Lecture Teasing

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I really hoped he would be in class today. To waste this perfectly tight outfit would be upsetting. I had bought new, dark, skin tight jeans, and wore a thong to be sure no lines could be seen. The adherent electric blue blouse was unbuttoned a bit too low to bee decent, and the white tank top underneath failed completely to cover my cleavage, pushed up by my new lacey bra. I hoped to make him completely wild today. He’d be going home for lunch with blue balls.

I smirked as I strode toward our lecture hall, drawing several gazes. But I was mostly rewarded when I sat in my usual spot, with him across the corridor from me, and his jaw dropped.

I smirked as I briefly caught his eyes checking me out, from the curled up hair passing from my tightly clothed body to my blue high pumps on my feet.

As if nothing strange was taking place, I turned to my study buddies on my left and started a normal conversation.

Without checking I knew he was looking, and I purposely stretched my body towards my right side to greet someone behind me. I could feel his eyes burning through my clothes.

About half way into the lecture I dropped my pen, and blatantly bent over to his side to pick it up, my cleavage obviously showing, glancing quickly towards him. He had a death stare on. Yeah that too happened often. He got angry at me for teasing him so blatantly and painfully, and still never approaching him outside.

I smirked. Your move buddy.

But I didn’t leave him boil on his own. During the rest of the lecture I kept teasing my own lips with a pen, my teeth, my tongue sliding over now and then. I could swear I heard him groan at one point.

As the bell rang and dismissed us, I picked up my belongings purposely giving my back to him, and my behind, as I bent over to catch a fallen pencil. Clumsy me!

As one of my girl-friends watched giggling and shaking her head, I headed out the hall with her, smirking.

Mission accomplished today too.

Heading for the girls bathroom at lunchtime I had the familiar sensation of being watched. I dismissed it, as I had dressed for this purpose and couldn’t complain. But I didn’t see the next thing coming.

From a door to my side an arm sneaked out and got hold of my wrist, pulling me in what I realized was the janitor’s closet.

There he was, standing menacingly in front of me, pinning me to the wall.

“Damian…” I breathed.

“Shut up.” He growled and pressed my lips on mine, forcing them open and invading my mouth. “You are a fucking tease.”

“That illegal bahis was the plan…” I could hardly make out. Ok… hot, so hot.

“Where you even thinking of ever approaching me, had I not dragged you in here?” he asked, a hair from my mouth, his body pressed on mine. Mmmh… he was hard.

I shook my head no, biting my lip.

“Bitch.” He growled, and took my lip between his own teeth. “You planned on making me die of blue balls didn’t you? Send me home to jerk off thinking of you.”

“Did it work?” I whispered.

“Totally.” He grinned. Oh good the game wasn’t totally lost on him. “But it’s payback time.”

I swallowed, staring hazily into his angry, lustful eyes. I so hoped this turned out as I imagined…

His mouth attacked my neck, biting angrily on my flesh. He soon noticed he found the spot that made me crazy. I moaned, loudly, and felt him grin.

“Looks like I can tease you also…” he bit harder, his fingers squeezed my sides and pulled my hips to grind on his. I groaned.

“Be silent.” He growled, nibbling his way down the open front of my blouse. As he reached the first button he swiftly undid it with a hand, catching mine in the other as I tried to help.

“Nope, you stay still, like I have to in class, when your fucking mouth just begs me to come over there and fuck you.” I gasped, turned on by his admission and even more by his rage.

Blouse open, he bit on my top’s straps and literally ripped them off me.

I was panting heavily, watching down my own body his mouth biting me all over. His free hand unclasped my bra, and he freed my hand to slip it past my shoulders.

I caught the moment and tried to get a hold of his pants. He locked my wrists in a vice grip.

“No, no, no little teaser…” He whispered in my ear. “You don’t get to do that.” Bastard. He knew I wanted him, and was taking his revenge.

My own bra was used to tie my hands together behind my back, making my breast prompt out as he pinned me back on the wall.

His mouth and fingers descended on my nipples, the first sucking and biting, the second pinching and pulling. I tried to press down my moans, my eyes closed shut, and I heard him snicker, pleased of his effect on me.

His hips ground on mine at full force. “Here, feel that? That’s what you do to me in every lecture.” Feeling him so hard for me was my undoing. I groaned, not able to hold back anymore.

He groaned too this time. “If you don’t keep silent I’ll swear I’ll put that mouth to better use.”

He must have seen illegal bahis siteleri my hungry look, because he sneered at me and pushed my hips into his hardness again. “Eager little bitch aren’t you?” I groaned again, hoping he would fulfill his promise.

He slapped my ass-cheek, hard, making me gasp and bite my lip to muffle a scream.

“I’m sorry…” I breathed.

“Too late bitch.” He growled and forcefully got rid of my pants and thong, pushing my feet out of them. He rose in front of me holding my thong. He nuzzled his nose in it and inhaled.

“You like this.” He was almost surprised. “You were hoping for this weren’t you?”

“I fantasized about it…” I let out, my eyes boring into his.

“Quite the kinky little teaser.” He grinned, took his shirt off and pressed himself onto me again, his mere body heat made me moan again. So close and yet I couldn’t touch it.

“I warned you.” He growled and pushed me to my knees, undoing his belt.

Once his jeans and boxers slid down to his ankles, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. Engorged with blood, it was bigger than in my fantasies, and smelled clean. It made me hungry. I leaned in without him telling me, licking his shaft from base to tip, while enjoying the look of pure lust in his eyes. I lowered my attention to his balls and sucked and licked them to his amazement. His hand placed behind my head and I placed my lips around his cock. Sliding down inch by inch, my tongue drawing patterns as it followed my lips down. I was re warded by his eyes closing and him inhaling sharply, his hand pushing me deeper. I gagged and tried to resist it, taking more and more of him. As the pressure of his hand subsided, I bobbed up and down his member, never leaving his eyes with mine. His breathing was ragged, and as an evil look formed in my eyes, I bared a bit of my teeth, just enough to let him feel them without hurting him. I didn’t expect it to set him off.

He groaned loudly and held my head in place as he came in my mouth and throat. I swallowed it all down, inside me hoping he would still fuck me.

“Christ…” He sighed pulling me back up. “I think this teaser deserves some reward for being such a good cock-sucker.” He grinned and pushed me sitting on a stool. Soon he was on all fours in front of me, my hands still tied, his tongue probing into my already slick folds.

I let out a moan of anticipation, and he sat up, serious.

“That won’t do.” He smirked and pulled up my wet thong. “Open.”

I didn’t even protest. At this point I’d do canlı bahis siteleri anything to be fucked. He stuffed my own panties in my mouth, leaving me breathing through my own fluids, inhaling my scent. It was effective though. When his finger inserted all at once into me, my scream was muffled. My eyed went wide, my head flew back, and he kept drawing his finger slowly out and then back in at full force. The flat of his tongue was torturing my nub, and I had an hard time not making too much noise even through the cloth stuffed in my mouth. As he lightly bit my clit, I shattered on the stool, my legs and body shaking with shock waves. He got me up without waiting for me to recover, and sat at my place. Pulling me forward he had me sit on his lap.

“Do not cum until I say so, am I clear?” he growled in my ear while rising my behind up hovering over his shaft.

I mumbled my assent, and I was abruptly impaled on him, a stifled scream breaking free from my throat.

He rocked his hip up and hit just the right spot, and groaning, I matched his rhythm to give us more friction. Now covered in sweat, my breasts rubbing on his chest and my nose nuzzling the crook of his neck I was on the verge of exploding again.

“Keep going.” He coaxed, pinching a nipple between his finger and causing me to speed up.

With a growl, he took hold of my hips and rocked his up and down driving into me so forcefully I thought I felt his cock in my stomach. It was getting hard not to cum around his shaft, my muscles ready to clench tight on him.

I tried to beg him through my gag, but only muffled sounds came out. He must have caught on anyway.

“Not yet, hold on or I’ll spank you right in here afterwards.” His stare was terrifying now, I couldn’t help but shiver and bite down on my panties as I rocked back and forth on him, closer and closer.

I could finally see signs of ceding on him too. And as my pleading eyes met his. I heard him swear.

“Fuck.” He groaned and rammed into me harder than ever. “Cum for me now little teaser.” One final thrust and as I felt him twitch and spurt inside me I couldn’t hold it anymore, and exploded right there, shivers running down my spine and my head fuzzy. My legs were jelly, I couldn’t get up if I tried.

He must have been spent too. We stayed like that for a few minutes, then he helped me up and freed me of my panties and bra.

“That was for teasing me.” He grinned.

“Might keep doing that if this is the aftermath.” I replied.

He smirked and put quickly his clothes back on. As the bell rang he pulled my face in for a kiss, his tongue deep and demanding in my mouth. “See you in class, baby.” And he was out of the door.

As I dressed, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of my panties. He kept them, the bastard!

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