Legends of the Fel Ch. 04

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A hot wet substance spraying over her face brought Sharn around. Spluttering she burst into a fit of coughing and instantly received a mouthful of the liquid being played over her head. Piss! It was a stream of piss that somebody was squirting all over her face! Spluttering she spat out the hot salty urine. Blinking the stinging substance out of her eyes she stared up with hatred at the form standing over her, only to see the familiar figure of Felquest.

“Why did you do that?” she screamed in disgust. She had never drunk anybody else’s pee before. It was only as a small girl when she had once experimented with drinking her own wee from a cup she had peed into, that she now recognised the taste.

“Quite” urged Felquest. The shooting stream of piss flowing from her muff vanishing now. She was standing over Sharn, her leggings around her ankles and her blond muff on full display along with her large breasts, as per usual.

The memory of the taste of Felquest’s pussy hole sprung into Sharn’s mind as she lay with her back to the wall still gagging slightly from the after taste of the piss in her mouth.

“Why?” she asked blinking again.

“I’m so sorry Sharn. It was not my intent to claim you in this way but I needed to wake you from your slumber and time is very short.”

“Why?” Sharn asked again weakly. The back of her head was throbbing badly now.

“When I discovered what had been done to the drink in your cart, I realised what you do when you discovered its effects. For you to escape in such a way would directly incriminate me and as such Felalakine my mistress would have slain me out of hand. There are events in motion Sharn that you have no notion about and are but a small piece of a terrible plan. If we survive our arrival at Fel Jardine then I will make it my mission to explain as much as possible, but not now….”

Grabbing her roughly by one arm Felquest dragged Sharn to her feet.

“I’ve escaped once. I’ll do it again,” Sharn retorted.

“You don’t understand. Your drink was tampered with and a strong elixir added which gave strength to your urine. The effects will already be wearing off and you would not be able to do it again. Besides this was a means to incriminate me in your escape and whoever planned this subterfuge will surely have a plan to deal with your flight on foot. It was by pure chance I discovered what had been done and have ridden many long hours to reach you before it was too late.”

“What do you mean by too late?” Sharn asked, more quietly this time.

“For one, without the antidote, you will start to experience an unpleasant burning in your bladder as the drink changes its composition. This over time would become worse until you met with a most unpleasant death.” She paused, passing Sharn a drinking pouch from her horse’s saddle.

“Secondly, a score of Fel warriors are not far behind me. They ride to Fel Jardine to report on the progress of the army. Drink the contents of what I have just given you and you will be safe from the poison in your body.”

Sharn took a swig of the drink. It tasted like liquid honey and after a surprised ankara masaj yapan escort first mouthful, started to gulp down the remainder. Licking her lips she gave Felquest a quick smile.

“That was lovely. I must remember to get poisoned more often!” Suddenly the last of Felquest’s conversation sunk in. “Army, what army?”

“Our army, Sharn. The army of the Fel. Even now it is descending from our homeland with its purpose to slaughter every man, woman and child upon this continent. The raid on your village was just one of many being conducted by small scouting parties taking place up and down the coast. Nobody will be spared from the coming slaughter.”

“Why? Why would they do such a thing? I was spared, surely they will spare others.”

“Poor Sharn! You really have no idea do you? You are one of the few exceptions to the rule, one of a handful to be saved, at least for a short time.”

“What do you mean, for a short time?”

“Not now Sharn, not now. I must get you to Fel Jardine so events can unfold as they must. You will learn in time what is to happen to you. Take my hand while I help you into the saddle.”

Reluctantly taking Felquest’s hand Sharn put one bare foot into the saddle and swung herself up onto the beast. Felquest adjusted her lower clothing ensuring her pussy was hidden from sight before joining Sharn on the horse.

“When do I get to pee on you?” asked Sharn indignantly. She could feel Felquest’s warm nipples and breasts pressing into her back as the Fel girl kicked their mount into action. With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Sharn realised they were heading back the way she had come, deeper into the tunnel.

“You don’t, not ever,” whispered Felquest into her ear. “You have a lot to learn about us Fel and you will soon be initiated in the way of the golden stream.”

“By golden stream you mean piss, don’t you?” retorted Sharn. She was beginning to wonder if she shouldn’t try overpowering her girl behind her and make good her escape on horseback. Surely she would be able to outpace any warriors she met on the way.

“Yes, Sharn. What you call piss is very special to the warriors of the Fel. It can be a means of subduing a vanquished foe, a tool for dominating a mate or slave, but most specially, it is the food for our gods.”

“What rubbish!” sputtered out Sharn at this last comment. “The gods don’t like piss, they need blood, sacrifices on the alter; offerings from slain cattle to help the corn in the fields grow long.”

“Oh Sharn. You have so much to learn. The gods of the Fel are real, not like the false idols your people worship. The golden streams from the warrior women of the Fel are the juices that sustain them in their dark temples beneath the fortress of Fel Jardine. The blood on the battlefield is the food that makes them grow. When enough blood has been shed they will rise amongst us and take back their rightful place back amongst the stars.”

Sharn had never heard such rubbish. Piss drinking gods that lived under the earth. The people of the Fel were obviously quite mad. However, Felquest mecidiyeköy escort had spoken with such conviction she thought it best to bite her tongue. She then said her own silent prayer to her own god; Treg, the deity of the huntress, begging for a release from this nightmare. Suddenly a thought struck her.

“How many days have passed since your people murdered my village?” she quickly asked over her shoulder. The horse was making fast progress down the tunnel and already the air was becoming thick again with the cloying substance she had been subjected to whilst on the cart.

“Ten days. The drink in the cart was also a strong sedative and you would have slept most of the way.”

Sharn coughed. The air was getting too thick to breath.

“Try and hold your breath and only breathe through your nose when you must have air,” Felquest instructed. She continued, “We ride now through the very veins of ‘Fel-a-libon’ the mother goddess of all the Fel gods and hence the air is not for the likes of us mortals. However, all passages to Fel Jardine are such as these and all must pass through the goddess on the way to the homelands.”

Sharn closed her eyes which were stinging now and tried to hold her breath. The tunnel vibrated with the sound of hoof beats as the horse ran on. Just when Sharn thought she could last no longer she suddenly felt a strong wind suddenly blowing down the tunnel towards them. Gasping for clean air she blinked her eyes open. The tunnel around them had widened considerably, its height growing in proportion to the broadening sides. Up ahead the tunnel became a wide cavern its floor sloping upwards into a steep incline and an open mouth of clear blue sky. Sharn had never seen anything so beautiful after all her time in the cave. Her eyes were watering as they made their way up the slope, the strong legs of their mount making short work of the uphill trail. At the very top of the slope was a sight that would live with Sharn for the rest of her days.

The open mouth of the cave system ended on the upper lip of a wide curving layer that ran on for miles around the edge of an impossibly enormous cavern, many times larger than the lands of her village combined. It was however, what stood so incredibly in the centre of crater that had stolen the air from her lungs. Towering so high that its apex vanished in the clouds, stood the mighty obsidian black fortress of Fel Jardine.

This was the living heart of these Amazon women, thought Sharn as she stared in wonder at the impossible structure. It jutted up from the crater floor like a living extension of the land around it. The base of the fortress was ringed with a moat of burning red rock, steam like vapours rising up and obscuring the lower levels. Buttresses, towers, windows and battlements pock marked the surface of the fortress, some situated at impossible angels.

It hurts to look at, Sharn thought as a sharp pain filled her mind. Coupled with the raw wound on the back of her head, the effect was making her nauseous. The air of the crater that had once seemed so fresh after the cloying mixture mersin escort of the tunnel now seemed oppressive. A sense of dread flowed through her as they started around the large spiralling ramp that led downwards to the carter floor. The fortress was still many miles distance but it seemed disturbingly too close as if the laws of nature were being twisted some how.

Sharn shivered uncontrollably in the saddle although the air was warm. Behind her Felquest offered her no comfort, remaining silent as they rode. A feeling of oppression and malevolence filled through Sharn’s body snapping at her strength. Her shivering continuing even as the temperature rose as they neared the river of fire at the crater bottom. In the end Sharn blacked out, welcoming the darkness of oblivion to that of the sight of the nearing fortress. She woke to her body being given a hard shake as she blinked awake to see Felquest standing over her.

At least she isn’t peeing over my face again, thought Sharn. Suddenly her thoughts became focused. The fortress now towered above her. They were now at the gates to the entrance. Behind them lay a long bridge of black stone running over the moat of fire. The dark sensations she had been filling her mind before came hammering back. It was almost like a physical blow. The fortress screamed an insult to every good thing she believed in, it’s every pore, nook and cranny seemingly steeped in evil.

Sharn voided her bladder with the overwhelming horror of it all. Hot urine flowed down her naked legs as she squirted her piss uncontrollably from her pussy. She collapsed into a ball on the floor drawing into a foetal position trying desperately to shut out the obscenity of the outside world. She was still pissing, unaware of it even as her warm urine sprayed over her closed thighs. Suddenly a strong pair of hands grabbed her and roughly forced to her feet. Sharn could barely stand. The oppression that radiated outwards from the fortress was too much.

The hands found her again and pushed her forwards. A new set of hands grabbed her roughly and pulled her onwards, crossing the threshold and entering into the dark shadow of the fortresses mouth. The effect was like a curtain being lifted from around her senses. Suddenly everything was normal again and Sharn blinked in the dim torchlight coming from the walls.

Looking around she desperately searched for Felquest but there was no sign. Instead a score of warrior woman stood around her, their pussies on proud display and a look of disgust upon their faces. Two of them were stood by her side and Sharn realised that they were still holding her. She tried to shake them off but their hold on her was too strong. A loud bell sounded in the distance and the two warriors started forwards dragging Sharn with them. All around, the other warrior women parted to give them way. Sharn stared in wonder at the display of all the tanned bare backsides and triangular shaped pussies that were on display.

Finally looking forwards Sharn realised she was being taken to along flight of stairs that led upwards into shadows. It was as she followed these stairs upwards that she first saw the monster. It was sitting there at the top of the steps waiting for her. Shadows danced over its flesh whilst its large unblinking bibulous eyes stared down at her. She was dragged forwards and thrown unceremoniously into a heap on the stairs. Looking up Sharn saw the creature move and she screamed with all her might as it came to claim her.

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