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I have been a pilot for North Pacific Airlines for over ten years now. For the first eight years my private life was nobody’s business, but then I came out of the closet. Or rather, I was forced out of the closet, much to my discomfort.

It had been on a flight to Seattle. We were laying over and flying back to Chicago the next morning. I was rooming with my co-pilot, Kevin Sully, in the Belford Hotel. The flight crew took the bus into town and Kevin and I checked into our room, while the flight attendants checked into theirs.

It was a small room with twin beds, but adequate for the two of us. North Pacific doesn’t put the staff up in luxury hotels. We all met down in the dining room and had dinner, and if it had been late at night as usual, I would have gone right up to bed after dinner, but it was very early and I had the whole night ahead of me, and to tell the truth, I was feeling a little horny.

I knew there was this boy bar across town, and I really wanted to go and see what I could pick up, and maybe stick my dick into. I told Kevin I was going to go out and have a few drinks, did he mind? And he said ‘no’ so I went. I knew he would go right upstairs. He had just recently married a scarce month before the stork arrived, and I knew that he would just go up to his room, and would not want to accompany me, thinking that I would be going out to pick up some girl to lay. He would not want to commit adultery, I was sure.

I hailed a taxi and took it across town to the Silver Buckle, which I had noticed on several previous trips, but had not had the chance or the nerve to go into. Plus, I usually land late and have to fly out early, so I don’t get much chance to fool around. But now I had that chance. I got out of the cab in front of the Silver Buckle and paid the driver. I looked up and down the street for a few minutes before going in. The street was pretty empty except that I saw a few guys going into the establishment across the street, the Precious Pussycat. I could tell from the signs out front that it was an adult establishment that offered adult entertainment, such as girly lap dancing. Not my thing.

I went into the Silver Buckle and went up to the bar. I was wearing a gray wool sweater over a tee shirt, and a pair of gray slacks. I had taken off my flight uniform, the one with my nametag on it. You can’t be too careful. I ordered a beer and soon got into a conversation with a friendly young Seattle man who was standing next to me at the bar. We hit it off really well, and it didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to fuck him, and I hoped he wanted me to fuck him.

He said his name was Terrence Grant and he worked in advertising. I asked him if he lived in town, and he said ‘yes,’ which was good, and then I asked him did he live alone, and he said ‘yes’ which was also good, and I kept hinting that he should invite me over to his place for a drink, and maybe a little something more. “I don’t live in town,” I told him. “I’m only here overnight and sharing a hotel room with another guy, so I can’t invite you back to my place.”

“Usually I don’t like to take people home,” he said, “but you seem to be an all right guy, I hope, so I guess, yeah, I guess we could go up to my apartment and have a drink.”

“Great,” I said. It had only taken me three hours to get to this point, and I didn’t have all night. I had to fly out in the morning, and I did have to get back to the hotel and get some shut-eye. But I really did want to fool around a little first.

Terrence and I walked to the door, and I don’t usually do this, but I was feeling so horny, and he was so cute, and I just wanted to grab him and kiss him and start getting into the mood, so when we got out on the street, I turned to him and pulled him against me, and started to kiss him. The street was empty, so it was okay.

He started kissing me back, and it was like we didn’t want to let go of each other. I was rubbing my hands all over his cute round behind, and he was kind of feeling my prick through my pants. Good. It was settled. I would be the one to fuck him.

Suddenly someone screamed at me from across the street “Hilton, you fucking faggot.” It was my co-pilot, Kevin Sully, coming out of the Precious Pussycat with some blonde bimbo on his arm. Oh, my god! I froze mouth to mouth with Terrence. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. On the other hand, here he was a newly married man with this blonde babe, obviously going to commit adultery, which is breaking a commandment. ‘Thou shalt not be a faggot’ is not a commandment, so who was he to cast stones?

“You fucking faggot. Do not come back to that hotel room tonight. I am not going to hole up in the same room as some queer. Keep out of my way,” he expounded, and since he was bigger than me, and I didn’t want to have a big scene in the hotel, I decided that I would spend the night with Terrence.

“You don’t mind if I stay here all night, do you?” I asked Terrence when we got up to his apartment.

“No. No. altyazılı porno That’s great. Stay here,” he told me.

We didn’t have any drinks, even though we were supposed to have been going to his place for a drink. We went right into the bedroom and we both got undressed. He was a neat little package. White skin, with rosy cheeks, and even his asscheeks were rosy. And he had a beautiful ass, I couldn’t wait to get my cock in there. The two of us fell on the bed, and started kissing. We sort of picked up where we had left off in the street, when we had been so rudely interrupted. Terrence was a great kisser, and I was getting so turned on. My dick was so hard, it was almost hurting me.

“Suck my dick,” I told him, and he immediately complied. I lay there on the pillow while he knelt over my crotch and took my pecker into his mouth. I just relaxed and let him do his work, though I knew I didn’t want to come in his mouth. I was saving that for his beautiful ass. But it was all just a little bit spoiled by what had just happened in the street. I mean, I was really disturbed. I kept thinking about it and remembering it, and wondering what was going to happen, because I knew Kevin was going to tell everybody that I was queer, and this was so fucking upsetting that I almost lost my hard-on, but Terrence just wouldn’t let me go down. He really loved sucking dick.

Finally, I eased him over on his stomach, and laid him flat, and stuck my dick between his beautiful rosy cheeks, and I felt it slowly sliding into him. He had certainly been well-fucked before, and it felt so great. That body heat surrounding my stiff dick. Nothing like it. So great. I fucked him so slowly, hardly even moving. It felt so great, I wanted it to last the whole fucking night. We just kept up a nice slow fuck for almost an hour, and then I felt I couldn’t hold it off any longer, and I shot my cum out into his rosy ass. He turned his face to the side, and we kissed, and then we both fell asleep, with my dick still inside his butt.

The next morning, I kissed Terrence goodbye, and said I hoped we would meet up again soon, and he said he hoped so too, and then I took a cab back to the hotel to pick up my uniform and the rest of my gear. Thank heaven that Kevin was not in the room.

I took a cab out to the airport and boarded the plane. The rest of the crew was already on board. Madge and Penelope, the two front flight attendants turned their faces away when I came on board, so I knew that Kevin had opened his big mouth. Fucking bastard. I took my seat in the cockpit, and he was sitting next to me, and all the while I was checking the instruments and getting ready for take- off he kept saying things like “Fucking faggot,” and “pervert,” and “disgusting queer bastard,” and other nice things.

He told management that I was a queer and that he never wanted to be put on a flight with me again, because he wouldn’t bed down next to a fucking queer. Management was very nice about the whole thing. After all, North Pacific Airlines does offer domestic partner benefits, so they’re not entirely intolerant. Still, not having a domestic partner and the need to avail myself of those benefits, I had been entirely happy keeping my private sexual proclivities to myself.

So, I kept my job and everything was just the same as it was before, except now I never flew with Kevin Sully as my co-pilot, and also I was ‘out’. Every one knew all about my sexual orientation. Well, okay. It was kind of a relief not to have pretend all the time that I had all these phantom girlfriends and was a big ass man. Well, I was a big ass man. Just not a woman’s ass.

And for a long time I never had any trouble. My co-pilot/roommates were perfect gentlemen and never mentioned the subject. Of course, they were careful to undress in the bathroom, but I completely understood.

But one day, I was piloting this flight to Cincinnati, I had been supposed to fly with one of my regular co-pilots, Gilbert Rand, but he suddenly came down with the flu, and they assigned me a new co-pilot, with whom I had never flown before.

“Hi, I’m Cal Sutton,” he said as he came into the cockpit, his right hand outstretched. We shook hands. He had quite a grip.

“Hilton Rogers,” I told him.

“I know. Great to meet you,” he said, and he flashed a big smile displaying an even row of very white perfectly-formed teeth. He was a good-looking guy all right. Tall, muscular, dark, with thick black hair. But he was my co-pilot and not a possible sex partner. And also, I noticed this big gold wedding band on his left hand.

I started my instrument check, and Cal just kept chatting away. He was distracting me. I was trying to ensure the safety of my 173 passengers, and he’s sitting there telling me all about his beautiful sexy wife, Joyce, and his two adorable children, Jacob and Franz, 7 and 5, whose pictures he just happened to have right there in his wallet, which he whipped out to show me. Pretty wife. Cute kids. I went back to my duties. türkçe altyazılı porno He continued to rhapsodize about his family life, and the barbecue they had had last Sunday, after which the kids went home with their grandparents, and he and Joyce got it on really hot and heavy. And that Joyce was just a firecracker. So good in bed. He was such a lucky guy. And on. And on. And on. I had to listen to this throughout the whole trip. I wondered if he had heard about me, and wanted to establish the fact early on that he was extremely heterosexual and attached.

We landed in Cincinnati at ten p.m. and the whole crew took a minibus over to the Airport Harley Hotel, where we were to sleep. There were four flight attendants, and Ellen and Daisy got to room together, as did Harriet and Carla. I had Cal.

We got up to the room.

“I’m bushed,” I told him. “I’m gonna sack out right now.”

“Me too,” he said.

I took off all my clothes except my jockey shorts, because I slept in those, and I climbed into the bed near the window. He took off everything, even his boxers, and then went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, after which he came out and stood in front of the night table between the two beds, reading the breakfast menu, and other literature. His cock and balls were literally six inches from my face. Obviously he wasn’t aware that I was the company faggot. He even reached down and started scratching his balls, “Got a little itch,” he explained, but I could almost swear he was getting a little bit of a hard-on. I couldn’t watch all this and keep my composure, so I turned on my side to face the window and closed my eyes.

“Turn out the light when you’re finished reading,” I told him.

“Sure thing,” he said. And after a few minutes, I heard a click, and I could tell that the room was dark, and I heard him climbing into his own bed, the one nearest the door.

I was just on the verge of falling asleep when he spoke.

“So what’s it like?”

“What’s what like?” I asked.

“You know. Having sex with another guy.”

How was I supposed to answer that question. What a stupid question.

“I like it,” I told him.

“I bet it’s really hot.”

“I guess so,” I told him.

“I often wondered what it would be like, you know, to suck another guy’s cock.”

“I think we should get some sleep,” I told him. I really didn’t want to pursue this any further. But he continued.

“I bet it’s really hot. You know. To have another guy’s stiff dick in your mouth. I always wondered what it would be like. Maybe someday, I’d like to try it.’

“If that’s what you want,” I told him, trying to end the conversation.

“Do you like getting your cock sucked?”

“Of course,” I said impatiently. He was just not going to let up. Was he trying to torture me? “Who doesn’t like to get his cock sucked?” I asked him.

“That’s right. Nobody. That’s who.”

“Right,” I said. “It’s getting really late. We have to fly back to Chicago in the morning.”

“I know. I know,” he said. “It just seems like such a great opportunity.”

I didn’t say anything, so he just kept on.

“I know you really like to get your dick sucked, and I was just thinking that maybe I could do something for you.”

“Like what?” I asked, knowing very well where this was going.

“Whatever you want,” he told me. “I’d be willing to do whatever you want. Like if you wanted me to suck your cock, I would do it for you. I know I’m just a stupid inexperienced straight man, but I wouldn’t mind trying it to help you out, if you really want to get your cock sucked.”

The cock he was referring to was getting harder and harder, but I tried desperately to head off an uncomfortable situation. “No. That’s very sweet of you,” I told him, “And I appreciate your offer, but I think we should turn in.”

And then I heard his bed creak, and I knew he had stood up and was standing right behind my back with his big prick dangling, or maybe it wasn’t dangling now. I was not going to look. But then I felt him sitting on the edge of my bed, and I felt his hand reach under the blanket and touch my back. It kind of gently moved down and brushed my asscheeks, and at that point I turned and was lying flat on my back, and his large hand reached into my jockeys, and closed around my considerably large erection. It was inevitable.

“You got a big cock,” he told me, appreciatively.

“Yeah,” I said. “I know.”

“Man. That’s some big motherfucker. I wonder if I could even get my mouth around that thing.”

I didn’t answer him. I just lay there helplessly as he stroked and stroked my dick. Then he kind of moved down on the bed and threw the blankets down on the floor. Then I felt him tugging at my jockeys. I raised my ass off the mattress so that he could get them off. I felt his five o’clock stubble brushing against the sensitive head of my penis, and it was not entirely unpleasant. He was rubbing my cock up and down his cheek. Up and down. hd altyazılı porno Up and down.

“I wonder if I could even get my mouth around this big motherfucker,” he wondered, and with that I felt the warmth of his mouth encircle my ‘big motherfucker.’

He started to lick and suck and savor it, and he was making little happy mewling noises the whole time.

“Oh. This is so great. This is so great. I love it. I never knew cocksucking could be so great. I’m in love with your dick, man. Do you mind?”

“I don’t mind,” I assured him, after which he continued to slurp and slobber. Man. He really did love to suck dick. He then started to explore my balls, and lavished a great deal of affection on each of them, and he licked the inside of my thighs from my kneecaps all the way up into my pubic area, which tickled, but felt really good. And now he was going back to my dick and sucking it for all he was worth, and I was starting to feel like he was going to make me come, and my hips started bucking up toward his face, which made him suck all the harder, and then I felt the bed rocking a little, and I knew that he was jerking himself as he was sucking me, and we were both making crazy moaning noises. And then it happened. I blasted. Right into his mouth. And he gobbled it. He gobbled it and swallowed it, and almost screamed, because at that very moment, I knew that he also was shooting off his load.

“That was great,” he told me. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes,” I told him. “It was really great. But we’d really better turn in now.” Regretfully he released my softening penis, and crossed over to his own bed. I had to get up and pick my blankets up from the floor and tuck them in, after which I got into bed and closed my eyes. I don’t know how long I had been sleeping, but it was still dark out, so it certainly wasn’t morning when I heard him.

“Are you awake?” he asked me.

“I was sleeping,” I told him. “You woke me. What do you want?”

“I was just thinking how great that was. You know. Me sucking your cock and all that. It felt really good. Right?”

“Yes,” I told him.

“Just thinking about it is giving me another hard-on. Are you getting another hard-on?” And when he asked me that, I started to get another hard-on.

“A little,” I told him.

“Great,” he said. “Let’s do it again.”

“What?” I asked.

“I’ll suck you off again. I wouldn’t mind. Swear to god.” And suddenly he was over by my bed and the blankets were back on the floor and he had hold of my cock again. He really gave the best head I think I have ever had, so it would have been stupid not to take advantage of this opportunity. I just let him suckle on me for ever so long. Finally I shot off a second load, and so did he.

“We have to get up early,” I told him.

“I know. I know,” he said.

I remade my bed and fell back to sleep. I mean now I was really tired. And then again.

“Are you awake?”

“No. I’m sleeping,” I told him. “Go to sleep.”

“Just one more time,” he said. “Wouldn’t you like just one more blowjob before morning? Tell the truth.”

“The truth is that I’m really very, very tired. No I do not want another blow job. Go to sleep. Please.” He didn’t answer me, so I just lay there waiting for what would happen next, but pretty soon I could hear very heavy even breathing and I knew that he was finally asleep. Good. Unfortunately, I was so agitated by this whole situation at this point that I never closed my eyes again. I was really tired, flying back to Chicago. Not good.

And the whole trip back he never shut his mouth. About Joyce, and what a great fuck she was, and how her pussy was so tight around his dick, even after the two kids. And not a word about that he had sucked my cock twice and begged to do it a third time, the night before. Life is strange.

My regular co-pilot, Gilbert Rand, recovered from the flu, and I flew with him as well as with other co-pilots during the next several months. I didn’t see Cal again until the day I was supposed to have a vacation day, but one of the other pilots, Reggie Nichols, had an attack of appendicitis and had to be rushed to the hospital, and North Pacific called me, and asked me to take over his flight to Toronto. They asked me, but they were really telling me. I called a cab to drive me right out to the airport. And when I got on the plane, and met the rest of the crew, among them was my co-pilot, Cal Sutton.”

“Hi there,” he said brightly. “We meet again.”

“So we do,” I answered.

No sooner were we up in the air and on our way when he started with the barbecues and the family picnics, and Joyce, and the kids, and by the way he was going to be a daddy again.

“Congratulations,” I told him.

“Yeah,” he said. “We don’t want to know in advance, but this time we’re really hoping for a girl.”

“Well I hope you get lucky,” I told him.

It was after nine p.m. when we landed in Toronto and disembarked. We took a minibus to the Airport Harley Hotel in Toronto, where we would spend the night. I really knew in my heart that something was going to happen. That I was going to get my cock sucked, and Cal did not disappoint me. As soon as we were in bed, he said “That was really terrific.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32