Lauren and Kendrick

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Kendrick slowly pulled his black Acura into a short stretch of apartments. After parking, he took a moment to take in what was happening. Finally, after two years of instant messaging and web cams he was sitting in front of home about to meet her. He was an arrogant man, never one to chase. He didn’t have to. Pursue, flirt, maybe even subtly express interest to get things moving, he had no problems with those. But chase, never. Until he met her. She simply didn’t want him. He wasn’t even convinced that she wanted him now, but she would by the time he left her. For some reason, he found her irresistible. Was it her innocence? That strange combination of humbleness and high standards? Or maybe that body? He caught glimpses of it occasionally via web cam when she would get up to get a glass of water, or when she got up to let her younger sister talk to him. The girl was somewhat smitten with him and would blush every time he asked her if she had a boyfriend, or tell her how pretty she was.

It was the body. It had to be that body. Lauren was smaller up top and thick as all get out on the bottom. Her stomach was flat and toned, and she even had hints of those same cuts of definition he had by his pelvis. Then there were those hips. Perhaps because they almost seemed out of place near such a small waist, but he found himself fantasizing about those hips….that led down to those thighs…those thick legs. All dipped in chocolate. Lord, help him. And it was like she didn’t even know. And Escort Beylikdüzü that smile, it was a shy one, framed by full lips. It made his heart pump a little faster to think of it. The same way it seemed to speed up when he heard her ringtone, and would damn near bust his ass trying to get to the phone. God damn…he had given her a special ringtone…He picked it up from the passenger seat and quickly changed her ringtone to the general one all his other contacts had.

After he had changed it, he checked the time. It was an hour a head of when he said he would be there. He wanted to catch her off guard. For some reason, her loved making her nervous, seeing her squirm. It brought him a perverse sense of satisfaction.

“Oh well,” he thought out loud now, grabbing his bag from the trunk. “If she ain’t ready, she better get ready.”

After he knocked, it took her a while to answer the door. The music was blasting loud enough for him to hear it outside, and he could only imagine how loud it sounded inside. Suddenly the music stopped and the door creeped open. She tried to hide the surprised look on her face, but failed. They had been talking for at least a minute and she had neglected to invite him inside. She had forgotten her manners. Mission accomplished.

The robe and haphazardly pinned up hair told him he had definitely caught her off guard. Not to say she didn’t look good in her sloppily tied robe and with her utter lack of makeup. She looked damn good. Escort Bahçeşehir He saw it now. Those big dark brown eyes, that was why she seemed so sweet. It was clearer to him in person. Tearing his eyes away, he made a wry comment about being made to stand outside. Once he stepped in, she tried to put some space between them. No doubt to splash some cool water on her face and pull herself together. He wasn’t having it. He wanted to watch her squirm just a little more.

“I’ll come with you.” Grinning to himself, he watched her bite her lip as she led the way to the her bedroom.


Over the blasting music and the loud scrubbing going on inside her head, Lauren faintly heard the sound of someone knocking at the door of the apartment he shared with her best friend.

“Coming!” she yelled, rinsing the residual toothpaste from her mouth. She could only imagine how long the person had been knocking, and wouldn’t be surprised if they were gone by the time she got to the door. Bounding over the bed to turn of the music, she heard the knocking again. Her hands found the tie to her robe, tightening it as she scurried to the door. Through the peephole, though, she could barely make out the figure. Tall, caramel colored, low hair cut, muscular build. “Oh, hell no…”she thought. She prayed it wasn’t who she thought it was. Hesitantly, she opened the door, as if opening it more slowly could magically change who stood on the other side.

“Hey, Chocolate.” He said exposing those rarely seen pearly white teeth of his. Clearly, her little magic trick with the door didn’t work.

“You’re early.” She said, trying to keep the surprise and anxiety out of her voice. There must have been something interesting on her feet, because for some reason, she couldn’t stop looking down at them.

“I know. So does that mean you’re going to make me wait outside for another hour?”

“Oh!” Damn, she hadn’t even thought to invite him in. Inhaling deeply, she stepped to the side, allowing him room to enter. Her apartment was small, but nice. There was a small kitchen with a little breakfast table in the corner. The living room was dwarfed by a sixty-two in television donated by her roommates’ dad, and somehow, they had also managed to fit a sofa and a coffee table into the space. “Damn…” she groaned inwardly. Why did he have to be so early? As if this meeting wasn’t nerve wracking enough, he had to spring up on her while she was half dressed and looking crazy. Great. Okay…she just needed a minute to collect herself, take it all in. But she couldn’t just walk to her room and leave him there….she had to think of something…anything…

“Here’s the remote!” she blurted. “I’ll take your bag. Be right back.” Fail. He clearly saw the bullshit.

“No,” He replied firmly, “I’ll just come with you.” She hated that about him. Everything he said was a declaration. No room left for argument, or compromise. The few times she had ever attempted to disagree with him or tell him he was wrong, he brushed her off so smoothly she barely registered that it happened. How could a person be so confident…so….arrogant?

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