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I liked George immediately, and not just because she was a girl named George. Georgina “George” Kelly and I met on our flight from Seattle to Chicago. I’d been there on business, she visiting family. She was fascinating. She was a travel writer and editor. Her job was to visit tourist sites, hotels and restaurants and evaluate them for new or updated travel guides. I was a travel fanatic as well so we spent the whole flight discussing where we’d been and where we were desperate to go. She was able to recommend great deals and places to visit.

But more than just having things in common, I was drawn to her magnetism. She was very open and friendly, and had an affectionate way of touching my arm to emphasize her points. And I’ll admit it is hard to dislike someone who is that gorgeous. She had beautiful shiny chestnut hair, intense light blue eyes, and an engaging smile. I love my wavy, dark red hair but it will never shine the way hers did.

She, too, had recently ended a long-time relationship, though hers was with a girl. George told me it had been her first and only relationship with a woman and now she wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for so she was staying single. I didn’t pry but I was secretly dying of curiosity of what it was like, I’d never been with a woman. Unfortunately that would have been a little too intimate for two people who’d only met three hours ago.

As we started our descent into Chicago O’Hare Airport, we exchanged contact information. We both lived in Manhattan. In fact, we were both connecting to the same flight, but our seats weren’t together. It was a tight connection and we’d need to practically run to make it.

George handed me her business card with her email address and cell phone number. “We’ll get together for drinks next weekend. Give me a call later in the week.” I felt my stomach flutter when she smiled at me. I knew it was just my curiosity over her experience, but it made my cheeks feel warm anyway.

“I definitely will! It will be nice to hang out with a girlfriend who isn’t just focused on meeting a man.”

Her throaty laugh was charming. The way she tossed her head back drew my eyes to her long, graceful neck. I wished my skin was so smooth and creamy looking. My eyes slid down her neck to her rounded cleavage. I quickly glanced back up and realized she’d caught me looking. I busied myself packing up my carry-on bag.


“Are you kidding?” I asked the airline check-in woman, barely concealing my annoyance.

“I’m very sorry, ma’am. But we can get you on the first flight tomorrow morning.”

I looked over at George who shrugged back at me. We’d just been told that our flight to New York was overbooked and since we were the last two to check in, we were the lucky ones to get bumped from the flight. And they couldn’t get us on another flight until tomorrow.

“Again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Of course your hotel stay tonight will be on us and we will also provide vouchers for your dinner.” I could tell the woman behind the desk was just hoping I wouldn’t throw a fit. I knew it wasn’t her fault.

“Thank you. That would be very helpful.”

She issued our new tickets for tomorrow, gave us our vouchers, and directed us to our hotel. Of course, also casually Escort mentioning that our luggage would be waiting for us in New York.

George and I laughed at our situation and agreed that at least we were fortunate enough to have good company. We walked to the airport hotel and went to check-in to our rooms.

While the hotel receptionist was looking for two adjoining single rooms, I sighed, “It’s too bad I don’t have my swimsuit, I could really use the jacuzzi right now.”

The blonde receptionist overheard and offered, “If you two are traveling together, I’d be happy to upgrade your two single vouchers to a suite. All of our suites have jacuzzi baths and there are two separate beds.”

I glanced at George who laughed, “That sounds perfect if it’s okay with you! I could use a good soak as well.”

I turned to the receptionist, “We’ll take it!”


“George,” I shouted from the bathroom, “Look at this jacuzzi! You could fit four people in here!”

I heard her call in response, “I’d check it out but I’m afraid I can’t leave this fluffy bed!”

I ran out and flopped onto my bed as well. “Do you want the jacuzzi first?”

George rolled over and her eyes met mine, “Well if it can fit four people why don’t we just take one together?”

My heart leapt in my chest, “But we don’t have suits, George.” I felt my cheeks heat up again.

George giggled girlishly, “You are such a prude! But we can wear our bras and panties. It will double as doing laundry, since we don’t have fresh underwear for tomorrow.”

That made perfect sense, so while George ran the bath I used our dinner vouchers to order room service. We’d decided on an assortment of hors d’oeuvres instead of entrees and a bottle of wine. Better make it two, I thought, it had been a long day.

I did feel prudish and shy as I stripped down to my sheer black bra and panties. I carried some plates into the bathroom where George was only wearing a lacy red demi bra and matching boyshort-style panties. I tried to keep my eyes focused on her face when talking to her. But my eyes seemed to drift to the way her breasts swelled over the cups of red lace. And I couldn’t help but notice how her tightly toned abs gave way to her softly curving hips, especially when she bent over to adjust the jets. I quickly poured us both glasses of red wine and spread out the food on the side of the tub.

We both climbed in and slipped into the hot bubbling water.

“Ohhhh, this feels so good.” I sank down in my seat and rested my head on the edge. I arched my back to stretch it, causing my breasts to rise above the churning water. I saw George notice my nipples poking through the sheer material and sank back under the water.


Two bottles of Cabernet later we were giggling and splashing. George had been telling me of her last boyfriend and the crazy things they would do. He’d been a bit of an exhibitionist and it had led to some interesting situations for them.

With a bottle of wine in me I finally asked what I’d been dying to know. “George, what is it like? I mean, to be with a woman?”

She chuckled, “I’ve been wondering when you’d ask.”

I sat up and turned to her, “You have?”

“Of course, you’ve been holding it in, trying to be polite. It’s positively adorable!” She rubbed my thigh for a moment in reassurance. “It’s okay! I’m not offended. Honestly? It’s much more sensual with a woman.” She tilted her head back against the porcelain. “Don’t get me wrong, being with a man can be raw and passionate and hot. But a woman knows your body as she does her own. She’s soft and slow and sexy.” George’s eyes were closed and her hand slid over her throat. “It’s completely different. It’s… incredible.”

I don’t even remember moving but suddenly my hand was on her cheek and I was kissing her. Her eyes never opened, her mouth just sought mine in return. I was struck by the softness of her full lips. Her hands moved around my back as I leaned into her. It felt so strange when my breasts pressed against hers, the wet lace of her bra scratching against my bare skin.

As her tongue stroked mine, my hand moved down her face to her breast. I ran my thumb over the curve of her breast feeling her nipple pushing through the lace. I pressed harder against her nipple, making George moan into my mouth, grab the back of my head, and deepen the kiss.

I slipped my left leg over hers so I was straddling her left leg. I traced patterns in the roof of her mouth with my tongue and nibbled her lips. She reached around me and unhooked my bra. I pulled away from her.

“Are you okay?” George asked, her chest heaving as she caught her breath.

I smiled and pulled off my bra, exposing my breasts to her hungry blue eyes. I took her hands and placed them on my tits. “I’m fantastic,” and I leaned in to taste her lips again. I savored the red wine lingering on her tongue and tugged her bra straps down her shoulders. My mouth migrated along her jaw and down her velvety throat.

George laughed breathlessly, “I’m so glad we got kicked off our flight.” I pushed the lace below her breast and licked her nipple. “Oh, make that REALLY glad!”

I giggled and looked up at her. “I have been trying so hard not to ogle these beautiful breasts all night!” I sucked the mound of flesh into my mouth.

George giggled, “Trying very unsuccessfully I might add.”

I responded by pressing my palm against her lace-covered pussy. George groaned and thrust her hips to meet my hand. I pressed harder and lightly bit her nipple.

George pushed me away and stood up in the water.

“What?” I asked, disappointed.

She climbed out of the tub and extended her hand to me, “Let’s move this to the bed.”

I smiled and let out the breath I’d be holding. I grabbed her hand and let her guide me to the bedroom.

George reached up and unpinned my hair, causing the fiery curls to fall down my back. I watched as she let down her dark hair and removed her bra, her blue eyes never leaving my green ones.

Her ivory breasts were paler than the rest of her tanned skin, full but firm with rosy pink nipples. They swayed slightly as she slowly pushed me back onto the bed. She lay between my thighs and ran her hands up my stomach to my breasts.

I arched my back against her touch, “Oh, George.”

Her mouth followed her hands, kissing their way softly up to where her hands were massaging my tits. Looking into my eyes, she circled her tongue around a nipple before sucking it into her mouth. I felt my own moisture flood my still-damp panties and hooked my feet behind her ass, pulling her to me, feeling her heat against mine.

She felt my eagerness and pulled back a bit. “I’ll show you what it is like to be with a woman.” She released my tits and wiggled her way back down my body, her nipples tickling my stomach. Her eyes met mine again as she hooked her slender fingers under the slim black band of my panties. She pulled them down slowly over my hips. I held my breath as she bared my pussy to her view. Keeping her eyes on mine, she slid her hands up my thighs to the bare skin between them.

I gasped as her palm grazed the very sensitive skin of my pussy lips. Never looking away from my face, she sank down until her lips touched my pale skin. She stuck out her tongue and ran it along the soft crevice of my lips. All I could do was spread my legs further to give her more access. She wrapped her arms behind my thighs and pressed her mouth to my pussy, stabbing her tongue into me.

My thighs tightened and quivered in her grip as she pushed inside me. I rolled my head back and into the fluffy down pillow. I was barely aware that my hands had moved to my breasts, squeezing them and stroking my swollen nipples.

George now had two fingers inside of me. I gasped as she nibbled on my clit. I reached down to thread my fingers through her hair as she soothingly sucked on the tender nub. I wiggled under her as the waves of orgasm grew in my stomach.

“Jesus,” I moaned, thrusting my hips into her. I shook from the powerful orgasm, grinding against her face. As I felt a lethargic calm slide over me, I tugged on her hair to bring her mouth up to mine. Her nipples grazed my stomach as our mouths met. Her tongue stroked mine and I could taste myself on her lips. I sucked my sweet tanginess off her tongue.

“George,” I whispered against her swollen red lips, “That was….” I struggled to catch my breath.

George laughed, her tits vibrating against mine, “Thank you sweetie.” Her eyes met mine. “But we aren’t done yet.”

She slithered up my naked body until she was straddling me. Her tits stood out prominently and the red lace of her panties scratched my skin. I could not refrain any longer and leaned forward to devour her luscious tits. Cupping her left breast, I flicked her nipple with my tongue before swallowing the flesh into my greedy mouth. I slipped my free hand into her lacey panties. Her smooth pussy was soft and wet.

When I pressed my finger against her clit, she moaned and fell forward, driving me into the pillow and her breast into my mouth. She humped my hand, riding my fingers. I gasped for air as I switched breasts, nibbling on her hard nipple as she fucked my hand.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” George tossed head back and rocked before me, her tits bouncing. I saw her stomach muscles tense right before her moisture flooded my hand. Her neck and chest glistened from her exertion as she tried to catch her breath.

She looked down at me, her chestnut hair curling around her pale tits. I stroked her clit one last time before withdrawing my hand. I kept my eyes trained on hers as I sucked one of my fingers into my mouth, savoring her juices.

George leaned down and kissed me. She chuckled against my lips, “We’re still not done yet, honey.”

I laughed. “Thank god we missed our flight!” I kissed her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32