Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 06

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It’s Friday on a cold February evening. The college gymnasium is packed with wrestling fans. That includes Frida (25 yrs.) who is a voluptuous Latina (36-24-36). She’s wearing a heavy coat who sits on the gym floor looking through the “Nikon” digital camera. A press pass is clipped onto that coat.

She’s been taking pictures of Gunner (21 yrs.) who stands at 5’6″ who weighs 141 lbs. He’s got broad cut shoulders who competes for the out-of-town team. His black hair sticks out under the head gear.

Gunner lost his match who isn’t happy about it. His fingers angrily unstrap his head gear. He still shakes the winner’s hand. As he walks off of the floor carrying his head gear. He notices Frida taking pictures of him. He waves and faintly smiles, shaking his head.

One hour later inside an off-campus Hotel hallway. Gunner is wearing his college sport jacket, stocking cap and jeans. He is carrying a “Nikon” digital camera in his left hand. He reaches room 100 and knocks on the door.

Inside that room the lights are all turned on. Frida is wearing a silk robe which hangs open. Her beautiful brown skin shows from her cleavage down to the diamond ring in her belly button. She’s wearing black lace panties and her nipples illegal bahis poke through that silk fabric. The black hair falls over her face as she strides to the door.

Frida’s hand grabs the door handle and pulls it open. Gunner’s eyes grow big as he looks at her up and down. His mouth drops open and the camera falls to the floor. It knocks him out of his gaze who picks it back up quickly.

She says, “Hey Gunner, wanna come in?”

“Uh-Hi. I-I came by to return your camera. Uh-Frida right?” he answers.

Frida smiles, “Did you download your photos?”

His eyes move down to her belly button and back up, “Uh-Yeah. I-I did. Your photos too.”

She says slyly, “You don’t have to look at my photos. I’m right here.”

Gunner breathes hard and looks up the hallway and back again. He says, “F-Frida, my girlfriend drove here to watch me wrestle. She’s waiting for me.”

Frida puts her foot against the door and she lets her silk robe drop off of her shoulders. It falls to the floor and her beautiful tits flop free. She slowly reaches her hand out. Gunner’s own hand visibly shakes as he gives her that camera.

The door closes as he stands there just staring.

It’s late Friday night inside illegal bahis siteleri Frida’s Hotel room. The big TV screen plays ESPN and the volume is turned up halfway.

Frida and Gunner are kissing deeply in the middle of the floor. His hands are cupping her tits. She still only wears her black panties. His t-shirt lays on the floor next to his sport jacket and stocking cap.

They continue to kiss as her fingers unbutton his jeans and pulls down his zipper. Her hands yank down those jeans and his boxer shorts.

Gunner’s 5-inch cock flops free and it sticks up into the air. His hands wrap around, under her buttocks and he lifts her off of the floor. His feet make a few small steps and he throws her onto the bed. His fingers grip her panties and he yank’s them off. Those panties are dropped to the floor.

His right hand reaches into his jeans pocket. He pulls out a condom package and rips it open. His fingers slide it over his cock. Frida spreads her legs wide open.

He says, “Fuck, I’m so damn hard.”

His hands grab her legs and he pull’s her buttocks to the edge of the bed.

He licks his right palm and wipes it over his cock. His body leans down as his right hand guides his cock-tip canlı bahis siteleri toward her pussy lips. He inserts slowly and pushes all the way inside.

“Ohh.. Shit!” he says.

His hands are placed on the bed and he looks at the diamond in her belly button. Gunner begins thrusting fast and furious.

He grunts, “Oh, shit.! Shiiitt.! Ssshit.! Shit .! Shit.!!”

Gunner closes his eyes and drops his mouth open. He explodes, “GAWD.! SHIIIIITT.!!”

15 minutes later. The big screen TV still plays ESPN, but the volume is turned off. An iPhone sits on the chair and plays “rap” music.

Frida is sitting naked on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. Her arms are wrapped around Gunner’s neck and they are kissing passionately. He is also naked with his jeans and boxer shorts laying on the floor.

His fingers roll on a condom over his stiff cock. He bends his knees a little and licks his right palm hand. He wipes it around his cock. They both look down as his right hand guides his cock-tip toward her pussy lips. He inserts all the way inside.

Frida keeps her arms around his neck. He places his hands around her buttocks and holds her down on the bed. She French-kisses him as he begins thrusting fast.

He grunts into her hot mouth, “Mmm.! MMM.! MM.! Mmmm.!!”

Gunner pulls off his mouth and explodes, “Uh-Uh-Gawdd.!! Shiiitt.! Shit!!”

Frida French-kisses him again as he keeps his cock inside of her hot pussy.

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