Leilani’s Pool Service

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Growing up in the beautiful state of Hawaii, Leilani Sommers had always been around the water. She remembered swimming before she had even learned to walk. Her father teased his little girl that she was part dolphin. The petite beauty loved the sunshine and the water and would never have dreamed that one day, she would not be living in Hawaii and that she would be so far away from the beaches and the heat. Wild horses – or perhaps, wild sea horses – could not have dragged her away.

She was a young woman of considerable beauty, great intelligence and charm and talent. From an early age, Leilani loved anything that had to do with the arts. Music, dance, poetry, painting, all of it was a vital part of her, part of the essence that made up her soul. Almost as much as she loved the water, she loved to dance and sing. She envisioned a future in performing and took as many classes as time and her parents’ money allowed.

Some people would have not let dreams rule their life; such people were a puzzle to the young beauty. What was one meant to do in life if not to try and live out one’s dreams? She took advantage of every opportunity she had in life. She had good looks and talent and she planned to use both to take her far. Perhaps she might become a famous dancer, or, at the very least, be discovered and work on stage, maybe even on Broadway. She would be able to stand leaving the islands if stardom was looming on the horizon.

Life has a way of taking odd twists and turns and it did just that in Leilani’s case. She was dancing in a revue in one of the hotel lounges. It wasn’t stardom she had been seeking, but it paid well and she met interesting and exciting people. She got along well with the other girls, none of whom resented her dancing skills or her lovely singing voice. A few of the cattier girls thought that she had gone far because she was sleeping with the director of the show. Those girls didn’t last and Leilani was privy to the fact that Jack was in the closet.

Life showed Leilani what it had in store for her when Wayne Sommers came to see the show. He came to the first show and stayed for the second. His eyes didn’t leave her for a second and what eyes they were. Dark and piercing, he himself was a large man with broad shoulders and wavy black hair. To petite little Leilani, he looked as if he could break her in half. He also resembled a Mafia Don, although she learned that he was an old friend of Jack’s who had backed a lot of his most successful shows. “He has so much money that if someone dropped a $100 bill on the street, it wouldn’t be worth Wayne’s time to pick it up,” Jack quipped.

Wayne was the kind of man Leilani wanted to know better. She wasn’t a gold digger; she had refused advances from rich men before. She did like success and Wayne had an aura of that surrounding him. He also dressed very well and was very gracious to everyone in the club that evening, tipping well and smiling at his servers. Still, whenever Leilani was on the stage, that’s where Wayne’s eyes were.

“Wow, has Wayne got it bad for you,” Leilani’s friend Jessica smiled as they changed out of their costumes. “If it isn’t love at first sight, it sure as hell is infatuation.”

“Oh, don’t be crazy,” Leilani laughed. Secretly, she hoped the leggy blonde dancer was right. “Do you know Wayne personally?”

“Oh sure, for a few years now,” Jessica said to Leilani. “He comes to all of Jack’s revues, he never misses a one. I made a play for him, but he shot me down – guess I’m not his type. Too bad, I hear he’s a real high roller.”

“Do you mean he’s a gambler?”

Jessica nodded. “Yes, he’s won more than his share of poker tournaments and he travels a lot. Jack told me he comes here whenever he isn’t at home in New York or in Vegas or Monte Carlo. From what I hear, he invests his winnings well, so he doesn’t have to work – just play. Babe, if you want my advice, if he asks you out – go!”

Leilani didn’t tell Jess that she had already decided on that before they had even left the stage. Why not? It had been almost a year since her last relationship had ended. Even if Wayne ended up as a little fling, what of it? She wasn’t even twenty-five yet, fucking for fun was allowed.

“Want to come with?” Leilani teased. Perhaps Wayne was the kind of guy who liked to have more than one piece of eye candy on his arm and she knew Jessica needed a night out almost as much as she did. It was early Sunday morning and they didn’t have a show that evening.

“Why would you want me along to crimp your style?” Jessica asked. Leilani would have liked Jessica along because her friend knew how to live it up. Leilani enjoyed life, but she was not the “party girl” her best friend was. She would have taken pointers from her blonde buddy and followed her lead. “Here comes Diamond Jim, just stop worrying and be yourself. Let’s face it baby, you’re the one he’s interested in.” Jessica gave Leilani a peck on the cheek and sprinted out the door on her stiletto-clad ümraniye escort heels.

“YOU are marvelous,” Wayne said to Leilani as he presented her with a bouquet of purple roses. They were beautiful and she wondered how he had gotten such unique flowers. She supposed if one had enough money, he could obtain almost anything. “You’re radiant onstage, but off, you’re a shining star. Can this poor man take you to dinner tonight? Or lunch? Buy you a Ferrari, perhaps?” He joked.

“Poor men can’t afford Ferraris,” Leilani shot back with a laugh. “Yes to dinner, but a late one, if that’s okay. I did two shows and I’m beat. Would 9 PM be alright?”

“Okay, I will buy you a Honda then,” Wayne retorted. “Seriously, I would have said yes even if you had said midnight,” Wayne smiled with teeth almost as white as Donny Osmond’s. “I’ll send a car for you.” She scribbled down her address and phone number as he told her he was looking forward to it. When she got home, she called Jessica right away. Despite the hour, she knew her friend would be awake. They were alike in that, both needed a few hours to unwind after a strenuous show.

“Hey, maybe you’ve found Prince Charming,” Jessica chirped happily. “Good for you, I’ve kissed too many frogs already.”

“And more than your share of toads,” Leilani teased her, recalling Jess’ last “significant other”.

Their dinner was at one of the swankiest spots Leilani had ever seen. She was thrilled that she had chosen to wear one of her hottest outfits; it was short, sequined and black and gave her the opportunity to wear her sexiest stiletto heels. They had cost her a week’s wages, but every time she wore them, she got noticed. They accentuated her shapely legs and calves. Even the driver of Wayne’s limo noticed her as she slipped into the back of the luxurious Rolls Royce. When she met Wayne at the restaurant, she was sure that his suit likely cost more than she earned in six months. That was something about him he liked. He didn’t seem the type to flaunt his wealth; neither was he shying away from it. It was just a part of him, the way that her beauty and talent were a part of her. She was sure that she was as smitten with him as he was with her. Wisely, she reined it in. Better to play it cool rather than to be too forward and get burned.

Everything was magnificent and the wait staff doted on Wayne and his beautiful companion. Leilani guessed he was a big spender everywhere that he went, but she continued to be impressed with his wit and how cordial he was. He didn’t talk down to anyone and he brought out things in her that she had not felt in some time. He seemed to hang on her every word and yet, he spoke very little about himself. It was as if he had little or no ego. She wanted to know as much as she could. After dinner, she agreed to meet him the next day for lunch. Lunch turned into lunches for two entire weeks – but no breakfasts. He didn’t make a move on her in that way and Jessica kept teasing her about it. “Maybe he’s gay and you’re his blind,” she said to Leilani. “I get it now, THAT’S why he turned me down.”

“He turned you down because you’re an easy lay,” Leilani retorted as Jess punched her in the arm. “No, he isn’t gay – not the way he keeps telling me how great my legs are and he’s bought me three new pairs of heels. I don’t get it, but I’m taking the bull by the horns tonight. We’re having dinner and he isn’t going back to his hotel unless I go with him.”

Jessica hugged her friend because she knew that Leilani was head over heels. She wanted her friend to be happy, even if it meant losing her. She had some strange, instinctual feeling that her pal was going to leave and it scared her.

“I haven’t slept with you because I’m old fashioned,” Wayne explained after Leilani confronted him.

“Oh Wayne, you’ll have to do better than that,” Leilani said, her jaw set and her arms crossed over her chest. “You’re nearly twenty years older than I am, don’t you dare tell me that you haven’t had prior sexual relationships.”

“Don’t be daft, of course I have,” Wayne told her. “I’m old fashioned because I was raised in a very strict household. You don’t sleep with a woman that you plan to marry.” Her eyes opened wide when Wayne pulled out an engagement ring that almost blinded her. “That is, if the woman will have me.”

Wayne expected the lovely Hawaiian native to jump up from the table, squealing and hug him. He didn’t expect her to ask for time to think about it. Yes, she loved him – was that enough? She wasn’t sure that she wanted to stop performing and give up her dream. It was something that she needed to think about, talk over with her family and with Jessica.

Her family told her to go for it, in no uncertain terms. Jessica was equally blunt. “You’re out of your mind!” She said to Leilani. “Why would you even need time to think about it? He can give you everything and it beats performing in some two-bit revue. What’s equally important is that he almost pendik escort makes you swoon. GO for it!”

“You’ll be my Maid of Honor?”

“I’d deck anyone else you chose,” Jessica laughed and hugged Leilani tight. “Okay, let’s go get you a wedding dress!”

Wayne was overjoyed when his girlfriend slipped on the ring. “On ONE important condition,” she said to him in a serious tone.

“I’ll give you anything you want, I’ll even take a pass on a pre-nup,” Wayne said to her. He meant it. He had met several beautiful women over the years, yet something about Leilani stirred a fire in him. Only a Royal Flush was as lovely. “What is it?”

“I’ve lived around water all of my life,” Leilani told him. “I know you want to go back to New York and I’ll go along, but not unless we get a house with a pool. Do we have a deal?”

“Deal,” Wayne smiled and hugged his fiancé. Their wedding, a mere four months later, was an event and all of Leilani’s friends were there wishing her well. Jessica made such a show of getting into her dress that she almost outshone the bride. Leilani saw that a number of the groomsmen were handing Jessica their numbers and she wondered how much longer her best friend would be single. Without any cares in the world, she danced and laughed and drank with her new husband, her family and her husband’s family. She laughed as she watched Jack mingling with everyone. Her dear friend had cried almost as much at the wedding as Leilani’s mother.

The honeymoon gave the new bride a preview of her life to be. Not all was to be sunshine and roses, not even purple ones.

Wayne was a kind man and muscular and … nicely-endowed. He was an okay lover – but just okay. He wasn’t wonderful at foreplay; he didn’t seem to have much finesse or longevity. Like everything else in her life, Leilani liked to do things with passion. She wanted to remember her first time with her husband as loving and romantic, as well as incendiary. She had wanted to fuck Wayne for months and when it was over, it was over. They hadn’t really fucked; they had merely consummated their marriage.

The disappointed bride didn’t sleep very well, but by morning, she had come to terms with it. She was now a woman of means with a husband who loved her. She could teach him that she wasn’t some fragile little thing that could be easily broken. Underneath that petite little frame, there was an island wild animal that no one was going to tame.

Her home was wonderful and stately and elegant. Wayne kept a small staff, so Leilani only had to do the things that interested her. She liked to cook and garden, but house cleaning wasn’t fun, so she let the staff do that. She was sure that she would make new friends in time and that she and Wayne would entertain them. In the meantime, her new husband had kept his promise and bought her a huge pool. She swam every day and kept her sexy figure trim and taut, so that her husband would continue to have the little hottie he married. It wasn’t her island paradise home, but Leilani had taken vows and she was going to make do.

Try as she might, the young beauty could not make her new home the paradise she had envisioned. Wayne was generous in many ways, yet selfish in others. He didn’t mean to be, he had never had limits before. He could be a bit of a chauvinist and he still wasn’t great in bed and he traveled a lot – too often. Leilani knew he had been a nomad before, a man who came and went as he pleased. He needed to travel and to gamble, it was part of who he was. It just left a very neglected young woman at home who had always been a very sexual being. When she tried to discuss it with him, Wayne couldn’t seem to understand her concerns. “I’m away a lot, you knew that when we got married,” he told her. “You should go out and make some new friends, enjoy your alone time.”

“With that line of reasoning, I could screw around on you,” Leilani said in frustration. She hadn’t meant it and instantly regretted the words when they came from her mouth.

Wayne surprised her with his reaction. He shrugged and said “What I don’t know about can’t hurt me, babe.” He went outside to the deck and started the barbecue for their meal that night. A very flustered Leilani stood in their living room, not sure what had just happened. Had her husband just given her permission to have an affair?

A few days later, Wayne flew out to Las Vegas. She wanted to go, but he told her he was in a huge tournament and wouldn’t have time for her. Although she could have insisted, something told her not to press the point. Leilani stayed home and thought about doing some major shopping. She decided to go for it right after a lengthy swim and then remembered the pool was filthy. Their pool service hadn’t been there in two weeks, so Wayne had let them go and hired new people. They had arrived a little while ago and the staff had let them in. Leilani decided to go and offer them a drink or coffee or something. She went outside and found bostancı escort two people, a man and a woman. The woman was even tinier than Leilani, wearing a snug pink tube top and tight denim shorts. The man was black and tall, built like an oak tree. He was cleaning the pool while the tiny woman cleaned the deck and mixed the chemicals. Something about the other petite girl seemed familiar to Leilani. She knew that she had seen her before.

“Hi,” Leilani said cheerily, announcing herself to the two others. “I’m Leilani, thanks for coming. I just wondered if you’d like a drink or coffee or something?”

The tiny girl, a lovely brunette who appeared to be of mixed Asian descent, smiled gently. “No thanks, Jimmy Mack and I always bring our own refreshments so we can keep working. A lot of our clients have money, but they can be tight-fisted with it and aren’t very accommodating,” she told Leilani.

“I think they’re worried the big black man is going to rob them or something,” Jimmy Mack said with a slight tone of annoyance in his voice. “Just because I was born and raised in Harlem don’t make me no thug.”

“Oh please, lose the `street’, will you?” The tiny brunette sighed. She turned to Leilani and laughed. “Let me ask you Leilani, how many black men from Harlem do you suppose have a degree in business from Harvard?”

“About as many who have girlfriends who are Prima Ballerinas who clean pools in the off season, right bitch?” Jimmy Mack grinned at the girl.

“NOW I know where I recognize you from,” Leilani gasped in surprise. “You’re Lisa Kim, I saw you dance a few months ago, you were absolutely wonderful. You must be very dedicated to dance so well.”

“Thank you, I love to dance. I also can’t stand being idle, so helping Jimmy keeps me occupied and out of trouble – most of the time,” Lisa chortled. “I can still cause a ruckus if need be. Did you come and see me dance with your husband?”

Leilani sighed and shook her head. “My husband and I don’t do a lot together. He’s away an awful lot – on business,” she tried to explain. She saw a look cross Lisa’s face that told her the young ballerina knew exactly what she meant.

“No one with a wife as sexy as you should go away ‘on business’ that much,” Lisa said, shaking her head. “Jimmy works hard, but he knows how to play hard too, don’tcha hon?”

Jimmy grinned and nodded. “Yeah, I know how to give the little lady what she needs. I make sure I take care of business – and I don’t mean cleaning pools,” he said, making Leilani laugh.

“Hey babe, I’ve got an idea,” Lisa said, turning to her boyfriend. “We were going to go out tonight and kick up our heels, have dinner and go dancing. I bet Leilani is a good dancer, aren’t you baby?” Leilani smiled, nodded and explained a bit about her past to the sexy ballerina. “That settles it, the three of us are going out tonight and we won’t take no for an answer, right Jimmy?”

“Shee-oot, I walk in with you two fine foxes on my arm, my bros are going to think I’m paying for it,” Jimmy joked. Lisa smacked his arm and told him to stop being such a smart-ass. The three new friends enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and Leilani agreed to join them at 9. She dolled herself up the way she used to, vamping it up and putting on her hottest pair of heels. Something was cooking and she didn’t know what it was, not yet. Tonight would be an adventure and she needed one very badly.

Jimmy and Lisa took their new friend to one of New York’s best rib joints. It was nowhere near as swanky as the restaurant she had gone to with Wayne on their first date, but the ribs were to die for. The Hawaiian lovely ate like she hadn’t in years and once Jimmy dropped his “street” routine, he was suave and charming. He and Lisa had actually met in a tap dancing class. “I can bust a move, I didn’t want my homeys having one up on me,” he said to Leilani.

“Does he ever turn off the act?” Leilani asked Lisa. Her new friend laughed and rolled her eyes.

“In bed, mostly,” Lisa told her. Jimmy choked a bit on his Scotch, then turned away and coughed for a second or two. “If you could see it, I’ll bet he’s blushing,” the girl said of her boyfriend.

Leilani had been expecting a hip-hop joint, so their destination surprised her. It was a very swanky dance club in a nicer part of town. There were all types of music being played, including ballroom dance music. Despite the difference of over a foot in their height, Lisa and Jimmy Mack moved quite well together. Leilani just watched and enjoyed herself for a while, until Lisa begged off. “I am in dire need of alcohol,” she said to her companions. “I’ll go get us something to drink, you dance with him,” Lisa told Leilani. The next song that came over the speakers was fast and raucous. Jimmy was going to allow Leilani to sit it out, but she surprised him by dancing to it with even more style than he had.

“Shee-OOT baby, this girl is FLY,” Jimmy said to Lisa as she returned with their drinks. “Girl’s got moves.”

“I saw,” Lisa smiled as she sat down at their table. “You know she isn’t buying the act, why are you keeping it up?” Lisa turned to Leilani and asked her “You move more `street” than he does, how did you learn to move like that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32