Lee’s New Apartment Ch. 03

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What’s Lee been up to these days? His life has settled into routine; he’s working a lot these days. Well, he came out to his family; with some resistance they embraced him and his new name! He is out at work. He came out to his friends, most of whom were ok with it, some who did not understand, and a few whose bigotry blinded them to the fact that Lee is still the same person… just more comfortable in his body, and hornier than ever…

As mentioned before, shifts in terminology for Lee’s genitals are intentional, though Lee identifies most strongly as male and prefers masculine terminology.

The three roommates are as into each other as ever; Lee’s home life is still great, but he wishes life at the office was more interesting…


“Lee, do you think we’ll be able to finish this damn proposal for Andersen on time?” Marcus, Lee’s officemate, asked. It was a slow Wednesday afternoon; Lee was happy for the diversion.

“Ha. I don’t know man…” He rubbed his eyes, giving them a moment’s rest from the glare of the screen. “I hope we don’t have to stay too late tonight…” Lee replied. Marcus was short but built, with a beautiful and kind yet mischievous face. He was so confident that he came off as intimidating, but he always initiated conversation with Lee. Lee knew he was queer, and Marcus (as well as everyone else in the office) knew Lee was queer, as he had been hired under a different name and had had to come out to the entire office.

“As long as we’re in this together. Fucking Andersen dumping this shit on us…” They chatted back and forth all day, eating lunch at their desks as they touched up the proposal. Lee wondered if Marcus were single. He didn’t think anything would happen between them, but he often caught himself checking out the bulge in Marcus’s pants, wondering what he’d do if Lee walked over, unzipped his fly, and started sucking his cock…

Lee’s cell buzzed. He picked it up, looking around his office to make sure nobody was watching him. He turned red.

The snapchat was from his roommate, Matt; it was a picture of two stiff dicks… touching. Lee assumed they were Matt’s and Rob’s. He knew they had the day off today; he didn’t expect them to spend it like this.

Lee immediately started getting horny. Looking around, he grabbed his phone and headed for the bathroom, locking himself in the single-stall room.

The phone buzzed again. This time, the photo was of Rob sucking Matt’s cock. Lee didn’t know Rob ever went down on Matt; this was totally new.

“u dirty fuckers”, Lee texted with one hand as he started touching himself with the other hand. He couldn’t wait to get home; it was only 1:30 PM.

“just u wait…” Matt responded. Lee moved his packer against his crotch, grinding against it, feeling his dick swell to its full inch-long size.

The next snap was a video, and it was a little harder to see. He finally made out what Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort it was… Matt fucking Rob’s ass! The closeup from between their legs showed the underside, their shaven balls and Matt’s shaft working in and out of Rob as he used one hand to stroke Rob’s shaft, slick with lube.

Lee replayed it, grinding against his packer faster and faster, until he finally came. He caught his breath, and then remembered he’d shaved everything this morning. He dropped his slacks, boxer-briefs, and packer. He squatted, stuck two fingers in his slick hole, then took a snap up close showing his asshole and the fingers in his cunt.

“can’t wait 2 c u both. pick a hole, roomies”

They had just been teasing him; he knew they’d be shocked he was fucking himself at work.

A few minutes later they sent one last picture, this time a kissy-faced selfie, showing ample amounts of their naked, defined torsos, spooning post-coitus.

It was no surprise to Lee that Matt was snapping photos of his fuck with Rob; he was now working on a side project with a few friends of his, a queer sex blog. His friend was into bondage, S Matt was showing old fashioned male on male sex with cis, trans, and gender-nonconforming men. Another friend of theirs had people modeling all sorts of sex toys from the shop she worked at, mostly solo. It all had an artistic take. Lee and Rob happily posed for Matt.

Sometimes when working late, Lee would pop into the bathroom to scroll through the blog’s newest entries, amazed at the artistry and turned on by the images til he could no longer keep from jerking off. He knew photos of him would be on the site that night; the thought turned him on even more.

Lee could barely get through the rest of the work day, even with Marcus there, in anticipation of what was to come.


It was 9:30 before Lee finally made it home. “Hello?” he called out as he opened the door to his apartment.

“Hey, we’re in the living room.”

Lee set down his laptop bag and hung his coat up, kicked off his sneakers and walked down the hall.

He wasn’t surprised to see the two of them naked; the apartment was boiling hot in the winter and they were pretty comfortable with each other. They were playing Mortal Kombat.

“Hey big boys,” Lee said as he walked over to kiss both Matt and Rob. “What’d you guys do today?” Rob patted the spot on the couch between them; Lee sat down.

“Cleaned, fucked, bought groceries, called my mom…”

“One of those things is not like the other.”

“Right. It’s so unlike Matt to clean the place…”

“Your snapchats are gonna get me in trouble one of these days, you assholes.”

“I see you enjoyed them all the same… oh FUCK!” Rob threw down the controller as his player died.

“I’ll be right back,” Lee said as he got up. He walked back to his bedroom, removing Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort his shirt, pants, underwear, and jock. He looked down at his flat chest, with surgical scars across them. It definitely beat wearing a binder. Completely naked, he felt himself getting wet. Though he was used to being naked with these guys it still turned him on.

He came back and sat between them again. “Whoa Lee, the heat on too high for you?” Matt’s cock started hardening as soon as he saw Lee sit down naked between them.

“Just thought I’d make things interesting for you guys. Since Matt keeps winning, maybe I’ll even the playing field…”

He reached over and started stroking Matt’s cock, which quickly stiffened. Rob glanced over, his dick swelling as he saw Lee massage Matt’s balls. Matt moaned gently, stumbled, and Rob’s character knocked him off balance. He was getting hard quickly, fighting the urge to close his eyes. Lee started working his hand up and down the shaft, and when his finger gently circled the tip, Matt groaned and fumbled, dropping the controller. He bent down to pick it up, but it was too late; Rob had dealt the final blow, knocking Matt’s character off her feet for the last time.

“Thanks Lee!” Rob smiled.

“Ugh, fuck you Lee!” Matt said, half frustrated and half turned on. He grabbed Lee and started kissing him hard. Lee turned his body toward Matt and felt Rob move in close behind him, his cock sandwiching between their bodies, pointing upward, as Rob started running his hands all over Lee. With no binder, nothing was off limits; he caressed Lee’s smooth chest, then moved his hands downward toward Lee’s tiny cock, and began stroking it. Lee moaned.

Matt slid his hand up the back of Lee’s thigh and up toward his ass, cupping the round cheek in his hand. He reached over with the other hand to cup his other ass cheek, massaging them and pulling them apart. His fingers inched closer to Lee’s asshole, gently pressed against it, and then slowly a finger tip entered him. Then he pulled it out, reached behind him to grab a bottle of lube on the side table, then slicked up his finger. Less slowly this time, he stuck the finger in, and Lee moaned loudly. He grabbed some more lube; a second finger went in. “Someone fuck me…” Lee begged.

Rob’s stiff cock was pressed up against Lee’s back. He pulled away, grabbed the lube as Matt kept fingering Lee’s ass. Matt used his other hand to rub Lee’s cock; Lee leaned back as Rob started kissing his neck.

Finally Lee felt Rob’s lubed cock against his ass cheek, and then his crack. Matt slowly pulled his fingers out and went to wash his hands; the head of Rob’s dick teased Lee’s empty hole before slowly easing in. Rob pulled Lee onto his lap so they were both facing forward, facing the TV. “Fuck, this is what I needed all DAY!” Lee groaned as the length of Rob’s cock slid into him. Rob pulled Lee toward Ataşehir Ucuz Escort him, his hand on Lee’s cock; Lee reached back to grab Rob’s ass and pull him towards Lee. He felt Rob filling him up as he leaned against Rob’s smooth chest, closing his eyes.

Matt came back with clean hands and a D-SLR. “Is this ok?” Lee and Rob nodded. Matt pressed a couple buttons to hook the camera up to the TV so they could see what the camera saw. Matt got in front of them, spread Lee’s legs, and took a photo of the two of them, mid-fuck, Lee’s swollen cock peering out between Rob’s fingers, blown up tenfold on the big flatscreen.

“Rob, slide under him.” Rob did as Matt asked, sliding down slightly and perching Lee on top of his cock. “Now pull his thighs open.” Rob did as Matt asked; Matt snapped a photo. Lee’s front hole was glistening with moisture; the crisp photo on the screen showed every detail, every fold.

Matt couldn’t take it much more; he knelt down to suck Lee’s cock. Lee came almost instantly. Matt moved his tongue down and started fucking Lee’s hole with it, then drew the moisture up toward Lee’s cock. Lee’s body tensed as his sensitive cock was touched post-orgasm.

Matt grabbed a dildo from a bag he had lying next to him; as Rob kept fucking Lee, spreading Lee’s legs wide, Matt lubed the dildo and slid it into Lee, ordering Lee to start fucking himself with it. Lee did as he was asked, feeling another orgasm build up. Matt took another photo, another closeup, showing the cock buried deep in Lee’s cunt.

Lee fucked himself faster and faster until he came again. He slid the dildo out and tossed it aside. Rob wrapped his big arms around him and started thrusting faster.

Matt snapped photos of Rob’s and Lee’s faces, of their bodies, of their genitals. When he came in for a closeup Lee took Matt’s cock in his hand and started stroking it; it was fully stiff and it jumped at Lee’s touch. As the intensity built, Matt kept snapping more photos; finally, he couldn’t take it. He got in between Rob and Lee’s legs, working his shaft til it was harder still, then slid into Lee, matching Rob’s tempo.

“Fuck me faster,” Lee moaned.

Rob fucked faster til he came; then Matt increased his pace, sliding in and out of Lee’s dripping wet hole as he came too; then he worked Lee’s cock with his fingers until Lee came a third time.

The three of them collapsed onto the couch, Lee in between them as they cuddled him, one leg draped over Rob’s and the other over Matt’s. The cool air hitting his dick felt nice, but made him feel turned on all over again.

“Well, now that we’re internet-famous, three orgasms might not cut it anymore…” Lee said.

Rob started caressing Lee’s chest. “I like this hyperdrive libido of yours, Lee.”

“Wait 10 minutes and we just might give you 3 more…” Matt smiled, still breathing hard.

The three of them alternated fucking and relaxing the rest of the night. The next afternoon, at a long boring meeting, Lee checked the blog: it had blown up! 3,000 views overnight!

Then a text from his officemate, Marcus, popped up.

“I saw you on that website. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Andersen. I was just wondering… would you want to pose with me?”

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