn’t seem to mind, saying “Oh cum hard in me Andrew, give me your cum dear, fuck me,” then she seemed to concentrate hard and all of a sudden I was riding a wave as she came herself, rolling at first then stiffening and gasping “fuck, fuck fuck.” That of course set me off, and I spurted into her wet hole. We kissed breathlessly.

We lay on the couch, fondling each other. A major step had been taken. What next? I decided it was in for e penny, in for a pound.

“Stay with me, Leisel.” She would be in her best friend’s bed with her best friend’s husband. “We are both lonely, Leisel, stay with me tonight, instead of going home to an empty house.” She hadn’t said anything. I knew she was tossing it over in her mind. “We can kiss and touch and hold each other all night if we want. We can hop out for a meal or order a take-away, or I can cook you a meal myself and we can breakfast together.”

All the time I was saying this, I was stroking her body, her thigh, her hip, her pussy mound, her tit. Her nipples were responding, I noticed, hardening under my finger’s light tease.

“Oh God, Andrew, what have we done? I don’t know why I did it,but it was so beautiful. I sort of feel guilty, but I so wanted it. I wanted you inside me today. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long.”

I kissed her shoulder and twisted so that my half-hard cock could fit in the crack of her buttocks. Instead of answering, I grabbed her hips and manouvred so that we were both kneeling on the floor, me behind Leisel and Leisel leaning on the couch. I eased her forward into doggie position one, and placed my cock behind her.

“What are you doing, Andrew?” she asked. I considered for a moment that maybe she had never done the doggie thing. Were there people who had never done doggie? What were they missing out on?

“I am going to give you a right royal, beautiful, wonderful, rogering, Leisel dear,” I said. She giggled nervously. I pushed her thighs a little apart and felt for her opening. She was still sopping wet. I pushed my cock and it went virtually straight in. I let it rest there, let Leisel adjust to what was maybe a new position for her.

“How does that feel, Leisel?”

“Oh, Andrew, that feels wonderful,” she said. ” I can really feel his length in there now.”

At that, I started pushing. She gave a surprised grunt. I started slow, but deep. She was soon moaning. I reached around for some tit. and balanced my other hand on her arse. As I got into rhythm, I massaged her bottom. then I moved slowly down to her arse button. I reached around got some pussy juice to moisten it. She seemed to catch her breath, but by now seemed to to trust that I would only do what would pleasure her.

I kissed her back and said:

“Tell me how my cock feels like that.”

“Oh, Andrew… it ..feels.. so.. good!”

I was using my free hand now to pull her hips so that she came onto my cock on the stroke. Soon she got the hint and moved her hips herself, to get me deep in her. She was grunting now.

“Oh do it deep Andrew,” she said, back in bossy mode – not that I minded in the least “Fuck me harder”. I abandoned her arse button for now, since I felt an orgasm was nto far off.

Her rhythms became more urgent, and she was almost yelling “Fuck, fuck Fuck me. Oh fuck me hard.” Then she was rippling like a wave and cumming hard and long. She came and was almost inert, collapsed forward onto her arms on the couch, but I was not finished. I struggled to keep my cock in her, but then I too was cumming and I too was almost yelling

“Oh, Leisel, I’m cumming in your lovely cunt, baby, Ohhhh.”

I lost it, and more juice filled her grateful hole. We collapsed on the floor, panting and sticky. I put my face to hers and we kissed tenderly.

“Stay the night, Leisel,” I said

“Oh OK, Andrew, you talked me into it,” she giggled again.

…end of part 1, to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32